Blogtable: An Outrageous Pick For ’14

Each week, we’ll ask our stable of scribes across the globe to weigh in on the three most important NBA topics of the day — and then give you a chance to step on the scale, too, in the comments below.

Fixing the lottery | A 2013 highlight | One bold prediction for ’14

Paul George, the NBA's new scoring champ? (Issac Baldizon/NBAE

Paul George, the NBA’s new scoring champ? (Issac Baldizon/NBAE)

Now, Nostradamus: Give us an outrageous (but realistic) prediction for 2014.

Steve Aschburner, Somehow, some way, perhaps even in spite of a playoff berth and maybe the Atlantic Division title, the Toronto Raptors are going to wind up with top prospect and Canadian product Andrew Wiggins when the smoke clears from the 2014 Draft.

Fran Blinebury, NBA.comDwight Howard shoots a perfect 20-for-20 from the free throw line in Game 7 of the NBA Finals and the Rockets beat Miami for the championship.  Oh, you said realistic?  He makes 19 of 20.

Jeff Caplan, The Lakers finish with the worst record in the Western Conference and win the Draft Lottery.

Scott Howard-Cooper, NBA.comPaul George wins the scoring title. Nobody would have predicted it at the start of the season, and I don’t know if many would even now. But George hasn’t reached his peak and still should be in the MVP conversation. Watch the upward trajectory continue in the second half.

Kobe Bryant (by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE)

Kobe Bryant (Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE)

John Schuhmann, I don’t know how outrageous this is considering the state of the Eastern Conference, but … the Charlotte Bobcats will not only win their first playoff game, but they’ll win four to advance to the Eastern Conference semifinals.

Sekou Smith, Kevin Durant will snatch the MVP trophy away from LeBron James this year. He’s tired of finishing second. I’m tired of hearing about him being tired of finishing second. And I suspect plenty of other people are, too. No one can dispute LeBron’s impact on the game night after night. But 2014 is KD’s year to take that trophy and perhaps a few others down the line …

Lang Whitaker, All Ball blogKobe Bryant returns and has at least one 50-point game down the stretch. I’m on record thinking that Kobe will (eventually) come back healthy. And if the Lakers are in full-on rebuild mode, why not let Kobe get as many shots and points as possible in pursuit of the all-time scoring record? The Lakers might not be fighting for a title, but fighting for something is always better than fighting for nothing.

Akshay Manwani, NBA India: If Indiana can maintain home court advantage right through to the 2014 Finals and have no injuries, the Pacers can win it all. Remember, it was these same Pacers who pushed the Miami Heat to seven games in the 2013 East Finals. Now with Danny Granger back, a stronger bench and home court advantage, they can go the distance.

Aldo Avinante, NBA Philippines: The 2014 NBA Finals will have a rematch of the 2012 edition and the OKC Thunder will win the Larry O’Brien trophy in seven games against the Miami Heat.


  1. Karlo Garcia says:

    My bold (realistic) prediction will b that the Denver Nuggets advance past the 1st round in the playoffs.

  2. oxnayhombre says:

    ok ok ok as always happening, no SAS in the picture, haha , dont forget the old spurs #GoSpursGo

  3. SpursSpursSpurs says:

    If Tim Duncan played for any of the Top Ten Teams in the NBA He would make it to the finals…….That’s a MVP

  4. SpursSpursSpurs says:

    Let’s talk real BBall. The MVP should be Tim Duncan. Take him off of the Spurs and you have a Spur.

  5. kennyuk77 says:

    Is there any reason LeBron won’t be better this year? Nope. LBJ for MVP

  6. bigseanny says:

    Miami Heat will win another NBA title.Indiana Pacers will take them to 7 games again.Lebron James will dominate again in NBA playoffs,it’s his time.Miami Heat will go down as one of the great NBA teams.

  7. Gee says:

    The only way OKC wins a championship is if Indiana Knocks off Miami in the ECF .. I believe no team can beat Miami in the finals in a 7 game series(yeah Dallas did,but Dallas had a superior ALL AROUND TEAM,WITH GOOD BIG MEN,while Miami had Carlos arroyo,mike bibby,An Old Z,Etc,etc) Spurs almost did but that gets them nothing in first place..Miami chemistry is becoming better year after year and I think they’ve yet to hit that switch where they’re locked in..Also once wade locked in and Lebron attacking the basket it’s kinda hard to beat those guys,chalmers and battier with some three,and forced turnovers I don’t see OKC winning at all..Great regular season team,playoff team their half court inefficiency tends to show more

  8. Jake says:

    Miami goes for his 3 time championship this years 100% and if you have a question go ask Lebron James,Wade and Bosh.

  9. wtfff says:

    Paul George? Scoring title? 12 points (5/15) against Toronto? Nice start to predict something that will never ever happen!

  10. pestengahem says:

    Most of the predictions are pulled towards the outrageous part rather than the realistic part. I mean 19 of 20 for Dwight? PG24 for the scoring title? Lakers with the worst record?

  11. LAKERS says:

    I want to see kobe paly and made 30 points for game

  12. Mattias says:

    Trail blazers are gonna win !!

  13. justin says:

    Dwight Howard shoots a perfect 20-for-20 from the free throw line in Game 7 of the NBA Finals and the Rockets beat Miami for the championship

  14. CAM says:

    How is it that everyone underestimates the SPURS again. I expect better from seasoned writers!

  15. 3heat3peat3 says:

    9 blogs: all bloggers must be dreaming and imagining the impossible

    1- toronto will not have andrew wiggins even if he is canadian, nonsense!.. the team with the draft lottery will get him.
    2- rockets will not make the finals w/ the heat, more so, howard makes 20/20?.. are you for real?
    3- lakers will not be the WORST, but ONE of the worst and embarrasing teams this season with all the injuries, and they will not be the 1 draft lottery pick
    4- no way paul george scoring title, they are a team effort, im seeing durant or anthony for scoring title
    5- i expect and want bobcats to be in the playoffs, but winning a series is kinda hard, but i expect them to be
    6- LBJ MVP no doubt, durant no way.. no bias here.. see the stats and player effiecency
    7- kobe scoring 50?.. 3 years ago possible, but now?.. maybe 15 pts?.. maybe 50 FGA?.. cant credit that.. must be a die hard live in the past kobe fan
    8- pacers CAN win it, if they can slip past HEAT
    9- it can be a possibility, but with the HEAT having the 3peat..

    no biases here, just pure observance and true opinion

  16. entry21 says:

    bold prediction eh? Blazers sweep the Heat at the Finals! Young Blood!

  17. CEDCHARP says:

    We all would love to see injured great players coming back (Kobe and others injured this year). So that is a prediction just for the sake of seeing great games and NBA at its best. But it also allows new players to be discovered and have more play time. I have been following NBA for more than 20 years and I am getting tired of LBJ, Kobe, Pierce, Melo and others… the coming all star game will be a remake of last year with the same faces. Having LBJ get another MVP… boring just because it is so predictable… There is a need for new blood ! So let’s hope 2014 continue to bring new exciting players.

    So in a nutshell : NBA title: between Indiana, Miami, Spurs and OKC. Team that will have progress the most: Toronto, Bobcats and Washington. Most disspointing teams (not too hard): LAL, Brooklyn, NYK and Memphis.

    As for the MVP… who cares? basket ball is a team sport not an individual contest… but still KD has a shot this year.

  18. J says:

    NBA will be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Tabu32 says:

    To make a serious and yet realistic finals prediction. I would honestly have the PACERS and BLAZERS IN THE 2014 finals, altho it will be a tough road getting there.

    • phillyboy88 says:

      Wow! That is the same prediction I had. And although I love the Pacers, I think, looking at the team right now, Portland would win the series. Pacers have to do better at the point guard position, cut down their horrendous turnover ratio, and teill Danny Granger that he doesn’t have to shoot the ball every time he touches it. But, these two are almost clear choices at this point in the season to represent in the Finals.

  20. Ella says:

    WELL, good luck with Greg Oden. Did not do much here in Portland. By the way, Meet the new NBA champs. Pride is alive and hope eternally rules. Think good thoughts. There is life after the stats are inked. Look at the charts. .Smile and say bye.

  21. 3PEAT HEAT says:

    Greg Oden will be the finals MVP

  22. Western Conference says:

    I wish Lebron would have had to play in the western conference for his career so we could see him “consistently” play against the better teams in the NBA. The eastern conference has two good teams and has been that way since the end of the 90s. The west on the other hand is packed with talent and has multiple title contenders. He would obviously still be good but I bet his career numbers would be lower. Any thoughts?

  23. heat fan says:

    miami wins it all with oden at the center spot.. sweeps the league

  24. NBA Bum 2014 says:

    Lebron vs Russell vs Lebron vs Magic vs Lebron vs Russell vs Lebron vs Magic vs Lebron vs Russell vs Lebron vs Magic vs Lebron vs Russell vs Lebron vs Magic vs Lebron vs Russell vs Lebron vs Magic vs Lebron vs Russell vs Lebron vs Magic vs Lebron vs Russell vs Lebron vs Magic vs Lebron vs Russell vs Lebron vs Magic vs

  25. NBA Bum 2014 says:

    Dwyane James, Chris Wade and… Lebron Bosh


  26. NBA Bum 2014 says:

    OKC: Rondo
    NYK: Westbrook
    BOS: Melo (drama)

  27. NBA Bum 2014 says:

    Rondo & Westbrook & Melo TRADE

  28. NBA Bum 2014 says:

    MJ 6’4.5″
    Kobe 6’6″
    Melo 6’8″
    Lebron 6’8″
    Magic 6’9″
    Howard 6’10”
    Russell 6’10”

  29. jake s. says:

    They said realistic Fran. #Dwightmare 2014.

  30. BArad says:

    Haha..lets c the powers of LBJ comes playoffs..even wt DW and CB..two lucky plays that had them wining titles..1st with the refs not calling fould against LBJ at the dying seconds of the 4th. and second, was the lucky 3 of allen due to the butthead plans of great POP pulling Timmy out @ crunch time again.Lucky Miami!!

  31. Truth teller says:

    Been watching seriously since 1980. I’ve seen crazy things happen. Captain Jack beat the hell out of a fan. Lebron was called the king before he even played an nba game. Magic’s announcement all the way down to the ref’s getting paid and picking favorites. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE HERE. And if the powers that be say Andrew wiggins is the next Lebron, They might not be talking about his game.

  32. #30 says:

    LBJ is 6’8
    Bill Russel is 6’10

    MJ is 6’6..

  33. Come on says:

    Come one Blinebury. Was it really necessary to take a shot at Dwight? I don’t like him either but you seem obssessed

  34. KHG says:

    maybe this season is worst of lakers whole time. but if win lakers win a draft lottery they choose Embiid J. Because they weak point is they plays of paint. and lakers have a 14’s 1st round pick. Lakers need C and SF

  35. Brizz says:

    lol sorry to correct you but MJ has 5 MVPS and Lbj has 4

  36. letsgomavs says:

    read the title of the blogtable before saying anything bad to those who had these predictions. it says outrageous (but) realistic. it’s as simple as Mcgee not being in shaqtin a fool for one full season. it is outrageous but is still possible to happen. and btw, i believe lebron will still be mvp but the heat wont win a title this year. and it will all be thanks to the pacers.

  37. Tom says:

    LBJ is spectacular player but his numbers are different story. MVP must have skills plus numbers. Heat cannot win this year if they don’t have home court. My predictions: heat can without LBJ but not without DW and CB

  38. kobe 8 says:

    Paul George, the NBA’s new scoring champ Instead of Kobe Bryant

  39. miami says:

    i love what whitaker said,let kobe do what he is capable of doing,shoot all he can,ha ha,chase record and ruin the team….

  40. mrkcsigue says:

    “Dwight Howard shoots a perfect 20-for-20 from the free throw line in Game 7 of the NBA Finals and the Rockets beat Miami for the championship. Oh, you said realistic? He makes 19 of 20.”

    If that happen it’ll be the greatest performance of all time!

  41. Tiago Cavalcanti says:

    I think Kevin Love should be MVP. That’s all.

  42. cmacdaddee says:

    Huge Pacer fan speaking here. Frankly, most of these writers only know the OVERALL stories of the NBA, not the individual dynamics of every team. I’ve been a Pacer fan my entre life and seen all of the ups and downs. I do believe that Indiana can win it all this year, but PG winning the scoring title? That is an extreme stretch. Unlike teams like OKC and Miami, the Pacers don’t rely on their superstar(s) for the majority of their offense. With the way this team is built, PG will be lucky to maintain a spot in the Top 5. However, the absurdity of PG winning the scoring title, is nothing compared to the ridiculousness of Houston coming out of the West.

    • Rocketman says:

      Pacers will win the east and perhaps the NBA title but don’t talk bad about Houston.In 2 years they went from a lottery team to a playoff team.No this is not there year but in 1-2 years providing they make the right move they can win it all.Lets see how good Miami and Indiana do if they were playing in the west every night!

  43. lol says:

    KD is good but Lebron is still on another level. Lebron is the only person to surpase MJ and he will eventually do it. He has the MVP’s. IDC if he gets more rings or not but his impact is already as big as MJ’s. People always say MJ has more rings than LBJ but Bill Russel has more than MJ? Lebron has more MVP’s than MJ and that ‘Most Value Player’ award clearly says who is the BEST player. Lebron James that is!

    • miguelamor22 says:

      Mike has more MVP’s than LeBron fool. Also Lebron didn’t have to play in the era of Magic, Bird, Barkley, Hakeem and Malone.
      You know nothing about baskerball kid sit down. MJ in the finals – 6-0, LBJ – 2-2. MJ finals MVP’s 6-0, LBJ 2-2.

  44. Tim says:

    LOL @ these people saying Durant can’t beat LeBron for MVP. You guys are all blind and brainwashed. KD is outplaying him to this point and his team has a better record. Oh, and never forget he has less help and is in a tougher conference.

    • Cball13 says:

      KD inauspiciously was born at a bad time. He is an incredible scorer and has become a real leader in OKC. He deserves recognition for his scoring and crunch time performance, but LeBron is the MVP. KD’s numbers are comparable to LeBron’s, but less efficient and definitely not so much better that they outshine what LeBron does on the defensive side of the ball.

      • Rocketman says:

        LeBron is a great player but is he on the level of Hakeem or Michael Jordan? No if he was that great he wouldn’t have to go to a store bought team to win championships. Hakeem and Michael were two great players who could dominate a game and didn’t need future hall of famers or a dream team to win a title!

  45. Knowz says:

    Outrageous is one thing, but some are just stupid.. Howard going 20/20? Kobe a 50 point game? A draft pick talk when there’s teams and players to be talked about?

  46. Tim says:

    I’ve been checking every 15 minutes for like 3 hours to check on Kyrie only to see on some random site his knee is fine. You guys seriously need to be more on top this kind type of stuff. Sheesh, aren’t there ANY professionals working on this site??

  47. 3ptdagger says:

    Fran, there’s no way in a frozen tundra that the Rockets will even make it to West Semi-Finals. Keep dreaming.

    Indiana has a good chance of winning the East because they have remained healthy. But I would never count the Heat out.

    As long as OKC gets back Westbrook and he stays healthy, I can see them going back to the Finals. If not it will probably be Portland, while San Antonio remains a probability but their stars are aging.

    • Rocketman says:

      Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.Rockets will at least make it to the second round.Rockets will be better second half of the season and if they make a trade who knows.I give them 1-2 years they will compete for a title.
      In the West anything can happen I mean anything.There are a lot of great teams in the west and anybody can upset
      anybody.Just ask Dallas what Golden State did to them in the past!

  48. llol says:

    Considering Sekou does the MVP ladders, we will not see LeBron on top this season…

  49. JAY says:

    Bold prediction Akshay Manwani, predicting that the team with the best record in the NBA will win the NBA championship. How outrageous.

  50. silencio says:


  51. hog says:

    um, i hope some of these predictions will end up not right at all, particularly the ones who are predicting the Finals, HOPE THEY ARE WRONG

  52. Ryan says:

    Pacers winning it all? That IS outrageous, picking the team with the best record in the NBA to win; ludicrous lol. And even though I’m a huge Pacer fan, Chuck is right, PG24 will not win a scoring title. The Pacers are just too much of a team. Let KD win his scoring title and lose again, Peyton Manning of basketball; choking on his numbers in the playoffs.

  53. hopeman says:

    i think the mvp and different awards every year is becoming full of sheet as the video games awards, movies awards etc.. there is the media thing, and at the opposite, the reality. now you have to check the reality carrefully by yourself, don’t eat all the propaganda.

  54. hopeman says:

    chuck, +1
    (and really, but really, james is better than durant, so durant is tired with the reality ? ok they will give the mvp to durant, to be nice then. beeing nice versus basketball skills and wins, remember they gave the mvp to karl malone instead of the 23, to be nice)

    • jay says:

      You do realize it’s the MOST VALUABLE PLAYER award, right, not the “Best Player” award? Take Lebron out of Miami, how many less games does Miami win (still having Wade and Bosh). Take KD out of OKC, how many less games do the Thunder win? Pretty sure KD is more valuable than Lebron to his team.

      • Tyrone Slothrop says:

        Oh, does KD lead his team in every major category, plus FG%? Nah, I’ll take the facts over your speculation. Though, to be fair KD as of right now wouldn’t be a bad choice. Hell, if Jordan didn;t win it every year, then it wouldn’t be surprising that James wouldn’t either.

  55. Knicksfan717 says:

    All these predictions are wrong! Go talk BS guys

  56. Martin Chiaravalloti says:

    I think the authors are just plain wrong. The Heat will likely repeat and LeBron will likely repeat as the NBA MVP. Anyone betting against Miami and LeBron is not being objective.

  57. Chuck says:

    You guys must be sitting together in Boulder celebrating the new dope law. Paul George has games in which he can’t score, Kobe should get a medal if he ever plays again and Andrew Wiggins has mediocrity written all over him. He hasn’t improved since his junior year in high school and has too many badic flaws to fix. Yet, hacks still think he is the second coming of Lebron.

    My suggestion is to watch more games and write less. Dante Exum will be a superstar, Marcus Smart will turn a team around , Parker will be a superstar and Embiid will be a cornerstone.