Report: Knicks’ Dolan In No Hurry To Make Trades, Change Coaches

VIDEO: Knicks coach Mike Woodson: ‘I’m pushing our team to win our division’

By sticking with the status quo, New York Knicks chairman James Dolan is betting on anything but from his beleaguered basketball team.

According to a report from’s Marc Stein, Dolan gathered the troops, a number of them sidelined by injury, before the first practice following the embarrassing Christmas Day blowout by the visiting Oklahoma City Thunder. The message Dolan sent: Coach Mike Woodson will not be fired, so get behind him and turn this still-salvageable season around.

Stein reports:

Knicks chairman James Dolan told New York players in a meeting Thursday that there are no trades or changes to the coaching staff forthcoming, has learned.

Sources close to the situation told that Dolan gathered the team before the first practice in the wake of New York’s embarrassing 29-point home loss to Oklahoma City on Christmas Day largely in an attempt to hush the growing speculation about coach Mike Woodson’s job security following the Knicks’ 9-19 start.

It’s believed Dolan took the step in an attempt to persuade Woodson’s players to band together and throw their full support behind the embattled coach to help dig New York out of the sizable hole it finds itself with essentially one-third of the regular season in the books, the sources said.

Despite its 9-19 record, accrued in no small part by a devastating number of injuries, the Knicks remain in the thick of the Atlantic Division race, just three games behind leader-by-default Toronto (11-15) and 2 1/2 games behind second-place Boston (12-17).

Ground can be quickly made up (or lost) starting tonight when the Knicks begin a home-and-home series with the Raptors at Madison Square Garden (7:30 ET, League Pass), where New York is just 4-11. Saturday night the teams will meet in Canada.

When Woodson spoke with reporters after Thursday’s practice, the first after the 29-point beat down by the Thunder, the coach said he still believes his team can reverse its fortunes and overtake the division:

“We won it last year, and I expect us to win it this year. The beauty about all of this that we’re going through is nobody’s running away with it in our division and I’m pushing our team to win our division still. … Eventually we’ll get healthy, and we’ll see how it all plays out.”

A significant push in the health department would include the return of leading scorer Carmelo Anthony, who missed the OKC game with a left sprained ankle suffered in Monday’s win over Orlando. He remains day-to-day heading into tonight’s game.

Starting point guard Raymond Felton (groin) does not look good to play in the next two games and possibly beyond. Pablo Prigioni (fractured right big toe) announced after Thursday’s practice that he’s still not ready to go.

Without their best players, the Knicks might not stand much of a change no matter who is coaching the team. How critical is the two-game set against Toronto? After it, the Knicks hit the road for three games: at San Antonio (Jan. 2), Houston (Jan. 3) and Dallas (Jan. 5). Those squads are a combined 28 games over .500 and 26-6 against the Eastern Conference.

Then the Knicks return home to face Detroit (Jan. 7) and Miami (Jan. 9).


  1. thespectator says:

    melo is out…it would be foolish for him to stay with this sorry knicks team…then again if hes only about money and not about rings, my statement is truly false

  2. kenny says:

    perkins first round draft pick for chandler

  3. Rndell mitchell says:

    Leave the cavs

  4. Rndell mitchell says:


  5. Rndell mitchell says:

    Melo should just take less money and join the heat. Lebron, Wade, Bosh, and Melo are all good friends. So why not become one in Miami? This whould be just like the Olymics. You already have a great system in place with Miami (and you have Pat Riely). You may not like what I am saying now; however, Melo wants to win now and by anymeans possible. Just look what happaned to Lebron when he first join the Heat, versus what happened when they started winning championships. People are going to like and dislike NBA players regardsless. Don’t wait to your end of your career to make a change to a good team. Just look at what Michael Jordan/ S. Pippen did to all those famous hall of famers whose heart they broke and wish they won a championship. Prior to this year, melo is already established as an elite scorer (see T. Mack). Do you really think melo will not make the Basketball Hall of Fame, if he joins the Miami Heat? Hmm. In conculsion, don’t be surprised when Melo leaves for another team. You heard it here first. Same person who said Lebron James would most likely the Cavs.

  6. Chris says:

    If he wants Lin back, which I can tell he does! simply trade Shumpert and/or Stoudemire to Houston for him. Jeez.

    Melo Deserves a ring. But at this rate..

  7. fel bugante says:

    only team melo could win a ring is with spurs, knicks needs to change coach with good defensive intelligence, defence is always the key for a successful team… good coaches that are out for grab are phil jackson, larry bird, isaih thomas, lionel hollins , stan van gundy…. new york needs a low post threat…

  8. Shawn Kemp No. 1 says:

    Woodson should have resigned by now, even if they can get better they can’t get A LOT better

  9. Vaughn Blannon says:

    Melo not gone play with kobe i think he should go to the Bulls

  10. NOREMAC says:

    fire Mike Woodson and hire George Karl.. George Karl makes Carmelo Anthony better and the whole team.. just like Larry Brown and Allen Iverson.. just sayng!

  11. Melo says:

    Most of the comments here are unfounded and speculative. Kobe Bryant is far from done, Last year was one of his best ever and there is no reason to believe that after he gets back in “the flow of basketball”, he will regain his winning swagger.
    To say that having two great scorers on one team is detrimental to that team, well that is just pure fiction. When I play next to another great player it raises my level up one more notch to supreme elite and possibly the greatest (Did you see me in England?). Having confidence that I do not have to do everything is relief for my mind and my body. It makes me elite.
    The next generation Lakers will be like “80’s showtime”. Of course generally the fans back then cursed the Wilkes led lake show for bringing in Kareem. And then bemoaned drafting Magic, and surely rallied against Worthy. All those scorers would have surely ruined that chemistry.
    I am coming to the Lakers. So are other stars. And we can afford to play for less because Kobe is buying our meals! I must also add Kobe makes that franchises billions of dollars….billions…….billions, it’s beyond our scope of understanding. Spending 40 mil to make 2 bil is rudimentary math,

  12. Jon Exume says:

    All I want to say to this post is that the knicks are horrible. I have been a fan all my life and its disappointing to watch this team. The knicks need to trade melo to the clippers for blake griffin. Thats the best move they can make. Wait till the off season and make a play for rajon rondo. Everyone else ca go except tim hardaway jr. He is the only bright spot we have on this team. I might keep prigioni as well. But everything else has to go. We should of amnestied stoudemire instead of billups a few years ago. Had we done that we could of landed a player this year to play with Melo. Possibly a dwight howard or someone else. The organization has made plenty of bad moves. We might end up as the worst team in the league and can’t even get a draft pick. Who has our pick this year. Oh its denver. Wow how bad decisions have totally tanked this season. We should of never signed jr smith to that contract. He played the organization. Trust me no one would have signed him. We could of signed him to another low end 1 year deal and then let him go to the free market. Now we got 3 years and about 20 million in a sub par player. He will never be the same guy from last year. His head is not in the game. All knicks fans should petition on the knicks website to dump this season and move melo now. So we could build a new team.

  13. okc2014 says:

    I can’t wrap my mind around this dead issue. The bigger and real issue is I’m so sad that Westbrook is out. Get better!

  14. JLin7 says:

    The Lin curse, Dolan, it’s the Lin curse…

  15. Kome the Black Dumba says:

    I love LA fan boys. Always an expert on trade whoever for LA or fire (any coach).

  16. hopeman says:

    no hurry, the team is atrocious since 96, i’m sure the knicks fans can wait 15 years more with catastrofic front office and players.
    sure, no hurry

  17. NIno says:

    Kobe, sorry.

  18. Freida says:

    It was okay for LA to win in 2009 and 2010 and why not LeBron and Miami Heat. LeBron is the best player in the league now. It was okay for the basketball universe when Kobe won in 2000, 2001 and 2002. So why should the Lakers keep winning rings and not the Miami Heat? The ratings are not going down. The ratings were sky high when Miami went against San Antonio. Just because you may not like LeBron doesn’t mean the basketball universe is falling. LeBron has the highest selling jersey in the world. So if you don’t like the basketball league now, don’t watch it!

  19. dustydreamnz says:

    Quite well said Sonny but even if Melo did go to L.A he would need help other than Kobe.

  20. LBJKIN6JAMES says:

    The Knicks don’t need to completely overhaul their whole team, they need to wait for Amare’s contract to expire and they need to trade Melo or let him walk this summer.

    • Sonny Corinthos says:

      Absolutely, the Knicks need to start moving things around now. Trade Tyson Chandler and Iman Shumpert for Pau Gasol and Steve Blake (also through in J.R. Smith because we all know that the Knicks want to get rid of him). Hopefully Melo will opt out of his contract and go to the Lakers with that trade move. That is the best chance for him, the Lakers organization and for the future of the league. Why not get a ring in LA? If we live in the era of having two to three superstars on one team why not. I cannot live in a world were Lebron wins every year. How as a fan of basketball is that interesting at all? Sorry that does not work for me and a whole lot of people. That’s why I have so much respect for Durant. Stayed in a smaller market reps and plays hard every night. The league treats Lebron like John Cena, shoving hype and bull down peoples throat, I don’t buy it. Melo if you listen to anything listen to this, go to LA and win one or at least two rings with Kobe before he’s done playing and that will be your franchise into the future. He will have a better chance, LA will be more profitable and NY will be able to make moves as well. Come on basketball universe start making sense again and be more intersting because as of late the ratings got to be falling off like boxing. Until the next time to make sense, Sonny out…

      • Bobby says:

        y would melo want to go to the lakers tey play in the much more difficult conference the east is where he needs to stay to make it easier on him to win a championship

      • NIno says:

        why not Koby coming to NY? Melo, I tell you, don’t pay attention to guy en stay in NY which is your franchise already and don’t to a place where there is nothing else but Kobe.

      • Pakyaw says:

        @sonny, obviously your a Kobe fan boi ,that always delusional and denial…no free agent wants to go to L.A. , until your Kobe god retires…

      • lol says:

        how is Durant in a small market? and how will Melo instantly win a championsip on a beat up Lakers team with an aging, injury riddled Kobe? Even if he went to LA, both him and Kobe would be fighting to play iso every possession and mess up the team’s flow.

      • Ian says:

        Melo will never win a ring.

      • NBA Fan says:

        That trade does not make sense salary wise and basketball wise. You have absolutely no clue how the teams work because you are just an LA fan. why in the world would Melo go to LA to play? Lakers just signed Kobe to 2 year Max deal contract. if Melo goes there for another Max deal, then LA has no Cap room to sign other players. They will have no defense and supporting cast which means no championship. Also, Knicks are Melo’s team, why would he want to go on Kobe’s team?

      • Seriously? says:

        lol…you ask Melo to listens to you ?

      • Helen Stendt says:

        Love the Lakers fan fiction. NY should trade the bad pieces, not the good ones…

      • 2014 BLazersChamps says:

        these laker fans are so delusional lol….melo will never win a ring even if he goes to Los Angeles……..Kobe couldn’t win a ring with Dwight Gasol Jamison etc in a tough Western Conference…..What makes you think he is going to win a ring now that the West is super stacked and Kobe is 37 years old. The only way melo wins a ring is if he joins a team like San Antonio or Indiana as a bench player

      • TommyDrew says:

        Kobe’s done. Only his ego is coming back. And as long as D’Antoni is coach it’s a bad fit for Melo, whether he wants to be there or not. His best fits for a possible ring or 2 are San Antonio, Dallas, Minnesota or Golden State in the short term, which is all he has, but they’re all gun shy of him for all the wrong reasons. His rep is worse than his skills. Look at his Olympic contributions. He is a coachable team player. Knicks aren’t getting any rings regardless of who they get for at least the next five years. Best they can hope for is East Finals. And don’t be too sure about LeBron-led Miami. They may have one more in them. Young guns are developing in the East also, Indiana, Washington, Charlotte, and don’t sell Boston short. You must have really hated Jordan and the Bulls, I did. So don’t get me wrong, I’m a Knicks fan, and a Melo fan, but I’m also a realist. He’s not a perfect player, but surrounding him with a bunch of hard headed mental midgets with low B-ball IQs isn’t gonna get the job done.

      • Brendan says:

        he would be better off taking a pay cut and going to clippers would have shot to win for sure also him and cp3 are friends lakers need to rebuild let kobe breack some records move everything they have for draft picks for this year and try to pick up again in the 2015-2016 season which will potentially be kobes last year. tank this year and spend all of next year building chemistry then try to sign whoevers left the year after that

  21. pio2u says:

    Read between the lines: “CHANGES ARE COMING!”