Report: Warriors Get Celts’ Crawford, Heat Get Douglas In Multi-Team Deal

VIDEO: The Starters crew break down the Celtics-Warriors-Heat trade

From staff reports

The Golden State Warriors have been the hottest team in the league lately, with 11 wins in their last 12 games (and a 10-game win streak just a week or so ago). But as our own John Schuhmann has pointed out, Golden State has lacked in guard depth all season long, forcing it to play point guard Steph Curry and playmaking forward Andre Iguodala major minutes to offset that shortcoming.

But that changes with reports of a three-team trade between the Warriors, Boston Celtics and Miami Heat that will send Jordan Crawford and MarShon Brooks from Boston to Golden State for future picks. The Celtics will end up with Joel Anthony and some future Draft picks from the Heat, and the Heat get Toney Douglas from Golden State. Rumors of the trade were first broken by veteran NBA reporter Peter Vecsey and have been confirmed by Yahoo!’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

As part of a three-team deal, the Boston Celtics have traded guards Jordan Crawford and MarShon Brooks to the Golden State Warriors, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

The Warriors will send guard Toney Douglas to the Miami Heat, and Miami sends center Joel Anthony and a future first-round pick and second-round pick to the Celtics, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

Miami will send a first-round pick it owns from the Philadelphia 76ers to the Celtics, but that pick becomes two second-round picks should the Sixers miss the playoffs in 2013-14 and 2014-15. The Heat will save $11.5 million in salary and luxury tax with the unloading of Anthony’s contract. Anthony has appeared in just 12 games for Miami this season, averaging a little more three minutes.

Gary Dzen and Baxter Holmes of The Boston Globe provide some additional context on the deal:

In a separate move, the Celtics assigned Rajon Rondo, out since last January with a knee injury, to their Maine affiliate in the NBA D-League. Rondo is expected to test his knee there before returning to the Celtics, possibly as early as Friday.

“Rajon is progressing terrifically in his rehab and this is the next step,” Celtics boss Danny Ainge said. “This is a brief assignment so that Rajon can participate in a workout this afternoon with the Red Claws and he will be called back up to the Celtics upon the conclusion of the workout.”

Rondo’s impending return and Boston’s rebuilding plans made Crawford expendable. When Rondo returns, he’ll join a backcourt rotation of Avery Bradley, Jerryd Bayless, and Phil Pressey.

Crawford, who is making $2.16 million this season, averaged 13.7 points, 5.7 assists, and 3.1 rebounds in almost 31 minutes per game this season will the Celtics. Brooks has seen very limited action since being traded to Boston over the summer.

After figuring heavily in Miami’s rotation three seasons ago, the 6-foot-9-inch Anthony was averaging 3.1 minutes per game for the Heat this year. He is owed $3.8 million in salary next season.



    the real losers of this deal are miami and somehow philly LOL

  2. Bruce 15 says:

    Crawford is alright he’ll do ok

  3. Bobby C. says:

    heat will waive douglas & sign bynum

  4. conan says:

    none of the starters look like they ever started a basketball game

  5. aired07 says:

    I think Heat get Bynum. They keep oden, have 2 7 footers to battle with the Hibbert and put bosh on West. Pat your a genious if you make this happen. GM of the decade.

  6. G says:

    I premise what I’m about to say by saying I am a Celtics fan since the early 90’s… Pump the brakes guys. The C’s are re-building, They received draft picks, a decent back-up C, You guys don’t really think Jordan Crawford and Marshon Brooks are 2 guys to build around? Also, for the Heat, I for one said to myself when I saw this that they would release Douglas and sign Bynum. They have Mason J.R. & Jones that can spell the main rotation guys, they need A Center. I believe G.S. needed an off-the-dribble scorer off the bench, and they got it. To me everyone wins.

  7. 12345 says:

    toney douglas is a pretty good defender which is what miami is all about.. plus he has more offense than chalmers and cole if they do decide to keep him.

  8. Frankie D says:

    If Both Igoudala and Barnes start showing consistency on offense we do NOT need another addition but maybe at the 4 or 5 spot.

    • Youdontwatchbball says:

      Uhm no. We need an offense facilitator coming off the bench behind curry. It’s not about how well each individual can shoot it’s about how well you can run you offense as a system. That’s how you get better shots and higher consistency.

  9. Frankie D says:

    I love Iguodala great defense and even though he hit 2 or 3 game winners he is often times too inconsistent shooting the ball. We need you to get in the gym and start knocking down jump shots with regularity and that will force defenses to stop keying in on Curry and Clay and that will make us impossible to stop. Until then the Warriors will constantly settle in making so-so deals with average players to help beef the bench up.

  10. Frankie D says:

    Warriors I don’t know about this new deal two Celtic guards who were on a not so good team. I understand we need another solid guard but we either need a veteran proven player who can put up points or find someone in the draft. We have the talent to be patient what we really need is a box office 3 or 4 and a championship is guranteed. We can get away with the lackluster bench guard play b/c Curry & Clay are that good.

  11. Bob says:

    How’s this for a possibility?

    Ainge is showing Rondo that the Celtics are his team, by sending Crawford west.
    They need to retain him, if this rebuild is going to be successful early.

    • Han says:

      Sorry but he want to tank for better picks. I know it hurts for C’s fan, but it is how it is in this cruel world

  12. It is Obvious... you are Oblivious says:

    This is to make space for Bynum, The only thing I even noticed in the entire article was “Heat save 11.5 million in salary/tax”. Don’t Pack your bags Douglas, Welcome Bynum…. now dont get lazy and handicap on us. Just play your 20 minutes a night and enjoy winning and other rich players. His boasting will fall on deaf ears in that locker room, unlike his riling up of the underpaid rabble in Cleveland. (Bynum favorite thing to do is brag to young players that he gets paid a ton for doing much less)

  13. Steve (celtics fan) says:

    This was a smart move by Danny Ainge you guys don’t know anything about basketball if you disagree. Crawford was ok but he was most likely going to get worse rather then better. Marshon Brooks never fit in the celtics system so he was bound to go elsewhere. Now Boston has even more draft picks which is what we needed. Draft picks are very valuable trade peices in any pro sport. Also with Rondo’s return we don’t really need Crawford at all. We could get the same production from Bayless coming off the bench.

  14. robin says:

    Boston struggles when they shifted Perkins to OKC they are telling that rebuild is goin on, until now they don’t know what to do

  15. robin says:

    Kelly? He don’t know what the Center is

  16. dustydreamnz says:

    I like this trade for all teams. You’ve got to remember there’s salary cap pressures and future trades involved, not just player for player trades. It took me a while to realise that. There’s something brewing in Miami, Celtics are flush with draft picks, Ainge knows what he’s doing. Don’t forget he’s won a championship. Take the Heat and the Spurs out since he’s been there, not many other GM’s have won.
    If anything the winners are the Warriors. Jordan Crawford has been great this season and is still young, Marshon Brooks looks an underrated player who could do with an opportunity.
    The Warriors are a big chance this year.

  17. tenby says:

    Celtics Owners, Danny Ainge and Brad Stevens are not stupid. They are preparing the Celtics buildup in the medium and long term. Next year’s draft pick, whoever he is will be the cornerstone for the franchise along with Kelly Olynyk. Not even Rondo is projected to be in the future plans. He is good only as a medium term, transitional star that they will eventually part with when these young guys matures and ready to take the reins for the Celtics.

  18. LearnTheGameB4Posting says:

    Tony Douglas fits perfectly into what they are doing. He is a consistent 3Ball shooter which gives Bron Wade Bosh Beas Ray bigger driving lanes(yes Ray still goes to the hole.) and this would mean nothing more than either Greg Oden is almost ready or bynum is on the way. So you get rid of a big that is not playing. Smart move. And the C’s did not get robbed. They could could potentially get a lottery pick in 2 out of 3 drafts by trading the picks. They have dumb picks now and can rebuild a team (which they were already doing when they hired a coach that has never coached pro’s) and actually build it younger around their best player. Imagine if they get some good picks and get one free agent. They would be back in the playoffs in 2 seasons. Last the Warriors did exactly what they should have. Got guys that are already similar to what they have, maybe not as good but you don’t have to change the schema for Brooks bc he will do exactly what Klay does and Crawford is offensive minded just like Curry (but not as good.) Every Team improved dramatically with this deal. The real question should be is it either Oden or Bynum. Either way at 15 minutes a game that spells trouble for the rest of the league. They only need 8points, 5 rebounds a block or two and contested layups out of the center spot. which bynum will give consider he playing with greats. Pure Trouble!!!!

  19. tenby says:

    Miami is clearing the center spot for Andrew Bynum. I wont be surprised if will they also waive Oden.

  20. robin says:

    Boston 13-69

  21. OMG again bad news from Boston, when does this end?

    I really don’t see how this trade is going to help the Celtics in the future…
    At the beginning of this season I read an artice about a NBA GM (who wanted to stay anonymous) who said that his strategy this season is about losing games so his organisation will get a better draft position in the end.

    Well Danny Ainge……you can stop being anonymous now. It’s clear that you don’t want to get anything done this season for the fans. And collecting draft picks…..that’s just a gamble or small change in tranfers.

    C’mon man, the ship is sinking! Don’t let it hit the bottom.

    • GreenMachine9 says:

      hitting the bottom will let us get a great pick

    • Anonymous says:

      Have you been keeping up with the rumors recently?? Rondo is about to come back, so, hey, guess who would’ve had to give up their starting position (eventually)…yep its Crawford! Celtics are looking to the future, not towards the 2014 nba finals

  22. European says:

    Lol what. They say they lack guards, yet they have Nedovic just sitting on their bench… Where’s the logic.

  23. Darryl Dribbler says:

    First before I discuss the trade, lol…Look at this picture…4 Geeky white guys…dressed like lumberjacks, who probably have never had a job that required any lifting where you broke a sweat, reporting on a trade involving some talented black players…I just had to throw that observation out there…It’s laughable…Anyhow.
    Douglas was not a good fit in the Warrior system…I think this is a trade that will reap immediate benefits for the Dubs..

  24. robin says:

    Bye Bye Celtics, Game Over! Or Throw Danny A, he is crazy!

  25. LosBaconOFnonGMO says:

    wOw The heat WANT ANDREW BYNUM!!

  26. jdub455 says:

    i dnt get this trade for miami… they need a big more than guards… shld be pursuing for bynum more… i think crawford will b a nice fit for the warriors

  27. spin says:

    i suggest to Danny Ainge ot keep rondo and hire 4 streetballers and send away all other players. Or three streetballes and himself.

  28. PIMPT says:

    The Warriors just robbed the C’s…
    Upload the bum which is Tony Douglas for two okay players! I like Brooks and Crawford showed flashes of scoring ability.
    They both fit the Warriors type of play…Good Trade Warriors Western Conference Finals now! OKC still coming out the west.

  29. J.Kokro says:

    Danny stumbles on this one. He’s beginning to act like a Philly’s based sports manager.

  30. Horrible trade…. jordan crawford actually did something for us and we just gave him up like its nothing…..

    • Anonymous says:

      Sure, and he would’ve asked for 6-8 million to resign while coming off the bench behind rondo…..

  31. Ian says:

    At first glance it looks like a robbery against the Celtics, but both Crawford and Brooks were pending free agents anyway. and Crawford would have been a bit expensive for a rebuilding team. I think this a great move for all 3 teams.

    I’m a Celtics fan btw

    • mr.celticfan92 says:

      This is seriously a GREAT move for BOSTON. People are commenting like jordan crawford is lebron james lol. We traded for a jordan crawford when we got bayless who we will resign for alot less money than crawford if we resign bayless. Marshon brooks is garbage and we now have 2,2,3 picks in the next 3 drafts that are qualified first rounders and 8 second round picks. Danny Ainge is doing a great job and Joel Anthony is a defensive presence that we do not have. Plus he is a good rebounder so I think this works out great for Boston. Now if Ainge get rid of rondo, then we are up the creek lol.

  32. jim says:

    Toney Douglas for Jordan Crawford +, no picks, no $…how does that happen but for pure genius?!

  33. dana strong says:

    I am just not sure what the Celtics got out of this deal. Two draft picks that are likely to be second-rounders. Not even any salary relief. Seriously, how does this make the Celtics any better or their future any brighter? And, if you are going to make a deal, why this one? I am seriously puzzled. .

    • Celtics Fan says:

      “Miami will send a first-round pick it owns from the Philadelphia 76ers to the Celtics, but that pick becomes two second-round picks should the Sixers miss the playoffs in 2013-14 and 2014-15.”
      It means he’s betting for 76ers to make it in the playoffs next season and danny ainge has always been a great risk taker his whole career as a GM.

  34. cool says:

    t douglas has more offense than rio

  35. bean town says:

    wow danny ainge need to go.. what is he thinking crawford was getting to show that he can ball and he never gave brooks a shot..

    • Celtics Fan says:

      have you seen any celtics game since crawford won the player of the week award? he came back to his old turnover ways like last season with doc! it’s all about the draft picks for the next 5 years.

  36. mack says:

    Miami maybe making space for bynum, this is intriguing

  37. Brady says:

    that was a horrible trade…im a celtics fan and i agree marshon brooks has alot of potential jus didnt get the mins. joel anthony..WOW…we got burned!!! are we trying to free up money for BYNUM

  38. YMOM says:

    ‘ood deal, but miami isn’t in need for guards! we need 7 footers’

    I have a feeling that somebody is going to be waived. Bynum’s coming.

  39. 11 says:

    Miami will probably waive Toney Douglas and make cap space for Andrew Bynum!!

  40. mee(a)t says:

    What the hell are the heat doing…they don’t need another guard. They already have 6 (if you count Lebron being the ball handler)

  41. ben warren says:

    what does doc rivers have to do with this trade? did you mean marc jackson? and id have waited to see how rondo progresses in his rehab stint cause all the guys back from injuries have been dropping like flies. But the Cs are tanking anyway so i guess they dont care either way. And Im a big Tony Douglas fan. He keeps getting moved around but i really think he would be a great bench guard given the chance. The Warriors let Jarrett Jack go and havent replaced him but this move has to up the dubs chances at getting deep into the West playoffs if not to challenge for the Finals.

    • rnettey09 says:

      He likely mentioned Doc because he coached him on Boston, not because he will be coaching him. I had a similar reaction at first.

  42. Dubs4Life says:

    Welcome to the bay team #FinishEm!

  43. LS says:

    It seems more and more that the player movement is about m-o-n-e-y than anything else. Guess fans aren’t the only ones that are tightening their belts!

  44. Rocket to the Top says:

    Man the Celtics will be scary. They’ll have 2 1sts this draft, 2 next draft, and possibly 3 in the draft after that. They’ll get young and be able to fill team needs quickly.

  45. Bill Kovacs says:

    As a lifelong Celtics fan, I think that Danny made a huge mistake when he sent Marshon Brooks to the Warriors. He never got a fair chance to show what he can do. I think that Danny should a good look at what he is going to do before he does it.I have to agree with ROCKETS when he says that the Celtics got ripped off.

    • Josh says:

      I’m a Lakers fan, so take this for what it’s worth, but I say Ainge made this deal because the team was winning too many games. He’s in full-on tank mode.

    • I would’ve liked to see him play some more but I trust Brad Stevens judgement, and he had Marshon at the bottom of the guard depth chart behind guys like Pressey and Bogans. If Marshon had shown he deserved minutes, they would’ve worked the rotation so that he got minutes, but that wasn’t the case

  46. beebz says:

    good deal, but miami isn’t in need for guards! we need 7 footers

  47. YYY says:

    Why do this for Miami? I get unloading Anthony, but for Douglas? I thought Chalmers and Cole were playing pretty well this season.

    • rnettey09 says:

      Because Chalmers is sidelined with what might be a chronic injury (Achilles tendinitis), even when he does come back he might have certain periods of time when he has to rest again. Cole’s their only other PG so they have Allen/Wade/LeBron bringing up the ball more often as of late when Cole is resting. Allen can’t keep up with opposing PGs on D, so I can see why they went for Douglas.

      Plus, considering Joel is being traded to ease the luxury tax burden on the Heat, I wouldn’t be surprised if Douglas has a much cheaper and/or possibly expiring contract (I don’t know off the top of my head what his contract is like).

      If you want to take it further, this is a contract year for Rio, and depending on how he feels (his stepped-up play in the last two playoffs, Cole’s increasing role with the team despite being younger/newer), I wouldn’t be surprised if Pat is using this as a way to save the team for next year in case Chalmers demands too much money (while they’re trying to cater to LeBron/Wade/Bosh) or chooses to walk.

  48. Tovar says:

    Great move Warrior!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Rockets says:

    Wow golden State ripped off the Celtics

  50. Moomz says:

    Good trade for everybody.

  51. Roger M says:

    Wow, this is intriguing. Doc Rivers has said he likes Jordan Crawford’s play making ability. Marshawn Brooks is a defensive prospect like Iman shumpert, let’s hope this deal helps take minutes off of Stephen Curry and POSSIBLY Klay Thompson (when he struggles).

    • Rocket to the Top says:

      They’re throwing games to move up in this loaded draft. Trading away both Crawford and Brooks for an expiring contract in Anthony and future 1st they’re expecting to get two good players given they own the nets 1st as well; idk if it has limitations but give rondo someone like Parker or Wiggins and things are looking up.

    • ThatstheTruth says:

      Uumm Brooks has never been known as a defensive prospect, he’s actually been criticized for his defense

    • LS1Kid says:

      Brooks a defensive prospect like Iman
      Uhhh no, Brooks is all offensive no defense

    • Anonymous says:

      This trade makes some sense seeing how crawfors would have had to give up his starting role to rondo eventually…

    • Celtics Fan says:

      LOL marshon was rarely used by stevens because he’s a defensive liability. where did you get that defensive prospect? haha

    • hahahahahahaha, I can’t believe I just heard Marshon’s D likened to that of Shumpert. Can play offense though, hopefully he gets some burn with the warriors