MVP Ladder: Numbers Never Lie!

VIDEO: There is no doubt Carmelo Anthony gets the job done, but he’s not on the MVP Ladder

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — In any barber shop debate guys like Carmelo Anthony and DeMarcus Cousins would be involved in the MVP mix. Their numbers are that impressive.

But who says numbers never lie?

Because raw numbers alone won’t get you on the KIA Race to the MVP Ladder. It takes a little more in this generation, what with the analytics movement in full bloom and the efficiency numbers of players meaning just as much or more than their cumulative stats. And then there’s the win-loss column, where arguably the most important numbers in the MVP equation, can be found.

“Winning has to count for something,” said Indiana Pacers coach Frank Vogel, who will coach the Eastern Conference All-Stars next month in New Orleans. “Paul George could chase more shots and score more points every night, but he’s sacrificing that urge for the greater good. All of our guys are making individual sacrifices for what we want to do as a team … Again, winning has to count for something.”

It’s a complicated mix that allows Blake Griffin and Kyle Lowry to claim spots that would have gone to Anthony and Cousins a generation or two ago. There is no concrete formula. There is instead an intricate matrix that rewards the players capable of combining the best of all of these components, the way Kevin Durant, LeBron James, LaMarcus Aldridge, Paul George and Tony Parker, the top five guys on the MVP Ladder this week, day after day.

Dive in here for more on who made the cut on this week’s KIA Race To The MVP Ladder!


  1. real recognize real even the haters recognize the real says:

    Lbj is the best and the mvp not durant this kid has no defense thats why they wont make it to the finals. With out westbrook kd is another carmelo anthony. High power offense low defense. Lebron is 27th on shot attempted and kevin durant is in top five shot attempts you cant compare lebron offensively to kevin durant. If lebron starts shooting or attacking average more attempts he be easily 35pts a game. Numbers dont lie.

  2. Very Smart says:


  3. Pete says:

    Learn James is still the best player in the world. He can’t always have a record breaking Season. I was rooting for Chris Paul but he got injured. So I think that Kd will win it. He is the second best player in the world. Also, if Kevin Love doesn’t start for the west all star team I will freak out.

  4. SA Baller says:

    Tony Parker or KD should win MVP. For lebron it’s rigged.

  5. mz13 says:

    If OKC ends the season with better record than Miami, KD must be MVP no matter what…

    Paul George has a superb season, but imho, Indiana can win games in regular season without him in the line-up, the team is so perfectly balanced and well coached that hurts his chances. OKC and Heat on the other hand will have a hard time without James and KD.

  6. B-ball-blog-a-holic says:

    Stephen Curry Stephen Curry Stephen Curry Stephen Curry Stephen Curry Stephen Curry Stephen Curry Stephen Curry Stephen Curry Stephen Curry Stephen Curry Stephen Curry Stephen Curry Stephen Curry Stephen Curry Stephen Curry

  7. KingLBjBoy says:

    Crypt LeBron is Still d best basketball player in the world is that simple? Do you play basketball???lol
    All star are not d same as Mega Stars

  8. tanibanana says:

    As we come near half the season, the list has come too long.
    I mean, there is really just few guys who has a strong shot of
    winning the MVP; Durant and James leading the group, then
    LA Aldridge and P. George, if only Chris Paul never got injured
    we can throw him in the mix..

    Well, unless something really mind boggling happen..
    By the way, Durant is the guy I’m rooting to win it.

  9. Jason says:

    “Winning must count for something.” So why does Kevin Love claim a spot on the Mvp Ladder?

  10. okc2014 says:

    Blake Griffin is a great player, but overrated. His commercials are more entertaining to me. I love em!

  11. Crypt says:

    How in the world is LeBron James in front of Parker, Aldrige and George ? His numbers except his FG are below his career average, yet he has best players around him. He’s been protecting his FG all season, and not attacking as he usually would. He’s been a little bit above average defender, yet he’s been favorized in DPOY candidacy which is funny thing. Oh, and the Heat are fifth in the league, with 4 games behind leading Pacers. Parker is leading Spurs to 31-8, with guys like Ayres playing in starting lineup. George is playing like superstar, and also has been better defender than LeBron this season by a mile, and is leading his Pacers to best NBA record currently. Aldridge is leading Blazers, who are probably the most surprising team of the season, and is one of the best PF in the game. So tell me, how exactly is LeBron in front of them ?

  12. kenny says:

    the MVP is rigged for James it doesn’t matter what he does or what anybody else does so why don’t they just give it to him in the beging the year

  13. jim says:

    Blake getting baited, really? He does a lot of football/clever things like putting his face forward, getting hit, hitting, cheap shots. There’s a reason opposing bigs hit him – they’re sick of his antics.

    I’d call that “cowardly” basketball, as he so famously called the Warriors.

    Starting a team, I’d take him but let’s call an apple an apple.

    • Game Time says:

      It’s called playing tough. The way the NBA used to be. People find the silliest reasons to knock Griffin. You must be a Laker fan or a Golden Fake one. Warriors proved they are scared. Griffin just called it out.

  14. Matthias says:

    I am very sorry but I have to disagree here at some point. Ok its understandable that you give the one which has the most inpact on his team the MVP Trophy. In my country there is a saying: “Trust only the statistics that you have forged yourself.”
    So be honest, I bet in every possible way the MVP would be LeBron James, as he the last years falsely was.

    In the old days when the MVP was something everybody could agree to, there was the unwritten rule, that the best player on the Team with the best winning record would earn the Trophy.

    That was the only reason why Steve Nash won the MVP in 2004/05 and Dirk in 2006/07, but then a overhyped LeBron James entered the league and all the rules were vanished.

    I am very sorry, but the MVP Trophy is no longer something you can take seriously.

  15. Johnny says:

    Wow, week after week… Nobody gives blake griffin the recognition he deserves. Oh he’s top 10 in mvp ladder? That’s great but he’s behind guys who have just simply put haven’t had NEARLY the impact on this year as blake griffin. Steph curry? I’m sorry he doesn’t belong ahead of blake. Also doesn’t belong starting the all star game ahead of cp3 ( Wow I sound like a homer but I’m actually a mavs fan lol) Tony parker? Look. He’s a great player and the spurs have a great record but those aren’t mvp numbers. He’s 5th on name recognition alone. His team is fully healthy I just don’t like that pick. Blake should take that 5th spot (and realistically should also take that 4th and 3rd spot) 5-1 since their best player went down. Blake is showing his all around game and proving all his haters (oh and there are many) wrong. He is a super star and he CAN be the man on a winning team (hi Kevin Love where you at bro?) Disappointed to see week in and week out the lack of respect you have for blake griffin (Ok I admit it I’m a sooner fan).