Report: Pelicans Shopping Gordon

Eric Gordon is averaging 15.6 points and 3.1 assists a game for the Pelicans (Rocky Widner/NBAE)

Eric Gordon is averaging 15.6 points and 3.1 assists a game for the Pelicans (Rocky Widner/NBAE)

From Staff Reports

In the summer of 2012, the New Orleans Hornets (now Pelicans) matched the Phoenix Suns’ four-year contract offer to free-agent guard Eric Gordon. Since then, though, the relationship between Gordon and the Pelicans hasn’t always been rosy (he famously said his “heart was in Phoenix” when he signed his offer sheet with the Suns, hoping the team wouldn’t match the deal).

Now comes a report that the Pelicans are trying to work out a deal to trade Gordon and are interested in a multi-team deal to get a trade done. Sean Deveney of The Sporting News has more on what’s going on with the shooting guard:

A little more than two years after acquiring him, and 18 months after matching a four-year, $58 million offer sheet from Phoenix, the Pelicans remain active in their pursuit of trading guard Eric Gordon, league sources told Sporting News this week. New Orleans has made contact with several teams about Gordon, even devising three-team scenarios in order to find him a new home.

The Pelicans first began seeking trade options for Gordon last summer, after acquiring point guard Jrue Holiday from Philadelphia on draft night and getting swingman Tyreke Evans in a sign-and-trade from Sacramento. There was some hope at that time that the Suns might remain interested in Gordon, but after Phoenix brought in Eric Bledsoe in a trade, that interest had dwindled.

The Pelicans are desperately seeking frontcourt help, particularly a center they can put next to blossoming star Anthony Davis. New Orleans sent Robin Lopez to Portland in the offseason as part of the deal that landed them Evans, but have not been able to replace him. For the last four games, coach Monty Williams has gone with Alexis Ajinca, signed from the French League last month, as his starting center.

The news that New Orleans is looking to deal Gordon came just minutes after news broke that starting point guard Jrue Holiday is out indefinitely with a stress fracture in his right leg. Aside from Holiday’s injury, the Pelicans have also been without sharpshooter Ryan Anderson, who is also out indefinitely after suffering a herniated disk against the Celtics.

One issue the Pelicans may encounter in trying to deal Gordon, Deveney writes, is getting fair value for him. Gordon’s stock has plummeted since he first landed in New Orleans as part of the deal that sent Chris Paul to the L.A. Clippers:

The problem with dealing Gordon is that the Pelicans are unlikely to get fair value. In his first two seasons with New Orleans, he played just 51 of 148 possible games, dealing with a variety of injuries. Around the league, the belief was that Gordon was bitter with New Orleans management for having matched the offer from Phoenix.

Gordon has been healthy this year, and is averaging 15.6 points on 43.9 percent shooting, making 38.5 percent of his 3-pointers. But that production doesn’t match up with his contract, which calls for Gordon to make more than $14 million this year and $30 million over the next two years (he has a player option on the final year of the deal).

“He has been healthy and he has played better,” one league executive told Sporting News. “But he is a still a long way from living up to what you have to pay him. His contract is still the big reason they are not able to do anything with him at this point.”

The hope for the Pelicans this year was to play Gordon in a three-guard look with Holiday and Evans. Ideally, that lineup would have been effective and, at the same time, rebuilt Gordon’s value should the Pelicans decide to trade him. Partly out of necessity with the Anderson injury, Williams has been using that lineup more, but the lack of size (Gordon and Holiday are 6-3, and Evans is 6-6) hurts defensively.

The lineup that has those three on the floor with Davis and Anderson is easily the Pelicans’ best offensively, averaging 1.25 points per possession according to, but is its second-worst lineup defensively (1.20 points per possession).


  1. jdub says:

    I think Charlotte would be the ideal situation for Gordon. The bobcats trade Ben Gordon’s expiring contract along with biz byiombo and everybody’s happy. Biz is a gre
    at defender and above average rebounder yes with no offensive game but Anthony Davis will give u points in the paint. Imagine – bobcats= pg- walker
    Sg- Gordon
    Sf- kidd-gilchrist
    Pf- zeller
    X-ray Jefferson

  2. ollie boombayay says:

    yeah a 3 team trade where Gordon and Asik are involved seems to work on paper. Probably have to get 2-3 other players going to the Rockets to make these hefty contracts match up within the rules. Injuries have made this a lost season for the Pelicans. Can’t blame them for lack of trying or incompetence though.

  3. gospursgo says:

    Pelicans are going to have to tank this year and try to get there hands on Embiid. They should shop Gordon for a mid first round pick as compensation (what else will they get), and then attempt to get a project like a Harrison or Austin.

  4. okc2014 says:

    Yes, the Pelicans (whoever they are called) are tanking, but this tam has been injury plagued for how long? That’s so discouraging, and especially for the players like Anthony Davis who really looks ready to win some type of playoff game and or championship. The guy is an Olympic Gold Winner and deserves better than the Pelicans. Get outta there!

  5. Rafael Godinho says:

    It’s called “tanking”, kids.

  6. Brian says:

    Report is Eric Gordon is getting shopped again by the Pelicans. According to, the New Orleans Pelicans would like to get a true center back in return for Gordon but because of lack of suitors there might not be a trade that fits their needs. I’m here to tell you here today that there is a trade that would benefit both teams involving Gordon.

    Trade Proposal

    Milwaukee Bucks Receive: G Eric Gordon ($14,283,844), F Darius Miller (*$788,872)

    New Orleans Pelicans Receive: C Larry Sanders ($3,053,368), G Luke Ridnour(*$4,420,000), F Ekpe Udoh (*$4,469,548)

    *means contract is expiring

    This is a deal that works and definitely makes both teams better. Let start with the main framework of the deal. The Bucks are doing very poor this year. OK maybe that is an understatement to describe the worse record in the NBA thus far. Many thought this team could be a team in the hunt for a playoff spot but now their banking on the lottery balls and hoping an Andrew Wiggins or Jabari Parker falls their way. One of the big reasons why the Bucks have been this bad thus far has been the absence of Larry Sanders. Sanders was one the most improved players last season and in the offseason got a 4 year, $44M extension with the Bucks. Then he started to have his off the court problems. This is a guy who is healthy is a top 3 shot blocker and center that can help a lot of teams. I think by now the Bucks are fed up of Sanders and want to move in another direction. John Henson has been very impressive as the starting center for the Bucks this year and I think this the direction they are looking at. I think the Bucks need a piece like Gordon who is locked up for a couple of years to bring to further the direction of the team. I see the Bucks with Brandon Knight, Gordon, The Greek Freak, Ilyasova, and Henson and bench guys such as OJ Mayo, Khris Middleton, and Nate Wolters along with maybe a Parker or a Wiggins in June, then I think the Bucks have a nice plan going forth.

    In terms of the Pelicans, this trade helps them in a big way. The Pelicans will finally get rid of Gordon’s contract and get the center that they want to play with their franchise player Anthony Davis. Could you imagine the Pelicans frontcourt of two of the best shot blockers with long wingspans in Anthony Davis and Larry Sanders. I think the two would develop together and really be in the future one of the most dominant frontcourts in the league. In the backcourt you would have the talented bunch of Jrue Holiday and Tyreke Evans along with 23 year old Al-Faruoq Amimu and the brilliant shooting of F Ryan Anderson off the bench. I think that this team might be able to start saying playoffs next year.

    This is a trade that must be considered by the New Orleans Pelicans front office and could actually happen. All I’ll say is both teams would be heading in a better direction then they are in right now.

  7. TL says:

    gordon for lin and asik!! would be a win-win situation. rockets need a shooting guard since harden is almost officially playing point guard and lin doesn’t want to play shooting guard. For pelicans, holiday just got hurt and they can have lin+evans back court. Lin+evans+davis still have a chance for playoff.

  8. dustydreamnz says:

    Injuries have cost the Pels this season, I agree Pistons would be a good fit.

  9. philip says:

    new orleans deserve this because David Stern vetoed the Chris Paul trade! HE SHOULD BE A LAKER! 😥

  10. Get me a GM job says:

    I don’t know how crazy Detroit is (although after signing Josh Smith when they already had Monroe and Drummond…) but I would contact them about Josh Smith’s availability and if they would be interested in Gordon’s services.

  11. goandrewgo says:

    They won’t get good big man for Gordon because there is no good big men any team would be happy to trade.. Maybe Larry Sanders? Bucks have Henson anyway.

  12. slampe says:

    Poor New Orleans, sigh. This clearly signals that even they think that any chance of getting to the PO in this season is gone. With their pick in Philly (unless they can somehow go in such a deep tanking mode, that they fall into the top-5 which doesn’t seem plausible as long as The Brow is playing), they clearly have no incentive for this season anymore and are badly stuck in no man’s land. And even dealing Gordon can’t help that much, since the most value they might get for him is a mid-first round pick attached to an expiring contract (like Detroit’s protected first rounder + Ben Gordon from Charlotte). Unless some team wants to badly overpay Eric for the next 2 seasons, but all the NY-teams are out of picks to give.

    • Oakley34BLAM says:

      Unfortunately for them, with Anderson AND Holiday out the chances of them seeing the Playoffs ARE gone. Shame too…I enjoy watching the Holiday-Davis combo quite a bit.

  13. Chris says:

    I love the Pelicans but they deserve what they get in this scenario. Should’ve left him leave when he wanted to and let him be Phoenix’s problem. Instead of trying desperately to hold unto a player just because that’s what you got for Chris Paul. I believe this was more of an ego move than a smart basketball one.