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What are your impressions of Kobe and the Lakers with Kobe right now?

Steve Aschburner, NBA.comWe’re seeing rust flake off before our eyes, and by “rust” I include everything about making such a comeback – including the confidence Bryant gains in his repaired left leg and the fit he has with a reconfigured Lakers roster. The game in Memphis Tuesday was seen by him and others as a breakthrough (21 points on 9-of-18 shooting, five rebounds, four assists) because he felt physically capable against a rugged defender (Tony Allen). For the Lakers, it’s been an adjustment – they’ve scored 100 points in just two of Bryant’s six games vs. 11 times in 19 before that, and after reaching 40 field goals seven times without him, they haven’t done it at all with him. The offense is catching up with the pecking order, but I’m not worried about Mike D’Antoni gearing up this offense.

Kobe Bryant (Layne Murdoch/NBAE)

Kobe Bryant (Layne Murdoch/NBAE)

Fran Blinebury, NBA.comKobe’s doing about what everyone expected — trying to do too much.  Of course, there are added burdens with the injuries to Steve Nash and Jordan Farmar, but the poor ballhandling, piles of turnovers, forced deep 3s are as much about ego as the surgically repaired Achilles’ tendon.  Nobody really thought Kobe would ease his way back into things and he hasn’t.  Whatever rhythm and chemistry that the .500-playing Lakers had pre-Kobe has been lost.  The question is how far in the West standings will they be buried by the time he plays his way into peak shape and doesn’t look like a guy wearing two oven mitts.

Jeff Caplan, His performances are going to fluctuate. He’s played six games. In three he’s scored in single digits. In three he’s scored 20, 21 and 21. Predictably his lift isn’t there on drives to the basket and at times on his pull-up jumper. On top of everything though, to have had to immediately take over as the point guard is a wholly unfair task to ask of him, but it’s not as if he or coach Mike D’Antoni really had a choice considering the injury situation. Kobe’s increased his playing time to 32, 32 and 33 minutes in the last three games. My only fear is that he pushes himself too hard, too quickly.

Scott Howard-Cooper, NBA.comHe is right where it would have been fair to expect — obviously rusty, getting his timing back, but already able, at this early stage, to turn a game. The challenge will be to get to 100 percent in endurance and rhythm without the needle going into the red, to where the workload creates problems with the injury (or injuries, given his history in recent years). That is a very fine line. Same with the Lakers as a whole: about what expected. I thought at the start of the season they would be a .500 team, and that is holding up. Some good moments, some bad moments, a ton of attention on each pendulum swing, good enough to be decent but not good enough to make No. 8.

John Schuhmann, He’s coming off major surgery and he’s playing out of position, so it’s been a slow start. But he’ll get more comfortable and confident with every game. Offense wouldn’t be my concern, though. Since Bryant’s return, the Lakers have looked atrocious defensively against any offense worth a salt, which really isn’t unexpected given the makeup of their roster. And no matter how much Bryant improves, they’re not going to be very consistent if they continue to play bottom-10 defense.

Sekou Smith, NBA.comI’m honestly a bit stunned he’s played as much as he has considering what type of injury he had to battle back from. He’s rusty, of course, but who wouldn’t be after all those many months off? He’s basically a shell of himself right now, scoring 12.4 points a game to go along with his 6.8 assists and 4.2 rebounds and those unsightly six turnovers a night. The fundamentals and muscle memory is there. The explosive ability, the fear factor from the opposition and the desperation we saw in him last season when he refused to let the Lakers miss out on the postseason aren’t there. All that said, it’s simply a part of a recovery process that I suspect won’t end until sometime in late January or early February. All-Star Weekend is about when I expected to the Mamba to rear his head and get back to the business at hand. As for the Lakers, they were a flawed bunch, with or without Kobe back in the fold.

Lang Whitaker, All Ball blog: Several times since his return I’ve seen Kobe in a position where a loose ball has popped free near him, and Kobe basically just watched the ball go by him without much more than a token effort. I think it’s obvious that right now Kobe doesn’t have the explosion and fast-twitch fibers that have made him so special throughout his career. But at the same time, as a basketball nerd, I’ve loved watching him survive on guile and institutional knowledge. He may not be able to out-quick anyone or use his athleticism the way he used to use it, but he still manages to string together ball fakes and impeccable footwork to create opportunities and get shots. It may not be KB24, but it’s still Kobe. And for now, maybe that’s good enough.

Aldo Aviñante, NBA Philippines: I honestly believe Kobe is trying too hard to blend with the group while his teammates are waiting for the old Kobe to explode. He has been committing turnovers because of his eagerness to be a passer but no matter what happens he is a pure scorer and an attacker. He should be more aggressive to attract the defense — then he could facilitate better once opponents know he is back.

Davide Chinellato, NBA Italia: Kobe is back. He’s not Kobe Bryant yet, but he’s going to be his old self very soon — before the All Star break, I’d say. The Lakers with this Kobe are worse than they were before he came back. But that is because they don’t have a point guard available, and coach D’Antoni was forced to move Bryant to the PG spot. That is another challenge for a player who still need time to adapt to the game and to his teammates. The Lakers will instantly improve as soon as they got a true PG back from the injury list. (Hey Jordan Farmar, how are you?)

VIDEO: Lakers vs. Memphis, Dec. 17, 2013


  1. Kobe should ask for a trade. He would fit well with the Clippers. Just look at the amount of games he has played:

  2. Dr. K says:

    Fran is the only ‘honest’ writer in this group. Kobe has an ego as large as Texas. It’s sickening as it has grown over the years with the emergence of Lebron. I’ve watched several game prior to his return, and though the lakers were 500, they played with energy and enthusiasm. WATCH THE HIGHLIGHTS!!! When Kobe has the ball everyone just stands and watch. This is how he has trained them. Nobody rotates, moves without the ball bc they don’t expect to get it back. It’s almost automatic to just stand and watch. Paul please find another team is these later years of your career. Laker basketball just isn’t fun to watch with kobe. NOT that (prior to injury) he wasn’t exciting to watch as an individual, but Kobe is about Kobe and if their is anything we can learn from, Magic, bird, Hakeem, and even Jordan…TEAM COMES FIRST!!! No one would argue that Durant could probably average 35 easily, but it’s about the team and it’s about the win.

  3. J says:

    Kobe will play like himself when Steve Nash, Steve Blake And Jordan Farmar return and when he plays more. As for the Lakers, They stink they aren’t gonna make the playoffs and I think they have a bad coach who manages rotations weird. Go get George Karl then I might say they are “good”.

  4. asdf says:

    kobe has played 6 games this year, and scored 20+ three times, and already people are judging him, remember kobe didnt have a preseason and a summer camp to get nba ready, he is still out of shape and his body arent used to the work load yet. he is playing way to many minutes, but we all know how stubborn he is. And I dont think D’antoni can do to much about that, kobe will average over 20ppg eventually this season. and he seemed fine after that knee thing against memphis, he walked it of quickly.

  5. Ramsay says:

    Let’s just cherish the moment that we could still Kobe playing in the NBA in a elite level, because maybe 2 or 3 years from now one of the greatest and inspiring player will have to say good bye..

    • Ramsay says:

      Let’s just cherish the moment that we could still see Kobe playing in the NBA in a elite level, because maybe 2 or 3 years from now one of the greatest and inspiring player will have to say good bye..

  6. kobeballhog says:

    im also impressed with dantoni and the rag tag lakers player before mr ballhog came back no one expected them to be above .500 moreso win that many games. now mr ballhog is back expect lakers to be back in the dumps. these kobe fanboys are so similar with kobe always blaming everyone if the team losses. blaming coach, gasol, management, everyone.but never pointed to his own faults of biggest ego wanna always be the alpha on that team ball all to himsrlf limelight all to himself. only star of the team.

  7. GN says:

    He is doing well . He’ll be alright soon. He’s hardworking. He’ll prove that you were wrong. As I read some of your thoughts are rusty. We’ll see how he can prove it!



  9. kobe fan says:

    give him a couple of more weeks….the mamba will be looking like the mamba weve all come to know and love….hes already giving us glimps…just wait and have patience……

  10. slimer says:

    Just Fire D’ Antoni!

  11. okc2014 says:

    Am I the only one who was impressed with what D’Antonini and the rookie Lakers were doing before Kobe came back? I mean, they were actually winning games and they seemed to have good chemistry and teamwork.

  12. Hslee says:

    Can someone give me an answear? Why Laker team has so many injuries?
    Is it because the up tempo system require too much running?

  13. E317104 says:

    Honestly, I was not a Kobe fan back when the Lakers are still winning championships. But the time I saw his work ethic and his attitude towards playing the game, This dude left me shocked with awe especially when he carried the team in his back last season. I still believe that they will make it to the playoffs but I also accepted that a ring this year is far from being realistic. For me, Kobe is still the G.O.A.T busted achilles or not. 😉

  14. Eric says:

    Let him do what he can do..just accept that he can’t be the same kobe bryant that he used to…just enjoy waching and relax..I am still enjoying his game even though he’s not playing in a high can’t do anything but just watch or don’t watch at all..That’s it,Bingo! Gid bless!

  15. NBAfan says:

    For 2013-2014 Kobe to get back to at least 2012-2013 Kobe, he needs to jump in there and try to be the Kobe he was pre-injury and hope that he gets as close as possible as soon as possible.

    It’s not like the Lakers were above ,500 before he came back….not a whole lot has changed, and that’s as good as we can hope from someone who came back very early from a serious injury and playing very much out of position with all the injuries they have and a coach’s system that is obviously not a good fit!!!

  16. Victor says:

    What I meant to say was that one of his faults is that he’s a ball-hog. BUT, didn’t the Lakers win championships with that ball-hog? I don’t expect the Lakers to make the playoffs but I still think they’re going to be a fun team to watch this year.

  17. Victor says:

    I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s comments. Now for my two-cents’ worth. I’m not a Kobe-lover; he’s got his faults. For example, wasn’t he a ball-hog when the Lakers won championships with him? So I’m definitely not a hater, either. He’s a great player. The Lakers have struggled since he’s been back but like some of you have pointed out, we’re without Blake and Farmar (sorry, but I don’t think we’re missing much with Nash out.)

    Something I do feel strongly about is the coach we’ve got. Kinda reminds me of the Godfather. You don’t want to get him upset with you! I’ll never forget (nor forgive) what he said when asked why he benched Gasol in the fourth quarter of one game, with a wry grin: ‘I kinda wanted to win this game.’ Even if he felt that way I think it was VERY unprofessional of him to say it publicly. I would LOVE to see him go!

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      I wonder if they could still trade Kobe Bryant right now. Is there a no-trade clause or not? Rumors have it they may trade Pau Gasol. What they should be doing is trying to trade Bryant and get that huge salary off their payroll, so they can rebuild properly. Otherwise, Lakers are more and more doomed the more they hang on to Bryant just because of his past accomplishments.

      Lakers were lucky to beat Charlotte — Charlotte and Al Jefferson must’ve had an off day or something.

      They were lucky to beat Memphis (without injured Michael Conley and Marc Gasol).

      Otherwise, they would be WINLESS since Bryant returned to game play. WINLESS. WINLESS. NO WINS.

      Who is their next opponent? Minnesota? Timberwolves are going to CRUSH Lakers easily (especially with Kevin Martin back). Notice they defeated the mighty Trailblazers today. That’s ANOTHER LOSS for the Fakers. 🙂

  18. Justin says:

    Come on guys Kobe is cold blooded just wait ….he is going to score 20 plus points on a daily bases and share the ball

  19. kobeballhog says:

    these people overrate kobe too much. just refusing to accept he is on a steep decline and will never ever be the same mark my words. you all just wanna give hope to these fanboys for nba ratings. but no he is done. he is just a scorer who ballhogs. turnover king. now that the lakers overpaid him too much expect the lakers to sit in the dumps until ballhog retires.

    • skrutz says:

      I think its funny when they say “he’s the best all around player ever!’ “greatest of all time!” yet blame everything on the coach and him playing PG. I get he’s out of position, but not thaaaat out of position…

  20. GoLA says:

    Kobe is playing as a point guard coming out of an injury. Playing in a bad system and with a coach that should not be with the Lakers. Same is true with Gasol, his efficiency is down because of bad coaching. Kobe is not a point guard, Gasol should be playing near the rim for his rebounding and scoring. The coach can’t handle the talents that he had last year, and he can’t handle Kobe and Gasol this year.

  21. sports fan says:

    The current seeding for the west is:
    3-san antonio
    Once Golden State gets it together they should at least be a 6th seed & Minnesota could get the 7th or 8th spot.
    The Lakers will be very lucky to get the 8th spot. Their only chance is if their whole team is healthy, they develop chemistry with Kobe back in the mix, & if Kobe actually plays smart by not ballhogging.

  22. J-man says:

    I think Blinebury is the one carrying the two oven mitts and it sounds like he really wants too feed Kobe….

  23. Kobefan8 says:

    Looking at a slow kobe use his footwork and smarts is priceless and more enjoyable than watching lebron jump or runover people

    • ash says:

      true kobe fan.. same here and thats the reason I believe kobe and jordan are the best that played the game

    • John says:

      very true. lebron is more linebacker, should have been in NFL but just like the jordan rules, the “lebron-rules” allow him to do whatever he wants. his game is so boring compared to kobe’s midrange game. even kobe’s missed shots look good.

      • uoykcuf says:

        LOL @ JOHN! you don’t even know what the “Jordan Rules” are. They were the rules set by the Pistons bad boys not allowing Jordan to get near the basket, foul and sometimes triple team. They dare others(pip, craig) to shoot. Obviously not the same as your so called “Lebron Rules”

        Stop dropping knowledge if you got none!

  24. dustydreamnz says:

    Question is what position in the West could the Lakers squad be in with a different coach? They’re not a bad bunch, they’ve surprised me a little. They have 3 PG’s out.
    Kobe has become an easy target-gotta remember as someone else said back from serious injury and playing PG. Add to that he’s 35, I think he’s doing ok so far.

    • ash says:

      yeah but I dont believe he should be guarding point guards like “Conley, Lillard, Westbrook, Irving and Lawson” thats just asking for another injury maybe wait till the all stars and let him heal up all the way and than I think he can do all those but suspecting him to do it right away is to far.

      plus any player comes from injury makes a lot of turnovers remember rose when he returned this season he was avg. 4-6 turnovers a game. He pushed to hard to get back to him self again that his gone for another season.

  25. Tray says:

    kobe will always be in my eyes one of the best all around players but the injury is just a speed bump in his life that he needs to cross and to do that he needs time not everybody can come on the court and drop 30 points or more it takes time and for kobe that whatt he needs and later he will show us why we call the best player in the nba

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      Don’t think so, chief. In that game against Memphis, Bryant had to leave the game once or twice. He also tweaked his knee. He’s already getting all sorts of injuries because he’s coming back way too soon.

      Did you not see Bryant fall to the floor clutching his knee in pain. His knee was stiff after the game. He’s done.

      And that happened on a routine post-up when he tried to spin baseline. Suddenly, he collapsed to the floor. Imagine what’s going to happen later on if he keeps playing 25+ minutes-per-game. Injury, injury, injury.

      Kevin Martin is going eat him alive this Friday. 🙂

  26. ash says:

    this is a joke.. I have not seen any players come from a injury kobe had and score 20+ in three games out of 6.. also counting his age
    he is one of the best that played and people need to wait and let him get back into the game slowly and he will show you haters.

    D’Antoni is a fool and will get kobe injured again, he should be fired and can be easly replaced how much his getting paid..(note to D’Antoni :why the f*ck are you playing kobe as pg??)

    kobe will take lakers to the playoffs

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      Don’t think so, chief. In that game against Memphis, Bryant had to leave the game once or twice. He also tweaked his knee. He’s already getting all sorts of injuries because he’s coming back way too soon.

      Did you not see Bryant fall to the floor clutching his knee in pain. His knee was stiff after the game. He’s done.

      And that happened on a routine post-up when he tried to spin baseline. Suddenly, he collapsed to the floor. Imagine what’s going to happen later on if he keeps playing 25+ minutes-per-game. Injury, injury, injury.

      Kevin Martin is going eat him alive this Friday. 🙂

      • Anthony is shaking his head at heat fans that aren't knowledgable about basketball says:

        Did you really just say KEVIN MARTIN will eat KOBE BEAN BRYANT alive????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Never Post here again!

      • Joshua Greenfarb says:

        @Anthony is shaking his head at heat fans that aren’t knowledable about basketball

        Hi, chief. Oh, I’m extremely knowledgable about basketball. I tried to warn all of you that Bryant is coming back too soon. I told all of you he injured his knee seriously against Memphis.

        Hate to say I told you so, but …

        BTW, I try to post here, but sometimes my posts get blocked. Ha! Whoever is the moderator must be afraid of the truth that Bryant’s career is over.

        Guess what? Bryant is injured and will likely miss the rest of the season. Darn! I really wanted to see Kevin Martin eat alive that injured gimp — Bean Bryant. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! Oh well!!!!!

        Martin is averaging ove 20 PPG. How much is Bryant averagin this year? 13 PPG.

        FACT! That’s knowledge. FACTS! You are the one that doesn’t keep up with current events very well in the NBA. Look up the stats. FACTS! Kevin Martin is having an All Star season. Bryant? Mediocre at best. Injury or not. He’s done. Martin was going to rip up and light up slow-poke Bryant BIG TIME.

      • Joshua Greenfarb says:

        @Anthony is shaking …

        BTW, I’m not a Heat fan; Joshua Greenfarb is a Sonic/Thunder fan. OKC currently has the best NBA record and should win it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Joshua Greenfarb says:

        *Martin is averaging over 20 PPG.

    • Pakyaw says:

      Did u count how many turnover he did on those 6 games?..

  27. FRAN says:

    i am such a looser , i hate myself

  28. tenby says:

    I always begin my comments with this line: Fire D’Antoni First (FDF)! . I maybe wrong but a good majority of loyal Lakers fans would like to see D’Antoni GO first and foremost. Kobe just returned from a career threatening injury and D’Antoni is playing him at point guard position. Even Kobe can accept the fact that he cannot physically run and defend with the likes of Conley, Lillard, Westbrook, Irving and Lawson unlike during his younger years. D’Antoni is putting Kobe at even greater risk at such an early part of the season. Indecisiveness of both D’Antoni, Kupchak and Buss to get a young point guard speaks of their poor management skills and low business acumen.

  29. Roy says:

    D’antoni is a fool of a coach and will continue to ruin this team. He’ll make Kobe average 37 minutes again and probably cause another injury.

    He needed to be fired immediately it’s a joke he’s still coaching that team.

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      Kobe Bryant is already injured. He injured his knee against Memphis. If he plays against Minnesota, he may get severely injured trying to guard the high-powered Minnesota team who dropped 120 points against Portland.

      He HAS TO sit out and not play for the rest of the season. HAS TO. Otherwise, injuries will FORCE him to sit out the rest of the season.

      This really isn’t Rocket Science or Astrophysics or whatever.

  30. asasa says:

    Fran Blinebury just shut the fu*k up hater.

  31. marty says:

    Surprised that the writers actually gave an honest evaluation.Second most turnovers in league last season (not playing pg).In my eye this guy has been a great individual player but never a good leader or teammate.

    • skrutz says:

      I agree! People are complaining for honesty. Kobe is a scoring machine, no doubt about it. Tip-top of scoring. He’s not a whole lot else, however. No scoring Kobe = burden.

  32. kim taeyeon says:

    then they call paul pierce old and washed out when he’s only a year older than kobe. they are both old and should never be expected to produce like they did before.

  33. Adrian says:

    Bad comment, remove please!

    None of the above writers stated that it would be 82-0 at all, lots of stated the current status that we all know: No pg rdy to go, and a player totally out of form, trying to get fully back into his former glory, but not yet there.

  34. mosesmehraban says:

    @Fran Blinebury: damn, either you have very high expectations of others or your judgment in this case is very off with Kobe and the Lakers. Show me any team in the league that wouldn’t struggle missing two of their main point guards due to injury.

    Add to the mix, Kobe is just working his way back into NBA shape after his injury and playing out of his normal position. Yes, there will be some rust, confusion and lack of flow to a team’s office. But with that said, they’re doing okay given the hand they’ve been dealt with.

    • Singh says:

      I agree with @mosesmehraban. Kobe is trying to do too much but what other choice does he have? If the whole team was fit and everything was going smooth, then maybe he wouldn’t have to go hard. But I see improvement in his game and in the chemistry of the team.

      Also, don’t forget that he won 5 rings doing “what everyone expected — trying to do too much.” @Blinebury

      • al haldie says:


    • skrutz says:

      “but what other choice does he have?”

      Well, he could not be earning an insane amount of money, thus allowing the team to sign half-decent players? Or at least, sign some filler players?

      • Ray says:

        @skrutz – Just like you would tell your boss or employer to give you less money.. so they can hire more people or increase corporate profits… doesn’t actually makes sense.. you have to negotiate for the best you can get.. regardless of what you are making..

      • al haldie says:

        Every one want to play COACH or MGR:—AND WE ONLY HAVE HALF-DECENT PLAYERS is that what you think -you shoould JUMP to a different TEAM,,,,,, long time lakers fan

      • Han says:

        Ehrrr, Miami Heat?
        Problem with Lakers is they just don’t have enough material to contend (which is what Kobe want). Be honest, even with what you said those 2 PGs back, they’d still struggle.

      • skrutz says:

        Well first of all, this is a professional team sport we’re talking about – not a regular job. And if your salary was so much that the rest of the company was second rate because of it, it’s pretty obvious where the flaw is. He can earn what he wants, and they can pay him whatever – doesn’t change the fact that there’s a salary cap!

  35. Jose Antonio says:

    Kobe Bryant will always be Kobe if he has to past the ball he will but not pretend a scoring machine as he is, and still is , don’t take some shoots and have some turnovers cause he is starting at the point position remember that

  36. justin says:

    yeah since the lakers aren’t missing any other teammates and everyone is totally expecting them to be 82-0
    bad writers, fire them please.

    • Lakers says:

      Kobe wouldn’t have stayed this long in LA if he didn’t learn to ignore all these BS from the media. He knows how Hollywood operates and he knows how the business works and he knows how this so called media ppl make money. It’s a job and they do what the gotta do that requires of their jobs..

    • skrutz says:

      Kobe isn’t playing at top level, accept it!

    • Another Heat Fan says:


      I don’t understand what the writers said above to piss off you Kobe fanboyz.

      I thought they were all fair in judgement. No one said anything too harsh, or too pessimistic, and there was some praise in there that Kobe does deserve.

      Kobe is ‘not yet’ the Kobe he was last season. The Lakers are missing many pieces, and they are in bad shape with or without Kobe. No one expects the Lakers to even reach the playoffs, let alone go 82-0.

      Frankly if the Lakers make .500 this season that would be good enough, the BEST they can do is make the playoffs, but honestly I don’t even know why they are playing Kobe they should just purposely tank the season to get some decent picks in next year’s draft (then again i’m not sure if they have draft picks).

      Either way one thing we should all hope for is that Kobe does not get injured again. I think Jeff Caplan said it best:
      “My only fear is that he pushes himself too hard, too quickly.”

      • justin says:

        heat fan= opinion void

        And I do not believe they have draft picks so it wouldn’t mater.

        And why would Kobe do that? he isn’t Drose and this is the LAKERS not some team no one cares about

      • Joshua Greenfarb says:

        Kobe Bryant is already injured. He injured his knee against Memphis. If he plays against Minnesota, he may get severely injured trying to guard the high-powered Minnesota team who dropped 120 points against Portland.

        He HAS TO sit out and not play for the rest of the season. HAS TO. Otherwise, injuries will FORCE him to sit out the rest of the season.

        This really isn’t Rocket Science or Astrophysics or whatever.

      • Joshua Greenfarb says:

        Apparently, new medical treatments accelerate healing, BUT there’s no guarantee you won’t re-injure.

        If you don’t put in the necessary work to rehab, you can re-injure yourself even more easily than ever before. We’re seeing it as living proof with Kobe Bryant coming down with a serious knee injury.

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      They would be WINLESS since Bryant returned, IF they didn’t get lucky against Charlotte and injury-ridden Memphis. Watch as Minnesota blows out LA Fakers!~!!!!

      They might win 20-25 games this season. They might go 0-82 next season. Hehehehe.

      • justin says:

        Again, Heat fan opinion void which you obviously are or a Lebron fan.

        And what are you talking about “injured”?
        He manned up unliked Drose and played the rest of the game and hit a huge 3.

        Please leave you sad troll, you are the people who ruin

      • Joshua Greenfarb says:


        Hey, chief. There is no need for name-calling. Don’t call Joshua Greenfarb a “sad troll.” That’s very hurtful. I think about to cry. HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAH!!!

        Yep, I knew Bryant was injured seriously. When he fell to the floor and clutched his knee, it looked awkward. Bad. Now, he has to miss 6 weeks due to severe knee injury.

        I’m not a Heat fan. I’m a Seattle Sonic/OKC Thunder fan. I like Lebron, but I’m a bigger fan of guys like Kevin Durant (who may win this season’s MVP award).

        And how do I “ruin”

        I tried to warn Laker fans that Bryant is coming back too soon. I was right.

        I tried to warn Laker fans to stop being so optimistic because Bryant clearly injured his knee against Memphis. Are you blind? Watch the replay again!

        When I state FACTS, that’s not ruining anything.