Kobe Fractures Knee, Out Six Weeks

HANG TIME SOUTHWEST — Six games into his return from an Achilles’ tendon tear, Kobe Bryant is expected to miss six weeks with a fractured left knee, the team announced Thursday afternoon via Twitter.

Bryant suffered a fracture of the lateral tibial plateau, brutal news for a Los Angeles Lakers team that is already depleted at point guard and struggling to get back to .500. Coach Mike D’Antoni said Xavier Henry will assume those duties and will start alongside Jodie Meeks when the Lakers next play Friday night at home against Minnesota.

The Lakers (12-13) were 2-4 in Bryant’s return and coming off a 2-2 road trip. Bryant was beginning to show signs of regaining his endurance, logging 32, 32 and 33 minutes in his last three games. The four-game road trip was split into two sets of back-to-backs.

Bryant apparently fractured the knee in the third quarter of Tuesday’s 96-92 win at Memphis, meaning he played the fourth quarter with the injury. Bryant played 6:35 of the fourth quarter and scored three of his 21 points.

Afterward, according to the Los Angeles Times, Bryant thought he had hyper-extended the knee

Bryant missed the first 19 games of the season following last April’s surgery to repair his left Achilles’ tendon. He averaged 13.8 points and 6.3 assists and was forced into playing point guard because of injuries to Steve Nash, Steve Blake and Jordan Farmar. The team announced that Nash will not be reevaluated for a month.

The Lakers sit in 11th place in the Western Conference. After Minnesota, they face Golden State and Phoenix on the road before coming home for the Christmas Day game against the two-time champion Heat.

VIDEO: Scary moment for Kobe and Lakers’ fans


  1. @bullsfandan says:

    Tough break

  2. Denny says:

    I don’t agree with all these ugly comments, remember all he done playing for you all and congratulate him in stead, all good athlete is to be respected and not mocked.
    God bless you brother Kobe and hope you get well soon.


  3. kobeballhog says:

    i agree lakers will never ever win any more championship as long as mr ballhog is running the show. mark my words as well. they will be in the dumps, but as a positive note i guarantee the lakers will play better now that kobe is injured again.

  4. Eaglos says:

    Kobe just won’t get it and that’s his major difference with MJ. He clearly is not so bright
    and he will just storming ahead until he cripples himself. Meanwhile the rest of the team
    will be dragged behind him wasting year after year until he retires.

    Just get well and be a bench player.

  5. I AM A CELTIC says:

    @Kome the Black Dumba You are right in first the first paragraph but not in the second… The lakers shouldn’t release kobe and let him play as long as he wants and keep him happy. There offence was running great with steve blake as PG. All kobe does is post up and use almost all the time of the shot clock and slow their offence. The other players have no choice but to just stand there and watch him commit a turnover or miss a fadeaway jumper. There defence is even worse with him present on the court and i just told yoy guys about there offence.This helps a lot to the other teams. And his ego will most probably get rid of any other good player that joins the lakers in the future like it did to Dwight Howard.

    So Kome the Black Dumba (Sorry for copying the line but i really loved it) please do come back as soon as possible and in the best shape of your life and help other teams break no sweat against the lakers and also provide us with a laughing stock with your turnovers.


  6. Kobe Lover says:

    TO all the Lakers and Kobe Haters!

    Kobe only gets and will get stronger from all this hatred! You will see! so go away and eat sausages and wish that Kobe retires. Kobe will retire when it is time to retire which is few years down the road! In the mean time, Kobe will come back stronger than before and Lakers will win one more championship!



      LOL. I love Kobe but no one beats father time… Nobody!, Oh by the way the Lakers wont win a championship for the next 10 years Mark my words. Players have to realize that as they age they gotta mentor young players that can carry them because no one can do it by himself forever. Aint no shame in helping a team win a championship. Only one player out of 13-15 can be MVP but it takes a team to win it.


      Get well Kobe and teach the laker youngings how to do it before you go!
      Heat nation 3peat all the way!

  7. Helen Stendt says:

    They should have amnestied him. What’s left for Kobe? Becoming a spot-up shooter and taking Jordan’s scoring record?

  8. TonyZ says:

    This is good for Kobe, this way he can rest a bit more his Achilles, Kobe will come back as usual ……. top 3 all time !!!!!
    KOBE !!!!

  9. Trevor says:

    he’s done! He was great,but fail to reach jordan records- rings,points, mvp’s,etc. Although top5 all time, in my list

  10. james says:

    Time to ride off into the sunset. Go clippers!!!!!!

  11. wak9 says:

    @Saaka, sadly you might be correct

  12. Ace83 says:


  13. J tirón says:

    Kobe will back in Six weeks i think kobe is a great player and lakers needs her to game the next matches

  14. mee(a)t says:


  15. Ioakim says:

    I don’T understand why he doesn’t want to retire – is it the money ? What else….

    • Witness says:

      6 Rings, only because he somehow THINKS that will make him at the least MJ’s equal which is absolutely insane for anyone to say that. KB could get 10 rings and it wont make him MJ’s equal lol. KB wasnt even the leader on his team for the 3Peat that was SHaq who was Finals MVP every time while KB was throwing up some bricks and just bad performances in more than half of the 3 seasons of Finals games. KB is a great player but still overrated and one of the worst teammates ever. Not a leader in anyway. KBs legacy will mostly be his longevity and hard work that he went through to still play at a really high level for a very long time. His legacy wont be anything close to MJ’s 6 rings or 20 rings.

  16. Paul says:

    Now the Lakers can start winning again!

  17. karen says:

    I agree, It’s time to retire. A great career, top 15 all-time. Sad that this contract is completely fail, but it was obvious.

  18. Saaka says:

    I think it’s time for Kobe to retire, What a great career. Thanks for the memories

    • Keebyo says:

      I completely agree.

    • wraitlito2 says:

      Kobe has to rethink his future. He’s about to kill himself looking for an early debut.
      This season LA has no chances.Relax and think about next season
      Best Whishes for KB, please come back Healthy

      • Kome the Black Dumba says:

        Well, Lakers might be better off with Kobe on injury list. They still play good team game and Gasol proved to us last game when he’s on he is still one of the best F/C. If they dropin standings, next years draft is full of game changing players. Win/win for LA.

        Lakers organization was dumb in their part to give Kobe the contract before he came back. They can at least wait until he prove he can stay on the court. Lakers was paying Kobe that kind of money because people will flock to see Kobe, so now what for LA?

        Well, I hate to mock a guy(even a criminal) when he’s down. So get healthy and come back so I can mock at your turnover rate again.