Howard Had No Idea Shoestrings Incident With J.R. Smith Would Lead To This!

VIDEO: Knicks guard J.R. Smith has some issues with shoelaces, as Shawn Marion finds out

ATLANTA — What started as fun and games between old friends has morphed into a full-blown mess for New York Knicks guard J.R. Smith. A mess Houston Rockets center Dwight Howard never saw coming.

Long before his $50,000 fine and benching and all of the trade rumors cranked up, Smith was just messing around with Howard during a Jan. 3 game in Houston and playfully untied Howard’s shoe at the free-throw line. He would later get Shawn Marion‘s shoelace in a game against the Mavericks  and attempted to get Josh Smith‘s (he ended up settling for Greg Monroe‘s) in a game against the Pistons on Tuesday before Knicks coach Mike Woodson and the fun/foolishness police at NBA headquarters caught up with him.

Woodson unloaded on Smith Wednesday, saying he needed to “grow up” and stop the silliness and the league followed up with that hefty fine for “recurring instance of unsportsmanlike conduct.”  Woodson benched Smith for Thursday’s win over the Miami Heat and now the fallout and trade chatter is cranked all the way up heading into this weekend.

“It was just a guy trying to have fun,” Howard said Friday morning at Philips Arena before the Rockets faced the Atlanta Hawks. “I didn’t think it would turn into a big fine. It’s crazy.”

Howard, always a prankster, had plans for retaliation.

“I tried to get him back,” he said. “But I’m glad I didn’t … could have lost some money.”

It could wind up costing Smith a whole lot more than just cash.

VIDEO: The Inside crew discusses J.R. Smith and his future with the Knicks


  1. ko0kiE says:

    wow.. huge story.. Oo

  2. demagofrak says:

    lol of course you have no idea dwight, you are a dumbed undisciplined player

  3. Shawn Kemp No. 1 says:

    mocking the league is the ultimate sin, i don’t know how some of you still don’t get it.

  4. okc2014 says:

    I disagree about what was said regarding nobody wanting (JR Smith). Yes they do. They want Bynum and they’ll want him too, watch and see..

  5. Kalbo!! says:

    The league does not stop anyone from having fun. Just know the boundaries. Plain and simple.

  6. Ray says:

    At least Dwight is not a hypocrite.

  7. DanK says:

    He would have been a PERFECT fit with the band of losers on board when Isiah coached. They would have officially sealed the deal as the NBA team with the most amount of horrible tattoos of all time. OF ALL TIME.

  8. jwdrums0 says:

    Yep, that’s a typical DH attitude to take; “What’s wrong with having a joke on-court?” #Clowns

  9. SoulChorea says:

    I also thought it was just blown way out of proportion, and he was just messing around…but then Howard co-signed it and I take it back. Dwight Howard is the biggest fool out there; always playing like he’s 12 years old. So never mind

  10. Sintido kumon says:

    50k fine is harsh,I remember Dwayne Wade threw an opponents shoe outside the court twice and didn’t even get any warning…just goes to show how biased David Stern is…

    • dd def says:

      wade didn’t take the shoes of the guys feet though, he threw it off the court so it wasn’t waiting for someone to trip on it. deliberately reaching down and untying a guy’s shoe is a little different. though i see what you’re saying.

      • Kalbo!! says:

        Agree. That’s pretty common sense. Where’s yours @Sintido kumon? Although I agree with you about Stern.

      • RZA says:

        nah nah nah..the guy was about to pick up his own shoe, and d-wade picked it up before him n threw it away in order to delay his opponent from getting back to D. AT LEAST the same level of unsportsmanship.

  11. SlickOne says:

    I get that it was just about fun and games, but Marion wasn’t able to get around to retying his shoe until after the next series. What happens if he, or another player, steps on that shoelace and it ends up in an injury?

  12. JohnnyBoy says:

    The last comment got it right, it’s all fun and game until someone loses his shoe, breaks an ankle and misses the rest of the season. Then JR would apologize!!! Yes we need the NBA police to deal with immature individuals like him. If he truly wants to have fun, he should start breaking people’s ankles with his dribbles and shoot their eyes out.

  13. skrilla says:

    One word: Professional
    If you are a Professional, then you are supposed to act accordingly. This aint a goddamn street ball pickup game, this is a profession, business and competition. What if Shawn Marion got tripped up and got injured because JR untied his strings? JR needs to grow the hell up.

  14. illone says:

    I can understand Howard’s point of view, he’s a prankster and thought, ‘ah, he got me’. I get it.

    The real issue is that the League and the coach, once aware of the shenanigans, told JR to knock it off, period. After that, fines / suspensions are the only course of action left.

  15. Drummercash says:

    Wow. 1 pull of some1’s laces = 50k?! All of these guys are vets and they know each other well. Like Dwight said, “I was gonna get him back, but…coulda cost me some money.” Its ironic that basketball is a sport, but a “Game”, which games are meant to be fun. Key word, “Fun.” Yes these guys are millionaires and yes their job is an extremely gratifying 1 for almost all parties involved; but, it is still their JOB & if ppl were fined or traded to another company for all of the silly things that they’ve done on their job, then very few ppl would have longevity at a job b/c ppl do the darndest things, even at work; but its all in the name of ‘FUN.”
    Shame on you NBA; J.R., u know that their eyes are on u buddy…#STOPIT

  16. Bob M says:

    Well, professional basketball isn’t all fun, Dwight. When your points are down and you are shooting 34%, not paying attention during timeouts, and your team is losing, you should be serious about winning and improving your play. Knick fans are paying major dollars to watch a team that should be competing for a Championship, but a under achieving and a joke. As a Knick fan, I don’t even want to see him on the court. Because of his attitude, he can’t be traded. Who wants a 34% shooter that gets called into the league office and told to stop untying shoelaces, and tries to do it again the next night?

    There is no doubt that he has insane talent, but he needs the Basketball Whisperer to get his head straight.

  17. meno says:

    That’s Howard’s problem though… he does not understand when to have fun and when to start being professional. I like him a lot, trying to have fun but in case you’re on losing streak or playing poorly whole season, that’s not a good time, man. You can have fun when you’re on 30-wins-in-a-row as Miami was last year.
    Smiling and joking Howard in Lakers uniform not making even a playoffs, that was a sad picture I remember from last year…

    • dd def says:

      miami didn’t win 30 straight last season, though they got close. and the lakers DID make the playoffs…

  18. Oakley34BLAM says:

    Well if you listen to Howard and Marion (who said he thought it was just “some joyful play” on Smith’s part) it was all fairly innocent. Even the league was willing to shake its head and cluck its tounge, presumably while bemusedly saying ‘ohh that JR’, but he went from joyful to dumb when he did it again a day after the warning. JR will be back in the lineup as early as Saturday (I predict) but I have an inkling Woodson will make him earn his minutes.

  19. Stern H8r says:

    JR Smith = Bag of Rocks