Fan Night 1-On-1: LeBron Vs Steph Curry

VIDEO: Steph Curry goes off in the Warriors’ win over LeBron James and the Miami Heat

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — On paper it’s a completely unfair fight. LeBron James goes 6-foot-8 and 250-plus pounds while Stephen Curry is just 6-foot-3 and barely 190 pounds.

But would any of that matter if the Heat star and reigning two-time MVP had to tussle with the Warriors star, arguably the most creative scorer in the game today, in a game of one on one?

Thanks to our friends at NBA TV we get a chance to debate that very topic today with the latest installment of their hypothetical one-on-one tournament that the players weigh in on weekly during the splendid Fan Night 1-On-1 Tournament.

Curry and James squared off once already this season, with Curry shredding the Heat for game highs of 36 points and 12 assists in the Warriors’ Jan. 2 win over the champs in Miami. LeBron had a surprisingly off night (25 points, 5 rebounds, 5 assists and 8 turnovers), by his standards. And even couldn’t help but gush about Curry’s performance when the smoke cleared.

“I looked at the stat sheet at one point and he was seven of 13 from the 3-point line and I was seven of 12 from the field,” James said. “I was like, ‘He’s got more 3-point attempts than I got field goal attempts.'”

Curry would have to employ that sort of strategy against LeBron in a one on one game, because he would certainly be at a physical disadvantage against the game’s most physically imposing specimen.

Of course, this is all just in theory. No one knows for sure how this matchup would play out. And that’s where the fun comes in. You get to dive in as well by voting on who you think would win in this battle of superstars:

Join the conversation on who would win via social media (Tweet @NBATV #1on1Curry or #1on1LeBron). The results will be announced during NBA TV’s postgame coverage of the Fan Night game between the Sacramento Kings and Indiana Pacers (7 ET, NBA TV) by TNT’s and NBA TV’s Ernie Johnson, Chris Webber and Greg Anthony.

VIDEO: 2013 was a pretty good year for LeBron James … pretty good indeed


  1. B-ball-blog-a-holic says:

    LeBron one-on-one; Curry for 48 minutes LeBron one-on-one; Curry for 48 minutes LeBron one-on-one; Curry for 48 minutes LeBron one-on-one; Curry for 48 minutes LeBron one-on-one; Curry for 48 minutes LeBron one-on-one; Curry for 48 minutes LeBron one-on-one; Curry for 48 minutes LeBron one-on-one; Curry for 48 minutes LeBron one-on-one; Curry for 48 minutes LeBron one-on-one; Curry for 48 minutes LeBron one-on-one; Curry for 48 minutes LeBron one-on-one; Curry for 48 minutes

  2. Raymon says:

    Look whoever pick curry over LeBron on 1 on 1 game should have a brain surgery. And this screen name “LBJ is not great” hey dude you cant possibly be that dumb huh? The heat lost soo many times without wade? They are 15-3 from 2011 to 2013 without d wade when LeBron play. They are 5-5 this season with out d wade. Now if you can add up the heat are 20-8 with out d wade from 2011 to 2014.

  3. okc2014 says:

    Lebron James is the best player in the galaxy. Kevin Durant is the best player on Earth.

  4. Matt says:

    King James is way better than the bulls star ( Jordan ) !
    with a lot of respect to Stephen Curry !

  5. PM says:

    37% of people either love Curry too much or hate Lebron for no good reason

  6. make it three on three says:

    mario, lebron, wade vs splash bros and iggy

  7. cNorm says:


  8. LBJ is not great says:

    I go for Curry.. Politics and propaganda is like a virus.. it’s everywhere, it replicates and it removes or hides the truth.. The best example of it is NBA.. Payton is right if Lebron is playing at Payton’s time Lebron is just sitting on the bench.. One thing Miami lost again for so many times without D.Wade but Miami WINS even WITHOUT Lebron.. whenever Miami won a game or wins Championship Lebron is getting the MVP credit?!. they even call him “The King of NBA”.. The what?! excuse me?! exaggeration.. It’s pretty obvious to see who’s great and it’s simple as opening your eyes when watching Miami games.. some people are just good in fabricating story and some people are believers of a big mouth and fabricated story.. tsk tsk tsk..

  9. chad says:

    Curry might hit a few fadeaways jumpers but Lebron would just low post him point after point so lebron no question bout it

  10. ver says:

    im a bigtime steph curry fan the day he came to nba and so much more now but this match up should be a no contest. LBJ for the W, no question. curry will find his way to score but the match up will be too tiring for him in the long run. LBJ’s build is just like a beast’s.

  11. Lesyke says:

    Depends on who gets the ball first

  12. RamRam says:

    Maybe Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Bogut

  13. squala96 says:

    I remember a Youtube video where Steph was one of the students in a basketball camp led by James. Harden was there as well, and they all wore shirts with LeBron printed on them.

    Speed and better 3-point shooting ability are the only chances Curry has. LeBron is also a great defender, a good mover for his bulk and by no means slow, so he’ll pretty much get him covered everywhere.

  14. CROnaldo says:

    Why is that questionable??