LeBron, KD Top Early Fan Voting

The first returns of NBA All-Star balloting 2014 are in and to little surprise, Miami’s reigning MVP and the Finals MVP, LeBron James, is the overall leader with 609,336 votes. West rival Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder is close behind with 607,407.

And if there was any question just how beloved Kobe Bryant remains throughout the world, the 35-year-old coming off Achilles surgery (and back for just two games prior to the release of the first balloting) is the leader in the West backcourt with 501,215 votes. His Los Angeles neighbor, Chris Paul of the Clippers, is second with 393,313.

All-Star weekend returns to New Orleans with the game on Feb. 16 at New Orleans Arena.

In a bit of a strange twist, the 6-foot-9 James could essentially be the Eastern Conference’s starting center. He, along with New York’s Carmelo Anthony (424,211) and Indiana’s Paul George (489,335), are the East’s top vote-getters for the frontcourt. All three are essentially small forwards. Last year, the NBA did away with selecting a true center and designated players as simply “backcourt” and frontcourt.”

Indiana’s Roy Hibbert leads all true centers in East voting and is fourth overall among frontcourt players with 208,369. Brooklyn’s Kevin Garnett, who technically started at center for the East last season as a member of the Boston Celtics, sits sixth with 102,825.

The East backcourt is headlined by Miami’s Dwyane Wade (396,279) and Cleveland point guard Kyrie Irving (365,712), who made his All-Star debut last year. Chicago’s Derrick Rose, who missed last season’s game due to an ACL injury, is third in fan-voting. He is again sidelined by another knee injury. Washington’s John Wall, Miami’s Ray Allen and Boston’s Rajon Rondo, who is still recovering from ACL surgery, and Brooklyn’s Deron Williams round out the top seven.

The West’s frontcourt will likely have a true center starting for a second consecutive year under the new rules as Houston’s Dwight Howard is second in fan voting behind Durant. Howard started last year’s game in Houston as a member of the Los Angeles Lakers.

The third starting spot will be an interesting race to watch. Clippers forward Blake Griffin has it with 292,925 votes, 17,149 more than Minnesota’s Kevin Love. San Antonio’s Tim Duncan is fifth and the hometown kid, the Pelicans’ Anthony Davis, is a distant sixth.

Behind Bryant and Paul in the backcourt is Golden State’s Stephen Curry (327,449), who received the most attention last year as a snub, followed by Houston’s Jeremy Lin and James Harden.


  1. SugaSugamakesnosense says:

    All-Star game is a fan event. You wanna start? Gotta have some flare, gotta have some flash. You gotta be more than just the best at your position apparently…

    Sorry LA 😦

  2. Kejti says:

    I agree Aleksndar, Dragić should really be on this list!

  3. YVP says:

    all star voting is a joke!

    so boring!

    wasting fans time for this nonsense voting thing.

  4. Roman says:

    slam dunk contest = best dunkers
    3 point = best shooters
    all star weekend = best players right now
    kobe, lin, garnett and company shouldnt be there

  5. T-Rex says:

    Half of you seem to get it and the other half seem really angry. First of all, Kobe has played a couple of games so far but by the time voting is finished and the game is on he will be back to all-star level. Even if not voted in, the coaches would select him out of respect for the veteran and he would probably be playing well enough anyway. People are making all sorts of crazy claims, like that Aldridge averages 45 PPG and 25 RPG (if you combine Love and Griffin). Griffin is the most exciting PF but Aldridge is having a better season. Both will play but the fans will see who they want to see more.

  6. isaac says:

    Jeremy Lin? The back-up point guard? Ahead of Harden and Westbrook?
    Do basketball fans even know anything about basketball?

  7. jimmy says:

    Lebron is 6,9?

  8. theking0522 says:

    This is a joke!!! Kobe has played two games. TWO GAMES, and he is an all-star? All-star are for players who are having a great year: ALL-STAR. This isn’t Ms. Universe. Fans should not be allowed to vote. Let coaches decide who goes. I am pretty sure Kobe would be out if coaches had that decision. No more fans voting. it is ridiculous that a player with 2 games is considered to the all-star game. Many players are more deserving and have much better numbers than him.

  9. Lebron deserves the MVP again this season. He is the only true dominant player in the league right now, and there has never been a player like him since MJ … think about it … who else gave opposing coaches so many headaches ?? Absolute beast: http://www.hostnumber.com/lebron-james-career-stats.html

  10. uhh says:


  11. elton says:

    im done really so blake griffen and love over aldrige this leads me to believe there is alot of band wagon fans out here seriously. and dont get me started on jeremy lin and deron Williams thing

  12. asherman925 says:

    Could the system be any more flawed?? Jeremy Lin over westbrook? Kobe over Curry? Griffen over Aldrige?? Why are the starters left up to voting in a system where people can vote as many times as they want for their favorite player, leaving the better players by the wayside. It is a horribly flawed system that puts an asterisk on the label of being an all-star.

  13. asherman925 says:

    Could the system be any more flawed?? Jeremy Lin over westbrook? Kobe over Curry? Griffen over Aldrige?? Why are the starters left up to voting in a system where people can vote as much as they want for their favorite player, leaving the better players by the wayside. It is a horribly flawed system that puts an asterisk on the label of being an all-star.

  14. okc2014 says:

    Jeremy Lin over Russell Westbrook? Please,

  15. Fefe (Nets) says:

    I’m also not understanding why Kyrie Irving is voted out there. He is a phenomenal player and of course he has impressive dribbling skills – but this season he kind of played under his level and Cleveland has been atrocious. He came up big in the last couple of games but outside of that he has been struggling individually & with his team.
    John Wall & Jeff Teague should be higher.

    In any case, last year’s decision to cut the “center” position and let fans vote for three frontcourt players is a joke for me.

    In any case, I’m not too surprised as we mostly save always the same starting lineups every year…as fans only vote based on fame, superstar image even though every year you could make a case for one or two players more deserving to start

    • ?????? says:

      finally, someone mentions jeff teague. he should be in the top 5 east backcourt. I understand that people like ray allen and rajon rondo will have residual support, but really? Mario chalmers? COME ON!

  16. Jack says:

    Why on earth would you write Carmelo’s name before Paul George’s there?

  17. The Voice In The Distance says:

    The NBA really should stop allowing the starters to be voted by fans as it’s the same farse every year with too many people just voting for their favorite players regardless.

    Bryant gets over 500,000 votes more than 100,000 more than any other guard in the west without having played at that point.

    Derrick Rose getting plenty of votes despite being out for the season and being well below par when he was playing.

    LaMarcus Aldridge has been excellent but is way down the voting.

    Kevin Love playing at MVP candidate level but outside the top three west frontcourters.

    • Mstirious2000 says:

      I’m not a Laker fan but Kobe, just like any other player, shouldn’t give up their spots because of the fan base. Every fan wants to see their favorite player in the All Star Game regardless of how they’re doing. It’s not fair but fans pays into part of their salaries and this game is for the fans. My only complain is taking away positions like centers that leave players like Roy Hibbert out of the starting line up.

  18. Walker says:

    Kobe should not be considered at this point… ridiculous.

  19. Aleksndar says:

    Dragić deserves to be in the convo, he is from Slovenia, so little votes for him but he is playing really good this season…

  20. J says:

    Half of the votes are ridiculous.

  21. NBA FAN says:

    Well its the All Star Game and people vote for their favorite Basketball Stars. This is not the MVP trophy where u want to reason who is playing better. And yes Kobe is A bigger Star than harden, curry combined. Just my two cents.

  22. Jacob says:

    Sorry but Garnett at 6 in East frontcourt seems like a joke yet Paul Pierce ahead of B. Lopez is also hilarious. Moreover what is the point of voting for guys like D. Rose? I know he is a great player and I wish him to be healthy again and keep it that way but he is injured for the rest of the season so he will definitely not play so why waste your vote.

  23. Franck says:

    When they talk about players being a X number of years All star or when they go to the HOF with the X number of all star appearances it has no merit anymore! Give it to the deserving players, make it something legitimate
    Right now and for years and years and years its just a stupid popularity contest.
    Complete and utter JOKE!

    Kobe needs to withdraw his name or be big enough and be like here take my place to the player who will be left out because FANS ARE STUPID!

    • mindingyourbusinessuwc says:

      deserving players get put on “all nba teams” at the end of the year, the fact that it is a popularity contest makes perfect sense because it is a weekend for the fans to see their favorite players compete.

  24. abc says:

    lebron is actually 6`8 and harden should start instead of kobe

  25. GreenTeam says:

    I’m still waiting for Wesley Matthews to get put on the ballot! Check my blog http://talkbuckets.blogspot.com/

  26. Qukel says:

    The most hilarious is the fact that Lin got more votes than Harden.

  27. Roman says:

    Curry instead of Bryant gesus or it will be another snub contest in the west also LA and Love are better then Blake and Howard in my opinion

  28. B-Baller says:

    The Fact the Griffin and Love have more Votes than Alrdidge is a perfect example of the flawed system in which all stars are chosen. He nearly has better numbers than both of those “STAR PLAYERS” combined. Keep your allstar votes, we’ll just keep the west’s numb one spot.

    • Red says:

      All stars starters is voted by fans so if someone has the most votes, he’s likely to be the most famous and what nba fans wants to watch this year. I know it’s hard if the player that you think deserves got skipped but it is what it is and we have to deal with it.

      • artifex says:

        I’m totally fine with that since there are still the 7 reserves, that are voted by coaches based on performance. Sure, you can argue that some starter might block a spot another one might deserve, but honestly, most of the favorite players are also the best players, so it generally gets well with each other.

    • Dean Wells says:

      Or the fact that Kobe is number one even though he has played a grand total of 2 games this season…. in which he has a grand total of around 15PPG…. like come one!

    • asdf says:

      thats how the allstar system works, its a popularity contest not who is the best player, garnett was an allstar last season says alot. I voted for aldridge, nowitzki, love,parker and westbrook for the west:)

  29. Hannah says:

    Vote DMC