Air Check: The Best Of Tommy

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — For NBA fans like us, there’s nothing better than League Pass. Having the ability to watch every game every night (and then again the next day) is heaven.

Of course, with local broadcasts, you get local broadcasters, which can be good and bad. It can be good, because these guys know their teams better than most national broadcasters. It can be bad, because these guys love their teams more than most national broadcasters. And they’re usually not afraid to show that love.

Air Check is where we highlight the best and worst of NBA broadcasts.

Happy New Year!

To tip off 2014, we have a brand new Air Check with some of Tommy Heinsohn‘s Heinsohnest calls from the last few weeks…

VIDEO: Boston broadcaster Tommy Heinsohn gets into it

The Boston Celtics have a new look this season, but their broadcasts still have the same flavor. If you’ve tuned in on League Pass, you’ve certainly caught some of it, as Heinsohn has been in rare form.

Here’s to more Heinsohning in 2014.


  1. pears009 says:

    background F-Bomb much???

  2. Shanoe says:

    Heinsohn is the “color” man for the games and does a great job. The 2 tenths of a second call is the best because Heinsohn is old school NBA and knows that many of the modern last second shot calls are BOGUS. The difference here is the Celtic nobodies have to tap. There is a huge double standard. With the same time left LeBron gets to catch turn and shoot. Sure. Total garbage. The NBA is a terrible product.

    Heinsohn has forgotten more about basketball than the kids posting here will ever know.

  3. LS says:

    Love Tommy and Mike! They’re an excellent balance for each other. They “call the game” instead of gossiping like a bunch of old ladies to the point that you have to mute the tv to enjoy the game.

  4. hopeman says:

    but hey it’s the new year, so i hope this article will not make this guy fired, i think he was doing this before my birth, but someone has to talk to him, like man try to correct some really bad habits because now the majority of us who are awhatching games are really annoyed but this trolling attitude, even fans of boston.
    you have right to sell your team and all the positive points of your familly, you know your celtics, i understand that, sell them, talk about them, but don’t spit on the others, don’t LYE with OBVIOUS images and replays, it’s television, we see it, and when you start your pathologic pro boston thing, you sound like a fool. but you are not one, you do this on purpose, so stop it or i am sure you will not last long. people are starting to look what you are doing, correct it or you will finish private broadcaster at home. players sometimes need to change their attitude, do the same. you are a pro

  5. hopeman says:

    man i understand the thing, local tv guys have to be a little more for the local team but for boston, the professionalism limit is destroyed and sometimes i don’t have enough courage to listen trolls over trolls over trolls, so annoying that i often switch on another game. the guy is so toxic, he doesn’t talk about basketball, 2 hours of propaganda, highlighting every boston plays, not saying anything or beeing negative when a player from the opposite team do something good. this guy is a angry fan, not a tv guy.

    For example i like the spurs guy, clearly for their team but professional with the guest team, cleveland guys too, super enthousiast with the cavs (too much sometimes) but in a funny way, and nice with the guests team too, not minimizing or lying about what is happening on the court. healthy broadcasting

  6. BMelo says:

    I am a die hard fan and have been for over 30 years. When I watch the Celtics I have to mute the game because It’s annoying to listen to these two. It’s always the Celtics way to them. I would rather listen to a neutral announcer.

  7. Septua says:

    One wonders about the age of Tommy’s critics.

  8. TNCeltic says:

    Every Celtic fan knows it’s not a complete game unless Tommy and Mike are calling it. Love to listen to them! The Celts are all about tradition, and Tommy is a proud part of that tradition!

  9. pokie says:

    Get you pants back on, Tommy!

  10. lordroadkill says:

    ALL Hail The great Tommy!!!!

  11. Tim says:

    I’m a proud supporter of Tommy Heinsohn. You guys who are acting like you don’t know he is dont realize that he’s not only a Hall of Fame player and coach who contributed greatly to the Celtics dynasty, but he has been calling games both nationally and for the Cs for a very, very long time. Think for a moment about all the crookedness and ineptness we have seen from the officials over the years, nod think about how much longer Tommy has been around than you. Seeing that much crookedness and ineptness would make any honest man a little volatile and Tommy isn’t required to toe the line for anyone! You guys rushing to the aid of the officials are really a funny bunch, has history shown you nothing? To boot, Tommy is a fantastic painter.

  12. Tim says:

    LOLLLL wow…

  13. UKR says:

    Nope guys.. you’re drunk… He’s legend, he knows what real basketball is, not that flopball joe crawford type basketball.. And it’s time to fine some refs.. there were too many bad decisons in last few years..

    Mike and Tommy …one of the best crew all time

  14. Al says:

    This guy doesn’t deserve to have such a great job. He is disgusting and has no talent. He sounds like a derelict and belongs on the street not on television.

    • Deano says:

      Are you serious? Tommy Heinsohn, former Celtic champion, coach, and colour commentator for the past 30+ plus years has no talent? Check yourself fool, Tommy is not only insightful as a former player and coach, but is hilarious too. No game is complete without commentary from Tommy

  15. Rocky says:

    That call on Sullinger was really bad imo. All he did was grab the rebound and the other guy initiated contact. Ref was wrong there. Heinsohn’s reaction is understandable.

    • Another Heat Fan says:

      I gotta agree that one was a bad call. Sullinger got to it first the other guy jumped late and landed on sullinger’s foot how is that a foul…

  16. Willy Spurd says:

    I think he is drunk too! And also thinks he is still the coach? He is courtside you know, and the refs can hear him when he goes off like that. Fine him! Or better yet, slap him with a T!

  17. OKC says:

    Wow celtics fans sound brutal… and drunk.