Hang Time Podcast (Episode 143) Featuring Zach Gilford And ‘Are You Kidding Me?’

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — There are reportedly eight different teams expressing interest in the services of Cleveland Cavaliers’ cast off big man Andrew Bynum, eight teams that believe Bynum is a valuable enough piece that they are willing to ignore his track record of not playing up to his immense potential when healthy.

Like everything else where Bynum is concerned, there are passionate opinions on both sides of the argument and we made sure to touch on those on Episode 143 of the Hang Time Podcast now that the Luol Deng-Bynum trade has been finalized. Bynum’s gone, much to the delight of our guest, Friday Night Lights and Devil’s Due star Zach Gilford, whose Bulls roots run deep (from growing up watching Michael Jordan dazzle the world and win titles all the way down to the Scottie Pippen his buddy tattooed on him at 13).

Hall of Famer Reggie Miller and the NBA’s former Dean of Discipline, Stu Jackson, also make their 2014 debut on “Are You Kidding Me?” Miller and Jackson

You get all that and more on Episode 143 of the Hang Time Podcast featuring Zach Gilford.


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  1. I’d must test with you here. Which isn’t something I often do! I enjoy reading a submit that can make folks think. Also, thanks for permitting me to comment!

  2. mr me says:

    i don’t think bynum will fit any team…only a desperate team will recuit this guy…….his selfish immature and takes advantage of his status….elbowing barea..parking in handicap space..smh…ho immature can this guy get

  3. Tim says:

    I think OKC is a good match for Bynum since the Thunder need a center that can score and grab rebounds.

  4. Bill Kovacs says:

    All these teams that are supposedly interested in Bynum , they should save their money and develope what they have. That goes for JR Smith as well. When you see the word immature in the dictionary, you will see a picture of Smith !!!

  5. euro says:

    What’s wrong with these guys?
    First Howard now Bynum.
    Both had chance to be one of the greatest.
    They have some serious mental issues.

  6. Brian says:

    In my opinion, Bynum would best serve on a team like the Houston Rockets. A contender who has a dominate center in Dwight Howard whose play the fewest minute in NBA per game. That would provide Bynum the chance to have considerable playing minutes and a back up role that allows him to ease his way back into the game. Now at this point of his career I am more interested in what he can do against an elite team like the heat instead of what he can do For them.

  7. supreme solomon says:

    Why would the Lakers want him back. He nothing but a sour lemon atm.If he wants to stick around and balll. His best chance is with the heat.

  8. Bersem says:

    Too easy to sign with the Heat but not sure he’ll play or like to be the fourth offensive option… should try the Thunders but not sure he has the mental and not sure Oklahoma would be patient with him…or New Orleans? No, let say Oklahoma 😉 He can share the paint with Adams and Perkins, but can be an offensive threat

  9. Nextchamp says:

    what i personally think is that bynum should try to sign with either the Lakers or the Thunder. The Lakers because thats where he had the best seasons of his career and the thunder so he can play off KD and Rus until he improves his own game will at the the time the possibility of winning a title

  10. Ned says:

    Bynum will walk into a ring in Miami, and would be smart to sign only a 1/2-year contract, since no one will pay him very much now. But after the ring, he’ll get paid real money again. This may have been a clever way to hop from a mediocre team to a championship team, and Bynum (or his agent) couldn’t help notice that both Miami and Oklahoma City were a center away from a championship. So imagine this: Andrew Bynum, with all his problems, could have his third ring by the middle of age 26, with a few years left on and off with those crummy knees, low expectations, and eventually walk away from the game with tens of millions of dollars. I’m betting the one thing that sunk in from all Kareem’s tutoring was how to not lose all that big money. (Remember: a few years after he retired, Kareem lost over $50M in bad investments, effectively every dime he had. I remember him actually singing in a Nestles candy bar commercial.) All around, too bad. And I don’t understand why Bynum and Varijau couldn’t play together. On paper, and with Kyrie Irving, Cleveland looked to be on the rise. I’m betting Luol Deng does not stay beyond this year.

  11. OKC2014 says:

    I agree. And he shouldn’t. He needs to prove himself first. I think him and JR Smith will end up on the same team. Like Sacramento or Detroit. These are the badboy teams.

  12. LBJ fan says:

    I think Bynum is not going to get a high salary if he sign’s with a team because of salary cap.