Bogut’s Fighting Spirit Wears Down Clips

VIDEO: Warriors notch a chippy Christmas Day victory over the Clippers

OAKLAND – Let’s see. Andrew Bogut and DeAndre Jordan scuffled when the Warriors and Clippers met Halloween night in Southern California, Bogut tried to frustrate Blake Griffin on Christmas night in Northern California and played combatant as Griffin was ejected early in the fourth quarter, and Bogut was nearly in an altercation after the buzzer Wednesday that included getting shoved in the back by Matt Barnes before the teams left the court.

Just maybe there is a pattern.

Bogut being in the middle of conflict is part coincidence — he didn’t do anything at the end to deserve the parting gift from Barnes — but also surely part plan. He wanted to wear on Griffin just as he would be willing to instigate his own teammates in practice if he felt the Warriors needed to rumble to find their inner fight. He will create havoc to generate stability.

Which brings him to Christmas at Oracle Arena. The Clippers went up by 13 points in the first quarter, but the chippy play heats up and the lead is down to two at halftime. It’s 78-78 with 10:43 left in the fourth. Griffin and Bogut got tangled. Both were called for technicals — the second for Griffin, an ejection.

Golden State wins 105-103.

“Honestly,” Clippers coach Doc Rivers said, “I thought we were kicking their butts, and they went to something else, to be honest.”

Rivers and his Warriors counterpart, Mark Jackson, both got questions from the media before the game after the so-called growing rivalry, and both brushed off the notion. There had been the rising temperatures of an October game, that’s all. Jackson grew up on the New York City playgrounds and participated in actual heated moments in the postseason. The coaches know real tension. This wasn’t that.

When the heat began to rise in the second meeting of the season, though, whether the neighborhood turf war was a rivalry or not, it was clearly something. Two games into the season series and two more to go — Jan. 30 at Oracle and March 12 at Staples Center — there is clearly a lot of not getting along to try to pass it off as just another opponent.

“We like them,” Jackson said after. “Merry Christmas.”

Or something like that.

“The little thing between me and Blake, I don’t think he should have been thrown out,” Bogut said. “Just get up and brush it off and go down to the other end, in my opinion. That kind of stuff doesn’t bother me too much.

“It’s not like I go home and pencil the Clippers in and say, ‘I’m going to be physical and try to get a technical foul and try to give the league money.’ That’s just the way the game went. He was being physical, I was being physical, and we both didn’t take a step back and that’s how it should be. I think it’s good spectacle for you guys (the media) and the fans.”

For all the attention that goes to his defense, rebounding and passing, demanding intensity through toughness is one of the primary contributions Bogut provides that’s largely unseen in public.

Early in his career here, after he arrived via a trade with Milwaukee and as he was healing from a lengthy ankle injury, he said he wouldn’t hesitate to start a fight in practice if he felt teammates needed to be, um, called out. He would be insistent and unforgiving in the way a lot of rosters need to be held accountable.

It just hasn’t been very necessary with these Warriors, a mature group that last season consistently played with energy, even as they relied heavily on three rookies who did not flinch as the pressure grew throughout 2012-13. This season, though, has been more of an emotional struggle. That focus from last season is lacking as Golden State played with a target on its back for the first time and too often failed to meet the burden during what has improved to a 17-13 start.

There have been times in practice where fights seemed possible — “We’ve been close,” Bogut said, “we’ve gone at it. Guys are talking smack and it gets pretty testy” — but the Warriors have yet to cross that line with punches thrown, he said. It doesn’t seem necessary with this team that will play hard without the internal conflict, however temporary.

But Wednesday against the Clippers, it was a different story.

“Blake Griffin was hot and I tried to do everything in my power to try and frustrate him and stop him,” Bogut said. “I didn’t want him to get thrown out. I just tried to make life tough for him, and that’s the way it worked out. I’m going to give extra-effort plays and dive on the floor and take charges, and I think guys see that. I think without words, you see a guy doing that, and I think it can give us a spark.”

It did on Christmas night, among other times, with Griffin in the locker room down the stretch and the Warriors adding another in the win column. That’s the real pattern Bogut is trying to establish.

VIDEO: Blake Griffin talks about his ejection vs. the Warriors


  1. Lakers-Warriors-Suns says:

    For those Clippers fans: who went deeper into the playoffs last year? Oh yeah, the Warriors!!!!

  2. Lakers-Warriors-Suns says:

    Im back!!! BTW go Warriors!!!

  3. Paul says:

    Mark Jackson played dirty with the Pacers since he & Reggie Miller could not beat good teams (Bulls) legitimately. Jackson says he is a preacher, does not cuss, but is a dirty coach & a hypocrite. He portrays an image but is like those phony Evangelical preachers. He is out for the $. NBA needs to discipline the Warriors.

  4. RJ says:

    There are some incredibly dumb comments on here. Griffin wrapped an arm around Bogut. Bogut tied him up, and Griffin, for once, wasn’t really the one wrapping someone up. He let go. There should have been no call at all on Griffin. Probably a tech on Bogut. It was a botched call. That’s it.

  5. Bruce Bowen says:

    Not impressed

  6. #30 says:

    Bobcats,,,Clippers for contender? they lose 4 in a row after 2-0 lead on Grizz.
    Year before, they were swept by Spurs. You must be joking.
    It was really horrible officiating by ref that night. BG should not be ejected.

  7. Pd says:

    Last time I checked clippers are leading the pacific … Seems like a lot of jealousy from the warriors since they are suppose to be on the leader board after last year but has been a bust early … Lots of frustration from their fans and team so let them have the game

  8. okc2014 says:

    Had Blake Griffin not been ejected, Clippers would have won that game. But in all fairness, Matt Barnes is a dirty player.

  9. c man says:

    just read theleagues comments about the clipsgame. do the refs now get fined? do they apologize? no they don’t/ do they get further training as these apparently need. do, the boguts of the nba get penalized for their confessed non basketball tactics? doesthe coach who encourages such non basketball tactics get fined? no . bogut is a goon who hides behind the incompetent refs.. he and his coach hide and hide and say who me?? andthese are tough guys?? I have another name for such antics…and such characters.

  10. Farmboy says:

    Eric M fair play with the Green – Griffin incident (although what happened before the incident isn’t know); Bogut and Griffin you’re delusional, Griffin had Bogut initially from behind…what about Hollins hit on Bogut??? Bad luck dood, a number of people have already referred to the Love – Griffin incident days earlier. Seems to be one common element = Griffin. Others have commented on Paul’s immature behaviour post siren…he will be put in his place when he tries to snatch the ball like a misbehaving five year old = poor loser and unsportsmanlike.

  11. eric m says:

    i sit 5th row and i can tell you , some ref’s are 95% correct , but others seem to fall in the 75% category . which isnt gonna fly . it seems some have a chip on there shoulder against certain teams or players . is that fair ? stop with your “you must be a clipper fan ” b.s . it aint so funny when it happens to your team , not once but over and over in a single game . one of these days there gonna start a riot with that nonsense . or a player is gonna attack a referee for blatantly bad calls . it might be a game but to the players its there lively hood and career and can make the difference between success and failure .

  12. WallyQ says:

    I think that those referees should be fined too for every bad calls that they made. If NBA players are being fined why not those referees? It cost the Clippers a game.

  13. ripcity says:

    Andrew Bogut is going from a tough basketball player to a cheap-shotting chump right in front of our eyes this year. Can’t wait for him to come visit us up here in Portland…

  14. Raghu says:

    Karma you Clipper fans. The other day you used barnes to eject Ibaka. You remember, don’t you?

  15. ampath says:

    First of all, you can’t go into Oracle Arena thinking you can get rowdy in front of the net and clean up the arguably holiest team in the NBA on Christmas day. With a healthy don’t-take-no-attitude Bogut guarding the rim, you’d be in for a rude awakening. Shaq said it the last time these two teams met- “Bogut ‘aint no chump.” We saw a handful of phantom calls go the Clippers way in the first half and that may have contributed to some of the tension and frustration we saw in the second half. But, the referees weren’t the deciding factor as the Warriors had already gained the momentum and the game was tied when Griffin was ejected. It’s puzzling how the Clippers think they deserved to win that game when they failed to build a larger lead early on and kept the Warriors knocking at the door. This is the NBA, you need to come out and play your best basketball in order to win- there’s no excuses. The Clippers just weren’t good enough this time. Regarding Green’s “elbow” to the neck- he deserved to get ejected, but in reality barely made any contact and Griffin opportunistically sold it like he usually does, which is OK. But, Griffin walked right into the T when he got into it with Green after the play. By going after the player you’re showing that you “aint no chump” and are accepting a T for your own dignity. Bogut will do that in a heartbeat without complaining about it after the game. Griffin’s ejection was deserved because the league has a 2T policy (unfortunately)- he should have been wise to that and backed off the big man a little, but instead he played right into it. That’s the risk you take when you play at a high level of physicality like Griffin does. He needs to be aware that if he’s going to push, opponents will push back with equal intensity or harder. Lastly, it’s ironic that the Clippers would complain about this type of rough-and-tumble basketball when they’ve gone out and signed players like Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes, who’ve both had problems with controversial plays and fines. They were both involved in the altercation after the buzzer- Jackson who didn’t even play and Barnes going so far as to shove Bogut in the back and then pretend to be peacemaker.

  16. jay says:

    A win is a win stop whining clips fans dam lol

  17. Clippers and Warrior fan says:

    C’mon guys – look at the reply (2nd tech) – blake and bogut both go hard at it – blake wins the rebound with alot of contact and kicks the ball out. Shot goes up, blake bear hugs bogut to get position and they get tangled – yes bogut hangs on to his top – big deal – then blake gives him a little push – as blake said in his interview (in which he sounded like a school kid involved in a fight trying to sound like the victim) he was just trying to get bogut to let go. Double tech? Should have been a double foul – nothing wrong with the umps stopping the game and having a word to them is there?, not technicial – but if the nba is trying to control the little bit more aggressive play then fair enough. Deliberate tactics? Really? Box out hard and and hold your man out is what I got taught – game tied at 78 a piece with 10 to go….I’d be going as hard as I could to stop my player coming into the paint. Chris Paul should get a slap on the wrists with his play after the final buzzer. Bogut has the ball and he comes up and tries to take it out of his hands well after the buzzer – thats a sort of action that just causes trouble – hence Barnes coming in for the push on the bogut after he basically gave paul a little shove…..I can see Barnes getting into trouble just because of Paul’s dumb play…bit unfair and childish on paul’s behalf. Blake should also play the line that bogut did – “we played hard – there was contact – no-one should have been ejected – get on with it”

  18. Lil' Baller says:

    Dubs fan here, I agree Blake should not have been ejected.

    But let it be said: ANYONE that mentions refs not being kind on a CONSISTENT basis on the biggest flopper in the NBA (Chris Paul) as well as Blake Griffin, needs to SIMPLY STOP TALKING. It’s asinine how many insanely idiotic fouls Paul drew where he barely got bumped, and this is a consistent pattern with him. This particular game had poor officiating on both ends, but Paul and Griffin get no mercy in my eyes.

  19. Tom says:

    Look – let’s be honest – the Grizzlies and now the Warriors have figured out that the Clippers can be punked. It’s not pleasant and Bogut and Randolph willingly take the Bill Lambier jobs. It’s not great basketball (won’t see Indy or Portland doing it). Simply, they managed to get away with it when Vinnie was coach, but they won’t pull this off with Doc on the other side of the bench.

  20. Chad says:

    There isn’t that big a deal to whinge about. No punches were thrown.

    Obviously bogut wanted to frustrate blake nothing wrong with doing that it’s part of the game.

    But wasn’t like bogut just went out to get him for nothing, blake bear hugged him first on that play.

    Bogut is a bit taller swinging his arms at shoulder level gets to the head of most players.

    Blake seems to intentionally put his head near arms of players anyway whether just plain stupid not to protect himself or wants to get hit on purpose to draw attention as the victim.

    That game a few days ago in memphis when he got elbowed by Love you watch the replay you can see love didn’t even swing his arms big, griffin put his face right into him. Kinda stupid of himself.

    The only thing wrong was that Blake got ejected. Everything else is just part of good physical basketball.

    Blake/Paul flop enough in the past him getting ejected is just balancing the scale a bit.

  21. Farmboy says:

    Majority of the comments are from Clip fans = sour grapes! As per a couple of informed and impartial comments Bogut was happy for Griffin to continue playing…and it was Bogut who was controlling the boards throughout the game and not Griffin. I think you’ll find that Griffin has just as many if not more wrestles with opponents across the course of the season than Bogut. As Bogut continues to gain further and continued trust in his body through the remainder of the season, Dubs should drop it down to him on the low block and let him go to work; three seasons ago the best left / right hand jump hook in the game. When this happens he’ll open the floor for the splash brothers and slashing Iggy and barnes and more easy points to Lee. If this doesn’t happen Dubs will be a disappointment and struggle to make Playoffs / progress past first round i.e. can’t recall a Chip team that relied almost exclusively on three point shooting.

  22. wakeup says:

    Bogut FTW! Bogut is underrated, he never backs down and one of the hardest working centres in the league. I honestly think he couldn’t care less about who he is playing against, and some players egos can’t handle that. If other players want to lose their cool because he is matching their physicality, thats their problem. But agree refs should go easy on the technicals especially when its bigs getting tangled up in the paint. Thats just part of the game.

  23. CL says:

    The Clippers are not exactly saintly players. Matt Barnes is prime example of a dirty player. Cheap shots taken at players in retaliation of clean hard fouls on their so called super stars who jokingly induce fouls. What is Doc Rivers teaching them? The Clippers need to stop whining. Blake and Chris need to start acting like basketball players and not Kia & State Farm actors. Maybe being in “Tinsel Town” got the best of them.

    Play ball like a REAL player or don’t play ball at all!!!

    • Caldron Pool says:

      See, this just proves everybody is hating on CP3 and Blake because they have already made more money than 99% of the league will ever make in their entire career. Just hating because they are ballin’ and rollin’. Its all good. Warriors are rockin’ the 8 seed, probably won’t even make the playoffs. Clippers probably won’t take a title this year, but they are progressing and at least competing. The fact that the Warriors are so desperate to beat them is really a huge complement to the Clippers. Warriors really admire the Clips and wish they were legit like them.

  24. cp3 needs a hug says:

    blake has been always doing this, grabbing, shoving people out of his way. be it jockeying up for a rebound or going for a fast break. if the opposing player does the same thing or stands ground, he flops like baby bron-bron (not cp3 level yet).
    check out that altercation with lamar odom (the one with washed out baron davis). the refs are right in doing what they did: they are just helping a cash cow grow up. they do not need another dywane wade.

    • Game Time says:

      Please provide one example when Blake has done anything like what was done to him. You can’t so stop lying to prove a point. Griffin fights for rebounds the way anyone else does in the NBA. Guys get tangled up sometimes and there’s some shoving, but he got hit with an elbow to the throat and then had Bogut elbow him across the face. This isn’t basketball, that’s called desperation to win.

      • brown_dog says:

        Why don’t you google “Andre Miller no likey Blake Griffin” for your one example. Griffin can be as cheap as anyone.

  25. Tim says:

    lol, doc calling another team dirty. kettle black much?

  26. Darryl Dribbler says:

    It was one game…Doc Rivers was making an a** out of himself…
    Bogut is right, Blake Griffin should not have been tossed. Because
    no punches were thrown and it was Bogut who got the Flagrant foul…get it?

  27. Average Joe says:

    Doc is getting a dose of his own medicine. He used to employ the same tactics when he was with Boston through his bruiser Perkins. True, nobody deserved a technical on that play, least of all Griffin. But it’s basketball. If you can’t handle that kind of physicality, you shouldn’t even play. I believe it was just meant to frustrate Griffin and ruin his play. I believe Bogut had no intention of hurting him. He was only holding on to Griffin’s shirt for crying out loud. He didn’t try to take him down. The swing and the backhand were just unintentional because Bogut and Griffin were grappling with each other. Bottom line, rules should be changed.

    • Game Time says:

      I guess when someone elbows a guy over the head an grabs his jersey the natural reaction is to just stand there huh? Griffin handles physical play better than anyone I’ve seen in a long time. He is constantly getting hard fouls and he doesn’t often react to them. After getting hit in the jugular I think he knew that he was being targeted….everyone else with watching with a brain could see that.

  28. Tim says:

    I think Bogut is a wuss. He always starts something and tries to act tough but then when the players react Bogut throws his hands up in the air, pretending he didn;’t do anything, and waits for refs to come break it up.

    • Dan says:

      Bogut is a tough player, he is also smart, which is a combination that never bodes well for Blake. I don’t think Blake deserved to be ejected but that is no reason to criticize Bogut’s game. He was not trying to hurt Blake, he wasn’t even trying to get him ejected, he was just trying to get inside his head because he knew that he could. If and when Blake learns how to deal with this sort of adversity, he might turn into the player so many think he has the potential to become; and he might start getting some calls.

  29. dustydreamnz says:

    Bogut is a dirty player, seen him play up many times before. I wanted Warriors to win but I agree Griffin didn’t do much.



  31. Kingoftrolls says:

    When the Warriors went to Staples, the Clips held a separate worship service when they usually had it with the Warriors.

    All these changed when Doc came to town. He likes to play these mind games which is his trademark with Celtics. And he has willing pupils in CP3 and Griffin who are the Flopper Bros.

    Basically Blake calls out the Dubs as “cowardly basketball”, if that is not incendiary, I don’t know what is. He should get fined big time. And what’s with Barnes shoving, after the game. Another fake tough guy act, mirroring KG. We’ve seen this script before. And the Oscar goes to Flop City!

  32. eric m says:

    thats two games in a row with horrible officiating . i was at the clippers -wolves game and that was just rediculous as far as bad officiating goes and now this . i think the league has it out for the clippers . not in there plan .

  33. Pit says:

    Jackson intentionally send his players to go after Blake, that is part of his plans in order for the Warriors to get rid of Blake because they could not control the backboard if Blake is on the floor.SHAME ON YOU WARRIORS and SHAME ON YOU JACKSON…PLAY LIKE A GENTLEMAN…

    • Average Joe says:

      This is basketball, dude. Plays like this happen all the time. If players let it go to their heads, then their teams usually lose, especially if they are star players. It’s sound basketball tactics. If a fan doesn’t want to see plays like this happen, then maybe that fan should switch to watching bowling, or pool or swimming. There are no physical plays there, right?

      • Game Time says:

        Really? Guys are getting intentional jabs at their throats all the time? Shut up you moron because it’s obvious you dislike the Clippers.

  34. justsayin says:

    Suuure he wasn’t trying to draw a technical, just like Jason Kidd wasn’t trying to spill his drink.
    Andrew how do you lie through your teeth to us all like that?

    Bogut, I name you Bogus from now on.

    And those refs as well, Blake LITERALLY didn’t even do anything on the second tech, and didn’t really deserve the first either.
    There will probably be punches thrown at the next game because these clowns couldn’t call the game right.

  35. Onehand says:

    If Blake Griffin wants to continuously bull his way to the basket knocking over anyone in his path with sanction from the league, and the media and fans who enjoy his commercial success and dunk machine style of basketball then I think Bogut and Draymond Greene and anyone who takes objection to this kind of “performance art” should be allowed to do what they can to keep their teams in the game in without having to put up with an unbalanced playing field. I have always been put off by the way league “stars” are given preferential treatment and bogus calls through out every game. Maybe they should stop Chris Paul from drawing fouls with that ridiculous moving his hand into the arms of the 2nd year defender when he’s going up for a jumper, or Jamal Crawford’s kicking out his legs when he goes up for a three…..These guys are all basketball players that grew up loving the game and ostensibly knowing the actual rules as they are written. Everybody wants to win and so who gets the victory when you have to watch arrogant, pampered ‘super stars’ have their way with the supporting cast, the refs and the fans….Just play basketball

  36. bodjee says:

    The NBA referees are killing the game and knowledgeable fans are losing interest in the game. As mush as it is the responsibility of the NBA to discipline the players it should also be the NBA responsibility to address the terrible officiating. I also think that the league should use off-court officials to review replays in order to speed up the game, and, they should not wait for another season to address this matter.

  37. KC says:

    If the League doesn’t make an official stance on this BS and fast, you are going to see other teams pulling this BS. Just take a guy that’s farther down in your rotation, and have him pull a cheap shot on the star player on the opposing team. Repeat, and that star gets ejected. The refs are really too easy to trick (or dishonest, one or the other). That game was probably a Clippers win if Blake didn’t lose his cool, but he was probably tired of getting hit and just letting it slide. If you don’t let the other team know you won’t take it they’ll just keep hitting you and the refs will just keep letting it happen.

    This is not the first time I’ve seen just ridiculously bad calls by the NBA refs. I’m seriously thinking about not watching anymore because it’s so bad.

  38. Rico says:

    Referees were a joke… bad calls after bad calls… turned a nice game into a frustrating game for the fans. Those referees should be fined for giving Blake two unnecessary technical fouls. NBA fans were tuning in to watch Blake Griffin, I switched to another channel after Blake was ejected… Commissioner Stern should hire better referees, the fans don’t deserve this!

    • mee(a)t says:

      Not for Warrior fans

    • DeMarcus says:

      To be factual, Blak deserved the first tech because he said some disparaging remarks after Green flagrant fouled him. It would have had to be something that went beyond the pale of regular jawing. On the 2nd tech, I agree. refs flubbed that one.

      But let’s be real, how many times had the refs bailed Chris Paul out last night? The insescent flopping to get a whistle was ridiculous; especially since the NBA was SUPPOSED to have cleaned that up/eliminate it from the game. Paul gets away with it ALL…and I mean ALL the damn time. When he does it, (not only is he breaking the NBA’s own rules on flopping, he’s also gaming the opposing player and most importantly the officials), he gets lauded as being an All-Star for it.

      • slider821 says:

        i agree with everything you said. clippers fans cannot be mad at warriors for trying to play the refs, if that is in fact what Warriors were trying to do. As a warriors fan, i did not want Blake to get ejected, i wanted to see these teams face off fairly and at full strength. Blake’s second tech was a horrible call by the refs. It should have been flag1 on bogut and common foul on Blake.

        Refs screwed the game up and warriors are getting blamed for causing it? yes there were elows thrown and jerseys grabbed by both teams, happens every game between these two teams. i don’t agree that warriors intentionally did that in hopes the refs would call the game incorrectly.

      • slider821 says:

        to clarify “clippers fans cannot be mad at warriors for trying to play the refs, if that is in fact what Warriors were trying to do.” because of how often Chris Paul plays the refs, like you said. the flopping, overreacting to contact, its bs. and I’ve never seen a player allowed to rush at the refs and mouth off like CP3 does after called don’t go his way. they let him get away with everything.

        don’t get me wrong, i love CP3, hes a great player. its just so hard to like him with all the flopping and disgraceful way he tries to play the refs.


    REFS cheated clips out of this one, none of the refs gave an honest answer to doc rivers on why bg got a 2nd tech. seems like sterns concern is stealing money from puppet players than the puppet masters of the refs. PLEASE CHANGE THE REFS ALL OF THEM THEY ARE TOO CROOKED AND RUINING THE GAME. also love the warriors players but F&^k mark jackson for holding grudges against blake and making his players intentionally go after him

  40. Game Time says:

    I see my last comment didn’t post. That wasn’t a fighting spirit, that was simply fighting. Mark Jackson is a shame of a coach for sending guys after Griffin. No confidence in his team to beat them straight up so he felt he needed to even the field.

    • DeMarcus says:

      If you knew Bogut’s game, then you’d know that Jackson didn’t send him in to goon it up. So quit cryin…like Chris Paul.

  41. Peter says:

    Griffin getting ejected because he had 2 flagrant fouls committed against him is a JOKE!!! Those rules have to be changed right away!! When someone commits a flagrant foul against you, it is only natural that you will react and that it what the Warriors did to Griffin. That is weak! I am not interested in watching Basketball with those rules any more.

    • Game Time says:

      It was incredibly weak. I like when the game is tough but the Warriors acted like a bunch of goons. The over celebrating at the end of the game shows how juvenile this team is.

      • BOBCATS says:

        This is a young team who has not been a contender like the clippers for some time now. Of course they celebrated like that. Any team with a close nail biting win would celebrate loudly especially in their home city. You go to your favorite teams game and stay quiet and in your seat after a win. As for the clippers, they are a bunch of goons. Cry baby paul and his good griffin. If the warriors are at fault for playing with a good then the clippers are just as at fault.

      • DeMarcus says:

        Juvenile? Don’t get all bent out of shape because your Clippers got what they deserved. How many games have the Clippers won from it’s favoritism by officials from all the flopping and goon tactics (Matt Barnes and Deandre Jordan)? Just google Flop City or youtube search Chris Paul flop or Blake Griffin flop. There is no end to the bush league tactics they BOTH employ.

  42. c man says:

    bogut is the nbas hockey goon and apparently his coach agrees this is not basketball and the refs were not wise enough to handle the motives the (unbasketball tactics } bogut andhis coach used/ someone is going to get hurt and as fate may have it probably wont be bogut or his coach/ lets see what the league does tl stop this future disaster.

    • Game Time says:

      Mark Jackson and his team are the biggest hypocrites and losers in the NBA. Last year he was crying on camera when the Nuggets bullied Curry around, but since last season till now he has used guys as enforcers on the floor. I agree that they will reap what they sow and it won’t be pretty. They may have forgotten Curry is extra fragile and an easy mark for anyone trying to get some revenge.

      • DeMarcus says:

        Get is striaght. Jackson wasn’t complaining that they were “bullying” Curry. Jackson had a legit beef in regards to Nuggets players trying to further injure an already injured Curry. Nuggets players were always “coincidentally” stepping on or falling on Curry’s injured ankles.

        What Bogut did last night is NO DIFFERENT than what Deandre Jordan or any other big men do every night. They go after it and often play the goon. A guard wants an easy layup? Then he’s gonna get a hard foul. If that guard wants to play too tight up high, then he’s gonna get knocked to the floor by a hard pick. It’s basketball…get over it. If this was any other basketball team, most would care. But since it’s “Flop City”, they can go to H-E-Double Hockey Sticks.

  43. Dias says:

    This was a disgrace to the NBA, the call on Blake Griffin was terrible, the two calls. It will eventually lead to Blake doing something because he is getting ejected by guys going at him. I kwon this won’t get in the comments but I at least hope it will get to Scoot’s attention, that what he wrote here was not reflective of what happened. Blake was the best player on the court this day, and was ejected by coaching that as nothing to do with the game. I liked the Warriors, now I can’t stand them. Was hoping for a good game, and it was a disgrace. Some of this plays where the reason I spot watching football (soccer). Too many bad calls. So… On my way to spot watching the NBA if this continues.

  44. eric says:

    There was no need for Blake Griffin to be thrown out, none what so ever, he got elbowed and cheap shot by Greene then he got rough housed by Bogut, Blake is an aggressive player, but not a confrontational one, his dunks offend many inthe league and he gets under a lot of players skin thats all. He is not a bully type player like barkley or malone but he is getting hammered out there while the refs try to call it equal as possible which results in his ejection for being in the middle of these unwanted skirmishes. Two games back Kevin Love gives him the elbow to the head causing blood to flow…where was the offensive foul call where was the flagrant, where was the tech??? There was none and so it goes for Blake Griffin a victim of his own popularity and ultra aggressive “clean” play.

  45. jimmy jazz says:

    Lets go Aussie lets go