Cavaliers Really Needed This Win

VIDEO: GameTime crew breaks down Deng-to-Cleveland trade

They were staring at the possibility of Pau Gasol or Richard Jefferson and came away with Luol Deng, looking at a season screaming off a cliff  and ended up with a new chance, trying to salvage something – anything – for a mistake in the past and turning it into a future.

The Cavaliers saved the day, and a lot more. They got 2012 and ’13 All-Star Deng for Andrew Bynum, a much better outcome than Gasol from the Lakers or Jefferson from the Jazz as either short-term rentals just to avoid having to leave Bynum by the side of the road or opportunities to flip into another deal. They got a two-way player and a good professional attitude for a roster sorely lacking both.

Best of all, though, the Cavs got a new start, because the previous new start was not going well.

This blows up in their face only if Deng leaves as an unrestricted free agent in the offseason, but it’s a reasonable assumption that Cleveland pulled the trigger Monday night knowing it would have to do whatever it took to re-sign him, even if that meant over-paying. Deng and his camp surely know this as well and in July will gladly capitalize on the situation, but he may have signaled a willingness to stay if the numbers are right. Multiple reports after the Bulls and Cavaliers completed the trade stated Deng turned down $30 million over three years as Chicago’s final attempt to keep him, so Cleveland knows it’s looking at demands that will reach the teens of millions of dollars.

At the very least, the Cavaliers presumably did not get a thumbs down from Deng indicating he is against re-signing. That alone is a win considering how their season has gone.

Bynum was a bad signing, even with the safety net that only $6 million of the $24 million over two seasons was guaranteed, once it became obvious through a December suspension for conduct detrimental to the team that he was not entirely focused on trying to re-start a career that once had superstar potential. (And that’s not even getting into 41.9 percent from the field in 24 games.)

Anthony Bennett, the No. 1 overall pick last June, isn’t in the rotation and is shooting 27.8 percent. Dion Waiters, the 2012 lottery pick, can’t stick in the starting lineup. The Cavaliers don’t defend or shoot well and are 11-23, although in the East, that’s also known as “three games out of eighth place.”

That’s where Deng comes in. He is a big part of the solution in those aspects, addresses a position need at small forward, can become a positive locker-room presence, and provides new momentum. Kyrie Irving, Deng, Tristan Thompson doing grunt work inside, Anderson Varejao in the middle of a successful comeback, Cleveland’s own first-round pick in 2014 – that’s something to build on. There is the chance for recovery this season plus get somewhere much bigger in the future, again with the speculation that Deng stays.

The only risk Monday was trading the first-rounder that belongs to the Kings, and that almost certainly won’t be conveyed this year because of protections. So Cleveland gave up a player it was going to cut anyway, a Draft choice it wouldn’t have gotten until 2015 at the soonest and probably not even then because of additional protections for Sacramento, the option for the Bulls to swap 2015 first-rounders to take the Cavaliers selection instead but only if the Cavs are between 15 and 30, and the Trail Blazers’ second-round picks in 2015 and ’16.

It’s a win for the Cavaliers. It’s hope for the Cavaliers.


  1. dustydreamnz says:

    OKC do not need Bynum, they have Adams. The other day when he got injured he played 15 mins,10 points,9 rebounds,2 blocks. Fair enough the game isn’t played on paper but he’s performing better than Perkins every night. Adams is better than Collison too and he’s 20.

  2. LakersGuru says:

    Great WIN for the CAVS… This instantly turns their current season around; that is, if Varejao’s knees hold up… But it still is not buying a CHAMPIONSHIP..

    Bynum could still get 20 & block shots when used correctly, and didnt mind coming off the bench… Brown knows that from when he coached “Drew” in L.A….

    Knees are a BIG problem in this league… So we need more than two(2)…

    Bynum provided that INSURANCE… What do we do now when “Andy’s” knees get bad… Again???

    Anyway, what did he do so terribly BAD, that his immediate removal from the TEAM was necessary??? I understand good business decisions; but how is putting yourself in a position to over pay Deng any better than overpaying Bynum??

    What’s the POINT??? Just doing something to be doing something????

    It’s not like Cleveland is about to WIN a Larry Obrien anytime soon!!!!

  3. okc2014 says:

    I disagree with the thought of waiving Perkins for Bynum. At least Perkins breaks a sweat (within 2 minutes) before going back into his cave. The OKC doesn’t need Bynum and his negative energy. Everyone on OKC Thunder has excellent work ethic-he would look like a misfit and Kevin Durant AND Russell Westbrook will not be amused with a teammate like that. These guys are trying to win a championship. Bynum is trying to chill.

  4. joanneemery says:

    You have my word: Mike Brown will do his absolute best to mess up this team!

  5. Unkle Daddy says:

    Where is Mark Price when you need him, lol! (Good ol’ days). I hope the Cavs get some luck going their way soon. They need to fire their GM and hire me (kidding but seriously) this is starting to remind me of the last 10 years or so watching the Hawks. After about four seasons if your team hasn’t gotten better, it may not be the coach it may be the president of operations or the GM. They keep blaming coaches who have no players to coach. Now, Deng isn’t worth more than $10 million a year, let’s get that straight. He is a very solid player, but I wouldn’t over pay for him.

  6. Paul says:

    I think its a great move for the bulls, particularly towards the future at small forward. Tony Snell has shown some great flashes as a three man, and has good defensive potential. He could develop into a solid starter under Tom Thibedeau if he can get some significant, solid run on the court, and moving Deng could do that for him.

  7. hammar says:

    Bynum will be looking for a plane to North Korea with roman and the rest of the losers.

  8. cating says:

    Stupid Cavaliers could get IGUODALA SMALL FOWARD, instead of Bynum in the start of the season for THE SAME PRICE of Bynum

  9. FACE THE FACTS says:

    stupid trade

  10. #Thundernation says:

    I’m a bulls fan and deng played well but long term I think that this helps the bulls and cavs

  11. Thunder Fan says:

    Thunder need to waive Perkins and pick up Bynum. Sign Bynum for as much as you had Perkins. Steve Adams is a great backup for him.

  12. mikke says:

    LeBron to return @ Cavs to clean up unfinish Business there …

  13. mark says:

    I think the bulls made a smart move as well as the cavs moving bynum out of Ohio not only because of his production but because it seems like he’s just there for a pay check and it does not seem like he’s bringing a positive anything to a team that meeds vets and somone who can that guy in the locker room wether deng signs or not good move for the future if deng signs he will be the elder statesman of the cavs and as they improve. He will guide them on the court and in the locker room as for the bulls very short explaination here free up cap space becau they don’t want to give max dollers to 1 of there older players they want to contend for a ring the cavs won’t be contending so they need him more then the bulls do for the money he’s going to want yes amnesty boozer free up cap space pick up a free agent or 2 fill out the roster with the rest of cap fingers crossed d-rose makes a solid retun and they have a team around him so they can make a strong championship push they still have they drive the coaching and play D tgere still hungery they just need some help and if all goes well they have just a good as a chance anyone in the nba

  14. theslomo says:

    Its all business in the NBA, losing teams has to make something happen to get fans back in the seats.
    But with over exaggerated ticket prices and over inflated player salary we are starting to see that sports are getting to expensive. I say lower your ticket prices and lower your player salaries then a team with a bad record can still make some money and bring fans back to the game. I say in 3 years you will see a drastic change of people not going to the games because of over exaggerated ticket prices.

  15. cavsfan74 says:

    I think the Cavs are willing to risk Signing Deng. Yes they gave up a couple of second rounders and a lottery protected first but those picks wont help the Cavs with or without Deng. We already have a roster full of young talent with no veteran leadership unless you want to count Varejoa. Adding more young players wont help. Either way we will have money to attempt tp get a free agent here next year. Just my opinion

  16. dustydreamnz says:

    Good for both teams. Cleveland badly needed a starting small forward and now have an All Star. Chicago clear cap space.

  17. lakers777 says:

    people what think about lakers 2014?will sign melo or someone star? or will wait in 2015 for kevin love?

  18. Skolimowski says:

    How is this bad for the Cavs? Now they’re only one move away from being really good, all they have to do is fire Mike Brown. Irving, Waiters, Deng, Thompson and Varejao can be a great lineup. Why would Deng leave when he has good young talent around him and a good contract possibility?

    It is, however, terrible for the Bulls. Bynum has no future. Boozer is overpaid, but he’s a hard worker. They don’t need another starting big. I don’t see this working.

    This is my perspective, at least…

  19. Kavs Fan says:

    This is the pinnacle of all Chris Grant’s rebuiliding efforts the past few years. If they stick with Waiters, they will have hit on 4/5 from top 4 draft picks in the past 3 drafts (Bennet looks like the bust but still time). Can’t have all youth on the court so Deng gives another steady, all-pro to team up with AV to give Cavs a nice balance. If Coach Brown can not keep the harmony and get this team to a 4-7 seed in the east, then he should be gone for 2nd time. I don’t see Dan Gilbert letting money (resigning Deng) getting in the way of a winner. He has been patient for 3 years but the time is now for CLeveland to Rise Up!

  20. DrJ says:

    Damon Jones’ Red Suit – You won’t know until Rose comes back, their are many cases of athletes coming back and being just as good – all you have to do is look at skiing and NFL. The one of the good things about this trade is the fact he will not be the only spotlight it will be a new look Bulls team with an adjustment period, hopefully draft some athletic cut to the basket players that can keep up with Rose who still had blistering pace when he came back from his ACL!

  21. Brendan says:

    great move for cavs whose season has definitely been disappointing i’m curios if there will be any more moving pieces before deadline and how well how fast and how much luol can do for them coming straight in but definitely a good move for cavs who basically got luol deng this season for future picks since the Bynum contract was a failed experiment to begin with which works for bulls if they think they weren’t going to be able to retain deng through free agency next year. hope Bynum has some gas left in the tank and signs a minimum deal with clips would be an upgrade for ryan hollins at limited minutes.

  22. Really? says:

    Really? Those who believe the Cavs won this battle: what makes you NBA experts? The Cavs gambled a lot (and they knew the risk) by signing a guy who does not play ball anymore (oh wait, bowling is ball too?), and in order to get rid of him they had to give up 3 picks and pay 8 more mills to a guy that will not re-sign with such an awful team. Do you really thinks Cavs still have a chance to take a playoffs spot this season? Hell no. This season was over for them long ago and it seems the rebuilding project will be delayed for some years. So they shouldn’t be cheering for this move because it proves the rebuilding project has been an epic fail.

    BTW, nice move by the Bulls. They’re realistic. They know they can’t go deep in the playoffs so the next season is already in their mind. I expect big moves by the Bulls in offseason.

  23. Xorn says:

    Cant wait for Bynum to be released by the Bulls, I would love to have him on board with the spurs squad. I know pop is one of the few coaches Bynum would actually shape up for, not to mention they wouldn’t be in such a rush to get him on the floor immediately.

    Cavs look like they will pick up a number of W’s this season, and great to see them not overshadowed by “THE DECISION”.

    Great stuff happens overnight!

    Go Spurs Go!

  24. chris says:

    sorry bulls fans no one wants to play with a “wilting” rose. LOL get it? bynum should go to heat, win another ring and try to get paid again nxt off season.

  25. Jeff says:

    Far better than I hoped for out of Bynum, even if Deng doesn’t resign. There is a chance he will, if 1) Cavs make the playoffs; 2) Kyrie and Deng form an on court chemistry; 3) One of the draft picks, Waiters or Bennett emerge as a a star or at least legitimate starters and contributors. The bottom line for Deng: he must believe the Cavs have a legitimate championship hope with him. Kyrie really needs two other all stars for that to happen: Deng is one.

    • Pakyaw says:

      I’m pretty sure the cavs will throw big money to deng just to sign with them next yr., just like how they give money to Bynum.. Lol!..for real nobody wants to play in Cleveland unless u give them a ” joe Johnson” type of contract., hehehe!

  26. darko says:

    Dion Waiters is the best scoring sixth man in the East, and a real competitor. He doesn’t deserve to be lumped together with Cleveland’s (many) personnel failures. Deng is a clear upgrade on Earl Clark for many reasons; but will Kyrie respond to his leadership?
    Bynum’s distraction and low FG percentage derive from the utter lack of spacing in the Cav’s forecourt and the lack of rhythm in their Irving-led offense as much as from his injury-compromised abilities and his consequently tentative play. (He’s always been something of a hypochondriac.) If Rose returns healthy and positive. . .he may become the best backup 5 in the game

  27. Brain32 says:

    OK…someone in the Bulls management should go to injured list, for hitting his head, repeatedly against a really solid blunt material, tanking the season? I mean, I really don’t understan…

  28. Evens c says:


  29. Evens c says:

    Can’t wait for Stat’s contract to end so that they can open up cap space. At this point, he will never be the player that he used yo be. Although his defense has always been terrible.

  30. Evens c says:

    Melo you say? Nahhhhh Melo isn’t leaving NY. That’s for sure. NY also need to rebuild and they’re giving Melo the chance to that. Melo can’t keep jumping from teams to teams. He’s getting older. He needs to attract better players to come play with him

  31. TTKIN says:

    The Bulls realized their season was lost and got the cap relief…too bad my Lakers werent smart enough to do that too.

  32. Art says:

    Probably Bulls will not receive any 1st round pick by this trade.
    It’s done only to save $20M (taxes & salary).
    Deng was Bulls best player. Now they have only one star – Noah & 2 good players in Butler & Gibson.
    Maybe Mirotic & good Rookie are coming next year, maybe not. Not enough to be contender any way.
    BTW Bulls can’t sign Mirotic & have room for somebody else. Read the rules first.
    Don’t count Rose please until he plays at least half season better than Augustin.
    Chicago deserves better owner.

  33. Noit says:

    trade is a clear win for cavs. bulls gave away deng for nothing but getting out of cap. disrespected deng. i want deng to come back to chi as fa next year.

  34. Paul Jones says:

    Awful move for the Cavs. They rent Deng for a year, either barely get in the playoffs or just miss and get a pick between 8-14 more than likely, right outside of the top 6-7 impact rookies coming in (Parker, Wiggins, Embiid, Smart, Randle, etc.)

    Great move by the Bulls, tank this year and get a good pick on your own accord. Scoop draft picks from the Cavs and save tons of money for a free agent signing in the coming year.

    Chris Grant, the Cavs GM has to be getting fired here or they are just insane in Cleveland.

  35. and then says:

    ofc chicago fans dream like rose is jordan. rose is not jordan. jordan came back from broken leg but
    you can always count on ROSE annual knees surgeries
    should use rose to trade better PG+ a good role player next year.
    then sign a super star.

  36. SixerFanEU says:

    This could go totally pear-shaped for the Cavs if Deng doesn’t re-sign

  37. smokinpro says:

    the Cavs should be rejoicing right about now. Bynum strikes me as the kind of player, who wants to be in a ready-made Playoff and championship contention scenario. God forbid that he would have to put in the work to help his team get there…When he was in LA he rode on Kobe’s coat tails. Bynum would love to land a spot on a team like the heat or the clippers (both destined for a deep run in the post season and both lacking post up presence), but he is lazy, narrow minded and can’t be relied upon, which is sad, because he truly does have big man post up skills..he is a waste of height, but he will regret it, I am sure Greg Oden or Branden Roy, would relish any opportunity to make a difference on any team.

  38. Scottie not Pippen says:

    fire Mike Brown its not working he cant develop players he can just orchestrate already talented player like Speolstra hes not good for a young team

  39. Russell Eastbrook says:

    Irving is the main problem.

    Cavs needs a non ball hog PG. Irving is good, but he thinks he is better than he actually is, like Melo.

  40. ChrisTx says:

    Not a big Bynum fan but I think the Spurs could use him and he will listen with Coach Pop Leadership and Timmy mentorship.
    Lets sign him to minimum and send him to to Austin to get in shape.

    Come playoff time we need more body againts Howard and the monster from Indiana who I think will beat the Heat.


  41. Damon Jones' Red Suit says:

    Bulls fans need to wake up and realize that D Rose circa 2010 and his “MVP” caliber play will not likely ever be back. But I wish him the best of luck because he is mad thuggish ruggish.

  42. john says:

    their’s a bunch of delusionals in here Melo or LeBron is not signing to the Bulls

  43. inzo says:

    @ celtics fan.. i am not sure if bron or melo will “co-exist” in the bulls’ rotation,,

  44. Hamish says:

    Both teams made a mistake the Cavs in Deng is out of contract this off season and plus Deng is 31 and aging
    The bulls in where does Joakhim Noah fit in the rotation or boozer this just doesn’t work

  45. Brian says:

    this trade had to be made and a excellent trade to say the least. now we have 3 potential first round picks in next years draft with ours possibly being in the lotto and we have cap space to make aquire good role players in f/a (no melo isnt goin to sign for 10 a year) after we amnesty boozer.
    starting lineup
    jabari parker

    bench: Augustine, gibson, dunleavy, snell, next years picks, and fa pick ups
    the future is bright for the bulls to say the least wish deng the best of luck and look forward to next season 😉

  46. Celtics Fan says:

    Deng won;t likely to resign with the Cavs. Bull on the otherhand, can amnesty Boozer and tank the rest of the Season and get a top pick plus they can sign a max free agent like Melo or Lebron!
    Bulls 2014-2015
    6th man: Taj Gibson

    • jsavage13892 says:

      @CelticsFan Lebron would never ever go to the Bulls. He hates the Bulls. Can’t see Melo going there either as his ego wouldn’t be smoothed enough w/Rose being numero uno there. The best the Bulls can hope for is a lottery pick this year by tanking (they won’t see any of the picks they got from this trade until 2016) and then FA pick ups for some rotation pieces, but they won’t be getting any star names from FA imo.

      GO C’s

    • pistonsfan says:

      Even if Lebron leaves Miami, he would never sign with the Bulls. Noah and James really don’t like each other.

    • Cade says:


    • Mud says:

      Rose? LOL….if he ever returns without breaking/fracturing/injuring something.

  47. Han says:

    It’s clearly a win for Cavs. Lakers is stupid not to take tax advantage chance viewing their current situation

  48. cry says:

    go cavs!