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Should DeMarcus Cousins be a Western Conference All-Star?

Steve Aschburner, NBA.comOf course he should. Despite the Kings’ record, Cousins is having a high impact season across the board – points, rebounds, steals, turnovers, usage, PER – and he’s doing it while playing as the focal point of the opponents’ defensive game plan. Maybe his bundle of skills wouldn’t showcase great in an All-Star Game – they tried to legislate out the big guys, right, with that “Frontcourt” designation? – and maybe he hasn’t fully “earned” the honor, based on his travels along the maturity scale. But it might help to expose him to the game’s most elite players, present and past, in concentrated form. Besides, I’ve always considered the “All Stars need to come from winning teams” filter arbitrary and, in a team game, wrong.

Fran Blinebury, NBA.comOf course, he should. If an anonymous big man were averaging 23.2 points, 11.4 rebounds, 3.1 assists, 1.9 steals, 1.0 blocks per game, we wouldn’t even be having this discussion. It’s only because his name is DeMarcus Cousins with his reputation and baggage that you’re asking the question.

DeMarcus Cousins (Rocky Widner/NBAE)

DeMarcus Cousins (Rocky Widner/NBAE)

Jeff Caplan, The way I see it is two spots will be available. Let’s assume the West frontcourt starters remain as they are after two rounds of fan voting: Kevin Durant, Blake Griffin and Dwight Howard. Then assume that Kevin Love and LaMarcus Aldridge will be automatic picks as reserves (voted on by West coaches). So two spots remain. I don’t think David Lee and Tim Duncan return. Will coaches give Dirk Nowitzki, whose knee surgery last year ended 11 consecutive appearances, get him back in as he’s jumped from 18th to 13th on the NBA’s all-time scoring list? How about hometown kid Anthony Davis, who’s averaging a double-double and leads the league in blocks? Are Chandler Parsons and do-it-all Nicolas Batum in the hunt? Back to Cousins, he’s got the numbers, no doubt. He’s also got the rep, which won’t help. And the Kings have won a West-worst 10 games. Right or wrong, coaches put emphasis on winning. So no, DeMarcus Cousins will not make his first All-Star team.

Scott Howard-Cooper, NBA.comNo. For one thing, team record should be factored. For another, Kevin Durant, Kevin Love, Dwight Howard, Blake Griffin and LaMarcus Aldridge are on. That’s already five for the West front court. Then there’s Dirk Nowitzki, Anthony Davis and maybe Zach Randolph. Cousins at 23 and 11 should be in the conversation. But through bad defense, foolish fouls and continued problems handling his emotions is hurting his team more than any of the other candidates. That’s the tough part to get past.

John Schuhmann, NBA.comNo. After the three guys who are leading the frontcourt voting, LaMarcus Aldridge and Kevin Love should be locks, and Cousins is in a second-tier group with Anthony Davis, Tim Duncan, David Lee and Dirk Nowitzki. Given the Kings’ record, at least two of those guys (probably Duncan and Nowitzki) deserve a spot over Cousins. His individual numbers are terrific, but the Kings are 11-22 because their defense is atrocious. If you’re a center who wants to be an All-Star, you can’t have your team ranking 29th in defensive efficiency.

Sekou Smith, Nope! Sorry big fella. There’s just no room for you on the Western Conference reserves list, not with all of the big men on that side of the conference divide playing the way they have so far this season. I know he’s putting up monster numbers this season, by far the best of his career. And I applaud him for that. He’s done a nice job in his effort to erase the drama from his profile and earning his keep as a team leader. It’s those other numbers, however, that hinder the chances of Cousins making it to New Orleans next month as anything other than a spectator (or as a contestant in one of the Saturday night events). I couldn’t put him on the team over LaMarcus Aldridge or Kevin Love or Dwight Howard or David Lee or Anthony Davis or Blake Griffin or Dirk Nowitzki. Plenty of worthy candidates miss out on the All-Star Game because of the numbers game that always goes on. There are more All-Star worthy players than there are All-Star slots.

Lang Whitaker, All Ball blogYes. He’s been toiling away in Sacramento, mostly unnoticed by the casual fan, but check out his numbers in comparison to some of the other Western players, like in this comment from the All Ball DeMarcus All-Star post. Cousins will have a few things working against him, including a history of making mischief, as well as playing on a team that only has 11 wins. But the Kings have committed themselves to Cousins and he has to commit himself carrying them. An all-expenses paid weekend trip to New Orleans would be a nice bonus for everyone involved.

Adriano Albuquerque, NBA Brasil: Hey, if they can’t find him a spot in the Western Conference, can they loan him to the Eastern Conference? I mean, sure, there are enough good options in the East to fill the frontcourt rotation, but how many of them are actually playing better than Cousins? He is an All-Star, no doubt about it, even in the loaded West. He’s definitely one of the top 4 post players in the conference.

Akshay Manwani, NBA India: Definitely. If you go by PIE or Player Efficiency Rankings, Cousins is in the top-10 in both categories. Moreover, there is no pure center in the league ranked ahead of him, not even Dwight Howard. The argument against Cousins, however, is Sacramento’s worst record in the West. But if winning is everything, then Carmelo Anthony, too, shouldn’t be an All-Star this season.

Simon Legg, NBA Australia: As much as I’ve loved watching him play this season, that Western Conference frontcourt is probably too congested with Howard, Aldridge, Love, Griffin, etc. all going to make it.


  1. Bob M says:

    Cousins should be an All Star. He is doing much better than last year, he is showing some leadership, and he is competing hard in a tough Western Conference. It is true, that he isn’t a good pick and roll defender and has to improve his overall defense, but he defends the block pretty well. And, if you want to go on team record, Kevin Love never makes the All Star team.

    I said, last year, to trade Chris Bosh for Cousins. DMC was in the dog house and had a bad attitude. Now, the King’s would not make that trade. Cousins is going to be a big star for many years to come. If he doesn’t make it this year. He will be motivated to dominate next year. He is the dominant type of center, the kind that win championships.

    Don’t say that Roy Hibbert is dominant. The Heat have his number and so do I. drive the ball right at him and he will foul you, he will take himself out of the game. Let him get 4 blocks and 6 fouls, that is how you beat the Pacers.

  2. Tony says:

    Demarcus Cousins should be in the all-star game. Just watch hoe he dominated other big man in the nba is enough. But with the stats and playing fewer minutes, tells a lot about the guy. His only downfall is that he play for the kings.

  3. Louis says:

    @Jdub455, that comment was dumb. Out of all the players you named, you named 1 center, just 1. Your logic is flawed. Secondly, how r you going to say Howard is more deserving than Cousins??? If memory recalls Howard is a team jumper because they don’t win championships. Then the man proceed to talk crud about the other team he came from and acts as if it was all their faults. Howard is a drama queen and nothing but bad rep will follow him his whole career. Mark my word, Houston is not Howard’s finally stop…

  4. watcher says:

    Man is a beast. Best post player in the ‘pick and roll’ NBA. All-Star for sure.

  5. qq says:

    John Schuhmann you really cant put nowitzki and lee ahead of him if you are going by defense, all 3 of them are terrible defenders.

    but I did vote for nowitzki just because pretty much everyone wrote him off this year, but he is starting to look like hime old self again.

  6. aa says:

    Demarcus is the most skilled big in the nba, he can pretty much do it all on offense, except shooting 3’s. He should be an allstar in my opinion.

  7. BBall..Fan says:

    If winning record is a must for an All-Star nod than the East All Star team can only have players from the Heat, Pacers, Hawks, and tonight the .500 Raptors.
    All you idiotic experts and coaches that say winning is required to be an All-Star are the reason why players have to team up on super teams now. An elite player cannot make the team unless he is on a great team at the top of the standings. Only exception is the starters voted by fans, but they always vote fave player no matter how he is doing compared to others (Kobe voted in this year).
    I think DMC deserves it but he wont get in because SAC gets no respect. Players that are undeserving this year like Blake will get in instead.

  8. ralston says:

    kings fan here…..big fan of cousins but i have seen him get blocked at the rim more times than any other player i have ever seen ……seriously some one should compile a video of every time he has been blocked and post it……i am sure it will be at least ten minutes long…..

  9. Bryant says:

    I don’t understand how people can comment on something without knowing any facts. Stop making arbitrary remarks without anything to back it up. Truth be told I’m not a Kings fan, but because of the region I am in I have seen some Kings games and have noticed the play of DMC. Every time I look at a game he is absolutely killing the player that is guarding him. He has owned Aldridge every time they have played. He outplayed Howard and has a much better skill set and can do much more. He kills both Blake Griffin and Jordan every time they play. The list goes on and on…in head up competition DMC destroys his competitors. He even has cleaned up his act quite a bit this year and has been congratulated by his coaches and teammates for it. He should be an All Star and team record shouldn’t stand in his way for there are many who will make it whose teams are just as bad.

  10. Rafael says:

    Both LeBron & Lamarcus said to the media that Cousins deserves to be an All-Star this year. The man has game and will lead the Kings very far for years to come.


  11. Elton says:

    DMC should be in the all-star. Outplayed every big man in the NBA. He’s the best center right now in the NBA but not good enough for the all-star???? are you kidding me. Its like saying cp3 shouldn’t be in the all-star?? Hands down DMC should and will be in the all-star. But the reality is he might not get pick for the all-star game… it’s just the way it is.. Its how the NBA is. But I’ll give DMC this, If the kings can go on a good winning streak right b4 the all-star, he’ll get in. If they lose a lot of games b4 the all-star then he’ll not get pick by the coaches.

  12. Hey Dieter….to suggest that Splitter is better than Cousins tells me you had a long night locked in a room with paint fumes. There isn’t a GM in the league (Pop included) who would take Splitter over Cousins. And the Lopez twins? You have to be kidding….they are on the injured list most of the time. I might give you Hibbert. I still Cousins is more talented. Hibbert just has a better head on his shoulders.

  13. jdub455 says:

    he is an all star talent but theres just a lot more players deserving than him in the west,,,, you got your first five (howard, durant, griifin, kobe, cp3 / steph), then there’s love, harden, aldridge, lillard, westbrook, parker. granted that cp3 and westbrook may be out due to injuries, there’s still anthony davis, nowitzki…. i’d pick those guys first b4 considering cousins,,, he acts like a punk sometimes but hasnt proven anything yet… maybe next yr… i like the kings’ current lineup, full of athletic guys… just young, they need to be coach. although honestly, i think fredette is better off somewhere where he could play more mins… he’s a damn good shooter! just sayin

  14. Art says:

    Sacramento record is 11-22, New York: 12-22 & Cleveland: 12-23.
    If Cousins doesn’t deserve to be All-Star because of team record what about Anthony & Irving?
    If starting five are selected regardless of team success why it should be criteria for reserves?

  15. Mark says:

    Do you pick the 2014 All-Star players on 2013/14 NBA form? Yes? Yes!
    So if D.Cousins isn’t voted in by the fans, he is an obvious first pick for all NBA Coaches next up in the Front court!
    The guy is Dominating the NBA!
    Oh! by the way I’d have A.Davis in as well! Guess who doesn’t make the cut this year? .. o.k. we’ll give it another month..
    Obviously this problem would be solved by adding another 2 players to each squad. C’Mon NBA Officialdom! Get this sorted

  16. Louis says:

    First off I’d like to say that Agree 100%’s roster ishorrible. K Love is a PF not a SF. And K Love is better than Griffin. Now as far a Cousins playing in a all star game, I think he should be starting. I only say this because even though he plays on a very bad team he out plays his competition on a nightly basis. No other center in the West is playing better than Cousins right now, period. I give props to Cousins, he is a beast. And to be honest, I don’t really know why anyone gives a crud about this. At the first glance seeing the first returns to the all star ballot people don’t know how to vote. I mean c’mon, Kobe really??? Props to his great game but he came off what could of been a career ending injury and gets injured again, yet he has that any votes. And then don’t get me started to the D Rose numbers…. That is straight stupid. How the heck are people going to vote to a guy that cant even play in the game. And lastly, I think the fan band wagon need to jump off Jeremy Lin, the guy is just straight up bad. He is over paid and his next contract will reflect that.

    • Louis says:

      Also I would like to state a stat line of Blake’s that is just horrible. The guy shoots only 18.8% from mid range. The man is a one trick pony and if he plays in anything in the all star weekend it should be limited to the dunk contest only because that is all the guy is good for.

  17. Mark says:

    Nope. He’s great, but his team is too bad and there are too many better bigs out West

  18. judd says:

    first of all, fan voting stinks. it should be purely based on INDIVIDUAL statistics. team record should not be a factor.

  19. hahaha says:

    What about DeAndre Jordan? Leader in rebounds

  20. KM says:

    DeMarcus has dominated pretty much every single other big he’s gone up against, and is putting up monster numbers. If he’s not in the All-Star game then it’ll be the biggest snub in a long time.

  21. okc2014 says:

    I have mixed feelings. Standing alone, yes he absolutely should be an All-Star. But representing his team, who fluctuates in the bottom 5 ranking in the entire NBA, I think not. All-Stars elevate their teams to some sort of competitor status, Sacramento just plain stinks. Blake Griffin is overrated, I agree, but he and Dwight Howard are more deserving because of how they contribute to their teams. Doesn’t seem fair, does it?

    • steeel says:

      It’s never had this much to do with the teams standings before, if any of you would bother looking into anything you say.

  22. Subash Gautam says:

    Yes he should be an western conference all star game !

  23. Ravula says:

    Don’t count the standings of there team but each players.He has put in Big numbers..Eventhough his team his down there but he is better than some of those nba all star players .He is definitely an all star ..

  24. jtits says:

    No way.. he’s not

  25. Brarskol says:

    If people are saying cousins shouldnt be an allstar because of the kings record, does tgat mean melo shouldnt be an allstar?

  26. Roselyn says:

    BIG NO! he’s not yet mature & specialy he doesnt deserved to be an all star! not a sport type of player thats what you call an all star???

  27. CAVS FAN says:

    Maybe they should take out Dwight Howard or Blake Griffin to make room for him. Both of those players are waaay overrated.

  28. nAsh says:

    if LBJ is on this kings team with the same record now. I’m sure many would still vote for him as an all star. That’s why its an all star game its not supposed to be just the best players from winning teams. And for the coaches on most part, they always include guys fans are not so hyped about. I say give the guy a break, he can or has outplay those locked-in frontcourts mentioned.

  29. Brick says:

    Not to be that stats guy, but yeah, let me be that stats guy.

    At age 23;
    Cousins 23.5pts 11.5reb 3.0ast 1.9stl 1.0blk
    Duncan 23.2pts 12.4eb 3.2ast 0.9stl 2.2blk
    Nowtizki 23.4pts 9.9reb 2.4ast 1.1stl 1.0blk
    Hakeem 23.5pts 11.5reb 2.0ast 2.0stl 3.4blk

    I mean come on now. That’s ridiculous company. And he’s doing it in considerably fewer minutes than those other players played too. He only averages 32.7min. In fact:

    At age 23, per 36min:
    Cousins 26.2pts 12.8reb 3.4ast 2.1stl 1.1blk
    Shaq: 26.5pts 11.0reb 2.9ast 0.6stl 2.1blk

    He doesn’t have to actually be better than those guys to make the All Star team, but just to even be able to stack your numbers against some of the best bigs of all time makes an All Star snub just a…huh? Just because he is off the national TV radar doesn’t mean that he’s not doing something pretty darn special this year.

    • jared says:


      I know stats aren’t everything, but they do matter! Does he deserve to be an Allstar? Emphatically YES!, Will he be, no freaking way, not guna happen, not worth arguing about. He plays for the Kings….not some popular large market team…the Kings. Nobody no a national scale watches them play and nobody cares how good one of their players are. Its a popularity contest…and if you’re not popular than your not worth putting on the Allstar Ballot.

      • steeel says:

        Look at previous all-star games, many people from losing teams that aren’t all hype have made it.

    • watcher says:

      Man is a beast. Has become a premier 5 in the post this year in a league gone pick and roll mad. All-Star for sure.

  30. SAC..Fan says:

    Name a Center who has played better than him this year. They took away the Center designation for All -Star voting when not so good centers were voted on just because they were centers, but now it is going to keep Centers in the west from ever being able to make it because there are too many offensive forwards that don’t have to play good defense to be considered an All-Star.

  31. exiled says:

    Well..look at the East, pick. Lebron, Bush,Wade, Hilbert, and a few talented player then add to them DMC , Parson,TD and others, to be honest this year it should be. Western Con. Vs. Western Con. Since the east is way uncompetitive

  32. Orlando Roebuck says:

    Yes, he should be an all-star. The best five big men in the west are Love, Durant, Cousins, Aldridge and Griffin. Go to the all-star ballot and look at their numbers The numbers do not lie.

    I’d take cousins over Dwight Howard. Howard is done.

  33. The defensive knocks are strange when neither LMA, Griffin, Love or Nowitzki are good defenders, and the team’s defensive problems are the team’s problem. Despite Anthony Davis’ abilities, the Pelicans are one of the worst defensive teams in the league. Of course, Davis has been injured, but the Pelicans also use Jason Smith as a rim protector and are still bottom of the league. Meanwhile, the Bobcats are a top 10 defensive team despite having guys like Jefferson patrolling the middle. And despite having Dwight Howard to protect the rim, the Rockets get torched on defense most games due to their weak perimeter defenders. I wouldn’t call ZBo a great defender, but he’s played for great defensive teams. In general, most all stars are porous defenders.

    Cousins has been bad on transition defensive turns and pick n roll defense. On the other hand, he’s actually a pretty good 1on1 post defender, as shown by his head to head match-ups versus the other marquee bigs. If you watched the Rockets or Blazers game, you saw Cousins keep LMA and Howard scoreless when guarding them one on one. It’s really transition, frustrations and team defensive focus that hurt him.

    Boogie has a long ways to go on defense, but if defense and wins were an issue, there’s a lot of All Stars that wouldn’t be getting in. The real reason he won’t get in will be the league trying to erase the Center position since there’s a lack of quality big men, and the accumulated bad karma of Cousins’ public reputation.

    I’m not saying the defensive knocks on Cousins aren’t’ warranted. I’m saying the press is being extremely selective in holding them against Cousins as a reason to keep him out. Yeah, there’s a lot of all-star level bigs in the West, but how many have actually been better than Cousins this year?

  34. Brick says:

    Just thought I would comment on what some of the above writers are suggesting.

    Ran a database search. Cousins is averaging 23.5pts 11.5reb 3.0ast 1.9stl 1.0blk and a partridge in a pear tree right now. He just got done destroying the Blazers for the third time this year (on the season he averages 34.3pts 11.3rebs against them). In the last few weeks he’s thumped Bosh (27 and 17), Dwight (17 and 16), The Brow (24 and 14), Duncan (29 and 14) etc.

    And here’s the thing: no healthy player has EVER missed the All Star game while averaging 23.5pts and 11.5reb. EVER. What the “no” writers above are suggesting is actually that they would make an historic snub. There wasn’t a single 20-10 player in the NBA last year, but now suddenly 23.5 11.5 isn’t good enough? In recent years Love and Kyrie both made it off of terrible teams. This is no different. Cuz is flat tearing it up.

  35. DMC says:

    if team record is a factor than melo shouldn’t be an all star

    • Not entirely true says:

      Attitude, professionalism and work ethic are big factors too. Those qualities – added to Melo’s obvious b’ball abilities go a long, long way. I’ve actually been a D-Cuz fan for a long time (knowing his reputation entering the league). If he can sort his temper, attitude and influence on team spirit all sorted out .. for sure, the kid gets my vote every time. But right now? Not so much …

  36. skrilla says:

    DMC not making the All-Star team this year + Steph Curry not making the All-Star team last year = “NBA, where CHANGES need to happen”

    • Dieter says:

      If Steph Curry doesn’t make it this year than they should just cancel the event.

      • No arguments here.. says:

        or the NBA could just handout free airline pillows for the crowd so they can get a decent sleep during what’ll surely be a snooze of a game without Curry.

  37. skrilla says:

    lbj, your grammar alone makes your opinion invalid. You need to seriously consider making drastic life changes before posting on the internet.

  38. Kyle says:

    Yes, Demarcus should be an All-Star. He’s playing at an elite level.

  39. eezynee says:

    Not only should he obviously be an all star, but if his reputation holds him back, they shouldn’t let in blake griffin who’s reputation is why he’s an allstar. blake griffin is garbage, a freak athlete with no basketball skills who gets punked by every skilled big man in the league regardless of age or athleticism. I’m sick of the nba and all the media hype determining everything

  40. dustydreamnz says:

    I’m undecided, the experts all make good points! One of the hardest blogtable’s yet.

  41. jer-Boo says:

    The All Stars game is about the stars, not for historic achievement (Timmy and Dirk). The kid is playing the best ball of any center in the league and he has the number. His reputation and the team record should not be factors. It is often said that the fans provide poor selections for the game and sometimes that’s true but the coaches are no different, Timmy, Dirk, Pierce and Garnet have not been all stars for years yet they are almost always there. Lets forget the name and fame and go for the actual guys who are proving to be stars

  42. jer-Boo says:

    The All Stars game is about the stars, not for historic achievement (Timmy and Dirk). The kid is playing the best ball of any center in the league and he has the number. His reputation and the team record should not be factors.

  43. John Williams says:

    Blake Griffin is NOT an All-Star, he’s so overrated. Blake Griffin is like JR Smith, he can’t win you games, he’s a highlight reel, and it’s because of that reason people think he’s amazing. It’s so pathetic to see NBA “fans” think Blake Griffin is an all star’s all the hype with the commercials, highlights, etc. Demarcus Cousins may not be All-Star starting caliber, but he’s definitely without a doubt worthy enough to be on the bench.

    • underdog says:

      wow.. what did Blake Griffin did to you and your family for you to be loathing him that much?O.o

    • 90PercentFTM says:

      BG is averaging 22, 10.3 and 3.3. Is all this coming from dunks? He’s only getting better, clocking in double-doubles nightly. He’s on par with Aldridge and Cousins. And, he’s on a winning team. Why wouldn’t he be an all-star?

  44. KingKaash94 says:

    To all the “experts” saying no. Can I ask you all something? Is LaMarcus Alridge a better defender than DMC? Is Dirk Nowitski a better defender than DMC? Is Kevin Love a better defender than DMC? Is Blake Griffin a better defender than DMC? The answer to all those questions is no. Yet you chose to single out Cousins on his defense when in fact he plays defense just as well as any of the “so-called” All-Stars that you believe in. All those players Ive mentioned receive the benefit of playing next to defensive bigs like Robin Lopez, Dalembert, Pekovic, and DeAndre Jordan. They don’t really need to play defense because their fellow big man plays most of it for them and makes them look good. Cousins, however, has no help from any defensive big man next to him, so you guys say he’s a bad defender. I’m pretty sure DMC can meet the All-Star criterion you guys have if you put DeAndre Jordan or Pekovic next to him. So now that you’re notion of Cousin’s defense is bad doesn’t really make sense, we can focus on Cousins real role with the team, which is offense and rebounds. And 23 and 11 sure seems better than Dirk to me and right on par with beloved LaMarcus Alridge. Everyone focuses on the lack of talent around him to make statements about not playing on a winning team and not playing defense rather than focusing on what good he is doing. Fran sums it up best!

  45. Not only is DeMarcus an All-Star, but he is the best center in the NBA. If you do not feel that way, then name a better center? Certainly, there is no better offensive center.

    • Dieter says:

      Splitter, Hibbert, Gasol, Lopez, Noah… that’s already 5 centers who’m I believe are way better overall than Cousins. And a still recovering, getting better Bogut will soon dominate against types like Cousins.

      • jared says:

        Hibbert is in my mind by far the best, 2nd is cousins. If you don’t agree then you probably haven’t seen the guy play against other centers in the league this year. He’s dominated every center all year long, it’s been shockingly impressive. That includes Gasol, Lopez, Noah, the other Gasol, Randolph, Duncan, complete ownage of Dwight Howard (c’mon dwight) and last night he dominated Aldrich (which is mind blowing!).

        He matches up against Hibbert next week…watch the game if you get a chance. You might be suprised with his performance this season…of course Roy Hibbert should own his butt so that might not be a good time to get a feel for DMC.

      • steeel says:

        Dieter have you even watched a game before? Your stupidity is mind blowing.

      • JOE MOMMA says:

        hibbert is big and long. he can play defense. but without paul George and david west he is not as good as he is now. their is no center in the nba who dcuz plays against that dominates him like he does to them. stop saying what you thing and watch his games. look how he matches up with other centers. and bogut??? really??? bogut is bettery than cousins??? u must be smoking. the only center to give dcuz trouble is not even an all star and that is pekocvic. every time he plays that guy he has trouble. other than pekovic no one else. oh and my dream center/ power forward duo, dcuz and joakim noah. that is the best big men offensively and defensively. would love to see those guys play together. will never happen though.

  46. Dwight Howard making the allstar game over Demarcus is a joke.

    If any season I can say Dwight Howard is overrated, this is the first season I can fully admit that.

    He doesn’t have an injury as an excuse this year, yet he still doesn’t perform at an allstar level (which he is getting paid).

    Demarcus on the other hand puts up monster numbers every night (look at almost any game this season).

  47. Oakley34BLAM says:

    Mitch Richmond made several all star appearances toiling away on fairly awful Sacramento teams. Now I know Cousins /= Richmond, but the man is having a monster season. Reward him. I still think the Kings will make some noise before the end of the season.

  48. Michael says:

    Demarcus deserves it more then Howard this season. Dwight is not playing at an all star level and he is.

  49. Mike says:

    LBJ….shane battier best defensive player…. ill admit hes good but best…. thats more then laughable….cousins should be on the allstar team no matter if his team has a winning record or not… hes grown leaps and bounds since shaq had a sitdown with him and as for the kings…. trades are needed to become like the 2000 squad that gave the Lakers a run for the title… maybe that rondo trade would work….. rondo cousins and gay….

  50. johnny aces says:

    hey,guys,vote for damian llilard to get into all star game,as he deserve it much more then lin,who has whole china behind him…if llilard doesnt play at all star,it would be a disgrace that currentlly one of best(among three atm,imo,some have others) PG in NBA doesnt play,and last game make carrer high 41 pts and score 26 in 4th q…unbelivable player,one of those WHO MAKES THE GAME REALLY EXCITING 🙂



    • Dieter says:

      Lillard is a lock for the All-Star game, the same goes for Steph Curry, both guys are playing at a very high level on winning teams.

  51. Miley says:

    I know numbers are the primary means of comparing things, but I think you have to look past the numbers here. Boogie is dominating almost every player that attempts to guard him. He’s the most dominant center offensively since Shaq.

  52. Sid Walker says:

    Only two guys in the NBA are averaging 22+ ppg, 11+ rpg, & 3+ apg. K Love & D. Cousins. That’s it, he belongs in the all-star game.

    • Why leave out LA? says:

      Don’t leave out LaMarcus Aldridge. Scoring over 23+ pps, 11+ rpg, and 3 apg (2.9 close enough) and argueably one of the best powerforwards and hard to gaurd player in the NBA. And he’s not even on his lvl yet.

      • Alex says:

        You obviously didn’t see the game last night….He outplayed Aldridge. Cousins has also outplayed every big man that he faces night in and night out. If the coaches don’t make him an all star it will be a travesty.

    • Dieter says:

      Cousins in the All-Star game? He shouldn’t even be on the ballot ! His team has 33%, and I’m not sure his team would be worse without him. How can you vote a player in the All-Star game who is on a team with a record of lower than 50%. I really don’t get that. Rubio has been praised alot, Pekovic got his fat contract, and the T-Wolves are still winning only 50% with their so called superstar “Love”. -> It’s pretty obvious to me that he ain’t the best power forward in the West, and he also wouldn’t be in the east.

      Stats too much depend on the role, players have on their team. Giving the All-Star spot to Cousins or Love (or Davis & Randolph) over Aldridge, Lee, Parsons, Griffin, Duncan or Ibaka wouldn’t be right.

      • Agree 100% says:

        Cousins is the Western Conference answer to the East’s Andrew Bynum (rightly waived by Chi-Town) . If these clowns ain’t causing some trouble in the locker room, on court or on the streets, they’re “off their game”. Until (or if it’s even possible) these two morons grow the up, they’re nothing more than liabilities to *any team* they’re in. Put it like this, if Cousins was legitimate All-Star material, his Kings Team WOULD NOT BE languishing well below the .500 mark, record-wise. Being an All-Star is recognition of not only great stat’s, but also demonstrating: great professionalism, maturity, leading by positive example & showing leadership within your team. Tell me with a straight face, how Cousins (let alone “Babee” Bynum) meet any of those criteria?? Nope? Because they outright don’t …

        At any rate, here’s my West Squad (if CP3 isn’t ready y All-Star Weekend):


        C = Dwight Howard (Rockets)

        PF = Blake Griffin (Clippers)

        SF = Kevin Durant (OKC)

        SG = James Harden (Rockets)

        PG = Stephen Curry (GSW)

        6th Man: PG = Lillard (Trailblazers)

        2nd Unit

        C = LaMarcus Aldridge (Trailblazers)

        PF = Serge Ibaka (OKC)

        SF = Kevin Love (T-Wolves)

        PG/SG = Dragic (Suns)

        PG = Lillard (Trailblazers)

        Also: Iguodala (GSW), Tony Parker (Spurs)

      • Just NBA Baby says:

        You must be the most uninformed NBA fan that only knows what the media tells them or whoever you see on a commercial. Cousins dominates the competition night after night. He has had attitude problems in the past but has cleaned up his attitude this year. BTW basketball is a team game, so the losses by the Kings are certainly not on Cousins. Watch some games once in a while before you post.

      • JOE MOMMA says:

        give cousins a pg like cp3 or tony parker or players like kevin Durant or Dwight howard or Damien lilliard. all those players you named have a really good supporting cast. cousins only recently got rudy gay. give cousins a good supporting cast and it equals wins. blake has cp3, deandre Jordan, jamal Crawford, a coach in doc rivers. ibaka has Durant westbrook. Dwight has parsons, lin, harden. cmon bro, cousins has Jason Thompson??? marcus thornton??? do the math. dcuz=an all star blake=all star with an all star cast.

  53. lbj says:

    Trade damarkus cuzins to da heat and wel can give u all-star bakup noris coal and tha best defensif playa shayne battiyay we gona hav da greatets linup in da history of da nba!

    PG) mario cgaalmers
    SG) dwyane wayde
    SF) da king lbj lebroon #6
    PF) crish boosh
    C) damarkus cuzins

    • Alex says:

      I’m guessing you sell crack for a living…

    • BJ says:

      Your own every blog posting the same thing with the lbj and heat so shut up

    • OKC352 says:

      I can sort of see how this trade makes sense but the way you say it I don’t think many people will agree, try it this way.

      A trade involving sending DeMarcus Cousins to the Heat for a young and rising Norris Cole and a great defensive mind in Shane Battier would be a great trade for both teams and greatly increase the talent in their lineups.

  54. Ken Morris says:

    Just do a side be side of the alleged all stars which IMO the whole all star process is a joke, especially in the middle of the regular season.|202326,2730;year=201112;season=r

  55. hellon says:

    And Fran is also right with his reputation

  56. hellon says:

    He is unlucky that the West is full of great bigs and also,that he’s not on a big famous team(Rockets,Lakers,Spurs..)….if he was in the East,he would be a starter for sure.