Hawks’ Teague Ready For (All-)Star Turn?

VIDEO: Jeff Teague does it all for the Hawks in an overtime win over the Cleveland Cavaliers

ATLANTA — It’s a good thing Jeff Teague doesn’t have to rely on … uh, Jeff Teague to crank up the hype machine on his All-Star campaign. Because the Atlanta Hawks’ point guard would rather discuss anything but his obvious candidacy for one of those coveted spots on the Eastern Conference reserves list.

Make no mistake, Teague wants on that prestigious list. He makes that clear night after night during his fifth and finest season in the league. He’s just not willing or able to commit himself to the sideshow that is lobbying on his own behalf, which is actually pretty refreshing.

In an era when some players are busier on Twitter and other social media sites than they are on the court on a given night, Teague is decidedly frills-free in his approach to the game and everything else that comes with along with his status as the healthy face of the Hawks. Al Hoford, who was headed for his third All-Star nod before suffering a season-ending right pectoral muscle tear on Dec. 26, is physically unable to perform that duty now. That leaves the work to a committee headed by Teague, Paul Millsap and Kyle Korver.

“I honestly don’t worry about that stuff,” Teague said before leading the Hawks past the Indiana Pacers to snap a three-game losing streak Wednesday night at Philips Arena. “I just play, do my job and let everything else take care of itself.”

That shouldn’t be hard in an Eastern Conference All-Star landscape where Teague is the head of the snake of one of just three teams with a winning record (the Pacers and Miami Heat are the others). And with the likes of Derrick Rose, Rajon Rondo and Deron Williams either injured or suffering through injury-plagued seasons, there is an opening for some fresh blood in the All-Star point-guard mix.

Pacers coach Frank Vogel praised Teague’s work this season and said he’s absolutely on the short list of players that Eastern Conference coaches need to consider when filling out their All-Star reserves ballots.

“The history of the league has rewarded winning teams,” Vogel said. “He’s certainly and All-Star level, an All-Star caliber player. He’s having a terrific season and carrying the load now even more that Horford is out. And I know he is the focal point of our game plan every time we play these guys. They are spread out more and they have 3-point shooting bigs, and I think that just opens up the court for him to go to work and makes it more difficult to help. And he’s just growing, he’s developing and each year he’s gotten better. Like I said, he’s a terrific young guard.”

Seven months ago the restricted free agent wasn’t even sure he’d be wearing a Hawks uniform. Teague signed an offer sheet with the Milwaukee Bucks, where his former coach Larry Drew landed, and was prepared to start over in the Central Division. After spending his first four seasons here in Atlanta, with the team that drafted him with the 19th overall pick in the 2009 Draft, Teague was mentally prepared to start over if the Hawks didn’t match the Bucks’ four-year, $32 million offer.

Once the Hawks made it clear that they planned to rebuild with Teague at the controls, he was able to make peace with his situation and dive into the point-guard friendly system of Hawks coach Mike Budenholzer. Atlanta’s new boss learned a thing or two about tutoring young point guards after helping mold San Antonio Spurs All-Star Tony Parker‘s game over the years.

“I’m happy to be here, I love Atlanta, the city … it’s perfect for me,” Teague said. “I’ve been here my whole career, so I was glad to be back. We’ve got all good guys, nobody looking for extra. Just all good guys working hard and trying to get better and trying to win. So at the end of the day, it’s a perfect environment for me.”

A perfect environment with the perfect coach. Budenholzer’s meticulous approach intrigued Teague. His collaborative approach also struck a chord with the extremely laid back Teague, whose easygoing nature should not be confused for any lack of desire or effort to try to dominate the opposition on a nightly basis.

“He pulls me aside all the time just to talk basketball,” Teague said. “I’ve never had that happen before. It’s just the perfect system for me, the perfect blend. And we’re all still trying to figure it out. As the year goes on I think we’ll get better and better at doing what we do.”

They’ll have to do it without the security blanket that Horford provided. Horford’s steady face-up game allowed the Hawks to lean on their “system” in the fourth quarter of games, to let Teague and Horford’s chemistry to shine through.

“We’re running the same stuff but it’s definitely different without Al,” Teague said. “In the fourth quarter we usually go the high pick and roll with me and Al. And that was real effective for us. I honestly didn’t get a chance to play a whole lot with Pero (Antic) and Elton (Brand), so we’re all still getting adjusted, I’m still getting comfortable with those guys and learning where they want to be and where they like to get the ball in those situations. We’re still learning each other and still learning on the fly right now.”

Teague has already put in the necessary work to garner favorable All-Star consideration. He’s averaging career highs across the board, in points (16.9), assists (8.0), rebounds (2.8) and minutes (33.5).There is still plenty of work to be done, something Teague is the first to admit. His 3-point shooting remains streaky as ever, he made just 3-for-17 from deep in the five games prior to Wednesday night’s game.

Still, the overall strides made in his game from last season to this one are glaring and should not be overlooked when All-Star bids are discussed.

“I just know how valuable he’s been to us,” Budenholzer said. “He’s kind of that engine that gets us going. And any success we’ve had this year, he’s been a huge part of that, taking on the responsibility with the ball in his hands a lot and generating shots for others and for himself. I know there are a lot of good point guards, and I’m a little bit biased, but I think he deserves to be [on that list].”

At least someone is willing to lobby for Teague, even if he won’t.


  1. Catsg says:

    For me, it’s Millsap over Teague or Korver. In fact, not even sure why Korver is in the conversation. Making one – two three’s a game consistently doesn’t make anyone an all-star. Millsap, on the other hand, has been hovering around all-star even when in the west, just that he was always crowded out by the flashier guys like Griffin, Durant, and vets like Nowitzki and Duncan. Now’s his time to get his due.

  2. Millsap over Teague or Korver for me. In fact, not even sure why Korver is in the conversation. Making one – two three’s a game consistently doesn’t make anyone an all-star. Millsap, on the other hand, has been hovering around all-star even when in the west, just that he was always crowded out by the flashier guys like Griffin, Durant, and vets like Nowitzki and Duncan. Now’s his time to get his due.

  3. weezy says:

    Teague is one of the most impresdive pg’s in the nba he sholud make it

  4. okc2014 says:

    Even as a Hawks fan, I’m not sure if Jeff Teague is ready for the All-Stars. There is Beasley, Lowry, DeRozan, Korver who deserve the honors too. Even though this is his best year yet. He made a great career decision by staying on with the Hawks and not going to Milwakee, that place where people go and never get out of the slump.. And the best thing that ever happened to Jeff (I still maintain this), was for J Smoove to go away and shoot bricks somewhere else. Josh Smith’s too cool to be cool attitude was starting to rub off on Teague, at least it appeared that way. I agree, Al Horford is a much better leader than J Smoove, and the results can be seen in Jeff Teague, right now. Let’s Go Hawks!!

  5. dustydreamnz says:

    They should still have centers in the All Star game.

  6. teague definitely has potential….but he’s not ready yet

  7. Fefe (Nets) says:

    Jeff Teague should make it, no question. But I hope that he can step up more since Al Horford won’t play. The past couple of games, he’s played well but not as good as before Al’s injury. Anyway, I believe in him.

    Starters being: Irving, Wade, Anthony, George, James
    Reserves: Hibbert, Bosh, Teague, Wall, Afflalo, DeRozan (I would have put Horford but he’s injured)
    For the 7th spot I had Drummond before but Detroit is struggling big time: should be Stephenson (but for “surprising” teams if you had to choose one spot, you would have to pick Drummond or Green or Walker…)
    I am a Nets fan but we don’t deserve someone to be there. Hopefully JJ can continue his prowess consistently so he can be there