All-Star Starters: Big Men Bumped Out

VIDEO: Check out the West All-Star starters

Wilt Chamberlain vs. Bill RussellKareem Abdul-Jabbar vs. Robert ParishHakeem Olajuwon vs. Robert Parish.

There once was a time when the NBA was ruled by classic big men match-ups. But it’s a new day. Both starting lineups for the next month’s All-Star Game will be without a traditional center for the first time ever. Fans, who voted for the starters, went for high-scoring “small ball,” choosing three forwards in the frontcourt instead.

Two-time reigning MVP LeBron James of the Miami Heat was the leading voter-getter (1,416,419) and will be joined across the Eastern Conference frontline by Paul George of the Indiana Pacers and Carmelo Anthony of the New York Knicks.

Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder (1,396,294) was the top vote-getter in the Western Conference. His frontcourt partners will be Blake Griffin of the Los Angeles Clippers and Kevin Love of the Minnesota Timberwolves. (For vote totals, see the NBA’s official release.)

Roy Hibbert of the Pacers and Dwight Howard of the Houston Rockets, the top centers in their respective conferences, will have to rely on the vote of the league’s head coaches to be added to the teams.

Starting for the East in the backcourt will be Dwyane Wade of the Heat and Kyrie Irving of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Voted to start in the West backcourt were Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers and Stephen Curry of the Warriors.  It is unknown if Bryant, who is recovering from a knee, will be able to play.

The reserves, seven for each team, will be selected by a poll of the league’s coaches and announced Jan. 30 on TNT.

The 63rd NBA All-Star Game will be exclusively televised on TNT from New Orleans Arena on Sunday, Feb. 16. The All-Star Game, also broadcast live on ESPN Radio, will reach fans in 215 countries and territories in more than 40 languages.



LeBron James, Heat — Did we really even need to hold a vote to put him here?  It wouldn’t be a legitimate All-Star Game without the league’s best player.  He’s back  in New Orleans, where he came off the bench for 27 points, nine assists and eight rebounds to earn his second All-Star Game MVP award in 2008. | Highlights

Paul George, Pacers — The Pacers have been a well-oiled machine in running up the NBA’s best overall record, and the 23-year-old George is clearly the key cog.  It’s his second All-Star Game appearance, but first start as he charges into MVP conversation. | Highlights

Carmelo Anthony, Knicks — A pure scorer, it’s a bit surprising that he’s never been the All-Star Game MVP.  It might be a nice salve in a disappointing season during which even he has called his underachieving Knicks “a laughingstock.” It’s his seventh All-Star Game and third time as a starter in the Eastern Conference. | Highlights 


Dwyane Wade, Heat — Bad knees may have already kept him out of a dozen games. Right now you’d have to say his health is the weakest link in the Heat’s chance to three-peat.  But the 2010 All-Star MVP is still a fan favorite and back in the East lineup for the 10th time in his career. | Highlights

Kyrie Irving, Cavaliers — It’s been a disappointing season for his team, unable to live up to playoff expectations, and there has been friction in the lineup.  But the 2012 Rookie of the Year makes his second All-Star Game appearance and first as a starter. | Highlights

The lowdown: When you’re putting together a team to have the best chance at taking down the two-time defending champion Heat in the playoffs, putting Pacers center Hibbert in the middle would be a good place to start with his size, physicality and impressive low-post game to go at what is probably Miami’s most exploitable area.  But All-Star teams are usually about flash and points and style and points and more points.  So Hibbert gets pushed aside.  The little guy with just as big a gripe  is John Wall of the Wizards.  Wall is arguably the best point guard in the conference this season and has his team solidly in the playoff race, well ahead of Irving’s Cavaliers.



Kevin Durant, Thunder — Another no-brainer, no-doubt selection.  His streak of scoring at least 30 points is now up to nine games in a row and the best part is how he makes it look so easy.  It’s the fifth consecutive All-Star Game for the 2012 MVP in Orlando. | Highlights

Blake Griffin, Clippers — It seems everybody has criticisms of how he plays, how he acts, how he fits in with Chris Paul in the Clippers’ offense.  Everybody, that is, except the voters who just want to see him take lobs and rattle those All-Star backboards. | Highlights

Kevin Love, Timberwolves — The league’s fourth-leading scorer and second-leading rebounder is healthy and back to being a double-double machine.  After a one-year absence, he’s back for his third All-Star Game and first time as a starter. | Highlights


Kobe Bryant, Lakers — Never mind that Achilles’ tendon and knee injuries have limited him to just 10 games and he actually asked fans not to vote for him.  It’s not an All-Star Game without the Black Mamba.  This is his 16th. He’s been the MVP four times. | Highlights

Stephen Curry, Warriors — We can finally scratch the line off his resume that says “best player never to make the All-Star team.”  No longer hiding in the weeds and overlooked.  This has been his best all-around season as he’s distributed the ball as well — and often as dazzling — as he’s scored it. | Highlights

The lowdown: In a fantasy world where nobody ever gets hurt, L.A. and Staples Center neighbors Bryant and Paul would both be healthy and ready to make up the Western Conference starting backcourt for a fourth consecutive season.  But the shoulder injury that’s kept Paul on the sidelines opened the door for Curry to finally get his proper recognition in a very crowded race among backcourt candidates.  CP3 says he hopes to be back in time to play in the All-Star Game and maybe even defend the MVP award he won a year ago in Houston. Now it’s Portland’s Damian Lillard who must count on the coaches to do the right thing and give him a spot. If the trend to overlook classic centers in the fan voting has now become an unofficial All-Star trend and cost Howard a starting berth, so too has been the public push that once more found Houston’s James Harden, the best shooting guard in the NBA, far behind teammate Jeremy Lin.

VIDEO: Check out the East All-Star starters


  1. justsayin says:

    I notice the damning refutation I provided in a timely fashion, with vehemence but no vulgarity, was not approved and posted.

    Cowardly. Or I hope a technical difficulty. But it seems when I turn a premise on its ear too soundly, sometimes, those posts don’t come to light… Have some pluck and let this one through – its tardy enough no one will see it anyway.

    To sum up my original statement –

    The all star vote was NOT a referendum by the fans on the obsolescence of Centers.
    The league is discrespecting its past AND its present – gms league wide value and purse quality bigs.
    Turn this into arena football and fans will tune out.

  2. lbj says:

    the all star game is not about having the best players play… it’s about flashy media hype players getting together in a non competitive game to fulfill the needs of fans looking for basketball candy. if you want to watch the best teams play including the best impact players where stats cannot show there true value then watch the conference finals and the finals.

    After realizing this i didn’t feel so bad when centres like hibbert got screwed. I think he would rather make it to the finals or win the finals.

  3. qwert says:

    i don’t get why people are hating on kevin love. to come back from a season like last year and put up these numbers is insane. aldridge is a good player but he’s not putting up the same numbers as kevin love. he also has lillard as support whereas love has barely any support.

  4. LEE says:

    The all star game is a game for the fans, the fans are the ones spending money buying their merchandise, and watching the games either live, or on tv. The problem is not who the fans vote for, the problem is the new voting format David Stern, and the NBA implemented. It should be by position instead of voting for frontcourt, and backcourt players. Choosing one undeserving player can be accepted it has happened in the past but 2, or 3 is not a good thing for those who really deserve it. The NBA instead of getting better gets worst!! first they eliminate hard nose defense, and now the all star game with underserving players, and has no inside presence in the starting lineup.

  5. ImJusSayin says:

    So the NBA promotes flashy selfish scoring, allows guards (Ball Handlers in general) completely unreasonable traveling that violates the foundation on which basketball was formed, takes away the physical contact and you guys are surprised the center position is deteriorated so much? The show got more spectacular, the income grew, but the sport has suffered.

  6. Prietokillah says:

    LA just did it again last win against Denver .I’ll change my list…

    StartersRoy Hibbert(C), LeBron James(PF), Paul George(SF),Stephenson(SG)John Walll(PG)

    Bench: Drummond,Paul Milsap,Josh Smith or J.Johnson,DeRozan,Kyrie Irving….

    WEST Starters:Dwight Howard(C),Lamarcus(PF),Durant(SF)James Harden(SG), Stephen Curry(PG).

    Bench:Anthony Davis or Griffin.Love or Griffin.Kawhi Leonard, Iguodala or Thompson,Damian Lillard,.. &&&&&&&&&&&&&….

  7. nba over says:

    although nba is becoming more “global” the voted are becoming less!
    nba is becoming a joke!

  8. Prietokillah says:

    Ok. I’ve read a lot of good points here .I’ll change my list…
    StartersRoy Hibbert(C), LeBron James(PF), Paul George(SF),Stephenson(SG)John Walll(PG)

    Bench: Drummond,Paul Milsap,Josh Smith or J.Johnson,DeRozan,Kyrie Irving….

    WEST Starters:Dwight Howard(C)Blake Griffin(PF)Kevin Durant(SF)James Harden(SG), Stephen Curry(PG).

    Bench:LaMarcus Aldridge,Love ,Kawhi Leonard, Iguodala or Thompson,Damian Lillard,.. &&&&&&&&&&&&&….You guys decide my or players idk I can’t let smith out nor Johnson he’s tha reason Nets is rising..I would of picked LA over griffin but,LA needs to show me some foot work man and big dunks.Highlights

  9. NBA GOD says:

    I never liked the decision to remove the CENTER position from the NBA All Star Game

    One of the greatest positions where a lot of legends have sealed their legacies, giants on the court.

    Olajuwon, Kareem, O’Neal, Chamberlain, Ewing, Robinson, Duncan (let’s face it, Duncan was a PF only when he played alongside Robinson, then he played as a CENTER up til now).

    Nowadays there are a lot of talented big man who could shine in the All Star Game like Howard, Gasol (both of them), Drummond, Cousins, Horford, Noah, Hibbert.

    Basketball is not about flash only, the center position is as respectable as any. The All Stars should be selected BY POSITION as always.

  10. Harris says:

    Oh well… centers today are nothing compared to centers like Kareem, Wilt, Russell. There is no point of reserving a spot specifically for centers when their standard is much worse.

    If we want to have a game in a traditional sense, we would want a center as starter. However, the All Star game is just a game for fun so I don’t see the need to ensure that their has to be a starting center. If there is a center that is good enough, he will make the team anyway because he will receive enough votes.

    ps. Kobe is making the All Star team but he is NOT playing so he is NOT taking up any roster space. The only thing that changes with Kobe as starter is that another player will not get the recognition as an All Star starter.
    Kobe haters are just bashing him even though they don’t understand the rules of the All star game at all.

  11. CAN'T BELIEVE says:

    Personally i think as a fan what i want to see in an All-star game is a great basketball play showcase, a game full of creativity in skill and technique demonstration that is entertaining… if the game end up with 300 points total for both teams added up but is boring what’s the use? Example, the duo shows of LBJ and Wade, KD and Westbrook, CP3 and Griffin, LaMarcus Aldridge and Damian Lillard, maybe Kyrie with Paul George, or even the mix of CP3 with KD, Kyrie with LBJ… the stars selected should able to put on a great show of how basketball game has evolved in creativity and turning imaginative and incredible impossibilities into entertainment of basketball show that can inspire the next generation. So statistic or popularity of players aren’t the key factors for all-star selection, but the impact and depth of a star’s capabilities to showcase inspiring skills and sportsmanship should be priority.

  12. Mstirious2000 says:

    People talk about TNT GUYS and coaches selecting All Stars will change the whining about who to get in and who’s not.

    That won’t change anything. They don’t even have a set standard of how to select them. Their opinions varies. There is a reason why they are not coaches nor executives (sorry guys). It’s all opinion and nothing more. This game is about “RATINGS’ and it’ll never change. If you think the way it’s done is not right, just think about all the other professional sports and their All Star games. Which would you rather watch?

    In the end, changing the system will only switch our focus on who to whine about. There will be players left out no matter what. It is what it is and we’ll continue to hear the same debate from the TNT GUYS no matter how the ALL STARS are selected.

  13. pKone says:

    I know a lot of you are Kobe bashing right now, but you really can’t blame the man himself for this one.

    “With all due respect to the fans that voted me in, I certainly appreciate that, they know how much I appreciate that, but you got to do the right thing as well,” Bryant said before the Lakers’ 109-102 loss to the Miami Heat on Thursday night. “My fans know you got to reward these young guys for the work that they’ve been putting in.”

    Sounds like Kobe wants the right thing too 🙂


    Lance Stepehenson belogs at the 2 guard for the East and James Harden at the 2 for the West. Both Kobe and Dwyane are HOFers but Harden is the best shooting guard in the NBA right now. Stepehenson has helped carry Indiana this season with his excellent play as he fills up the stat sheet.

  15. joe says:

    The only thing that doesn´t make sense in this vote is the fact that anyone can vote several times. Your vote counted 100 times less than the guy who repeated is vote a 100 times. Chinese players used to receive Chinese votes, which makes sense, though as their population is over a billion…
    Then, of course , you see Bryant in the starting five with only a few games played this year… However he´s the one with the best resume. You cannot not have him in the all star game.
    No real centers…Well, today, there is no real centers, or let´s ay that they aren´t as good in their positions as the guards and forwards are. in their own positions.So I think this way of voting makes sense.
    Anyway, for the public, it´s a game for fun, so it doesn´t matter who is or who ´s not in the starting five, other players can get selected for the 7player bench. So if anyone was forgotten, they still have their chance.
    For the players, same logic, if not voted, but deserving, they´ll be selected all-star.

  16. Nope says:

    Anybody found it hilarious that Jeremy Lin is even a nominee for an all-star? I mean…if most of the Houston fans vote Jeremy over Harden. Then I’m pretty sure they don’t watch basketball. Linsanity was pretty cool 2 years ago, but that was 2 years ago and he hasn’t done something great in these past 2 years. Eric Bledsoe though came off from the bench when Chris Paul was injured and he showed his skills and everybody in LAC was excited to see Bledsoe play. When he got traded to the Suns, he proved that how he played in LAC was no fluke. He’s the best scorer in Phoenix and because him Phoenix became a surprisingly good team.

    LA should’ve been a starter in the All-stars, his stats and how he led the team tells it all.
    D-lil needs to be an all-star, if Kobe vouches for him, then that should be good enough for the fans to know that damian is all-star worthy to watch.

    Kevin Love shouldn’t be a starter….LA has a better FG% and he’s getting close to the same amount of point and rebounds as Kevin Love’s…LA is a better PF than Kevin Love, as Chuck says, it isn’t all in the stats. LA 3rd in the MVP List…I mean…come on…why not make him a starter?

  17. Dg15 says:

    Kyrie over Wall?! DWade And Kobe even playing? Haha who the hell is voting for these things

  18. Anonymous says:

    If melo can make the all-star team, then Demarcus Cousins better be able to too. He’s the only center averaging 20+ points and 10+ rebounds!!!!

  19. Sheldon says:

    I think the fans should just vote for the pool of players to be entered in the All Star game and the league personnel (managers, coaches, retirees and hall of famers, players, etc) should vote for the starters out of that pool of players. I think it is understandable that the All Star game is for the fans and that is why we should have a vote but as everyone has been saying, “most fans dont know what they are doing”. The average fan, not including me, votes on the faces of the NBA rather than the talent of the NBA. So allow the fans to chose the pool and allow the knowledgeable personnel of the NBA chose to award from those players who should be a starter, captain, etc.

  20. Robert Grebel says:

    Uh…Alridge takes Love’s spot, not Blake’s. Griffin is playing out of his mind and is carrying his team w/out CP3. Love still can’t get into the playoffs, even with a very functional starting lineup in Minnesota.

  21. Mellow says:

    These starting line-ups make me feel like boycotting the game. Worst part is most voters probably don’t watch much basketball and probably won’t watch the game.

    First – We need to bring back the Center position.
    Second – It should be OK to combine PF and SF postions into 2 Forward positions but we should have two separate categories to ensure and SG and a PG in starting line-up.

    And starting line-ups this year based on this year’s performance and record should be as follwos.


    C- Hibbert
    F – James
    F – George
    SG – Stephenson or Aflallo
    PG – Wall


    C – Cousins or Howard
    F – Aldridge
    F – Durant
    SG – Harden
    PG – Curry or Lillard

  22. CAN'T BELIEVE says:

    How does the voting system works?? Do you believe the top few stars only have a million plus votes?? You mean the whole NBA fan community has only 10 millions?? Just United States and China 2 countries alone, it could be at least 50 million fans community (by the way China is very fancy on NBA)… so how can it be LBJ and KD earn less than 2 million votes?? Can someone enlighten such a innocent guy like me??

  23. King Ye says:

    James harden needs to start for the west. And L. Stevenson needs to start over wade. Wade has missed too many games this season

  24. LS says:

    It’s not often I agree with Charles Barkley but he’s 100% cprrect that “fans” shouldn’t vote for all-star players. The majority of “fans” are starry-eyed, popularity-seekers and vote strictly on a personality, not performance – who they see in commercials, whose shoes they like/own. I don’t know that the NBA can turn itself around but something seriously needs to be done to bring some validity back to the game of professional basketball.

    • Jake says:

      You’re kidding right? The all star game has and always will be a showcase of the most popular players, who are most often the best anyway. It’s a fan-driven event, and people want to go see the big name players. 1st/2nd/3rd team all-nba carries much more weight for a player’s legacy than all-star selections to true basketball fans anyway. At least the people making those selections know what they’re doing.

    • Kelly Tucker says:

      Would someone please tell me why broadcasters, NBA anaylst, etc. (i.e. Charles Barkley) have a problem with who the fans choose to be starters. This is something for the “FANS”, and they can choose whomever they want and for whatever reason they want. Charles Barkley can (I think it’s permitted) go online and cast his vote for whomever he wants. What if the voting is a “popularity contest” or a “He’s never been voted, so I’ll vote for him” or “he’s my homie so I’ll vote for him” or “He’s black )or white)’ so I’ll vote for him”. PLEASE LET THE FANS ALONE. are people so selfish or so opinionated that they think their way is the right way. If you want someone other than the fans to make the decision, then don’t let the fans vote. Let the decision be up to Charles Barkley.

  25. Darrell says:

    C’mon people! the All-Star Game is FOR the FANS! We (the fan) pay our hard earned money to support our prospective team or teams, and the only voice we have IS being part of the selective process of the All Star Game. Hell, I’m a Clippers Fan, and I’ve voted for all Clippers entered for selection, and CHRIS PAUL? isn’t starting? and Kobe Bryant? who probably has only played 6 games all year is starting?!?!?!? I’m confused about that too, BUT! he is a fan favorite, so IT IS WHAT IT IS.

  26. DXNYC23 says:

    If howard still wears a lakers uniform he would have been a starter.

  27. John says:

    The East starters wil get hammered on the boards. The West have 2 guys that will dominate in the rebound department.

  28. X says:

    how can a guy like Big Andre Drummond not be in East Allstars Reservs he is one of best young centers in the league
    plus his numbers are solid for 20 year old in ’13-’14 he averages 12.6 Pts Fg60% 12.6 Reb 1.4 Stl 1.8 Blk his numbers are better than J.Noah’s
    I think he should be an Allstar this year

  29. NetsTape says:

    I will NOT be watching this joke-of-a-game! Since when does mediocrity get rewarded??? The Knicks and Cavs and T-Wolves should NOT have a representative in the Starting lineup of a All-star game. Thats number 1. Number 2, if we are being truthful, Demar Derozan, Lance Stephanson, Joe Johnson are all more worthy of starting over Dywane (I dont play back to backs) Wade. Kevin Love over Lamarcus Aldridge? This is what happens when you give fans who know nothing about the game a opportunity to make decisions. And this is why we have so many all-star snubs…because now its on the coaches to try and get it right, but they have 5 less spots to make it happen.

  30. chris says:

    Why was kobe even on the voting braket? This is why i cannot stand kobe bryant. Hes to overratted. Yes hes earn his spot in the hall of fame and all his championships but come on fans hes played in less than 15 games all year. Yall probly voted for him cause hes the only name youve ever heard o can yall leave guys like james harden or klay thompson out. I dont ma

  31. asdf says:

    Am I the only one who’s not surprised Howard didn’t make it? He made himself so much enemies the past two years that it’s no wonder to me why he isn’t a starter.

  32. JJ says:

    Kevin Love? seriously? who’s afraid of playing against Kevin Love? no one. If your not gonna give it to Dwight Howard then it should be Lamarcus Aldridge I mean what does he have to do to get some respect. You know it’s a joke when Jeremy Lin was almost voted a starter.

  33. Javier Palao says:

    Hi folks!

    It’s absurd. No Centers??? That ain’t basketball!! League should fix the voting method. Back to GUARDS – FWs – CENTERS format again. And back to a competitive ALL STAR, today it’s more a circus with a lot of travelling, clearouts (worst than isolations) and no defense at all.

    Look back at 80’s – 90s ALL STARS. Pat Riley used FULL COURT PRESS on first half some years!!! If you get the best players… Make it play!!

    I’ll pay! If not, I’d go to the movies!!

  34. Ryan says:

    The west voting was sososo bad this year. Dwight Howard,Lamarcus Aldridge, Kevin Durant, James Harden and CP3 should have been the starters with Love, Griffin, Curry etc as reserves. Kobe Bryant being in is a joke, do people understand that the all star game is based on how they performed this year? People like Wesley Matthews have been better than him this year. NBA DO SOMETHING!!!

    • Pakyaw says:

      Wesley Matthews?.lol!..this is all star game, people want to see highlights not’s an exhibition game.. Smh

  35. Scisca says:

    Centers should be back.

  36. Olle says:

    Ooo i cant w8 to see King James low post against Love or Melo vs Griffin, this all star will be best joke ever.
    Lets see no dwight, lamarkus, hibbert hmm…someone is mad

  37. Bad says:

    Worst start-lines ever, yes d12 change a lot of teams but OFC he should be there, he is the best center/dominant player in the league, and he is not there? E and W with no centers…i wont watch this year.

  38. Darius says:

    Kobe did’nt deserve it. And bring back center spot to ballots.

  39. advance stats says:

    Dwight Howard should NOT be an all-star. He is not the best player on his team. And if Houston (5th in the West) can have two guys there than it means that 4 better teams on West should have AT LEAST two guys. Since Kobe, Love and Curry are voted in that is not possibe and also that means that no other team has their representatives at All-Star game (Dallas, Phoenix). If we go by stats than DeMarcus Cousins, Anthony Davis (home kid), LaMarcus Aldridge and Dirk Nowitzki are all better than him.

  40. Carlos Claro says:

    Wade. Seriously? This guy is a cancer. A bad example of person. NBA should be ashamed for promote this scrub.
    An all star role player.

    • jOLAN says:

      why do people forget that before LeBron joined Miami, d-wade was a top 5 player in the league. of course his numbers are going to drop a bit, but he has been so efficient this past year, I agree he shouldn’t start in the allstar game because he has missed to many games, but he is one of the best players still (when healthy)

  41. Hoops101 says:

    Lamarcus Aldridge deserves and all star spot over dwight. Even Demarcus Cousins deserves a nod over Dwight Howard . Cousins team aint doing that well but hes been putting up numbers across the board every night. And they should looks past Goran Dragic from the suns either !

  42. Toni says:

    Roy Hibbert among starters?Hahahahaha.Just tell me you are joking

  43. Shorty Stump says:

    Oh, yeah, and they need to bring that center position back. No center position?? You may as well raise the rim to 11 feet and keep changing the game on us. C’mon, y’all!!

  44. Shorty Stump says:

    I have issues with how they do this. First, with the fans for wasting their votes on injured players. Also, the league having it set up where injured players are allowed to be starters. Kobe plays 6 games and he’s a starter? Just stupid. Another issue I have is with this “looter in the riot” theory that Chuck and Kenny argue. I think it’s wrong. I don’t believe someone should be denied an all star spot because they’re not on a winning team, for a couple of reasons. The all star game is for individuals who are personally good at what they are doing in a particular season. If we vote for players based on their team winning %, then you’re voting for the team, not the individual. Also, as an example, just because say the Pistons aren’t in the playoff race currently (only a game back from 8th spot), you wouldn’t vote for Drummond? So what if suddenly they went on a hot streak and finished in say, the 4th spot by the end of the season? But you can’t foresee that, so why take team wins into consideration for voting for an individual during mid season? See my point? Also, making the argument of someone only appearing to be a great player because they’re on a crummy team (looter in a riot) is ridiculous. For example, we all know that Melo is an all star player. Last year, the Knicks were good, this year, they’re not. Just because the Knicks stink this year, does that suddenly make Melo not a good player, or an all star? Absolutely not. Players should be rewarded for winning as individuals, period. It’s pretty lame to put into the minds of the young people watching that if you’re team isn’t winning, that you’re not a winner. You’re teaching kids the wrong way of thinking at an early age.

  45. Samorah says:

    These fans are crazy on their votes. EAST all star should have had-
    StartersRoy Hibbert(C), LeBron James(PF), Paul George(SF),Dwayne(SG)John Walll(PG)
    Bench: Bosh, Paul Milsap,Joe Johnson/DeRozan,StephensonmKyrie Irving….
    WEST Starters:Dwight Howard(C)Blake Griffin(PF)Kevin Durant(SF)James Harden(SG)/Kobe Bryant, Stephen Curry(PG).
    Bench:LaMarcus Aldridge /Anthony Davis,/Kevin Love,Kawhi Leonardm Klay Thompson,Damian Lillard,.. They obviously don’t like basketball…Kobe is an exception(let him enjoy this last one)…ShaQ/ And everybody else let me know your thoughts…..

    • Vic says:

      Wade shouldn’t even be an all star, let alone starting ahead of DeRozan or Stephenson.
      Griffin over Aldridge is crazy too.
      Good thing I will say about your votes is no Melo.

  46. Messed up says:

    Stop your wining and just enjoy the game…!
    It will be fast paced, energetic en who knows, maybe will finally see some defence and competition from the start with the new guyz in town.

  47. Jon says:

    It’s really too bad that the NBA has stooped this low. It’s an All Star TEAM, noone would start any of these 5 if they’d have the option to go with a center. The NBA attributes to the unfortunate trend of an individualistic society where people tend to not care about others anymore. Does it really need to go this far? Do you really need some people to tell you what is common sense? Are you really this clouded? Get real, because you’re ruining the All Star game.

  48. Kevin says:

    I would like to see an all star game for player only with record .500 or higher. making sure your team wins is what a true all star does in my opinion. So leave Mello out of the mix please. A player without the right mentality. same for Dwight (although he is winning) he doesn’t take it serious. He is always laughing but not a championship player( like magic who was also smiling) smile when you know you are the best or work your but of. And please let people vote one time max.

  49. Kome the Black Dumba says:

    I love the fact a guy average 13 points and 5.7 turnovers can be an all-star. Yours truly Kobe Bryant.

  50. Kristofer Logan says:

    c’mon fans…just because there’s commercials every break for Blake Griffin and the Griffin force… doesn’t mean that you need to vote for him as an all-star starter. ummm…LaMarcus Aldridge is by far the better player this season and should start in his place. Harden should start instead of Kobe also. D-Wade shouldn’t be a starter anymore…he’s never plays, so i would boycott the lackluster sg spot in the east and have John Wall start over D-Wade… just sayin. i don’t know what game fans watch, but it’s clear they pay more attention to the commercials than the actual game. sad.

  51. Go Raptors says:

    I hate the way the all-star game is set up. How many games did Kobe play in again? No disrespect to the legend, but I remember him saying himself that had he be injured that a younger guy who has earned the spot should be voted in instead of him. And while I understand that the all star game is generally all offense, defensive stoppers like Dwight, and Hibbert have earned the title of all star with their impacts on the defensive end, and it’s not like either of them can’t score a bit too.

  52. installery says:

    I voted a few times and one of the odd things I noticed was the East guards specifically the shooting guard I have no one to vote!!?? Wade is the only option and didn’t want to vote him, they should have moved P.George to SG instead. The East would have been better with Iriving, George, Carmelo,LeBron and Hibbert. The West however have tons of All-Stars. Parker, Lillard, Curry, Westbrook, Chris Paul and that’s just the guards!! Oh well..

    • Ugh says:

      That’s another problem besides the whole popularity thing, that there are tons of fans who only vote for names they heard of and not for the players who have been playing extremely well but still fly in under the radar. Wade shouldn’t be starting, Irving shouldn’t be starting. I feel bad for Afflalo, Wall, Lowry and Derozan, the actual hardworkers. Wade’s been decent but he’s missed far too many games to be in the starting lineup.

      • dd def says:

        yeah they REALLY need to impose a “minimum games played” stipulation for even being on the ballot.

    • Vic says:

      DeRozan and Lance Stephenson deserve votes for SG. Wall has been awesome this season and I am not really a Wall fan. I like to vote for one from each position, but I did vote for two PGs (Wall and Irving) once. I might agree that Irving doesn’t deserve to start, but I am a Cavs Fan.

  53. Raj says:

    Please NBA Lamarcus Alridge from the Portland blazers deserves a spot this year in the allstar game.. He played great this year. I’m a die hart knick fan as watching him play past few years. This PF has proven his game . I’m truly speaking from my heart that he deserves it.. Thank u

  54. Andylx says:

    Another way to destroy the game. Big men have dominated the league for generations. Yes the league is weak in the centre postion, but to delete this position only makes it weaker.

  55. Art Reynolds says:

    Charles Barkley is right! Fans shouldn’t vote if it’s gonna be a popularity contest!!!! Fans opinions are too influenced by commentator jargon! How can no one from San Antonio Spurs not make it?! Who is more dominant than Dwight Howard?! Turning the NBA into a reality show where hype trumps contribution? Why, cause they have a sneaker?? Not right!! Boooo fans!
    Idea! Have an NBA “ALL STAR GAME” then have a separate “Peoples Choice” game!!

    • skrutz says:

      Dude, it’s the point of the event. I get what you’re saying, but the whole thing is a publicity thing. Why wouldn’t they let the fans choose? It’s supposed to be fun and flashy, that’s why it doesn’t count for anything in the season.

      • jOLAN says:

        My thoughts exactly skrutz. The allstar game is FOR the fans. that’s why the fans get to vote, and the coaches get to have their input as well.

    • bunbury says:

      There is always going to be controversy on who gets in and who doesn’t. There is only 12 spots in each conf. I’m more interested in having a more competitive game. the 90’s were OK, the 00’s were terrible. I’m not asking for a playoff intensity ball game but it’s boring when players are just having fun out there.

  56. squala96 says:

    It’s funny how the three small forwards are heading the East’s front court (not that LeBron is small in the first place), but it never occurred to me that Dwight won’t start for the West. All ten of them deserve the spots anyway, although Kobe has yet to confirm if he’s playing.

    • Thomas Madden says:

      Really??? Dwayne Wade & Kobe deserve to be there? You are the idiot casual fan who doesn’t know anything about basketball & votes for guys in commercials instead of the best players. “Fans” shouldn’t have a vote. They’re mostly stupid

      • Vic says:

        Carmelo Anthony doesn’t deserve it either. He may be a top scorer (with low percentages), but that is all. He stinks otherwise. Half (or more than half) of the voters are not really fans who vote for who they know about (Kobe, Wade) and who scores a lot (Anthony). None of them should be all stars at all.

      • dd def says:

        i agree. kobe has played 6 games all seasons, even TOLD people not to vote for him, and confirmed he won’t be playing in the game. yeah, good use of a vote there. i think there should NOT be a fan vote. love over aldridge!? that’s a travesty. aldridge leads the league in games with 20 pts 20 rbs, and is on a season-long top 3 western team. and if you STILL think love holds a candle to him i encourage you to look at free-throws. kevin love is nothing but an over-privileged dirty-playing baby who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. i vote we remove the fan vote. it’s not even worth the time and effort anymore, we already know who’s getting voted in: everyone who accomplished something yesteryear.

    • donkey kong says:

      How does Kobe deserve to be on the all star team. What has he done during the 2013-2014 season to show that he is the best guy out there?

      • The Worm 91 says:

        @donkey kong

        what did Kyrie show? Kyrie is overrated and does not deserve to be there too. I’m not a Kobe fan. Infact I hated him for quite sometime but I give respect to where its due.

        Kyrie is media hype and was not able to carry his team, not even into 9th place.