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VIDEO: LeBron James laments the Heat’s lack of defense

At what point do you start to wonder about the Heat’s chances of repeating? Are we there yet?

Steve Aschburner, NBA.comNot there yet. The postseason is a different game, literally and figuratively, and only Miami has proven its ability to master it. But here are three scenarios where I will start to wonder: 1) Some team goes up by two games on the Heat in a best-of-seven; 2) The Pacers or someone else plays at home vs. Miami in a Game 7, or 3) One of the Heat’s Big 3 goes out with a season-ending injury.

Fran Blinebury, NBA.comOnly when I hear that LeBron James, Dwyane Wade or Chris Bosh has an injury that will keep them out of the rest of the season and the playoffs.  If they’re all healthy, the Heat are still the team to beat.

Jeff Caplan, NBA.comThe day the Heat face a playoff elimination game is the day I start to worry about the Heat’s chances of repeating. There’s simply no urgency at the moment to be peaking. Right now it’s all about pacing.

Scott Howard-Cooper, NBA.comIt’s fair to wonder now because of the competition, not fair to think their time has passed. The Pacers are, of course, the real deal. The opening statement of the 2013 Eastern Conference has continued into 2013-14 with consistent play at such a high level that it’s a reasonable conversation to wonder not only about the Heat’s chances of another title but to question whether they will get to the championship series. And that doesn’t even get into the quality of the opponent Miami would face in The Finals. There are challenges. Just don’t confuse that with the Heat needing to scramble.

Miami coach Erik Spoelstra (Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE)

Miami coach Erik Spoelstra (Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE)

John Schuhmann, NBA.comWe’re there already, because the Pacers are really, really good. Like, best defensive team in history good. That’s a bigger issue for the Heat than how they’re playing themselves, though there is obviously concern with their defense. It goes beyond their inability to play that scheme over 82 games with Wade in and out of the lineup. Teams have seen that Miami defense for a couple of years now and are doing a better job of executing against it.

Sekou Smith, NBA.comAs the San Antonio Spurs and the rest of us found out last year, you do NOT count the Heat out. And if you are foolish enough to do so, you do it at your own risk. So there is no point that doesn’t include a trophy presentation involving another team. We are not there yet. Whatever doldrums they are fighting through in January honestly have no specific bearing on what might be months from now. Are their current struggles real? Absolutely. Will they last? Perhaps, for a few more games. But not for the remainder of this season. All that said, I am reminded of the warning TNT’s Steve Kerr mentioned before this season began about it being just too taxing for any team to grind it’s way back to The Finals four a fourth straight season. He made a great point about the emotional and physical fatigue that comes with repeated championship campaigns. The Heat may very well succumb to that pressure somewhere along the line. But I’m not ready to predict when and where that happens.

Lang Whitaker, All Ball blogAt what point do you worry that the sun isn’t going to rise? I’m not saying that the Heat winning a title is a law of nature nor a fait accompli, but when a team advances to The Finals three seasons in a row, I’m more than willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. Still, I agree that they haven’t looked as consistently dominant as they have at times over the last few seasons. We always talk about teams thinking they can “turn it on” when the going gets tough, and how that’s not something most teams are actually able to do. But the Heat are special, obviously, and I think they are one of those teams that can turn it on when we get down to the games that matter most in the postseason.

Stefanos Triantafyllos, NBA Greece: Sorry, I am one of those that were listening when Rudy Tomjanovic shouted “never underestimate the heart of a champion”. If you hear anyone wondering, please remind him what coach-T said …

Karan Madhok, NBA India: The Big Three era of the Heat has been here every year in their last three runs to The Finals, reaching a point where critics and fans have questioned their performance and commitment. But the Heat, like always, will be alright, peaking at the right time when Wade is back healthy to join LeBron and Bosh consistently, Oden starts to find his in-game rhythm, and the bench gets their groove again. The difference this year, though, is that Miami’s competition – especially the Pacers – is tougher than before. Ultimately, the title may come down to the performances of Miami’s competition more than the performance of the Heat themselves.

Simon Legg, NBA Australia: Given they’re still second in the East and have a nice seven-game cushion over the Hawks, I don’t think we can write them off. They do need to start worrying about a couple of things though, mainly their defense. They’re currently ranked 10th in defensive efficiency, the first time they’ve been that low in the Big Three era. And if they continue to free-fall it will be hard to three-peat. Generally you need to be ranked in the top 10 to challenge for the title. In the last 12 seasons, 22 of the 24 teams that made the Finals were top 10 defenses.


  1. 3HeatPeat says:

    Home Court Advantage or not if Miami is Hearty, theres is no 1 team that can beat them in a 7 game series nor in Indiana neither in Russia

  2. 3HeatPeat says:

    Home Court Advantages do not guarantee a ring, Ask Barkley, Malone & Stockton, Dirk, Shaq & Kobe, Schremp, Bird & McHale

  3. Mstirious2000 says:

    Indy and HOMECOURT ADVANTAGE thing has been confusing a lot of fans. If I’m not mistaken, I think they were talking about having Game 7 at home. Anything can happen in the firsrt 6 games but it’s Game 7 that they want to have at home.

  4. jeff says:

    The X Factor is the Heat not getting Game 7 at home. If they come second in the East and 5th overall like they currently are I can’t see them wining.

  5. All very interesting opinions and fairly stated. What it all comes down to is this…the Pacers can have the number one seed and possibly win 68-70 games this season…just to be erased by 1, yes 1 home loss in Eastern Conference Finals… and no more advantage over Heat…if they get there. Heat are obviously running a marathon whereas Indy is sprinting out the gates. Brooklyn is a viable threat to Heat and Pacers so both teams may not face each other at all, lets be fair and complete here. Plus Indy doesn’t have Lebron…that cannot be overstated. Wade before sitting out was shooting at a career high and looking like Flash where need be. Oden is being slowly matriculated and inserted and will be a big reason Heat could possibly repeat, him and Andersen will be our answer to Indy’s dominance over us in the post. Plus I believe Granger is more a liability than help to Pacers…team has changed drastically around him…so his help off bench may not be as potent as the Heat’s with Beasley, Cole, and Lewis.

  6. Apex Predator says:

    First thing, I am not a fan of any team but a NBA fan as a whole. I look at statistics, records, match ups, efficiency, etc before making my comments. Of course this is my opinion only and mine alone.

    The point of the article is to wonder if the Heat is “worried” about their current performance. Consider that they have been to the finals 3 years in a row and last year was pushed to some down to the wire game 7s. Wade has been in and out of the line up but not considered 100% injured. Allen and Battier went on a shooting slump in January. Chalmers and Birdman were out for a few games. Oden is still getting his rhythm back. Of course their going to struggle even though Lebron is playing MVP basketball and Bosh is fairly consistent, Beasley & Cole are playing well, their going to struggle cause its normal. If you look at Lebron the past 2-3 games, he looks exhausted.

    Should they be worried, NOT YET. Until Lebron says ” I give up” the Heat always has a chance to win every game regardless of the situation. Thats been a proven fact in the Big 3 era. Their concern should be fatigue, possible late season injuries, and mental focus to 3 peat. Lets be realistic that LBJ is no Jordan, it takes a lot to get a 3 peat.

    If you consider competition, they have a few walls to over come. Every team in the East practically wants and are geared to dethrone them. The teams with the best chance to do so would be and this is depending on how the standings might happen at the end of the season and the brackett. 1. Pacers 2. Nets 3. Washington 4. Atlanta, the last 2 teams mentioned are “sleepers” depending on how they perform because statistically in a 7 game series they don’t have enough to beat the Heat. The Nets are the closets 2nd since they can cause match up problems and have played well the last portion of the 1st half of the season and will be stronger when DWilliams return. If the playoffs started today, they would face the Heat.

    The West is another story. The top 6 teams can beat the Heat with their current line ups and have shown that they are capable of breaking the Heat defenses with bigs in the post, spreading the floor, and high % shooting. The Heat win with defense and ball movement, both of those have been on and off the last 11 games.

    Side note: MVP candidates should be 1. Kevin Durant 2. Paul George 3. Lebron James. The reason why PG is higher is because the Pacers have a better record.

  7. rockhard says:

    y all tha 8ing after 3-4 seasons geez give tha team a break they make basketball relevant rite now so stop 8ing and njoy the competition cuz its like crying over spilled milk!!!

  8. SAM says:

    Heat is playing with low energy and poor defense this year.
    In addtion to the players that do not play hard enough, I balme the coching staff that do not have a proper plan for each game and their line-ups seems to be wrong.
    Spo and his group must ask the players to play harder during the season and prepare the right plan for a better defense.
    Last year they were playing with no point guards at critical times in the game. This year they play with 2 point guards in those times. I think that is wrong. They should play bigger and more defensive.
    Coches are experts in basketball and have to prepare the right plan for a better defense. After all Heat has the best players in the world but they are not utilized properly.
    I blame the cochae.

  9. Lakermig says:

    The Heat will get to the east finals easy peasy and if they get out of the west they have a super chance of winning again and i’ll tell you why…Competetion, the Heat and more specifically the east has no competition, so the heat will face their first real competition in the eastern finals against the pacers, if they do get through they then face another tough challenge but the reason i still put them ahead of any western team to take another chip is cause unlike the east the west is full of good teams so lets say OKC get to the finals they would have had way harder series’ to get to the finals so more chance of injury and fatigue.

  10. Kal says:

    I feel like LeBron may be able to singlehandedly will the Heat to one last ring… but it will be a great test of LeBron’s will…

    Indiana has the best starting line in the league. But I have doubts about their bench… Thing is, they are all in their prime, so maybe they can just ride the starting 5 til the wheels fall off and after they’ve won the gold.

    Multiple capable teams out West. I think the Warriors have a chance to surprise people if they’re healthy in the playoffs.

    It’s going to be a wild ride this 2014 playoffs… with some truly great conference finals.

  11. Gillsy says:

    The part that I see as a difference between Miami and Indiana is their depth. Yea Miami is reasonably deep but look at the Pacers lately I have been looking at Georges minutes. Sometimes he has only been playing 30-35 a game. James as usual has been carrying the team with Wade banged up and guys like Allen are playing bigger minutes which is not good come playoffs

  12. SHARF says:


  13. Us buck says:

    LeBron must pick it up, defensively! So goes James so goes Miami!

    • zzz says:

      Lebron is doing fine on defense, its their effort thats the problem, and its just mid season right now, Alot games yet to be played, miami is the team to beat, and I think Homecourt will be crucial for them in the playoffs.

      Miami is just pacing at the moment making sure guys are and stay healthy.

  14. LUis says:

    Bosh is no center, that position wearing much and anytime will happen as wade not stand 4

    times, spend years and is not improbicen more with Battier and Haslem, sientenlos in a wheelchair, as there is no money to send abuscar dela dleague Hamilton with7 ‘and hands raised to more balls than the 2 elderly de6’8 “, by now the rookie and Odem another rooster crows, also Bosh and Anderson could be in their position
    the Smug

  15. julius j. says:

    A die hard fan will always be a die hard fan. I am one of those and as a die hard fan, I hate to see them struggle, I hate to see them lose and most of all, I hate to compare their stats with other contending teams. However, as a die hard fan, I will always believe that Heat’s struggle so far do not count them out of the 3 peat! All of those standings stats and other numbers will not count come playoff time. They are just pacing themselves and will find the right timing to get into the groove and defeat all the teams standing on their path to 3 peat!

  16. PeteM says:

    no bynum no ring

  17. abusadu says:

    As a heat fan the pacers are scary.. but the pacers hasn’t prove anything yet. Until they beat Miami in a seven game series The heat are still the team to beat… it is a long season until the playoffs.. wait until the playoffs come and will see..

  18. Why dont just Shut up! sit back and enjoy the show! dont predict anything it will just disappoint you! PLAYOFFS is still far. Just bet on your teams and pick who you want and just shut up! NUFF SAID!!!!!

  19. kobeballhog says:

    Lol at all these haters. Try to come up with some credible excuses ok? Because your team got spanked for 3 straight seasons by the greater miami heat. You just come up with lame excuses? Lmao refs? Calls? May i remind you haters last year the heat almost lost the finals just one play and you still say that ref the league helps them win? Just go watch a movie coz you guys aint even a true nba fan. I do agree this year is harder for them, the pacers are just a bunch of wannabes, okc is the real deal, the west is better than any of the east teams.

  20. holyspectator says:

    people relax…its the midpoint of the season, miami hasnt played with their consistent starting 5 for more than 6 games in a row. to have the 2nd best record in the east (yes east is terrible but still a fact) and i believe 5th best record in the nba..heat are fine…these guys play for the playoffs..they can come into the playoffs 3rd or even 4th seed and still make it to the think pat riley is a fool? they all know whats going heat have never played healthy all the way thru the post season with the big 3 ..and this year may very well be the first time. no need to whyle out about the heat when we still got 40 some odd games to go. if this was happening in the 2nd round of the playoofs, then i could understand the worrying but we are talkin about regular season in january?

  21. okc2014 says:

    I will say that I’m not impressed w/ the wishy washy playing the Heat have done so far this season. But count them out? I won’t ever say that!

  22. Agudo says:

    Hank and Billy Bob, two names I’d expect to be Indiana supporters lol

  23. SaYo says:

    look, they almost couldnt get the 2nd one
    honestly spurs just didnt do a good job of closing it out, and they did what they needed to win it, still spurs shoulda closed it
    their first one, they simply did a great job against a young okc team
    their fire is dieing, after winning 2 ina row, every1 starts to lay back more
    unless your the goats, and keep goin aha

  24. justsayin says:

    Stop stealing Rudy T’s quote, Heat fans, his Rockets would annihilate yall.

    Though their chances could rise dramatically this year with a healthy Bynum…

    But why isnt Bron embracing “offensive freedom” with Wade out???

  25. jimbo says:

    The Heat are very fortunate to play in a conference where there are only 2 good teams, hence their focus will remain on defeating the Pacers in the conference finals. The Pacers still have to prove themselves this post season. If they play their best… they can defeat the Heat; but they will need to focus on a tough bruising series. It will be hard for Indiana to play their preferred style against the Heat because the rules have basically washed out physical play; and Lebron is sooo adept at getting flop calls. The Heat team is tailored to a “T” for the current NBA rules. The days of the 90’s Knicks style of play are over. Now showmanship wins the referees nod. Nevertheless, Go Pacers, Go Pacers !! The recipe is simple. Defend mano a mano, and don’t let Lebron have the cheap ones.

  26. Lee Kelley says:

    I think some people put too much faith in Oden. Yes, he is a giant of a man and can body up opposing centers. But I can’t imagine him playing more than 15 minutes on those knees of his. In my mind, the Heat’s championship hopes ride squarely on D Wade’s shoulders. I’ve never been a Heat fan nor a D Wade fan, but he is a game changer for the Heat almost as much as Lebron is.

    • qq says:

      Yep, Id be suprised if oden is even healthy come playoffs, still alot time for things to go wrong for him, and I really dont see him being able to guard Hibbert, Oden is slow and cant guard without fouling.

  27. bunbury says:

    but someone said it best, the only way to beat them is too beat them by a lot of points to NOT allow the refs to help them. it’s like knocking the champ boxer, you have to KO him to beat him. but even that it’s still not 100% sure. every time the spurs where ready to take big leads in the finals, the heat were allowed to play dirty defense to keep themselves in the game.

  28. Dyron from Belize says:

    Nobody talking about the Spurs!!! Great, count us out! Like you do every year

  29. ban says:

    GO PACERS!!!

  30. david says:

    heat need to get a new coach asap!

  31. James Lofton says:

    Lets go lakers

  32. James Lofton says:

    I meant Lebron James will neva get that ring the BLACK MAMBA will!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. James Lofton says:

    Kebron will never get that ring THE BLACK MAMBA will.

  34. jdub4551 says:

    miami is still the team to beat… they have endured playing without a complete lineup throughout the season (ex. dwade missed 12 games, 6 of which they lost) and their 3 pt shooting is subpar (so impt to their offense), and yet they only have 11 losses… miami has been pacing/coasting along too much. notice their games wherein they would display championship team effort in spurts then suddenly relax and not match the effort level of opponents including subpar teams which makes games more interesting…. i think its more mental fatigue, being in 3 straight championships and all… pacers will be tough but the spurs poses the biggest threat to them bec of outside shooting and high team IQ…

  35. asasa says:

    Heat will be a different team in the playoffs, because then they will actually play defense, right now they are just doing shootouts, giving up 120 on hawks is not heat like. Ofcourse Wade being out and all will make their defense worse, but against the hawks they looked effortless.

  36. BlowOUT!!!!! says:

    The reality is, Every Team want to beat Miami Heat and everybody wanna bring Lebron James down. Every team gives everything they have against the Heat, that’s why the game it’s more difficult for the Heat than any Team in the NBA.
    Everybody knows the secret to beat Miami Heat. SLAP Lebron James , make him mad, and GAME OVER.

    • bunbury says:

      everyone wants to be beat the champion, comrade. you should enjoy it this year, because it won’t be around next year.

  37. Bob Slydell says:

    Ignore Steve Kerr and other Bulls homers with their so-called “predictions” – Miami is the king until somebody knocks them out.

  38. Mike says:

    The only competition that has gotten better this year is Indy. The rest of the east is a joke,

  39. dustydreamnz says:

    Beasley needs more minutes. I think the Heat can win without Bosh but not without LBJ or D-Wade. They did it in 2006 without LBJ but Shaq was still going strong. It looks like a lot will come down to how healthy D-Wade’s knee is.
    Erik Spoelstra looks like a Gopher.

    • bunbury says:

      believe me, they will not win without bosh. He is not their best or second best player but come on, he helps them a lot. how many close games they won last year in the playoffs. take him out and they might NOT win those games.

  40. billybob says:

    go pacers !

  41. Hank says:

    Beat the Heat! Beat the Heat! Beat the Heat!

  42. No news for Bynum after several teams where after him? maybe hes asking for too much$$ because the risk factor on him is high and only potentially rewarding for say a veterans min contract of some sort or a 10 day contract to see how much he wants to play. I think other teams have improved namely Indiana, Miamis biggest threat and Miami has stayed same level with bosh and wades battling bodys they simply need big man help, maybe thats Oden if he holds up with more playing time and gradually increased mins at the same time resting him for some games but playing mins against tough teams so he gets that tough game feeling getting him ready for playoffs and strong 2nd half of season. Heat have stopped trying for number 1 seed they know it would wear them out trying to keep up with Indiana. there content with 2seed and rested healthy and strong for playoffs. Go back to cleveland next year lebron with Irving and Deng

  43. kevin says:

    wow all these reporters are still salivating on lebron jeez…heat have been playing horrible lately…how about this…. ask “erase the heats last 2 season do you think this Miami heat are up to winning a championship”…everyone body always goes back well they have proven history of winning but am i the only one seeing that this team is no were dominant as i watched last season….anyways im biased i prefer Indiana 😀

  44. ism says:

    2 things:

    1. Dear NBA, speaking about the Pacer’s I’d really like to know how many minutes they were leading in this season (and how many trailing). I guess they have a phenomenal record on this given how many games they dominate from the first quarter on. Like, Guiness World record phenomenal.

    2. The Heat have that on/off switch. It’s been proven. Even when best, they are never as dominant (in the true meaning of the word) as the Pacers. Even in their 27-game-winning-streak they had a lot of close wins and a lot of comeback-wins. They are like a snake lying still, taking hits but finally having the last laugh with a fatal venomous bite. Their perimeter defense is nothing else but that: venomous. They are a deadly team that I consider the team to beat even in a best-of-seven-series with Indiana having home-court. The champion will probably come from the east anyway given how good Miami and Indiana are and how much more easy their first two playoff-series will be.

  45. SM says:

    Heat defense is very poor this year, They dont play like the cham. Last 3 years they played much better even during the season. Heat coaching staff must come-up with a plan and probably different lineup to resolve this problem.
    They should also play harder with more energy. After all we have a 82 games season not only the play off.

  46. llol says:

    It’s funny that people are talkng about it, because last season this time hey had a worse record… I feel comfortable about the Heat in the playoffs, even when the Pacers get homecourt. Btw, I see Pacers as an only threat to another Championship run. Don’t see any West team beating them 4 times.

  47. LakersWillWin says:

    In years past, Miami has been so entertaining to watch. This season, particularly during these dog days, there is just absolutely no urgency like one of the writers had stated. They have been simply put, boring! Sure, “The playoffs are another beast” was the excuse for Lakers fans used when our team was playing mediocre on their way to a sure thing (3-peat), and that attitude followed as we got swept by the eventual Champion Mavs. It isn’t time to worry, because we have seen Miami “flip the switch” but the players look bored and uninspired right now. This will prove LeBron’s greatness as a player, and Spo’s greatness as a coach to keep them engaged. I do worry about Miami, but it is too soon to hit the panic button.

  48. LBJKIN6JAMES says:

    @ bballjunkie1

    Your right, Spo gets a little stubborn / arrogant sometimes, he refuses to adjust the lineup when games are close. The heat have a lot of talen, Spo better start using it now and saving LeBron’s legs for when it really counts in the playoffs.

  49. bballjunkie1 says:

    Never under estimate the hear t of a champion, home-court and all that is out the window in the play offs. A champion just wants to get in. The Heat too there are a couple of things, never been sold on Spo last night blew another 18 point lead at what point do you stop making players play harder than necessary. His coaching of substitutions is horrible, Popavich made him make adjustments, we wont talk about first championship appearance where Dallas inserted Berea and we did nothing. I am baffled why Beseley (who can create his shot), and Bird-man, Bosh combo isn’t used more at the start of games against teams with trees like Pacers, Nets. Its almost like I wont make a change until the 4 min mark, by then the lead is gone or a team like Charlotte has run up the score and again Lebron has to play like its the play offs every night. Hopefully freed up cash will bring a big or scorer and Spo gets on his horse because he has been out coached nightly, last night was another example.

    • bunbury says:

      blah blah blah. how many championships did the rockets won in a row? 2. what happened on their third year– swept by the sonics. what I’m trying to tell you is that that quote is completely overrated. otherwise we wouldn’t see new champions MOST of the time.

  50. steppx says:

    of course its a worry. Not because they are losing but because of how and why. If wade doesnt rebound, they dont win. Bosh is meaningless in this context. LBJ is always going to suggest the Heat cant be counted out, but the Pacers are scary, and the Spurs were only a couple minutes short of beating them last year. OKC is scary now too, as is Portland and golden state. Any of them look capable of winning it all right now. The Heat dont. But…..they are the champs until proven otherwise.

  51. rr says:

    It seem as if the NBA biggest concern is to make sure Lebron James is given all the help and support the league can give,he gets only positive media coverage, favoritism from referees and news reporters, only the best supporting players (3 pts. shooters & excellent defenders) a cast of sport writers to votes for him each year as league MVP. The NBA gives LBJ a lots of love!

    • KDfan says:

      Amen to that also.

    • psamcool says:

      Lots less than Durant for sure. He gets calls for flailing his paper thin hands all over the court!

      • jhbh says:

        lol are you kidding, durants had a better supporting cast than miami, he had harden westbrook ibaka and a real center at one point. this miami team is depleted, this is lebrons cleveland team right now unless mario and wade start playing well again

    • nbaman says:

      Exactly right. Lebron and the Heat are groomed to be the next Bulls. It’s about marketing and profits. The only chance another team has of beating the favorite child of the nba is to get ahead in every game by 30 or more so that when the whistles start blowing they’ll be too far behind to catch up. When it comes to the playoffs and playing the Heat, you are playing a game of 5 on 8 and you ain’t the 8.

      • bunbury says:

        that’s why I lost interest in the NBA to be honest with you all. as a kid, I wouldn’t believe these things. just how the bulls got the benefit in the 90’s, the lakers in 00’s, and now the heat. it’s like boxing, they protect the boxers who sell the most and make to the most money for the league. let’s not forget, IT’s BUSINESS.

    • realist says:

      Where was all the positive media coverage after the decision? Where were all the best supporting players for 7 whole years when lebron was in Cleveland? And why does rose have an MVP when lebron should have 5 in a row and been voted in for the award unanimously last year?

      • bunbury says:

        LeBron should have not won the mvp that year. I mean they didn’t do very well (or as expected) in the regular season that year. if the mVP was for the best player– Shaq, Kobe, MJ would have way more than 1, 11 and 3 respectively.

      • qq says:

        Bunbury are you serious? Heat won 27 in a row last year, Lebron shot a crazy percentage, and dominated his competition, Last season was lebron`s best season of his career, and you are saying he shouldnt be the mvp, shame on you and go watch some games.

    • Baller says:

      lebron is one of the most hated players in the nba, positive media? have you met skip bayless.

      • justsayin says:

        He’s like the token democrat on a fox news show.

        You’ll have to do better than that.

      • qq says:

        Skip Bayless hated on lebron in his cleveland days and his first year with Miami, last seasons playoff run, he pretty much only spoke highly of him. But Skip`s job is to argue with Stephen A smith who loves lebron, part of the show pretty much:p

    • bunbury says:

      it’s difficult to make the finals 4 years in a row. if you don’t believe me, just remember the lakers in 2003 and 2011. that being said, most likely the pacers will have homecourt advange and that will be a problem for the heat. don’t forget that last year, they won 2 home games 7– vs the pacers and spurs. In my opinion, the pacers are ready to dethrone the heat. Their defense and Paul George will be the why and how. just how the bulls did it to the pistons, the knicks to the bulls, the spurs and the mavs to the lakers. MARK MY WORDS!!

    • lcdcface says:

      Larry Bird, got the same treatment!!! so what’s your point!