Curry Vote Important To Warriors

VIDEO: Stephen Curry is nominated for the Kia January Player of the Month award

OAKLAND – Thankfully, the grating references about a perceived lack of respect, an unfortunate, and untrue, Warriors party line last season, has fallen away. Unlike the small-town feel of the inferiority complex, Golden State circa 2013-14 knows it is feared by opponents and appreciated by fans.

But if Stephen Curry holds his lead over third-place Chris Paul when the final results of fan balloting are announced Thursday and a Warrior is starting in the All-Star Game for the first time since Latrell Sprewell in 1995, the significance will be impossible to miss. Curry will have a deserving recognition, sure, but the franchise will be able to claim a unique level of popularity, certainly around the country and maybe, considering the global voting, around the world.

That’s a big development for an organization that had exemplary fan support in the Bay Area during the many bad seasons but was not more than a casual watch around the league, and even then only because they played pedal to the metal while speeding toward the lottery. Finishing in the top two among Western Conference guards, if the order of the previous update holds, would be another sign of what has transpired since 25-41 in the lockout-shortened 2011-12.

“For sure,” Curry said. “When you win, granted it’s been for a year and a half now. It’s not just an exciting brand of basketball. The results are more heavily in your favor when we’re winning games. It has definitely changed. Obviously going to China this past preseason was big exposure for the whole franchise. Any time you make the playoffs and make noise, you’re going to try to change how people view your team. That’s kind of the mission we’re on, to back that up this year.”

So it’s not a big deal, except that it is. Curry will play Feb. 16 in New Orleans no matter what, an automatic to be picked as a reserve by West coaches if fans don’t send him as a starter, but the statement of making the opening lineup is important in many parts of the organization. Just as the exposure of going to China in October for a couple preseason games against the Lakers was a big deal, Curry doing so well in the popularity contest leading to the midseason showcase will be celebrated as an accomplishment of performance on the court and marketing off.

In the final update, released Jan. 9, Kobe Bryant had a clear lead with 844,538 votes despite encouraging fans to back someone playing, with Curry second with 677,372 and Paul third with 651,073. Given the health uncertainties of the players on both sides of him, Curry could be named a starter at a later date even if he is third in the Thursday announcement, except that would not go on the books as being voted to the first five in New Orleans.

“Last year we got an All-Star, so we won’t act like it’s different territory,” coach Mark Jackson said. “I thought David Lee being an All-Star last year made a statement. For Steph to be an All-Star, for him to be a starter, I think it’s another win for the good guys. It definitely does say something, because I would imagine the difference is starting and getting the fan vote. I’d be very pleased because here’s a guy that came in when people raised the bar for him after last year, and he has not disappointed.”

Matching the expectations is an accomplishment, but Curry has done it while seventh in the league in scoring (23.5) and second to Paul in assists (9.2).


  1. SPLASH! says:

    This is the start of curry era! eventhough CP3 is hurt, Curry is in another level compare to CP3 Curry brings excitement to everyone which is important if will dictate the line up in all star it will be this


    West will explode in offensive players!

  2. Nope says:

    Curry and Lillard in the three point range will be fun to watch in the all-stars.

  3. squala96 says:

    Curry is inarguably the best PG in the NBA right now. It’s a big shame he didn’t get a spot last year. He should start for the West no doubt.

  4. KingKaash94 says:

    Look from the “best player should be a starter” standpoint, I vote for Chris Paul because I think he’s the best (I know he’s injured but let’s just say he wasn’t) But from an “entertainment” standpoint, which is what the All-Star game is more about, I vote for Steph Curry. I want to see him light up the All-Star court with his 3 pt shooting. That’s always fun to watch. It’s also why I vote for Blake Griffin over Tim Duncan. I think Timmy D is the better player but he’s boring with his fundamental moves, which is not something I want to watch at the All-Stars. Blake Griffin has nice dunks and all the flash that I want to see so that’s why I vote for him. Anyways that’s why CP3 and Curry are the only 2 guards Ive been voting for all season.

  5. C.S says:

    when he is missing shots, he is missing but when he is making them, he is the best shooter in this league. Anyway he is one of the most exciting player right now and that is what matters!!

  6. feelazone says:

    I understand.. thats a business.. but what i really see in past 9 games of GSW, Curry shooted bricks beyond the arc with a clean 28.6% at 3pt line.. that may be a slump but if it continues, i cant imagine he is a great 3pt shooters..

    • Nick_E23 says:

      It was a slump.. Every shooter goes through them because theyre still human. Ray allen had a huge slump during the playoffs, the year the celtics won the finals and he pulled out of it eventually because hes a great sgooter. Curry is also a great shooter so he’ll be perfectly fine

      • Saeed Mirza says:

        Curry, should be an all star. He is great. This kid can light it up. I am a laker fan but it’s fun to watch the warriors.

  7. dustydreamnz says:

    I voted for Curry, should be a cert.

  8. jim says:

    I’m sure it means a little something to the suits and some of the players, but all fans want is a concerted 1st quarter defensive effort.