Z-Bo On Trade Rumors: “There Ain’t No Loyalty Or Love”

VIDEO: Zach Randolph gives a fan his shirt

NEW ORLEANS — The irony is not lost on Zach Randolph.

Just as he is being honored by Kia Motors and the NBA with the November Community Assist Award in recognition of his charitable efforts and contributions in the community, the rumor mill keeps churning out trade talk that the Grizzlies are looking to find him a new home. The latest has him going to the Pelicans for Ryan Anderson.

“Go figure,” Z-Bo said following the Grizzlies shootaround at New Orleans Arena on Friday. “Memphis is a place that I’ve come to love and call home and it’s where I would definitely like to retire. I haven’t made any secret of that. Everybody out there knows how I feel.

“I look at it like this: I understand it’s a business. I really do understand that. This is a small market team and money plays a factor. I understand all that. It’s different now. I don’t know if it’s just changes in (salary cap) rules or just a change in the way of the world. Like I said, it’s a business.

“But yeah, it bothers me. It hurts a little bit. I can’t deny that. But it goes to show you that there ain’t no loyalty in this game. It seems like you only get loyalty in certain organizations. You see it in winning organizations like the Spurs, the Lakers, the Heat.

“The truth is there ain’t no loyalty or love, except in certain organizations where they keep players around, value them. Only a very few organizations seem like they want to keep players around to retire there. Hey, everybody gets traded. It’s part of the league, part of the life. I’ve been traded a bunch of times.”

But after his stints with the Trail Blazers, Knicks and Clippers, it was Randolph’s trade to the Grizzlies in 2009 that allowed him to blossom and become a two-time All-Star. Memphis is also where he earned the big contract that is scheduled to pay him $16.5 million next season unless he chooses to opt out in July.

“I’m not 19 or 20 no more,” Randolph said. “I’m not a young kid coming into the league with my career in front of me, looking to get established and looking to find my place in the NBA. I went through all of that. I feel like I grew up as a player and as a person and I’ve become someone who is valuable.

“I’m 32 now, but I feel like I’ve still got a few good years left in me and I feel like I can be somebody who can contribute to a winning team, be a significant part of team that can contend for a championship. And I think we can do that here. Even more, I feel like I’ve put down some roots in Memphis, helped this team make a name for itself, really become part of the community and to build something that can last. This is where I want to be and where I want to stay. All I can do is make that clear. But it’s a business and it ain’t my call.”


Kia Motors and the NBA honored Randolph for his continued dedication to helping underprivileged children and families in need. As a part of the NBA’s Season of Giving, Randolph distributed 900 Thanksgiving food baskets at Booker T. Washington High School and Hamilton High School in Memphis. At both events, select families received tickets from Randolph to attend an upcoming Grizzlies game. Randolph also donated 500 turkeys and 500 spiral hams to be given away to 1,000 people at the Clarence Faulkner Community Center in Marion, Ind. In addition to Thanksgiving meals, he contributed 300 winter coats to students at Memphis’ A.B. Hill Elementary.

“The award is nice, but it’s not the reason that I’m involved,” Randolph said. “I love being with kids, especially those kids who come from a single-parent home. I was one of those kids growing up, so I feel like I can relate. It’s a blessing for me to be able to help someone else, especially in Memphis, a place that has reached out and made me feel at home.”

Prior to Wednesday’s home game against the Thunder, he was presented with the David Robinson Plaque during an on-court ceremony. In addition, Kia and the NBA will donate $10,000 on Randolph’s behalf to the Boys and Girls Club of America.


  1. Patty says:

    Zach is a Great Player and if the management of the Memphis trade Zach shame on them. They got rid of a Great Coach and now they are trying to get rid of a Great Player. There is something wrong with the front office of the Memphis Grizzlies.
    The organization is a LOSER.

  2. Chuck says:

    Zo-bo is a good player and respect for the donations, BUT, if you make millions of dollars, donating 500 turkeys is a JOKE and a PR stunt. Community? HA! those families he donates to will not earn 1% of what he earns in their entire life, so yeah, take a turkey.

  3. h-town fan says:

    bad management remember they gave up gasol for nothing

  4. RicoHeat says:

    If its money that they are concerned about then I think that a Pau Gasol for Zach would be a good move for Memphis.. Gasol has one less year than Zach and could be resigned with a lower salary afterwards.. Besides Pau plays well wih his brother Marc from all their years playing for Spain. This move can give Memphis more flexibility to find a good wing player who can take over for Prince. I think both teams would benefit from it.

  5. Blazer says:

    Karma Zach. You were a punk in Portland and it is coming back around….

  6. Pétrus says:

    Z-Bo being traded is a clear sign the grizziles gm is not qualified for this job, they send Gay to the raptors last year, although they’ve become a better team without him, but firing lionel hollins was a stupid move, just look where he took this grizziles team last season, and about the trade of Garnett and Pìerce, i didn’t like too, and Garnett indeed had a no-trade clause in his contract, but i think he and Pierce only accepted that for the good of the Celtics franchise, that’s my opinion

    • scott says:

      Technically, Hollins was not fired. His contract expired and was not renewed.

      Although Hollins is the organisation’s most successful coach, his relationship with the owners and management was untenable.

  7. Ray says:

    Z-Bo would be awesome in the rotation of big men at Detroit. 🙂 Biased Pistons fan haha Impossible to get him anyway without giving up Smith, Drummond or Monroe.

  8. Rick says:

    Boston could use Z-Bo… anything Memphis would like from Boston? Well except for Rondo, Olynyk, Sulllinger, Green or Bradly of course!!

  9. okc2014 says:

    Now that the Grizzlies have made it public they want to trade Randolph, the sooner he gets out of there, the better for him. I hope he goes to a great team. He deserves better. The Grizzlies are doomed this season.

  10. Hendo2132 says:

    Why does he include the Heat and Lakers in these teams that want to keep players around? The Heat just got rid of Mike Miller purely for money reasons despite his role in helping them win the past 2 championships. Lakers are talking about trading Gasol again. Meanwhile teams like Thunder are building through draft and the Bulls are putting DRose’s long term health above their own championship hopes the past 2 seaons. Bulls and the Thunder are better to their superstars than the Heat and Lakers

    • off the bench says:

      Not really, Thunder traded Harden because of $$$ and so far he’s the best SG in the league. Firing of coach Lionel is like taking out a domino piece and now they’re on it’s way to get wrecked. Gay – Prince, Ed Davis trade is not bad at all, even if OJ Mayo thing, they made the WCF without them, and look at Gay and Mayo now, they keep getting traded, Lionel saw that there was nothing left for them to show. And Now look at the Grizz without coach Lionel.

      • scott says:

        Harden stamped his own papers to leave OKC after stinking it up in the 2012 Finals and then having the audacity to think that he is a max player.

  11. I don’t like the way the Grizzlies have slowly torn apart this team. First letting OJ go, then Mayo….now if they deal Randolph…….shaking my head

    • tonhenx says:

      seriously? OJ and Mayo? still you are right, but the dumbest thing was firing Hollins. Just like sending the loving father away from a really good family, they totally fell apart…

  12. heat#one83 says:

    this is very sad for z.bo to be put in this position after all he did for the organization they are going to trade him like its nothing .This is the real reason small market teams don’t win championship it is because of their disloyalty

  13. waxpuppy says:

    Hollinger… Numbers guys have no souls. They are just like wallstreet bankers.

  14. Alvar Wæhle says:

    I totally agree with randolph; there’s no loyalty.
    Basketball is about emotions, so it’s sad when they treat it like just another business-model.

  15. dustydreamnz says:

    I’m surprised Z-Bo might be traded, I was surprised Hollins was dumped. They’ve been playing without Marc Gasol so he should make a difference although the west is so deep I’m not sure they can make the playoffs.

  16. justsayin says:

    Buck up Z – maybe you will wind up with a contender and retire with some hardware. (3 team deal to get you to HOU? and Asik out) Grizz coulda been but ownership’s already started blowing it up & are clearly not going to add the pieces we need to get over the top. But Memphis a good town. Cmon back when you hang it up folks wont forget you.

    Or if we’re lucky your agent and the Grizz could hook up a reasonable long term renegotiation for you to consider.

  17. zerene88 says:

    Hey Zach, don’t feel bad… Pierce and Garnett were traded even after playing for Boston for more years than you are (were) in Memphis. They even say that Pierce’s blood is already green for his fierce loyalty, but was his loyalty honored?

    It’s a sad reality that when a team makes a good player trade, the team manager is called a genius, but when a player makes a good move (like that of Ray Allen), he is called a traitor.

    • Random Fan Full Of Opinions says:

      Believe me when I say that I call Danny Ainge a traitor every single day. Pierce has been my favorite player since I started watching basketball back in 2005 and he will always be my favorite player. Boston Celtics has always been my team and I have always rooted for them. When Ray Allen left I called him a traitor as well. I loved Ray Allen and wanted him to remain a big part of Boston’s team but he thought otherwise, as did Danny Ainge. I dislike that trade and dislike what Ainge did to the celtics, by no means was it a good trade and Ainge is the farthest thing from a genius. I just hope we manage to pick up a couple good players off the free agency and with those draft picks.

  18. kim says:

    zbo is grizzlies guy. hope with us forever. 지보 힘내

  19. Stephen Cleaves says:

    I think the grizzlies organization is going crazy.Last year we made history by going to the Western conference championship,then they turn around and fired the best coach we ever had (Lionel Hollins) Now they talking bout trading Z-bo …..they r seriously nuts. This new ownership don’t know what they are doing. They need to stick to other business they got instead of the NBA. They need let the heavyweights of Memphis take over the team.They need to get rid of Tashaun Prince,Kostus Kufus

  20. Fwt says:

    The Memphis Grizzlies have the worst management in the NBA. They have single handily wrecked our team and our basketball community. Trade the managers as they are a JOKE!

  21. joanneemery says:

    Management behind Memphis Grizzles is horrible. People were talking about them winning a championship last year? Now they’re rebuilding that’s crazy!