Cavs Suspend Bynum Indefinitely

Andrew Bynum's passion for the game has come under question. (Ned Dishman/NBAE via Getty Images)

Andrew Bynum’s passion for the game has come under question. (Ned Dishman/NBAE via Getty Images)

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — The Cleveland Cavaliers announced Saturday morning that they have suspended center Andrew Bynum “indefinitely” for “conduct detrimental to the team.” Bynum did not travel with the team to Boston, where the Cavs and Celtics will play at 1 p.m. ET on Saturday.

Bynum has played in 24 of the Cavs’ 28 games this season and has started the last 18. He’s had his highs and lows, but has looked rather stiff at times and has shot 42 percent. The Cavs have been worse both offensively and defensively with him on the floor than they’ve been with him on the bench.

Bynum missed all of last season with knee issues and his desire has been questioned since he was in high school. According to Yahoo!‘s Adrian Wojnarowski, it may be that lack of desire that’s at the center of the suspension…

Random thought: This situation may be another reason to appreciate Phil Jackson, who was somehow able to get productive play out of Bynum. Of course, Bynum averaged a career-high 18.7 points and a career-high 11.8 rebounds over 60 games in his final season in L.A. … under current Cavs coach Mike Brown.

Two years later, Bynum isn’t the same player and his career in Cleveland could be over. ESPN’s Brian Windhorst reports that the Cavs are trying to trade him…


  1. Dograt says:


  2. OG Tony says:

    I would like to know what happen, Cavs just said to go home but why?

  3. jimbo says:

    Hey, novel idea… Bynum back to Lakers. He could rotate with Hill and do his own thing under the basket. Perfect fit for D’Antoni’s “no plan” offense. His defense is as capable as Kaman’s. The Buss bunch shelled out $50mil for a 35 year old, so this 26 year old should fit into their plan (??).

  4. tv63 says:

    People have this story all wrong bashing Bynum and the Cavs. It’s just a reality check folks. He’s NEVER going to get better than what you see right now. He can’t run and he can hardly jump 3 inches off the floor. He did try and worked very hard and THIS IS IT! He’s a very frustrated young man depressed about his situation. WHo the hell wouldn’t be at 26 years old? NBA is a business and they are cutting bait with him. THey are better off investing play time for another player who will get better physically than Bynum will ever get with those shot knees. Wouldn’t be surprised that was what the conversation was before practice before he went OFF on everyone.

  5. Chris Smugerski says:

    Wish the Nets could grab him. Kevin Garnett would give him an ear full all right…

  6. Chilly says:

    Do not discount that Bynum is doing what many did long before him, forcing his way out of a bad situation. He know the Cavs will need to make a vision in early January, so he is simply adding fuel to the fire. It is rumored he wants to play for either Miami or Clippers. He has been spoiled by early success, and probably by a quality coach and organization as well. it is probably hard for him to come to terms with his current situation. I will tell you this, as a Heat fan, I would not be surprised to see Miami show interest in the 26 year old. Fans hold grudges but execs are business people. 20 mins a night of Oden and Bynum would be enough to dominate the NBA. Miami would then trade Joel for a 2 nd rounder. We could finally remove Shane from the starting lineup, and eventually have the youngsters Cole, Oden, and Beasley coming off the bench. This might just turn out to be Decision II. The Cavs inadvertently helping Miami again. Bynum is not going to allow teams he does not want to play for claiming him off waivers. Some players only seem to thrive in certain environments, and Bynum might be one of them.

  7. Hugh says:

    Wow,what a JOKE! No heart and that is what you MUST have to be a top notch player over the course of a career. Makes you really appreciate Phil,Kobe and Pau and what they were able to get out of this lazy a** kid. Typical of todays youth,no desire and no work ethic,at least for the most part. Just my opinion.

  8. Sal mart says:

    bynum will make the clippers real contenders, they need a true center.

  9. Raptorsfan says:

    why would he need to work a 9-5… he already has millions

  10. Toocrunk says:

    Bynum is rich, he is still young, he has a couple NBA championship rings and he is healthy currently. I would get out of the league if I was him. He has no more points to prove. It gets tiresome being away from family and friends….Especially when he doesn’t have to be away from them. I am a hoop fan, but I also understand that the players are people! I’d take my millions and LIVE LIFE! I don’t travel as much as NBA players do, but all that constant traveling gets old. For those that are hating….Remember that the NBA is just a job for him and entertainment for us. Bynum owes no one anything. If he doesn’t want to play them that’s he choice. He is a man…..not a slave for our entertainment.

  11. Adblurrr says:

    If Bynum joins the heat. LeBron and Bynum will get there 3rd ring.

  12. Alfonso Gadin says:

    Trade him to Lakers. I think he has homesickness… Bynum is very powerful center during his LA days .

  13. Val G V Geriosa says:

    I think that he doesn’t like basketball anymore. I think he’ll retire

  14. dustydreamnz says:

    Ok, so lets say he goes to Miami? What happens to Greg Oden?

  15. J says:

    Trade for Thabo Sefalosia!

  16. Laker4Life says:

    Bynum back to LAKERS
    L.A. need a strong guy in the paint

  17. justsayin says:

    And Heat fans, check the trade machine and explain to everyone how that (acquiring Bynum) is going to happen. (unless he is released to free agency)

  18. justsayin says:

    Somewhere J.J. Barea is laughing.

    But Bynum will probably get another chance anyway. An anonymous quote isn’t incredibly credible, and sometimes players and coaches just have personality clashes. It happens. I don’t like him, but can’t help being curious where he’ll wind up. Particularly since his contract for twelve million will have to be exchanged for some other serious contracts.

    I guess we’ll be seeing what comes of it soon.

  19. BURN says:

    If I were the Cavs I would dump him into D league obscurity till he begs for mercy to be released from his contract. That will teach him to respect his NBA opportunity! That would be money well spent!

    • tv63 says:

      D League can’t improve those shot knees. He ‘s lashing out because he knows he will never get better than what you see right now. He can’t run and he can hardly jump 3 inches off the floor. It is what it is and it’s sad for this 26 year old who will be retired very soon.

  20. clay says:

    waived him.. easy pick for the heat!

  21. Unknown says:

    Trade him to Oklahoma.

  22. Midata says:

    Oops..! Watch for Miami….xD

  23. blackmussu says:

    This young guy has the chance to be one of the greats, but he refuses to grow up. Size and ability are not enough to make it in the NBA. You’ve got to have a strong mind and lots of heart, as well.

  24. Ace83 says:

    He’s shown throughout his career that he is immature and unprofessional, seems like we can now add disinterested and unmotivated to that list as well. And if that is the case, Cavs should cut him and he should reitre, seems like that would be the best outcome for everyone. He’s useless to the Cavs and any other team if he doesn’t want to play. Take the millions you stole from Philly and be gone, A.B.

  25. a a winner says:

    How many 26-year olds do you know that have stayed in the same career for 10 years? Maturity is the main factor here. Think about it. A 17-year old man-child gets drafted into the NBA (a lottery ticket in and of itself) and not just to any team but the winning Lakers (I’m a Heat fan by the way), gets to play with some of the best players in the world as his team mate, is a starter, coached by the best (Kareem included) and then wins two championship. Aside from the money…aside from the fame…how can we judge this 26-year old (still a kid) for not wanting to play anymore? When you start at the top so young, it’s easy to take your path for granted. He can always come back in a few years after he matures.

  26. juan says:

    i smell heat nation. it would be great if he land in miami

  27. ElvinSGhadfdsf says:

    I smell BROOKLYN NETS For AB

  28. absssports says:

    Crazy thought…its all a ploy by Kobe and Lakers to land back the big man? Odom is en route as well? Hmm

  29. CrookedRIver says:

    I’m curious to read what Bynum really said! At least he gave the cavs more than Philly and at a quarter of the price.. Sounds like he called out management.. only in Cleveland though I hope the team gets it together

  30. lol says:

    They gunna trade him to Utah or milwakee to teach him a lesson lol

    • kobefanjay says:

      yeah why do those teams exist? im not trying to be funny…

    • BURN says:

      teach him a lesson and drop him in the D league to waist away in obscurity. don’t destroy another team with this guys total lack of respect for his NBA opportunity.

  31. sanjay says:

    what a golden opportunity for the heat to pick him up. They have to take a serious look. Trade joel,jones with minimum with some bonus after winning or something?( bynum loves shakin and all). Is it baking?

  32. sissy123 says:

    as a miami heat fan reaaaaaaaaalllllyy dont want bynum on this team. miami heat is full of players who are dedicated and motivated in winning and i dont want bynum to disrupts that. However we are really in need of a big man like bynum. with greg oden and bynum and bosh our defense will improve greatly. although im pissed at bynum for his lack of effort. some people will kill to be in his place. but i do understand him a bit in a way. not everyone has the same motivation as kobe to keep getting up no matter how many times they fall. bynum needs a strong motivated team that will keep him upright. a team like sas and heat and clipper wiill be perfect for him.

  33. S477 says:

    Though Bynum clearly has an attitude issue and has faced knee problems through out his career he has shown that when playing that he is a force in the middle. No one can teach size and he has that. He also has some of the best post moves in the NBA. With a presence like him in the middle for a contender will only help that teams chances of reaching the finals. He was the best center in the league when he played for LA and still shows signs that he has the ability to run the paint. Centers are a dying bread in this league. If I was contender I would go after him. Its not going to take much to get him. If you know bball you should agree or at least understand the need for a post presence in the playoffs.

  34. L Sanford says:

    I’m sure the young man will land on his feet. I hope we wait to hear the full story soon to be reported. I wonder why we judge so quickly. If this was our story we would want people to hear both sides. The Cavs and A B have history of not doing things right; let us not also forget LBJ reason for leaving. So let us stop and think for moment and see what happen. Born and sold Clevelander myself, I wouldn’t want anyone to prejudge my son. Good look A B and Cavs lets move on.

  35. Mike says:

    I’ll bet the Heat sign him for the minimum.

    3 peat is coming….

  36. theking0522 says:

    I think Miami will eventually pick him up. The guy showed he can play next to a leader, like he did with Kobe. In Miami, there are a bunch of veterans and Bynum will follow the leadership of Lebron (see Beasly). The locker room in Miami is all business. That is what Bynum needs. Furthermore, Miami won’t have to spend a penny in him if the Cavs release him. Bynum would love to go to a competitive team.

  37. t bone says:

    well when the smoke clears he’ll be in a HEAT uniform. Ha!!! THREE PEAT

  38. Carlos says:

    I think that Andrew Bynum is just a frustrated in Cleveland. I mean i can understand. Cleveland should be 3rd in the east they have good talent. thats just being wasted. I could see Bynum going to Miami or some low level team like Rpators or Bobcats.

  39. Juventus For Life says:

    AB to Spurs Or Heat

  40. heat says:

    I see AB going to MIAMI and getting yet another ring.

    • BURN says:

      Are you guys high? Miami doesn’t want AB! I think all of the people advocating for Miami to sign AB are fans of other teams hoping Miami sabotages themselves with this bum. If he’s so great sign him to your team. Ask Philly, LA, Cavs or JJ from the Mavs how great a player AB has been… why am I even typing on this site… stick a fork in him!

  41. Big E fan says:

    Andrew and the crew, get with Miami and give the heat a one two punch at center for ring three. Not talking anything away from CB and the rest of the front court crew whom are simply awesome but he could definitely be beneficial in my eyes.

    Go Heat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Raymond Harris says:

    I agree with Kobron, Let Miami get that brother the Dawning Of A New Ara.

  43. Sam Reyes says:

    bynum just dont like the cavs, he wants to be in a winer team, but thats a diirty way to get a ring.

  44. JosephG says:

    i think someone is about to take their talents to SOUTH BEACH

  45. sanjay says:

    clev has no future without bynum and vice versa.

  46. Juventus For Life says:

    Bro Andrew Bynum is cool but dudes a Pot Head . The summer of 2013 dude was getting high smoking weed in Amsterdam . I just dont think his head is in the right place . ( Talent Thats Going To Waste ) I think the best move for him is Greg POP in San Antonio and MIami Heat or even Chicago Bulls . . . . . . . . . Hey he could always be a Goal Keeper for a Soccer Team # Go Juventus !

  47. the prophet says:

    bynum needs a phil jackson, gregg popovich or maybe a respected superstar player like lebron james

  48. nrob says:

    miami will take him !!

  49. lol says:

    gg Bynum time to pack for china

  50. lbj says:

    bynum to the heat

  51. The Schoowow says:

    Slow down with your criticism. AB is problematic.sure he is, but he is anything but gone. Some organisations expect their players to be perfect. Both Andre Blatche and Javale McGee were crowned “Mental” in WDC Wizards.
    Blatche was released without terms, now he is “almost an all star” with the Nets.
    McGee before injury was so good that Denver released Kosta Koufos,
    DC Could not handle their young roster. They also released Nick Young.
    Neither their veterans, Butler and Jaimisson. One bad apple (Agent 0, Gilbert Arenas) resulted in a whole box of rotten apples.
    AB will be back, just like Birdman and KMart and all the others

  52. RafaelMercedes says:

    we want Bynum in miami, we dont care if he is bad behavior or whatever, come to us Bynum, we have a good place for you

  53. Anthony W says:

    Honestly I say he comes back to the Lakers when healthy and ready & have Phil Jackson have a talk with him. When he’s motivated he clearly dominates. We (Lakers) will take him back with open arms we need a center

    • kobefanjay says:

      no reason not to take him back…he was only traded because of the opportunity to upgrade in Dwight Howard…didnt play last year and is coming off an injury on a bad team…why not a second chance in L.A. ?

  54. Fabienne says:

    What is going to happen Bynum

  55. dustydreamnz says:

    He hasn’t looked injured to me, seems an effort thing because when he’s looked like he’s putting in he’s looked really good. Couldn’t wait for New Years to cause trouble.

  56. J4CK Nicholson says:

    I hope he’ll be amnestied and Lakers can pick him up on a veteran’s minimum and could still be a force with Kobe’s motivation and guidance.

  57. hopeman says:

    hmm, it looks like a big imposture C stole another 6 millions from a franchise this year. talented parasyte, paid to be one. skilled, scammers HOF

  58. Big T says:

    AB is still good they just are not using him right

  59. Ciugaz says:

    it looks like a mental problem, if it is he should retire, he’s not going to starve…it’d be a sahame though for the league losing a good and young player…

    • tv63 says:

      More physical than mental. His knees are shot and he WILL NEVER get better than what you see right now. That’s depressing fact for any 26 year old who use to be an All Star.

  60. Hr923 says:

    He’s a great Center, you can’t be that good at a sport u don’t care for… I think he’s tired of losing especially when you look at a team as talented as the Cavs. they should be atleast top 3 in the east!!

    • Robert says:

      Bynum needs to be accountable for his actions because he is a professional and his salary is considerable.Havng a facile behavior and being an adult should does not illustate a re ysponsibile professional with good conduct.

  61. Kobron says:

    It’s interesting to see all the condemnation offered by some of these posters. All you people who revel in calling others bums, or wash-ups, or whatever, should be careful about judging others. Bynum was instrumental in bringing two championships to LA. He didn’t play in Philly… He can’t seem to thrive in Cleveland. He obviously needs very strong leadership, a reasonably livable environment (neither Philly or Cleveland fits this bill), and the sense that the coach knows how to utilize his skill set properly. I hope he does wind up in Miami, and watch Pat Riley turn him once again to all-star form. If he’s such a bust, let’s make a trade Cleveland. How about Anthony, Jones, and Mason for Bynum straight up? I bet he’d flourish on Lebron’s team!

  62. wak9 says:

    I would kill to be a 7 foot nba center.

    I hate the guy for pissing away an amazing oppurtunity

  63. hazeykun says:

    is bynum now like the old shaq when he was with the cavs??

  64. KB24 says:

    Time to retire and go to college!

  65. Jereac54 says:

    We, as fans of basketball, can only speculate about what’s going on in Cleveland with Andrew Bynum. It is humanly common to draw conclusion without the facts. We as fans should just cool it and wait to see what happens!

  66. Shake says:

    most of you haven’t read or understood the article. HE DOESN’T WANT TO PLAY. Give him some rest. Could happen to anyone. No more trade, just retire man!

  67. Ry says:

    Man are they dumb hes only goin to get better takes,time hes jus comin off an injury his mind is not right he will come too they should be patient

    • tv63 says:

      He’s not ever going to get better than you see right now. His knees are shot! Did you not read how bad the MRI reports were? It’s amazing he can do what he’s done thus far. That’s why he’s so frustrated. WHo wouldn’t be?? He’s only 26 years old.

  68. fraekkedrenge says:

    Maybe one day we’ll know exactly what’s running through his mind…damn it!!! What a waste!!! Will be so amazed if any nba team accept this kind of problem in his roster…basketball future seems a bit dark for big man…maybe he doesn’t give a fuss about it…

  69. Very great player but the injuries are fatal… Anyone know what happen?

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  70. Person says:

    Wat if they trade omer asik for bynum? Lol i wonder wat dwight would think

    • skrutz says:

      I can’t imagine it happening, but thats actually… very interesting. For both teams.

    • BigBoy says:

      i would think bynum wants to be on a contender but also be the starting center. so dont see how houston would fit. they already have a big crybaby center with no jumper than cant play with dwight on the court at the same time (asik)

  71. Da Beast says:

    I was surprised when I saw teams were actually interested in signing Bynum before the season. I was right. Just drop the dude. He’s not going anywhere.

  72. Lakerman says:

    Can not believe this, not long ago, the team said he was a good player, worked hard, came early to work out, a team player guy. His career is done.

  73. okc2014 says:

    Are we jumping to conclusions about his suspension? The Cavaliers haven’t officially” stated why they suspended Bynum. Although we can certainly speculate. But it does sound permanent. If it’s true he doesn’t want to play, why did he even come back to play? And if that’s true, why would another team pick him up? Cavs were smart to sign him for 2 years, should have done 1. That’s what I was thinking they should have done when they resurrected him from the dead.

  74. huebejamin says:

    At least he can fall back on his bowling career!

  75. kobefanjay says:

    get bynum back to Lakers , then trade gasol for a player of value, then 1 free agent and 1 draft pick in the summer

    • Milen says:

      Pfffff the man is done, dude… the last thing LAL (don’t) need is another washed-up player, after Nash and (eventually) the old Kobe….

      • Milen says:

        Dont get me wrong though, I am a die-hard LAL fan despite of the fact that Jim Buss will eventually destroy this franchise… let’s hope there is a real businessman out there ready to save one of the most glorious teams in NBA history

    • BigBoy says:

      he said publicly his progression was stifled by playing with kobe and ur suggesting he goes back? man pay attention

  76. bynum shynum says:

    if anybody could use him and have him play well, it’s Pat Riley and the Heat. Phil did it for a couple years

  77. bynum shynum says:

    bynum has millions in the bank and he’s a 2 time champ (wow?!), while some players don’t even aspire to be where he’s at. he likely was a big boy that was told by the people around him that his best chance in life was the NBA, yet all the time he wanted to be a pro swimmer (shout our to Duncan) or something else. So he made it to NBA and was almost a star! with his head swollen he thought, why not, but his heart wasn’t in it from jump. he can go use his millions and buy a Starbucks from Magic and sponsor a swim team

  78. C says:

    Sounds like someone wants to be Amnestied. And then signed to a veteran minimum contract by a contender that needs a big man….(cough, heat)

    • DJ Fortine says:

      Unfortunately for the Cavs, the Amnesty clause only applies to players signed before the lockout. They’re stuck with his contract unless they can trade him.

      • Pihc says:

        Sorry but you’re wrong. Contract with the Cavs says otherwise. 6 mil if he makes it to January and 24 mil over two years if he does.

      • Tim NBA Fan says:

        Way too many people keep using the word “amnesty”. The “amnesty clause” is not the same as “waivers”. DJ Fortine is absolutely correct. Get your terms correct folks. Very soon there will be no teams in the NBA that will be able to use the amnesty clause. At that point it may never be available to any other team ever again (at least till the next CBA). So forget the word “amnesty”. Eliminate it from your NBA vocabulary.

  79. Get Ready Folks says:

    We’ll find out he’s gone broke a year or two after the nba finally sheds this bum

  80. joanneemery says:

    I don’t know it seems everywhere Mike Brown goes problems follow! Something is wrong with the offense and defense in Cleveland too much talent yet they can’t bring it all together Mike Brown was able to hide behind the greatness of LBJ but I never thought he was a good coach he seems more focused on money if you ask me! I don’t like the way Brown played Bynum this year and knowing the history of Bynum coaching is very important to any team he’s on!

  81. Bob M says:

    Bynum likes money, basketball is how he gets money. He may be a head case, but you can’t teach what the goold Lord gave him, immense size. He must really be a headache to suspend a big dude that has good low post moves and can block shots.

    • Sharpie says:

      I’m not a Cavs fan and rarely watch their games (unless it’s the highlights) but it sounds like suspending him wasn’t that big of a headache. According to their numbers they are better on offense and defense when he’s not playing.

  82. AC says:

    Guess what, who is going to want him now? Career is over. His only chance now would be overseas, not in the NBA. And I can’t see him in some regular 9-5 day job. His work ethic stinks to high hell. He was a complete loser, total fail here in Philadelphia. Now he has been Cleveland’s problem. “Never liked it that much?” Yet, how rare is it for someone to get into the NBA in the first place.

  83. djavan says:

    Let’s all give credit to Magic’s GM for not picking up AB on that Dwight trade to L:A

  84. Ian says:

    This article doesn’t mention his injuries. What is the status of his physical situation?

  85. bynum shynum says:

    Bynum got his ring and millions and ready to retire. if he ever enters hall of fame I’ll stop watching nba. He’s always been a head case, a la JJ. Barerra clothesline and other anger management issues, but to hear he doesn’t even like the game says he has got to go and no team should want him…at all. makes me respect Greg Oden more for trying.

  86. Bill Kovacs says:

    What were the Cavs thinking in the first place? Bynum didn’t play at all last year with Philly I’m not surprised that he lost his zest for the game. Bad knees like he has can change his focus . Good luck !!!

    • wqasdtyujnhm, says:

      It’s called Giving A Chance and they have a ton of cap space too so it didn’t harm them signing Bynum

  87. Torro says:

    I can smell somethiiiiiing…. Terrible how Cavs handle this situation.