Fan Night 1-On-1: Kobe Vs Wade

VIDEO: Kobe Bryant’s career top plays are nothing short of spectacular

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Admit it, you’ve spent more time than any doctor would recommend debating things like who would win in a fiercely competitive game of one-on-one between your favorite NBA superstars.

We know because we do it to around here at the headquarters. We’re obsessed with these things, these dream matchups between the greatest players in the game today. LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade, Paul George, Russell Westbrook, Kyrie Irving and Stephen Curry are all guys we’d love to see square off under the bright lights in a one-on-one tournament for the ages.

Our friends at NBA TV have taken it a step further than just the dream phase by staging a hypothetical one-on-one tournament that the players weigh in on weekly during the splendid Fan Night 1-On-1 Tournament. This week’s combatants are none other than Kobe and Wade, arguably the two greatest shooting guards of this era and two of the greatest of all-time.

And you get to weigh in now by voting on who you think would win in this battle of the shooting guard superstars:

You get to join the conversation on who would win via social media (Tweet @NBATV #1on1Wade or #1on1Kobe). The results will be announced during NBA TV’s postgame coverage of the Fan Night game between the Denver Nuggets and Oklahoma City Thunder (9 ET, NBA TV) by TNT’s and NBA TV’s Ernie Johnson, Chris Webber and Greg Anthony.

VIDEO: Dwyane Wade has always been one of the league’s best showstoppers


  1. Only Kobe!! says:

    MJ said it!! These thing shouldn’t even be a discussion. How about a real topic like Dominique Wilkins vs Lebron James, now these are players that are very similar at least in their inside game, agility and shooting decisions. Because both once in the paint would prefer to go for the dunk without thinking who was at center.

  2. Richard Bautista says:

    Achilles injured Kobe vs Healthy Wade? of course Wade.But talking about their primes, 1on1 against Kobe is not even question. Kobe will shut down Wade from any angle, given that he has Height advantage (everything else identical), but really Kobe’s more skilled. You talking about Kobe only enter the playoffs by having Shaq or Pau? Dumb. It’s called a TEAM. Even Michael Jordan said that Kobe is the only one who can beat him 1 on 1.

  3. Ramsay says:

    what kind of question was that! of course it’s Kobe!

  4. Balla4sho says:

    Do you guys forget who had the best finals performance in nba history? Wade at his prime was the cloest thing I ever seen to MJ

  5. Skerg says:

    @FATHER…. Gabrielle Union looks better than Vanessa Bryant….. LOL… Just sayin

  6. Skerg says:

    Im going with WADE!!! with 1-on-1 games I normally see a “slasher” win these match ups… Kobe relies on his jumpers, which may kill him in a 1-on-1 game against a person who has “masterful” SG post-up and driving game… However, Kobe is the best scorer on the planet……

  7. Champ12 says:

    Kobe is top 3 all time player, wade is top 12. Kobe would win for sure, though I love wade’s game play as well. Kobe would definitely win. Besides, we are talking about players in their prime, kobe just got back from a serious injury, I could beat him myself right now, but not in his prime.

  8. Father says:

    Kobe’s wife is waaaaaaay finer than D Wade’s girl. Vanessa is the ultimate. Dayuuum, she’s bad ! Kobe wins any day over Wade

  9. guy says:

    1 on 1, Kobe is the best, but now it’s not 100 percent. who tell me now in the league, score 20 or 21 pts , after this injury, me i don’t see anyone, so wade is good now but Kobe is more good

  10. dominican rolling says:

    In their Prime nothing to discuss Kobe will beat dwade, only MJ is a better SG than Kobe, there is nothing to discuss, yáll Kobe haters will have to swalow thier tongue………

  11. maki says:

    get some friggin common sense…their talking about Prime Kobe vs Prime dWade??? No question Kobe will rip dWade…But if the voting is the present play then Dwade would likely beat Kobe since he is injured and not in 100%…But Kobe still would have a chance if he gets healthy…THATS RIGHT! EVEN WITH OLD AGE! AS LONG AS HE IS HEALTHY.. KOBE WILL WIN! I mean it is the man’s main core of play…1on1! NUFF SAID!

  12. Fefe (Nets) says:

    If we consider D-Wade & Kobe at their primes, then I guess Kobe has the upper hand and beats Flash…but it’s still a good duel & close game.

  13. Ralph says:

    This question is insulting for Kobe..

  14. VonParoni says:

    As much as I like Kobe I would go with D-Wade on this one. Why? Because of the D – he is a great defensive player and a better rebounder then Kobe. Kobe is the better scorer of the two but 1-on-1 I think Wade would be the better all around player. If both players were in their prime I think Kobe would win. As they are today (not accounting for injuries) I think Wade has slight advantage.

  15. LBJKIN6JAMES says:

    Kobe will never be ‘Kobe’ again .. his days are over, the only way Kobe would be effective is if he joined a contender and came off the bench as a role player.
    All you Kobe fanboys stop living in the past … Lakers are a mess, and their not going to get better anytime soon

    • laker says:

      well at least he didnt have to join 2 superstars to win A RING LIKE THE KING…..

      • zeebo24 says:

        stupid all the way, i think you forgot Wade owned the 2006 to 2008 seasons and got a ring with nothin else than an old shaq. His MVP season was stolen by Lebron at the time too

  16. Dwayne Wade is a better SG as he beats Kobe in every statistic. Kobe has more championships but barely makes the playoffs without Shaq or Gasol around. Wade didn’t win championships without Shaq or Lebron but always made the Heat playoff contenders in the east. Kobe is far of from his prime and he can’t turn back time so today 1v1 Wade wins easily.

    • NBAfan says:

      whoever gets hot will win the 1-on-1…but all else equal, not considering who gets hot, Kobe has a lot more weapons than Wade…a more consistent jumpshot for one….but the point of watching people compete (team or one-on-one) is that everyone can fight and anything can happen….

      if they played 1000 one-on-one games, I think Kobe will win a lot more than Wade would win…

  17. Dwayne Wade is a better SG as he beats Kobe in every statistic. Kobe has more championships but doesn’t barely made the playoffs without Shaq or Gasol. Kobe is far of from his prime and he can’t turn back time so today Wade wins easily.

    • HeatFanSinceWade says:

      Today wade would Destroy Kobe! but during their primes, I say kobe’s better jump shooting might give him the nod. Even though wade would Euro Step him to death and can post and fade and Dunk all day! But because of Kobe’s Height and outside shooting I give him the nod.

  18. mee(a)t says:

    This question is unfair cause people immediately compare stats that aren’t necessary.

  19. KC says:

    1 on 1 is a different game. Honestly, Kobe would be posting up DWade all day. It’s like they say, you can’t teach height, and Wade is not SO much faster than Kobe that he can just go to the rack at will.

    Sadly this is hypothetical now. Post injury Kobe doesn’t have the hops anymore to challenge any of the top players. Maybe he’ll improve this season given time and practice, but if you’ve been watching the last few games you know that an achilles injury is as severe as it gets in basketball, and even immortals like Kobe do not come out the other end of something like that without having to seriously adjust their game.

    • asdffwww says:

      Kobe hasnt exactly played 100% these games either, he is not looking to run and drive to the basket right now, he have blown by opponents a couple of times for dunk/layups. I think kobe will be alright when he gets some games under his belt this season. But ofcourse he has to adjust a littlebit I expect him to post up alot when Lakers gets a point guard healthy.

  20. Gman says:

    SIMPLE, whoever gets the ball first wins. lol.

  21. Qukel says:

    DWade all the way!

  22. dustydreamnz says:

    In his prime Kobe but it would be a good match up these days.

  23. eschu says:

    Wade would out man Kobe. Kobe hasn’t played D the last 4 seasons.

    • Romeo Aguirre says:

      I can tell you don’t watch basketball watch Kobe’s highlights from year and tell he doesn’t play D

      • Gman says:

        Kobe is a great team defensive player, but has always had trouble with fast/strong players.

      • Pakyaw says:

        @romeo, stop riding on Kobe’s #%*$ for while, I can show you Luke Walton defensive highlights, if your argument only base on highlights.. Kobe’s last 1st defensive team selection is on 2010….stop livin on the past…

      • kc816 says:

        Ummmm…They are comparing them at their pirme. Kobe hands down, in his prime Kobe was unstoppable teams had to double and triple team him.

  24. this isn’t even a debate…kobe in his prime could beat everyone except mj, and he’d come prty close to beating him!

    • Gman says:

      Your name tells me you would not want to debate. LOL. Wade vs Kobe would be a good match up in their primes, they are both deadly. Kobe with little more offensive polish, like various jumpshots and some defense. Dwade, with crazy attacking style offense and defense.

  25. Romeo Aguirre says:

    Kobe all the way I’ve seen Kobe hold Wade to 0-15 shooting I like Wade but he can’t guard Kobe