Steph Curry’s Full-Court Swish (Video)

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Steph Curry shoots the basketball as well or better than anyone in the game today. And the Golden State Warriors’ shooting star’s range is literally anywhere in the gym.

Don’t believe it? Just watch:

VIDEO: Steph Curry’s range is literally anywhere in the gym


  1. asd says:

    vince did it sitting down….

  2. MT says:

    I’m not saying Curry isn’t a great shooter, but how is this an example of shooting skill? It’s half luck. Every high school gym rat has done the same thing at least once or twice. Show me a video of him doing it twice in a row, or at the buzzer in a real game straight up (not hurling it side-arm), then I will be impressed.

    • Duelly says:

      Luck is just practice paying off. This kid has already proven his talents.

    • Sharpie says:

      At your high school you would have to throw that shot from about 5 feet behind the opposite hoop. However I doubt there is enough room in an indoor high school gym for a “high school gym rat” to even attempt this. Depending if your HS court was anything like mine you might be able to attempt it if you stand with your back against the padded wall, but then you wouldn’t even be able to throw the ball.

  3. mehg says:

    awesome! lucas please be quiet

  4. whiteboiballin says:

    CRAZY and the best part hes just like “well I’ve seen that before”

  5. eric says:

    Meh, we used to stand at the free throw line and heave balls over our head, with our back to the opposite basket and make them with regularity. Sometimes you are good, and sometimes you are just lucky.

  6. paps says:

    or maybe with his left that’d be cold blooded

  7. paps says:

    Not impressed, I wanna see him that two times in a row..

  8. Stephisbeast says:

    Steph is out this world good

  9. Bobson says:

    Please man, even i have made this shot, i bet any of you here can make it aswell, just keep heaving and show only the shot you made….

    • Durantula says:

      Haters gonna hate……

    • skrutz says:

      This. We all know Curry is a crazy good shooter, but everyone and their grandma has hit this once. I’m sure he’s better, but it’s pretty easy to show 1 out of however many it took.

  10. sam says:

    carter’s was better

  11. DaPlayaPresident says:

    It ain’t Ralph though!

  12. YYY says:

    Not impressed in the least. First, this was in practice. Second, we all knew how great a shooter he was, so it’s not unexpected of him to be able to make crazy shots. It was great, but with his talent I’m not surprised he made it.

  13. Jumper says:

    thats odee crazy like how did he make that

  14. Brandon says:

    Ball handling skills, quickness and shooting make this guy an unbelievable talent. Definitely a fan

  15. jon says:

    that wasn’t a swish, it hit the rim.

  16. Father says:

    from inside his own paint, all the way across almost the whole length of the entire court and right through the rim on the other end of the court. One day, he is going to be one of the best 2 or 3 players in the NBA. He just needs to work on his body in order to avoid soft tissue injuries.

  17. CURRY says:

    He’ll become the best player in the league after a several seasons

    • Anthony says:

      Naw he is not going to be the best player in the league he will be in the top 5 but KD got it all day

  18. TTKIN says:

    Honestly im not even surprised. He aint even on my team, torches my team everytime they play…he’s still my favorite player. Love the fact that afterward he just acts like nothing happened.

  19. GeraGom says:

    He is the New Reggie Miller. He is just an outstanding guy with an amazing talent. Im Just glad that i can see him play.

    • Another Heat Fan says:

      nope. I love steph curry, and he totally should have been an all star last year (i flipped when they didn’t pick him!) but he’s not the new Reggie Miller lets not get ahead of ourselves.
      Just ask Spike Lee and he’ll tell you the difference.

    • GeraGom .. has to be consistenly good over says:

      10+ Seasons to get in the “real conversation” about being as good as Reggie Miller. Reggie was a year-in & year-out freak that could shoot the lights out – especially in the clutch. When S-C has done more years – performing at the same clip as he is now, then get back to us.

  20. black mamba says: