Countdown On Asik Deal Continues

Omer Asik (Bill Baptist/NBAE)

Omer Asik (Bill Baptist/NBAE)

HANG TIME, TEXAS — If all goes according to plan, Omer Asik’s time in limbo should end soon as the Rockets sift through final offers for the disgruntled big man. The team has reportedly set a self-imposed deadline of Thursday.

According to various reports and different sources, the most likely places for the 27-year-old center to wind up in are Boston, Philadelphia, Cleveland or Atlanta, with the Knicks making a late and outside bid to get into the mix.

Asik — who had a breakout year as a starter a year ago averaging 10.1 points and 11.7 rebounds– has wanted out of since the moment that Dwight Howard chose Houston in July and the Rockets have been looking to move him since coach Kevin McHale’s experiment with a Twin Towers type lineup ended on Nov. 13.

General manager Daryl Morey spread the word that he would entertain offers from Dec. 15-19 and make his choice. The reason for that narrow window is that Dec. 15 was the first date that players acquired during the offseason were eligible to be traded. Dec. 19 is the last date that any players obtained by the Rockets would be able to be dealt again at the Feb. 20 trade deadline.

Reports have had the Rockets seeking everything from a pair of first-round draft picks to forward Jeff Green of the Celtics to forward Paul Millsap of the Hawks.

Millsap is believed in many circles to be the Rockets’ No. 1 target, a perfect fit to play next to Howard on the front line. But the Hawks may be reluctant to surrender a high-return player after they just signed Millsap over the summer to a salary cap-friendly two-year deal for $19 million.

Discussions of Asik going to the Cavaliers for Anderson Varejao have supposedly cooled in recent days with Cleveland not warm to the idea of paying Asik’s $15-million salary next season.

The top two suitors could be the Celtics and the Sixers. That could produce a three-way deal.

According to ESPN’s Marc Stein, the Celtics have entered the names of Green and Brandon Bass into discussions. The Sixers’ most likely to be traded are Thaddeus Young, Spencer Hawes and Evan Turner.

While Green is averaging more than 16 points and four rebounds a game for Boston, the 12-14 Celtics, despite leading the Atlantic Division, are in a rebuilding mode. It wouldn’t hurt to unload a contract that still has $18.4 million due through 2016. If Hawes makes his way to Houston, he could come off the bench at center and also be valuable to the Rockets as a “stretch-four” with his ability to shoot from the perimeter.

Sources around the league have indicated the Rockets would be willing to include point guard Jeremy Lin in any trade. But the fact that he is due virtually the same $15 million pay as Asik next season is a heavy burden for any one team to absorb. That would probably mean a three-team deal to make it happen.

However, if the Rockets were able to move both Asik and Lin and take back only expiring contracts and draft choices, it is possible they could have enough salary cap space to offer another max-level contract to a free agent next summer.


  1. David Nido says:

    Ever wonder why the Lakers are talking with Knicks? It’s because they are also invlove. They could land Lin on LA they are in need of a guard.

  2. theDream says:

    Though statistically he was very good last year, Asik’s main strength is not at statistics. He has great defense fundamental and defensive vision. He is by far the best defensive center in the league. 8M/year salary is not much for him at all. Jeff Green is not a player of Asik’s level fundementally.

  3. kg5 says:

    Jeremy lin to the celtics!

  4. h-town fan says:

    let lin go, you work hard to get recognized then take a big contract then say u dnt want the pressure and lose ur starting job, were trying to establish a championship team not a bunch of overpaid players bring in rondo

  5. linsane says:


  6. e dub686 says:

    Bcuz H town would unload a fat contract that will allow them to sign another big name to compliment H & H. The same way Miami did it, only hopefully better than what bosh turned out to b. He’s a 4 playing the 5. Houston unloads a 20 million contract. Either way Asik

  7. Rocketsfan says:

    Lin has to go. Houston is damaging his career by making him back up SG. They don’t use his talents to help the team. Instead they used his weakness to become 3 point shooter. Very stupid coaches and GM. They gave Lin big contract but limited his playing minutes. How can Lin succeed with this evriroment? If no teams want Lin, that’s Rockets’fault, not Lin’s. Every team wants to laugh at Rockets to not use Lin a right way.

  8. mark says:

    Asik is a starter and deserves starter minutes and if your paying major money you should want him to start no team needs a bench ayer making all star money referring to his 15 mil due next year I feel boston would only be a good trade for houston and tgey should shoot for a bigger trade then green because well they need a point gaurd yes I’m talking rondo he has already won a ring he’s young and it would take a lot of pressure of off harden but like I said asik for rondo maybe not and any real trade would only benefit houston they have a unhappy big man with a big contract so for me there looking to get equal value but I don’t think they will get it to be honest with you because there hand is being forced and other teams have the leverage because asik gave them leverage so all in all asik to small market team who needs a big a man with a lot of salary like atl then you could have horford slide to his real spot power forward then maybe just maybe atl might be able to put together a backcourt and be back in the playoffs so I think atl will be best suiter they have cap and need for a big but don’t think h town is going to score any pics and boston ain’t giving up rondo so it seems asik is atl bound hopefully lol

  9. okc2014 says:

    Asik to the D-League and call it a day!

    • Micky T says:

      Thank god you are not my stock broker. The NBA is a business – they would still have to pay his ridiculous salary…

  10. lee says:

    i dont understand why the celtics would trade green and why the rockets would need him the need a pf and i hate how everyone trys to act like green is a pf he is a sf and its so obvious celtics are a good pf away from being a good team again hell if the want to get rid of green so bad atlanta could use him and asik and all of a sudden the would be a good team i think atlanta is the best fit for asik though and the can give the best option to the rockets atlanta is a center and a sf away from being a top 4 team in the east i figured the would go for a guy like granger next year but i think green is a better player and a better fit and asik is perfect for what the need

  11. pej says:

    Trade Asik to Lakers for Kaman and Jordan Hill. He would play center Gasol to power forward. And with improving Bob Sacre as substitute at the center, Lakers could out rebound most team. Sacre is developing in to a tough guy at the middle with good free throw percentage.

  12. minutes and money says:

    Keep Asik, trade Andrew Bynum for Lin so someone would be forced to play when Dwight and co. throw fits and demand trades. I wonder if Asik is the first international player behaving this way? Spoiled. Great opportunity if he was serious about a title. Only history won’t be as kind as the present.

  13. dustydreamnz says:

    I forgot Celtics have Sullinger at Center, who knows where Asik will go? How good do the Celtics look right now?

  14. Masdawjs says:

    I don’t get it. Why would you offer Lin a contract, and then now wanting to trade him. I know he’s still growing, but he has many tangible qualities for the team. He’s very humble, tries to do a lot of goods for the community. He plays hard every time he’s out there, and he pushes the ball so hard, making him a pesky player for opponents. I would hate to see him go.

  15. jc says:

    I don’t see Green being traded unless they get Parsons in return, or maybe even Evan Turner in a three-team deal, but I don’t know if the numbers work out.

  16. edrik says:

    Sixers management are really the worst!! doug collins was soo right about the sixers management… im guessing they are thinking they have the rookie carter now so they are now trading evan turner? no ones left in the sixers.. andre, jrue, elton, lou williams…… and also they are willing to trade thadeus young now?? sixers are soo sick…. hawes will be the remaining solid sixer but will be traded also…

  17. Dan says:

    Very disappointed about trading lin. He’s in chemistry with the guys of how they play and with their relationships. I think their making a bad move if the trade would not result to its best offer.

  18. stupida$$$ says:

    these are stupid trades…try trading dwight howard instead

  19. KR46 says:

    Wouldn’t mind Asik coming to the Celtics but please don’t trade Green!

  20. FallenLeaves says:

    Is it really worth to trade Jeff Green for Asik? I think bad trade if you are the celtics.

  21. KratosRage says:

    I like ASIK in houston…he was so valuable last year…

  22. ash says:

    asik would make a good trade with NY…
    NY needs a defense and inside guy like asik, I dont think they would need lee but to make the trade secure it just trade lee too I personal think lee isnt much of a good player, because he feeds off good players

  23. dustydreamnz says:

    The more I think about it the Celtics seem the best fit for him. They have Faverani and Olynyk who are promising but not quite there yet. Would Jeff Green be the best guy to trade though?

  24. tenby says:

    During the time of Jerry West and the late Jerry Buss, the Lakers are very aggressive in getting very good players and spotting the best deals in the market. D’Antoni, Kupchak and the younger Buss are so slow in joining the fray in bidding for Asik. Get this guy so he can be of immediate help as well as a valuable trade chip in the future for top caliber players. Poor management skills and low business acumen I say.

  25. chas says:

    Lin and Asik’s salary cap hit is only about 8 million a year. Not 15 million.

    • asdf says:

      they have back-loaded contracts, they bow are owed 7-8 million this year, but next year they both have 14-15 million salarys. That’s the only way Rockets could get them.

  26. Shaati_TNG says:

    Why don’t the Heat try to pick him up? they need a constant center coming off the bench.

    • justsayin says:

      Because he would rather be traded than come off the bench.

    • Liam S says:

      The Heat probably did try to pick him up, and because they have no one that Houston wants except Bosh (who they wouldn’t trade for Asik) Houston wasn’t interested

    • Objektive Fan says:

      I dont think that asik would come off the bench he would definitely be a starter and that would be a win-win because asik would get the minutes he wants and the heat could move bosh to his real position and would solve their biggest problem – their weakness under the board. But i dont think that the heat are able to get him they haven’t any pieces to give to houston and i dont think that they salary space for a 10 million guy,

  27. jrgmoli says:

    I don’t understand why Philadelphia trade Evan Turner?

  28. Ali says:

    Omer will make break out games against Houston after the trade, as he made against Bulls.

  29. justsayin says:

    Knicks need a PG….

    That would be hilarious – yet could see it happen.

    • justsayin says:

      Don’t want them to trade Lin but in a 3 team deal with NY and ATL there are some interesting scenarios.

      In a Lin to NY and Asik to ATL they could net Horford or Millsap and Felton with ATL getting Shumpert also.

      We could see Chandler in ATL – Asik in NY – and Millsap in HOU.

      Or they could make a play for Bargs. It’s mind-barggling! I’ll be glad when they get this over with.

  30. Clone says:

    The Rockets gave unmatchable crazy contracts to Asik and LIn, how can other GMs knock at their door for them? Those 15Meach for next year is too much..
    And Jeff Green for Asik.. WOW!! I would understand if it was for Gerald Wallace or Humphries contract +a young guard(Brooks?). With Sully and Olynyk developing, Bosh and Gasol available next summer, why Green? 😛

  31. exiled says:

    Omer Asik is an easy sell but it is not the sams with Lin, who is an avrege player at best with near high end salary.

  32. rocketsfan says:

    As a Rocket fan, I would be disappointed to see Jeremy Lin go. I think he’s a very special person who serves as an inspiration for people on and off the court. I know some of his fans can be annoying but he is a great role model and it’s refreshing to see a famous person stay humble, hard working, and nice.

  33. ABBADA says:

    do it!