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Lakers again weigh Pau Gasol trade | Lowry talks continue | Shaw may change Nuggets’ lineup

No. 1: Lakers again weigh Pau Gasol trade — The Los Angeles Lakers want to see what they have now that Kobe Bryant is healthy and haven’t eliminated the possibility of re-signing Pau Gasol when he’s a free agent next summer, but if the big man is going to continue pouting about his role under Mike D’Antoni, they may have no choice but to see what they can get for him. Ramona Shelburne and Marc Stein of ESPN write that the time to take calls may be coming soon:

The Los Angeles Lakers prefer to keep struggling center Pau Gasol and believe he eventually will have success in coach Mike D’Antoni’s system, but his recent comments and subpar play have caused them to begin weighing whether to make him available before the NBA’s annual trade deadline in February, according to sources with knowledge of the situation.

The Lakers have yet to engage in any Gasol-related trade discussions with other teams, sources told But Gasol’s recent comments about his frustrations with his role in the Lakers’ offense, his impending free agency, and his struggles offensively and particularly defensively have essentially forced the team to consider its options.

Gasol had something of a bounce-back game in Friday’s 122-97 loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder, and made a point of saying that “you always have to make yourself responsible” for your own play and that “when you start pointing fingers at other sides or other directions, you’re making a mistake.”


No. 2: Knicks executives pushing owner Jim Dolan to do deal for Kyle Lowry — If the New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets are both bidding for Kyle Lowry, that’s probably good news for Toronto Raptors GM Masai Ujiri, who got a nice haul for Carmelo Anthony when he pitted the same two teams against each other in 2011. Yahoo‘s Adrian Wojnarowski breaks down what’s on the table from both teams:

As New York Knicks executives work to convince owner Jim Dolan he should ignore public criticism and complete a deal for Kyle Lowry, the Brooklyn Nets are gaining traction as a possible destination for the Toronto Raptors point guard, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

The Knicks are desperate for a point guard, and their front office had a deal together that would’ve sent Raymond Felton, Metta World Peace and a 2018 first-round pick for Lowry.
The Knicks’ front office is determined to re-enter talks on Lowry, league sources said, but it is unclear how they will try to amend a trade package – or whether they’re willing to return the original offer to the table. Without the future first-round pick, there’s little chance of the Knicks landing Lowry, sources said.

The Golden State Warriors also have remained involved in talks with Toronto on Lowry, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

Dolan became livid over the public disclosure of the deal terms and became aware over some segments of reaction that deemed the package a third straight debacle in dealing with Raptors general manager Masai Ujiri, sources said.

Ujiri, the NBA’s Executive of the Year with the Denver Nuggets a year ago, negotiated deals that brought the Knicks Carmelo Anthony and Andrea Bargnani in recent years.


No. 3: Could changes be coming to the Nuggets starting five?The Denver Nuggets play absolutely atrocious defense at the start of games, allowing 123 points per 100 possessions in the first six minutes of the first quarter. Their struggles continued on Friday, allowing the Jazz to score 18 points in the first 4:33. So yeah, as Chris Dempsey of the Denver Post writes, Brian Shaw is thinking about making a lineup change:

The Nuggets have a recurring problem: Bad starts. Slow starts, whatever you want to call it, they aren’t getting out of the gate with any kind of urgency much of the time. On Friday, Utah scored 33 points on 54 percent shooting (85 percent from the 3-point line) in the first quarter, the latest in a lengthening line of irritating starts.

So Shaw is now on to this: Considering a shakeup in the starting lineup.

Whether it actually happens remains to be seen, and maybe he cools down and rethinks the whole concept overnight after his team’s 103-93 loss to Utah on Friday. But switching out some starters is a card he’s as ready to play as he’s ever been.

“Continuing to give up those big quarters is not going to get it done for us,” Shaw said. “I don’t know if I have to shake it up or what I have to do with that starting lineup. But the chemistry, for whatever reason, is not there. And it’s putting too much pressure on our bench to have to come in, night after night and have to bail us out and have to expend so much energy getting back into the game. Then they get tired and then I try to put our starters back in to give them another opportunity – they push the lead up to 10 again. And that’s kind of been the theme and the way that things have been going. So, I have to kind of search and figure out what I’m going to have to do to remedy that.”


SOME RANDOM HEADLINES: The Pelicans’ Tyreke Evans reinjured his left ankle in Friday’s win over the Grizzlies … Brook Lopez missed Friday’s loss in Detroit with another sprained ankle, but says he already feels betterTom Thibodeau played Jimmy Butler more than 36 minutes in his return from turf toe … and the Knicks are down another big man.

ICYMI: Rudy Gay made his debut for the Sacramento Kings on Friday…

VIDEO: Rudy Gay’s Kings Debut


  1. thejerr says:

    FIRE D’antoni DO IT!

  2. chewie says:

    Lakers trade Pau 4 Deng and M Teague.
    Lakers have wanted Deng for a number of years, and can resign him next year and themselves some 5m a year +.
    Teague may be wrong player wrong team syndrome, so he could still turn out to be something, plus pretty much on the minimum so no big deal if he busts.

    Bulls – not sure why they would do this other than moving Teague whom Thibs simply doesnt play enough. They get Pau and they have made a run at him previously. Bulls then have improved cap flex next sesaon if Pau doesnt resign, or opens it up for a sign and trade.

    Lakers Pau 4 Bulls Boozer + 2nd round pick/teague.

    Lakers less likely to do this, other than like Zac, they lock a low post player in for an extra season.
    Bulls would love this move as a chair at this stage would be an upgrade over Boozer.

    Salaries work in both scenarios.

  3. laker fan fo life says:

    trade gasol to miami for udanis haslem & future first round pic

  4. dustydreamnz says:

    Why would the Nets want Lowry? D-Will is outstanding and I think Lowry is too good to be a backup. The Knicks on the other hand…

  5. longlivethekin6 says:

    yeah.. pau for z-bo. or gasol brother trade?

  6. okc2014 says:

    I like the trade switch: Gasol for Randolph. Lakers have a multitude of problems. Re-signed Kobe too early and for too much. Expecting too much from Kobe when he is older and coming back from injury (because they stink bad), bad coaching, bad chemistry, a team that seemed to have some rhythm going before Kobe came back, Kobe alienates players, Kobe hogs the ball, No real star if Kobe isn’t there. The Lakers have no real chance to do anything spectacular this season. Possibly 8th seed but that will be as far as they go. I hope by next year for their sake, they make major changes. They have lost respect from the media. Not good considering who they are and what they used to be. Sad stuff.

    • Liam S says:

      Kobe has an identical Points per weighted shot as Jordan (1.32) and 5 less ppg because he shoots less. Can someone please explain why so many people who don’t know basketball really think he’s a ballhog and Jordan wasn’t
      Than again, these people claim Lebron is in the top 5 players of all time when he’s barely in the top 3 at his own position, claim Dwight Howard is a great center when he doesn’t know how to post because he gets stats because being a decent center in a league without centers balloons his stats, and think this Heat team would win any games let alone a series against the early 2000s Lakers, 90s Bulls, Bad boy pistons, 80s Lakers, 80s Celtics, 70s Knicks, 70s Bucks (when they had Oscar and Kareem, 60s Lakers, or 60s Celtics

  7. manny says:

    poor Paul gasol every year he is faced with trade rumors.

  8. LDELGADO says:

    Mitch needs to tell Gasol and D’Antoni to keep comments internally. Coash needs to be the bigger man and approach Gasol about putting cards on the table- Honestly – i am not impressed so far w/D;Antoni. This is the mistake that Lakers made and now we have to live with it. Now i know how other NBA teams feel not having a good team; we now have average team. I wish Kobe full recovery before he gets back on court- Right now; i am not impressed with his playing so far.

  9. laforlife says:

    i think lakers should trade pau for z-bo. pau said hes open to going back to memphis and the grizzlies r looking to dump randolph. they both have contracts that r pretty similar.

  10. marcijan says:

    Problem isnt Gasol or Kobe, problem is D Antoni, after they fire him, Lakers will start winning again

  11. When are the Lakers going to realise that the problem is not Pau, it’s Kobe!
    10-9 without Kobe…0-3 with him. Same trend as last season