Rondo Cleared For Full Practices

VIDEO: Rondo ramping up workouts

Rajon Rondo has been cleared to return to full practices, coach Brad Stevens said Saturday, an important step in Rondo’s return to the Celtics from a torn ligament in his right knee suffered Jan. 25.

Stevens cautioned it is also a preliminary step to the All-Star point guard getting in a game, saying Rondo will not play in December and realistically may not be in uniform until past the one-year anniversary of the injury. It is, however, a major sign of progress in the rehabilitation and comes as additional good news with Boston going from many preseason predictions of finishing near the bottom of the Eastern Conference to being in the very early mix for home-court advantage in the first round of the playoffs.

”He won’t play in games, is what I’ve been told, until after the first of the year,” Stevens said, according to the Boston Globe. “And that still is, we’re talking in big generalities there. I don’t know when that means. It could mean a month from now, it could mean six weeks from now. There’s a lot of different variables that have to be met for him to be cleared for games.”

Rondo had been participating in parts of practices, but was banned from contact drills and scrimmaging. That changed Friday, Stevens said, when Rondo and a Celtics physician visited Dr. James Andrews, the renowned surgeon, and Andrews cleared the way for the return.

Rondo is the only tested true point guard on the roster, with rookie Phil Pressey the only other Celtic with any experience. Boston tried Avery Bradley there with poor results and switched to Jordan Crawford. Crawford is better suited for shooting guard, but has performed so well that he was named Eastern Conference Player of the Week for games ending Dec. 8 after averaging 23.3 points and 6.7 assists while shooting 61 percent and playing alongside Bradley.

While 9-7 against the East, Boston isn’t only taking advantage of the soft conference – winning four of the last six has included beating the Nuggets and Clippers, both at home.

“I haven’t thought a ton about it because it really hasn’t presented itself, and it still isn’t going to present itself anytime in the very, very near future,” Stevens was quoted by regarding eventually working Rondo into the rotation. “So my focus is on what we can do on Monday (against Minnesota).

“But certainly, you’re thinking about how you’re going to not only get him into it, ease him into it, but also how you’re going to manage everything around that, because there’s a lot of good players that are playing at a high level. The key is to continue those guys playing well and add in another very good player.”


  1. D1 says:

    Rondo on the HEAT would be a dynasty for sure for the HEET !!

  2. sashabella says:

    Love that Rondo is coming back. He adds to the depth of the team. plus he is just fun to watch… an awesome talent!

  3. rose did look a little beefy

  4. DeAnthony Jones says:

    Hopefully he didn’t pack on the pounds like D-rose did. Im confident thats what did roses knee in this time

  5. theaandthea says:

    i don’t know if boston want to keep rondo or not, sometimes they say “trade, no way” and sometimes, you can feel the trade in the shadows
    i don’t know if rondo wants to roll with the new celtics or not.
    This thing is foggy (maybe not for them, they maybe know exactly what will happen)
    Boston fans globally want him to stay (i think)
    he is born with the rivers-garnett-pierce-allen era, era that ended without “surprise” but in a kind of dirty way, with ray allen thing shortcutting the others but doing it mostly for familly reasons.
    if rondo is emotional he will be traded to move on, the acl thing could push boston to make a deal

  6. ricardo says:

    Rondo celtics for life do not listen to the dumb lebron

  7. okc2014 says:

    Celtics may or may not make playoffs. But all things considered, I feel really good about what Coach Stevens has done with this ball club. And Rondo’s return certainly makes things even brighter. Just look at this coach. Then take a look at the Lakers coach. Need I say more? Go Celtics.

  8. James says:

    If Rondo cant come back soon the celtics wont make the playoffs.

    • Old Leprechaun says:

      Have you looked at the east lately? Celtics can sleepwalk into the playoffs. In November they played one of the toughest schedules in the league and came out close to .500, They currently have the 5th best record in the atrocious east. Who’s going to knock them out? Even if the Nets pull it together and Chandler returns to save the Knicks, the Celtics still end up the 7th or 8th seed.

      Stevens is the real deal. C’s may take a small dip while integrating Rondo into the mix but even if he only improves them a little they will be a .500 team which right now would make them a strong contender for the 3 seed. At this point it would not surprise me if Celtics saw the second round.

  9. celticfan says:

    ehh, Celtics did not beat the Clippers , sorry :p

  10. photunix says:

    Just want raise an errata: Celtics hasn’t beat Clippers yet in this season….

  11. Luka says:

    They did not beat the Clippers

  12. J says:

    Only a matter of time for the 2nd best Point Guard in the NBA to return… AND DOINATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also I hope he’s been working on that jumper or plans to work on it.

  13. ConstableGeneva says:

    Article is mistaken. Celtics lost to the Clippers at home.

  14. LBJKIN6JAMES says:

    Rondo.. go to the Knicks

  15. Bryan says:

    Boston has more room to grow. Rondo cf could lead the team but not much of a title contender although there’s a chance to get a spot in the playoffs. But its all up to Rondo if he would leave the team and chase for another ring.