Lakers Target Returns For Kobe, Nash

VIDEO: Los Angeles Times’ Mike Bresnahan talks about the state of the Lakers

HANG TIME WEST – Hoping for a chance to evaluate the roster at full strength before the trade deadline, or at least what passes for full strength in their season of health miseries, the Lakers could get both Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash back for the Jan. 28 game against the Pacers, coach Mike D’Antoni said Friday.

While that is still too far in the future to get definitive, D’Antoni said, “Hopefully both of them are ready,” as quoted by Mark Medina of the Los Angeles News Group.  That target date is the day after Bryant and Nash are scheduled to be re-evaluated, meaning they could go right from being cleared to the active list without a practice.

Bryant has been out since fracturing his left knee Dec. 17 against the Grizzlies, which came six games into his return from a torn Achilles’ tendon. He was originally expected to miss about six weeks.

Nash last played Nov. 10, a 13-minute stint against the Timberwolves, before being forced out by nerve damage in his back. Dealing with the injury since last season, Nash appeared to be nearing a return to the lineup just as Bryant rejoined the Lakers the first time on Dec. 7. But now it appears he is aiming for late this month.

The Lakers are 14-22, six games out of the final playoff spot, and have lost nine of 10. They play the Clippers tonight (10:30 ET, ESPN) and still have a seven-game, 12-day trip ahead before Bryant and Nash get re-evaluated.

The trade deadline is Feb. 20, with the Lakers facing decisions if they feel the playoffs are out of reach.


  1. Ballin for life says:

    Steve Nash has been very disappointing since he arrived in LA. Worthless!

  2. ALaKer says:

    D’ Antoni should not have been a coach for the Lakers in the first place, and its always a question why he want to coach after all. He does not know what `WIN` means, even a handful of players left he should have utilized their individual potential not to immobilized them. Injuries emerged because of his questionable wit when it comes to the floor, the guys have been playing too hard for his questionable offense too.

  3. Eaglos says:

    Any serious talk about this team should start after 2016. Until then it’s Kobe getting
    back, getting injured, Nash getting injured, Pau being unhappy, bench getting inju-
    red etc and of course not with D’ Antoni as coach.

  4. Mr. Basketball Kobe Bryant says:

    Kobe “The Second Best Ever! Period!!!!!! Let him get well! It will be worth the wait!

  5. Bobisidiot says:

    Only a person my a mind disease will think like “Bub” LOL! Bandwagon fan!!! Like your quote ” Sure, it shows how much you want him to retire as a laker, but for that organization to sacrifice maybe a spot for Carmelo, Kevin love (Not lebron, because who would wanna leave Miami; great organization, amazing owners, front office is good, team is great)..” Jaja. First we dont want Lebron in LA. Second yeah great organization, amazing owners. LOL thats why Shaq said If he had a chance the only team he wouldnt return to play was Miami!!! You dont know anything about basketball Mr. Bobandwagon!

  6. okc2014 says:

    It’s too late for the Laker lifeline. It’s just about mid season now. Although I do think Kobe and Nash are “great players”, they will not come back immediately and put in their potential of 100%. Not gonna waste words on Nash, but Kobe is probably not even gonna be “Kobe” until at least April, then the season will be over. If I were him, I would consider if it’s even worth returning. May not be in the overall best interest of him, his health, or the Lakers. They already wasted money on him, already invested and keep investing in a bad coach. Why would he want to walk into the line of fire?

  7. Patty says:

    Kobe, Only come back when you feel 100%. Nash needs to retire.

  8. kobefanjay says:

    i think its pretty fishy all the injuries the last few years…the road to the championship for miami has basically been a red carpet roll out. the trade that got vetoed by stern is further eveidence…once the lakers righted the ship last year and built a team to rival miami they bring in D’antonio to run kobe into the ground and wreck team…has anyone ever thought that when these players get injured the doctors performing the MRI ‘s and X-rays could be fudging results and making players have surgery when not needed…Russell westbrook last year Rose year before…Miami’s championships should have an asterisk…the reason for all this is money…they need Lebron to be legit and have a wealth of titles so they can super market him for the next 20 years even after he is retired…wake up!

    • ProudCanucks says:

      You should print this out and frame it. In 5 years and you look back and you can tell yourself it’s those blonde moments.

  9. Just sayin says:

    Sorry as long as Antoni is there No Playoffs. I can honestly say I think he was brought in to make sure they are in the lottery. Running plays through Hill to stop his rebounding, Not structuring the floor spots around the players abilities, I would bet money he’ll push Marshall to injury before KB gets back. Meeks is about to go, already wearing out quicker each game. This guy is a plague, Just ask any Knick fans. And don’t think his personal beef’s with hill & Kamen haven’t hurt as well so unprofessional.

    • Just sayin says:

      LAL vs LAC postgame Antoni said they were running on fumes, so why the extra unscheduled practive yesterday?
      Tell ya he’s tankiing the team.

  10. Bataar says:

    Mike D’Antoni should leave the LAKERS. PLEASE. He cannot control players. I am a laker fan. But last 15 years, I haven’t seen before such bad games which are happened right now.

  11. Stephisbeast says:

    Kobe is gonna try and come back early again? I said it on his previous return and I’ll say it again… he is going to hurt himself yet again if he comes back early. Can’t mess with father time.

  12. MacKenzie Flach says:

    I’m still game.
    I point on a fade with clutch shoot. Picket phenomenal.

    • MacKenzie Flach says:

      Pivotal foot outstanding. Do you want championships or not kobe. That’s what’s good. I would be willing to change my name to join roster.

  13. MacKenzie Flach says:

    I’m still game.

  14. Mike24 says:

    Torn achilles tendon is different from an ACL tear… Kobe can still do it… Lakerfan4life!

  15. LAFMD says:

    The reason Lakers are facing so many injury problems is because the system Mike Damnantoni is executing is pressuring players and killing them. The players are tired physically and emotionally. Mike D is a terrible coach.

  16. FERNIE says:

    Dont hate on the Mamba.. Everyone in the NBA would be doing the excact same thing Hes doing, getting paid to retire as a franchise player. He doesnt want to be like MJ as much as LBJ does.. He just wants to go out like everyone playing the game. ONE OF THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME!!! Laker Nation 4-Ever!!!

    • ProudCanucks says:

      He doesn`t want to be like MJ? Buddy you have to hear how he talked when he came to the league and compared it to now and let me know what you think!
      He’s the biggest MJ imposer I’ve ever seen. More than Harold Miner, Jerry Stackhouse etc.

  17. kobeballhog says:

    kobe should just retire and stop trying to be an mj wannabe trying to break all scoring records.

  18. bob says:

    as much as you lakers fans want to see your lakers go into the playoffs, the lakers will probably go in as the 8th seed and exit in the first round. Steve Nash is not Phoenix’s Steve Nash, father time has caught up to him and it’s best for him to go in order for a brighter laker future. Kobe Bryant, ACL Tear, Knee fracture, as much as you would like him to go back to 27-5-5. It’s never going to happen. Nothing’s going to be the same after the ACL tear, we saw that when he came back. As an athlete, where you tear your ACL, there’s this insecurity that you might tear it another time and the career would be over. Truth be told, the big contract extension by the Lakers are really dumb. Sure, it shows how much you want him to retire as a laker, but for that organization to sacrifice maybe a spot for Carmelo, Kevin love (Not lebron, because who would wanna leave Miami; great organization, amazing owners, front office is good, team is great)..

    • Nick banks says:

      You sound so stupid kobe is the greatest basketball player of all time. And what do u mean he won’t be a 27 5 5 guy. He was only back 6 games. And he was putting up like 21 points in a few. He had no offseason, no preseason, and he Hadn’t played in a game with most players on the team. It takes Time. Kobe will be in shap after he’s knee. Kobe will get a sixth ring b4 he retires and he will go past mj on scoring and maybe even farther. Kobe has already been in the champingships 7 time winning 5 he will go down as the best player ever.

  19. Gillsy says:

    Feeling the playoffs are out of reach by the time Kobe and Nash get back. So they are 6 games outside of the 8 now play the Clippers then go on a 7 game trip. Before they can even be evaluated. So you would say if they come back in this time you could say they could be around 12 games out of the 8. On top of this is extra time for these guys to gel and get some game time. I would be saying Nash, Gasol and everything bar the kitchen sink will go for either expiring contracts, picks or someone like Love or Anthony. They will then get a good pick and draft Embiid in the draft to be a cheap man in the middle.

  20. B-Baller says:

    SMH Laker fan boys are about to get all excited. Sorry guys, this will not change the direction of your season.

    • Nick says:

      @B-Baller … at least us Laker fans have ALWAYS been Laker fans… You on the other hand are probably a Heat fan (within the last 4-5 years)… AMIRITE?!?!

      • ProudCanucks says:

        Nope, as I can see Lakers fan boys used to be Celtics fans, then jump ship to Chicago and then back to LA. I see no Lakers fans know what I am talking about when I mention Elden Campbell, Eddie Jones or nick van exel. Majority of them are bandwagon fans.

  21. SomeFriendlyAdvice says:

    The Lakers should find a way to get rid of Steve Nash, we all now what this guy WAS capable of doing, but his age has caught up with him.. Kobe is Kobe, no matter what your favorite website says, this guy is retiring a Laker. As for Mike D’antoni, fire him in the offseason! If Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchak think that he could help the Lakers be potential playoff threats in the near future, they’re crazy, he lacks an abundance of knowledge on the defensive end of the floor, and if you didn’t know.. defense creates (what Mike D’antoni loves) offense.

    I can’t wait to see what they do this coming offseason, I hope it’s not something that many could laugh about

  22. wen i picture how steve hashes carrier ends, i think of kobe watching over him in his bed before the doctor comes in and says “he can come back, but its going to be a long journey that u must take him through”, then after the doctor walks into a dif room, kobe proceeds to hold a pillow over steve nashes face, as steve nash struggles quietly, kobe starts to cry “ur going to the nba finals nash, and this time ul win for the first time”, *BEEEEEEEEEEEEP*

  23. ksamarlond says:

    NASH used to be my FAVOURITE PERSON ON THE PLANET – but father time is irrevocably ticking for all of us – and now mr Steph Curry is taking over the spot.