Rockets Weigh Final Bids For Asik

Chicago Bulls v Houston Rockets

Wednesday night could have been Omer Asik’s last game as a member of the Houston Rockets.

HOUSTON — Omer Asik spent what figured to be his last night as a Rocket once again in street clothes, looking dapper and rested at the end of the bench. When a 109-94 whipping of the Bulls was complete, he was the first one out of the locker room, hugged a few friends on his way out the door and had nothing to say.

All of the action was taking place behind the closed doors of the front office as auctioneer Daryl Morey weighed the offers for the discontented center ahead of his self-imposed Thursday deadline.

The rumor mill had the Celtics as the frontrunners to land the 7-footer with an offer of Brandon Bass, Courtney Lee and a first-round draft pick, a deal first reported by Yahoo! Sports. The teams were said to be haggling over the draft pick, which would be protected to some degree in the 2014 lottery.

Such a trade would fulfill Morey’s desire to get a backup center, a shooter and a draft pick. However, Steve Bulpett of the Boston Herald wrote that Celtics president Danny Ainge made that offer a week ago, but was turned down at the time by Morey.

The Rockets general manager sent word out around the league on Dec. 6 that he would entertain offers for Asik and choose the package he liked best by Dec. 19, the last date that any players obtained are eligible to be dealt again by the Feb. 20 trade deadline. Since that time, Morey had talked with many clubs, including the Sixers, Cavaliers and Hawks. The Knicks and Trail Blazers were also said to have expressed interest.

Asik has been sidelined for more than two weeks with a thigh injury that eventually caused swelling around his knee.

With Paul Millsap the ideal acquisition for the Rockets to put on their front line next to Dwight Howard, it was interesting to note that Morey began following the Atlanta forward’s official Twitter page — @paulmillsap4 — a short time before the Rockets tipped off against the Bulls on Wednesday night. It is certainly not out of the question that the social media conscious Morey was just having fun dropping a red herring.

If the deal with the Celtics should prove to have legs, it would reunite Howard and Bass, who played together for two seasons in Orlando. At just 6-foot-8, Bass would certainly be an under-sized backup for Howard. He does not have range out to the 3-point line that the Rockets crave, but can knock down mid-range shots to open things for Howard around the basket.

The Celtics could perhaps sweeten their offer by substituting forward Jeff Green for Bass. But Green’s contract, which has two more seasons at $18.4 million due, is not the kind that would normally appeal to Morey, who values keeping salary cap flexibility for his next deal, which is always just around the corner.

Curiously, both before and after the game coach Kevin McHale made references to “when Omer gets back.”

But as the 7-footer headed for the tunnel exit from Toyota Center, there was little reason to think that he’d ever return as a Rocket.


  1. kenny says:

    perkins and first round pick for Ashik

  2. Shawn Kemp No. 1 says:

    that’s it, Fran. VILLANIZE HIM!

  3. Jason says:

    Why would they every send him to Miami? Miami wouldn’t give any good player and in the process Houston would hurt their own chances of winning a title by making the heat stronger…

  4. Steven says:

    he could be a starting center for the mavericks. to bad it’s within a competing conference.

  5. Boston Fan says:

    YEA BABY!!! come to boston we could use more inside toughness.

  6. billybob says:

    perfect piece to spurs

  7. rich says:

    My sneeze sounds better

  8. phillyfan says:

    Asik should go to Portland. The three-way deal with sixers would be best for everyone. Asik goes to portland, Thomas robinson and cj mccollum to philly, and hawes to rockets. WIN, Win, Win

  9. Omkarism says:

    As a hawks fan, I really hope we don’t make this trade – I would love to see Asik on the team, but not if that means sacrificing our best player this year. Asik is valuable, but not even close to the likes of people such as Millsap or even Jeff Green, especially on the offensive end of the floor. You are an idiot if you make this trade, Danny Ferry.

    • AB says:

      Agree, Paul Millsap is much more valuable compared to Asik. I think Houston is delusional about what they can get for Asik.

  10. Derek says:

    Not a Heat fan, but a Asik + player/draft pick for Bosh would make too much sense for both teams.

    Rockets would love a stretch 4, and Bosh seems like a perfect fit next to Howard. And the Heat could use a stout center like Asik, since they have many other players that can score.

    • Dieter says:

      Didn’t you listen to Spoelstra? Bosh is their most important piece. Miami has no trade pieces unless they think they can’t resign their big three.

  11. Unkle Daddy says:

    Yes, Green to the Rockets. Go with that idea, please.

  12. Zee says:

    Celtics would be good for Asik. He would do well with Sullinger, Green, Rondo,Bradley, Crawford, Wallace, Lee and the crew. However the must not be too high.

  13. Dante says:

    Omer Asik is a straight up beast! He is much better than dwight howard

  14. Henrik Jensen says:

    very stupid to suggest cavs, look at their inside: Tristan Thompson, Anderson Varajao and Andrew Bynum, where would asik fit ??

  15. Henrik Jensen says:

    come on, keep Lin please.. we want rocket to stay chinese !

  16. jack says:

    i believe that asik has great potential maybe being traded is not so bad after all.

  17. Tim says:

    How the hell do they know exactly when Morey followed Millsap?? strange..

  18. Haz says:

    I have a feeling the best choice is to trade Asik + Lin for Kyrie. But I know that wont happen, because McHale would want all the Chinese fans to go for the rockets to raise revenue. So, I doubt McHale would actually be able to trade Asik for Kyrie as he is a potential All Star unless he trades someone else off. Eg. Asik & _______ for Irving

    • Incredrewblw says:

      Morey is the one that trade players not mchale.

    • Ike says:

      And where would Asik even play on the cavaliers? they already have Bynum, so it would be the same situation there as it is in Houston, So now your just suggesting Jeremy Lin for Kyrie? Yeah, the threat of loosing your Chinese fan base is all that’s stopping that from happening lol.

  19. kontrola says:

    Why would any team sign Asik?
    I still don’t see any quality in his game.
    Not really a defender, not really a rebounder, terrible offensive player, free trows . . .
    Can you name any good center in the NBA that he could stop?

    • Clint says:

      Thank you!! All this news about Asik trade is annoying as hell! I cannot believe how much everyone is OVER VALUING Asik. He is NOT that good at all. Omer Asik for Paul Milsap?! Are you people sipping Kool-Aid laced with some kind of drug that you think Asik is worth ANYWHERE near Paul Milsap?? Paul Milsap is THREE times the player Asik is. Asik isn’t good at anything really. His career numbers stink and he’s obviously more worried about his playing time than anything. He’s a slightly above average defender at best, big whoopdy do. The guy is a stiff bum and not worth even close to the majority of the players names that have been tossed around as trade ideas for him. Jeff Green? Anderson Varejao? Paul Milsap?? Give me a break any one of those 3 players is light years ahead of Asik. Stop acting like Asik should be worth anything comparable to those types of players. It’s insulting. The guy’s PER is a mediocre as hell 10.56 with career averages of 5.4 Pts and 7.0 Rbds. Houston is lucky to get hardly ANYTHING for him in a trade. I pity the team who sells the farm for this bum. Be real guys.

      • JBR says:

        I said something similar earlier. Just used a lot less words to do it 🙂

      • Memo says:

        You are considering only numbers and I really doubt you watched any of his games. Just look at his per 48 minutes stats if you just want to look at just stats. This guy was backup almost every year in the Chicago Bulls once incredible lineup, and played PF with Howard or backup most of this year. He basically did last year what Howard is doing this year (averaging a double double, more than a block per game, great picks for the likes of Harden and Parsons.

        I don’t think Asik is an All Star player either, but you are severely underrating him

    • Basketball Knowledge says:

      Reading the comments and you guys obviously don’t watch basketball or keep up with the stats. Are you serious in his first year as a starter he posted a double-double last year and he is know for his defense. The rockets best option would be to get Paul Milsap if Atl will part ways with him and that would allow Al Hortford to play his natural position the PF and Paul Milsap would fit in perfect with Houston high energy guy plays defense and doesn’t need a lot of touches. Best second option would be Spencer Hawes and 1st round pick. He is a center that can play the PF position and he can stretch the floor with his ability to shoot the ball from behind the arc or 15 ft out. He’s also on the last year of his contract so it would still leave Houston with flexibility to re-sign Parsons. Also, Spencer can play the center position when Dwight is not in the game.

      • Joshua Greenfarb says:

        Yeah, but that would be a rip-off. ATL needs Millsap; he can give you 15 – 18 PPG. Yes, Asik averaged a double-double last season. But what was it? 12 PPG and 11 RPG? That’s … good … but not worth giving up Paul Millsap for. ATL is 3rd best in the East right now. No need to go after Asik. If Houston can pull off a trade like that with Atlanta, they will rip off ATL and become the 3rd best in the West, easily.

        BTW, people need to realize Dwight Howard is actually a natural PF. Yes, he can play C. But how tall is the guy? 6’8″? He’s not even 6’10”. I consider him a PF that is playing a C position (partly because there aren’t elite Centers in the NBA anymore like there were in the 90s.) I think I saw part of that Houston-Chicago game, and Carlos Boozer looked taller, for goodness sake.

        Houston shoud’ve been able to make this work: Asik at C and Howard at PF. But NO! Howard has to start at C. Mistake. Big mistake. Asik is a 7-footer, right? Can’t start him at PF. Unfortunate, because they could be the 3rd best in the West, if they would do this simple lineup adjustment. Asik at C and Howard at PF and bring Terrence Jones off the bench for energy. Oh well.

      • Joshua Greenfarb says:

        Kevin McHale of all people should know or do this. When he played, he was a 6’9″ PF, right? He may be TALLER than Dwight Howard right now. 🙂

      • Joshua Greenfarb says:

        In my opinion, Howard should be trying to model his game more like someone like Shawn Kemp. Although he can’t shoot on the perimeter like Kemp did, Howard is more like Kemp — try to be more mobile and get dunks or shots in the paint. He probably should try to run a lot more like Kemp used to — to try to get as many easy fastbreak dunks as possible.

        It would be better than trying to model his game like Hakeem Olajuwon. That’s a mistake. Howard will never be a low post-up elite like Olajuwon was. Olajuwon would use his height to help shoot over defenders a lot. Howard isn’t tall enough to do that like Hakeem did. I mean, c’mon! This is like basketball 101.

  20. SixerFanEU says:

    If Boston agrees to send two players plus first round pick for Omer, they all should have their heads examined.

  21. mark says:

    I think the best overall situation for the rockets and asik would be a trade to the atl hawks why you ask its a win win + a win the rockets get paul milsap at a nice salary per year he’s a jump shooting pf who can rebound and play D and score if he has to. He can be a 20 and 10. And stretch all the way out to the 3 that will give dwight all the room he needs now for asik if he did play for the hawks hes the starter big minutes for a big man and they can afford to pay him to protect the rim next good reason al horford csn slide ever so nicely back to his original spot at pf where can play some nice pick and pop with jeff Teague and pick and roll why because he can horford won’t have to. Bang down low anymore or patrol the paint with asik down low now if the can swing 1 more player from the rockets and atl gives a up another pick maybe for a guy like terrance jones just maybe the hawks will be 1 young player away and a year or so away from the playoffs so I think a lot of good things can happen all by making 1 move win win + win

  22. Ali says:

    C’mon Morey, send him to Miami…

  23. Dennis - Bulls Fan says:

    I just want Garnett and Pierce Terry to go back to the Nets

  24. Floridian says:

    There are a couple centers in NBA can defend the board as good as Asik and give hard time to James, and Wade. I know it is not possible but I would like to see him playing for Miami Heat. We need a rebounding machine like him.

  25. mark says:

    Bad move for the celtics there trying to rebuild and the last thing they need to do is give uo there players who can be your starter and maybe your best players besides rondo so I think the celtics should just lay low and relax no need to trade for big long contracts they need to trade there players whom are all of wich expandable for players with expiring contracts either take the time to draft and develop players or free up some big cash keep rondo and chase a allstar

  26. omer asik goes to miami for sure more playing time and bosh will nbhe at his comfort zone at pf

  27. Glenn (Aussie) says:

    I don’t think the Celtics trade has legs, doesn’t seem like a Morey move. It’s probably going to be Millsap from Atlanta or Hawes from Philidelphia.

  28. Philippines says:

    HOU – PHX trade

    Trade Asik for Frye 😀 WIN-WIN for everyone! 🙂

  29. Red says:

    I don’t like most of the trade that is being offered for Asik but don’t really have a choice since its almost deadline and the pressure is on. What Rockets need is either a good PF or backup center that doesn’t commit too much TO and does good defense.

    NOTE: this has nothing to do with the article but I just want to point out how lazy is in terms of highlights at the end of the game for Rockets games. Especially tonight’s game (rockets vs bulls) which I know even a blowout, there’s a lot of good plays that deserve to be in the highlight (there’s only 1 tonight!? really?!) like a few more dunks from Howard or a dunk from harden or that follow up dunk by Parsons which was a really good play. This has been happening a lot on Rockets which always has consistently snub highlights for them every time!!!!

  30. JBR says:

    All this haggling for a guy with one full season as a starter under his belt, is easily discontented, and who obviously cares more about minutes than wins.

    Good luck to whoever ‘wins’ his services.

    • dd def says:

      what wins?

    • Truth teller says:

      He is no high fly act, nor is he a flash and glam but he’s not bad at all. He is more fundamentally sound than Howard. The dude they replaced him with. And that is all he probably sees. He thought he was earning a spot and making a name for himself then got replaced by a bigger name.

  31. J says:

    I think they should go for 1 of these players:

    Ryan Anderson
    Tiago Splitter
    Kendrick Perkins
    Thaddeus Young
    Paul Millsap

    These players (And probably some more that I think are good but I’m just forgetting) are great options. Obviously you can add some more players in to make it work for both teams.

  32. theaandthea says:

    omer be patient, your “i want to poop since a week” face is almost over

  33. tumee says:

    Dwight howard had never encouraged his own player’s team he was playing before in Houston so he couldn’t help rockets for nba champion

  34. tumee says:

    He need just like spurs team therefore he should go to this team. Dwight Howard not good iq player in nba that’s why Howard would go to kind of lack of rebound team not rockets

  35. Will says:

    I am tired of hearing about asik

  36. Danny says:

    If its celtics you would want green otherwise go for milsap or young.

  37. wak9 says:

    I would love asik in Miami

  38. Jonh says:

    there is a team like Spurs

  39. h-town fan says:

    either way both lin and asik will b gone by the deadline, only player i want from the celtics is rondo morey make it happen

    • allaroundballer says:

      They don’t need rondo, or any dominant ball handler because harden is. I don’t see any strech PF available, bettter push a trade to get a good first round draft. Rockets won’t win this season, they’ll get all pieces next season and better chemistry. Also I realy hope Lin will success, should targeting 6th man of the year

  40. tool316 says:

    Too bad OKC couldn’t pick him up. With Perkins all but finished and Adams too raw to start, he would have been a nice upgrade.