Hibbert’s Edge Over Miami At Both Ends Begs For Oden Response

VIDEO: Roy Hibbert joins NBA TV after beating Heat

INDIANAPOLISPaul George is having a breakout season, a Most Improved trophy winner improving his game all over again to barge into discussions for the next level of superstar hardware.

But George wasn’t the pivotal player for the Indiana Pacers in their 90-84 victory over the Miami Heat Tuesday at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. Roy Hibbert was. And it figures to stay that way through three more regular season meetings and however many times the teams hook up in the Eastern Conference playoffs.

Keeping things parallel, then, if not literal, Miami’s most pivotal player as this slugfest for East supremacy plays out might not end up being LeBron James, its MVP in residence. The guy sitting behind the Heat bench Tuesday night in the blue jacket – Greg Oden – might wind up rating that status.

It’s a big might or if or maybe or whatever conditional set-up you choose to use, because Oden hasn’t played an NBA game in more than four years, dating back to Dec. 5, 2009. His knee zippers have zippers, and surgeons set up an honor bar in one of them, anticipating their next visit. The 7-footer from Ohio State and Lawrence North High in Indianapolis, one of the league’s most unfortunate and frustrating stories in recent memory, has logged a total of 82 games since he went No. 1 in the 2007 Draft. He has missed five times that number.

But as Hibbert kept throwing in buckets over the top of the Miami defense (24 points on 10-for-15 shooting) and altering not just shots but the Heat’s strategy and identity at the other end, Oden – project player and two-year, $2.2 million gamble – became conspicuous in his seat for his possible late-season involvement.

After The Game That Wasn’t A Statement, James flashed a hopeful look as he contemplated the possibility of Oden as a Hibbert counter. Not next week when they meet again in south Florida but in March. Or April. Or best of all, May.

“We’re not the team that we want to be in April right now, and that’s OK,” James said, after Miami asserted itself in the first half against Indiana, then got a little casual when things unraveled on it in the second. “That’s exactly what we want. We want to continue to get better.”

Might Oden figure into that plan?

“We hope so,” James said. “We hope so.”

And guess what? Hibbert hopes so too. At the moment, he is literally and figuratively the biggest X-factor in the matchups between these teams.

Offensively, he works old-school from the low post like few current NBA centers, a cockeyed change of attack point and style as disconcerting for opponents as Seattle’s pesky old switch-everything defense under George Karl, especially when encountered randomly during a long season. Miami deals with all manner of open-court and wing players like George. It showed in the first half it can swarm and choke him off the way it has other dynamos like Chicago’s Derrick Rose or Jeremy Lin at the height of Linsanity. Hibbert’s size, though, makes him a rarity.

Defensively, he long has been planted not just in the Heat players’ peripheral vision but in their heads, especially now that NBA officiating crews seem to grant him “verticality” calls the way Kevin Durant and Kobe Bryant used to own rip-throughs. It doesn’t even matter if it’s a member of the privileged class like James or Dwyane Wade banging into him 10 feet above the court .

Still, for all that advantage, the Pacers’ big man sounded eager to face whatever XXXL card the two-time champions have stashed up their sleeves (sleeves, for the record, is legit phraseology now in this alternative-jersey world).

“I’m gonna just keep asserting myself whenever I play against them,” Hibbert said. “But I’m really looking forward to matching up against Greg when he does play. He’s such a big impact, a big impressive presence. When he gets healthy, we can battle a little bit.”

Oden, Miami insiders say, continues to work out pain-free, participating partially in Heat practices with an eye on game involvement at some point in the season’s second half. He was signed largely for a possible playoff matchup with Hibbert, who expects to see him later if not sooner, assuming Oden a) gets on the court and stays on the court, and b) plays like some reasonable facsimile of his former self.

“At some point this year,” Hibbert said late Tuesday. “I’m not saying ‘Hey, I’m gonna go kick somebody’s ass.’ I always say I can play against the best. Joakim Noah brings the best out of me. Playing against LaMarcus Aldridge. And y’know, Greg is such a dynamic image … I’ll see.”

VIDEO: Paul George and the Pacers discuss their win over the Heat


  1. D1 says:

    Pacers and your fake heros fet respect when they are wearing a CHAMPIONSHIP RING!!! untill then shut up and be patients and join the real world instead of the virtual one.

  2. D1 says:

    Hibbidy was fake last night against some REAL bigs that are much quicker that his turtle donkey

  3. D1 says:

    Pacers got that donkey tore outta the frame last night…LMAO…had absolutly NO answers for the PISTONS!!!

  4. Tom says:

    This is December, this game meant nothing. This could have been game 1 of a playoff series and this game could have still meant nothing. The Heat will be alright, they just need a big man to slow Hibbert down a bit and they got them. Lebron had a bad game, so what everybody have bad games except for Jordan. And even he had bad games although rare. In 1989 the Bulls lost all 6 regular season games to the Cavaliers and still beat them in the playoffs, I had bet against them (for the last time) and they shocked me and won.

  5. Be Real People... says:

    Seriously Heat fans? Do you know anything about the salary cap, the luxury tax, anything related to that? You think basketball players play for free?

    Look, first of all the Heat are NOT getting Asik. He’s owed around $6mill this season. Look at the Heat’s roster and you’ll see what kind of players they’d have to give up to get Asik. You say Joel Anthony? James Jones? Look at how much they’re paid. Both of them combined don’t even make up for half of Asik’s salary and Miami’s already over the salary cap.

    As for Oden, what makes you think he’ll be able to be a factor at all? Look at Brandon Roy. He “felt good” and played the entire preseason last season. Regular season started, BANG, out after a couple of games. And now he’s gone again. With knees as weak as Oden’s, the same’s going to happen for him. Any more than 8 minutes a game and his knees won’t be able to handle it. Especially banging with giants like Hibbert, Scola and Mahimi.

  6. #dwade#flash says:

    Hibbert wants ODEN now but back in college, Oden ate him alive, I wonder why now he got some big mouth? what an a..

  7. Cripple Rapist says:

    TTKIN i know you’re hibberts lover, Hibbert want to beat ODEN so badly, because w/out an injury, ODEN literally destroyed hibbert… So you haven’t seen their battle during college ball or early NBA career? He wanted to see HEAT’s final card, Do you believe the HEAT worries about hibbert??? Maybe Paul George but hibbert??? That’s why they hire ODEN, to surprise him in playoffs… Sorry hibbert No FREE TASTE… you’ll see what you get, but not now… SOON!!!!

  8. Josh Elliott says:

    I have been a Heat fan sense Dwyane Wade was drafted to them, so I am a true Heat fan.

  9. Heat 3peat says:

    Heat can still make it even without Oden.

  10. Agudo says:

    A ‘Big Man Required’ sign should’ve went up in Miami after their demise to the Mavericks. Sure they’ve won two championships since but without a post presence it was with great difficulty and cost to ailing veterans such as D-Wade, given his troublesome knees. Oden will help no doubt but Miami shouldn’t be putting all their eggs in his basket since its perched atop wobbly knees. I wish Oden all the best, but for his sake and not Miami’s.

  11. Matt says:

    If the NBA didn’t give Roy “Vertical” Hibbert special treatment Indiana wouldn’t be as big of a problem for Miami. Look at Game 7 of last year’s ECF. The referees decided to call normal fouls on Hibbert and the Pacers and they got blown out. As long as Hibbert can camp in the paint and jump “vertically” Indiana will be a threat to Miami.

    Imagine if Dwight Howard got this sort of treatment 4-5 years ago in Orlando. He would’ve been unstoppable.

  12. Gust says:

    About Omer Asik… it will just not happen for the Heat. His salary does not fit into Heat’s budget.
    About Greg Oden… NO, he is not the answer for Miami. He has to continue his rehab work and try to play a few minutes after the mid-season.
    For the Heat fans, I’d say that the lost against Indiana last night was not so worrying. You have to consider that two key players were out of the game – Haslem and Beasley – and they would make a great difference coming from the bench. The only problem for Miami is to keep their players, including the big three, healthy. If they do this, the third consecutive championship is just matter of time.

  13. TTKIN says:

    Im loving Hibbert’s attitude about playing Oden. What the hell does he have to be scared of? a 7 footer who hasnt played pro in yrs haha.

    I like how Miami had trouble with Hibbert, so their way of countering that was signing a guy who has played 82 games in frikin 6 yrs haha. I dont think it’s fair to call that contract a gamble. Gamble isnt a good enough word haha.

  14. Joe smole says:

    Are we serious, Indiana has played very well and we are talking about someone still trying to prove something. When Indiana wins the championship, will we talk about the team James is going to or the accomplishments of the Pacers?

  15. D1 says:

    Pakyaw is the only one on point here, the rest of you follow the media hype way to much…LOL ..and the HEAT will get hotter!

  16. beeballer123 says:

    Anyone else wondering what the guy who calls himself say about”LBJ” has to say about this? LOL

  17. #dwade#flash says:

    @drik, man I had to read your comment 3 times to kinda get what you are trying to say, people stop over reacting! 6 point game? and home court? and george was nowhere to be found in first half.

  18. doug says:


  19. TD Touch Down says:

    Give it a break! Miami has, is and forver will be built for the playoffs! Their is not a NBA Team at this time that can take the HEAT in 7 games. End of story.
    OKC is close- but close is only good in horse shoes.
    HEAT – EFC
    HEAT -NBA 2013 Champions!

    To all questionalble participants- get ready for the magic trick, LBJ will be the reincarnation of Majic Johnson when the Lakers went on to win the Championship when Kareem went down and Magic played all (5) Five positions.

  20. mee(a)t says:

    I wonder what would have happened if they played Haslem in the game (don’t remember seeing him). probably foul trouble but at least he isn’t afraid to hustle for a rebound.

  21. I agree. They need Oden a lot of minutes.

    • R-Lo says:

      Why do people keeping thinking Oden will ever be healthy??? Miami wasted 2.2 million on this guy and he will never play a regular season or playoff game for them. It was a gamble that is becoming a total bust. The guy retired before for a reason. Wake up loser Miami fans.

  22. drick says:

    Hey,,I thnk ds indiana fans dont know bout NBA, coz they dont know what’s happening in the last 3 years,,kindly check the records of the HEAT during the BIG THREE era against contending teams especially the top 4 seed of both EAST and WEST they never get to .500, but what happen in the playoffs did the regular season matters?juzz ask ur self guyz,,were are u last season?in the 2011-2012 season?2010-2011 season?i juzz miss the BULLS fans the big mouth NOAH and GIBSON,the BOSTON fans were are u i mizz ur TRASH COMMENTS?INDIANA fans please don’t talk too much trash coz ur not here now if D’ROSE is healthy,RONDO is healthy and RAY ALLEN dd not left BOSTON followed by PIERCE and GARNET..and its too early to pick the no. 1 seed in the east juzz like last season the knicks and the pacers are battling for the top seed but when the 27 game win streak comes, they’re like being sweep from the top to bottom by the heat,,hahahaha…

  23. Me says:

    People need to stop talking about Oden like he’s relevant. Both of his knee’s are surgically repaired and probably bend backwards for all we know. People think this guy will contribute? Where were all of you when this guy’s kneecap pretty much split in two just by jumping in the air?

  24. Jim Muncy says:

    The Heat’s strategy with Oden is 1) don’t play him now so he won’t get hurt, 2) play him enough when it gets close to the playoffs so that he can get into his rhythm, 3) play him for everything he is worth against Indiana when they meet in the Easter Conference Finals. That seems like a solid strategy. I agree that backing that up with a trade for Asik would be a good idea. Miami is so stacked at all the other positions that they are bound to have something Houston wants. Houston’s biggest need is at the four position but, the way Terence Jones has been playing, even that isn’t so important. Maybe Houston could use an older player that could calm the kids down (like OKC did with Derick Fisher). Certainly Miami has some of those.

  25. JimD54 says:

    Heat fans that think that the Heat are going to get anything out of Oden are delusional…The Man is injury prone and hasn’t played since 2009, he won’t matter in any game of consequence, against anybody….

  26. eric Coleman says:

    I say get a reliable rebounding center for right now until Greg Oden is officially ready to get back on the court..

  27. D1 says:

    …time will tell…time will tell..Pacers are your great hope against the HEAT!!!

  28. pacquiaoverated says:

    championship ain’t won in the east the hell I care pacers beat Miami, still okc smacked them into outer space and to all you pacers wannabe team championship is won between the east and west, and these wannabe pacers got beaten down by the mighty okc. and the wannabe MVP george got schooled by durant.

  29. Edgars says:

    Heat fans, hehe…
    You have Anderson, Anthony, Oden might or might not play- it still should be enough to win with talent you have.. one bad game and peeps already panicking and dreaming about Asik.

  30. i are bosh says:

    bosh had 3 rebounds … same as Chalmers…. What the hell ……terrible

  31. i read this last last year,also last year and now this year..”AINT GOT NO WORRIES”to those heatfans that’s suggesting some trades..well nice one but that is impossible…OUR HEAT TEAM IS BUILT THIS WAY and WE’LL WIN IT AGAIN THIS WAY..it’s a championship built-caliber team..a team that won back2back with a same game style and philosophy..COUNT ON IT..

  32. Nate says:

    Oden will get hurt game #1 or #2 if he is lucky. The kids legs are made out of jello.

  33. banwagoners says:



    C ODEN






  34. The Dream is a Troll says:

    Agree completely, @ J Neal

  35. The Dream is a Troll says:

    Also, stop with your stupid prediction. I said it before and I’ll say it again: your prediction is just like your name…a dream.

  36. The Dream is a Troll says:

    @The Dream, Stop trolling, bandwagoner. Always find something bad to say about other teams that beat the Heat. Just accept that the Heat have a real threat this season and can be dethroned, just like any other team is vulnerable. If PG and Hibbert are such garbage players, than what does that make the Heat, since they lost last night?

    Your constant crying is hilarious to me, boohoo…. The fact is, it’s one game. The Heat have many more games to play, so no need to run out and point all of these phantom “deficiencies” of opposing teams. LBJ and co. don’t make excuses because they’re professionals and their bandwagon fans can do that for them, just like you do.

    Post something with actual value next time, idiot.

  37. Teddy says:

    Miami fans say they don’t panic but every time they lose they have to set up what if’s and high hopes for the future and dismiss reality. Miami is a great team yes, but the shine has dulled and new east champs will be crowned. Indiana controls the paint, the bench is solid and PG has emerged. For every Heat fan (bandwagoner) who can’t take a loss, you should hop ship to Portland they’re your best bet.

  38. eric says:

    Coach SPO has a heart of a true blodded pinoy that never say die attitude! I hate LBJ but i love Spo and Spo will adjust but will never get a ring these season lol

  39. sanjay says:

    Every chance heat wont make it past ECF if they continue to play like this. There weapon is three point shooting to compensate for lack of center. Today there were pure trash! They better find their straps in a couple of months! I will give them benefit till 42 games, that is another 20 games away where they can experiment whatever they want. They better think of getting some sort of center here!

    • HeatFansDon'tExist says:

      The Heat haven’t had a real starting center for over 3 years now. Bosh is a power forward. I guess people don’t understand that.

  40. The Dream says:

    Hibbert was a problem last year, but Miami got Oden this time. The prediction has already been made.
    “Oden dosen’t play all year. It’s ECF game 1. Indiana has lost sleep over how they will defend against a player they have yet to see. Oden is dressed and sitting on the bench with fire in his eyes. Lose game 1 out of fear. Oden dosen’t play a second. Game 2 the anticipation is great. Indiana loses in a heart breaker with Oden yet to play. Game 3 Indiana knows this has to be the game he play. Hibbert refuses to leave the locker room in fear of the monster Miami has yet to release. Game 3 is a blow out win for Miami. Still no Oden. Game 4 Pacers call the bluff and come out strong in the first half. Up by 20 in the start of 3rd Spo gives the signal. Lebron and Wade unlock his cage and Greg Long D1ck Oden lumbers on to the floor. Hibbert runs out of the building screaming to the D league. George soils himself and is issued 2 technicals by Joey. The entire Pacer bench scatters to the four corners of the world. Andrew Luck in the stands cries uncontrollably. Oden goes 2/10 with 1 rebound. Miami still wins by 8 and sweeps the Spurs in the finals.”

    • J Neal says:

      WOW! You can tell some people don’t know the game of basketball! Greg Oden, a man who hasn’t played in four years, stopping a man who’s been playing and getting better every year…what a joke! Bangging with Roy (285lbs) for however long he’s in the game…what a joke and can’t wait to see it! When I saw Super Strong LeBron “See u After This Summer” James bouncing off Roy while trying to guard him made me say, “This guy is huge and strong!”, And people stop saying “WE!” I checked the heats roster and ain’t none of ya’lls name on the roster! Ya’ll ain’t scored a bucket; ain’t got one rebound; made one steal etc…but ya’ll always talking about “we” did this and “we” didn’t do that and when “We” get Greg “No Knees” Oden, “We” gone do dis! Can’t wait to see how my home town team ends up this year!

  41. The Dream says:

    Paul George got 17 points in the game and 6 of them came from free throws. Let’s not forget get how many points he got in the first half. Yup that’s right a MIND BLASTING 2 points, because he was being locked down by Lebron. People are quick to say that he should be MVP but he can’t out shine star players like Lebron an Durant. Durant gave him a nice whipping in the other game. P.G was able to hold Durant down to 36 points hahahaha. And most of P.G’s points that game came from garbage time. If Pacers get best record in the leauge this year then Hibbert should get M.V.P over P.G, even though Hibbert plays like garbage against other bigs.

    • D. Morillo says:

      LBJ had 17 too… What were you saying ? Oh its a team game, say what?

    • Game Time says:

      Man you are spot on! I’ve been saying the same thing. PG is a good shooter but when he’s defended well he shrinks faster than a cheap pair of underwear. Also anyone watching that game should take away that Miami forced 20+ turnovers and still only lost by six on the road. Not only that but James made three careless turnovers in the last 3 minutes when Miami was down five. They game could have gone either way and it’s not a statement win to me. Dec 18 Miami is going to smash Pacers by 15pts.

      • HeatFansDon'tExist says:

        The fact that the Heat forced 20+ turnovers and still lost makes the loss sound even worse.

      • Game Time says:

        Yeah lost by six when getting killed on the boards. A loss is a loss, but I doubt Miami cares about trying to beat Indy in the REGULAR season the way Indiana is trying so hard to beat them.

  42. Mamerto says:

    Definitively, Miami needs a real center, that’s it!

  43. Avi says:

    The pace of the game last night was crazy! I wonder is Oden can hang with it

  44. tanibanana says:

    Not a reason to panic.. but definitely Heat can no longer relax.
    Chris Bosh needs to improve his presence inside the paint, and hopefully
    come Conference finals, with or without Oden, rebounding will have
    a decent solution.

  45. Da Beast says:

    Greg Oden isn’t doing anything for you loser Heat bandwagoners. Indiana is taking the east, as they should have last year. I’m sad for my Bulls, but I’m also excited to see all the stupid Heat bandwagoners’ faces when Miami loses.

  46. sanjay says:

    banking everything on oden is a bad idea! miami heat needs a vetern center at least for minimum wages. Is there any one around who can give them 6 fouls, 6 points and 15 minutes to check hibbert?

  47. HEATALLDWAY06 says:

    SEASON JUST STARTED,their’s no need to panic….heat will adjust….HEAT reserve Greg Oden for playoff and play a huge rule for the team…..their’s no need for a trade….seeing heaT RAISING THAT GOLDEN TROPHY AGAIN BY THE END OF THE SEASON..

  48. Ronald says:

    Heat fans please wake up. How can a Lewis, James jones for asik be a fair trade? If you want asik, it could be Ray Allen and charmers. You think this is a video game huh?

  49. hdpvet says:

    I am a heat fan and I’m loving this scenario. It is good that Indiana Pacers became better and better every year which means Miami Heat need to play harder and not be over confident if they want to be an Eastern conference champs again. If they survive, then they need to find ways to neutralize whoever comes out from western conference, be it Blazers, Thunder and Spurs.

  50. Bo says:

    Taking a look at Oden’s history of injuries it is very unlikely that he will be able to stay healthy…let’s hope that he will have an injury free season. However, the Pacers still will have an issue even if Oden is healthy. Miami must buy one more big 7 footer. Why not get Kosta Koufos from Memphis or Mozgov from the Nuggets?

  51. this is the difference between these two teams..like last year the Pacers get too hyped when winning during the regular season..they talked and rejoiced so much and when playoffs comes they always come up short..yes..it maybe alarming and Oden maybe a big factor but the Heat will always have the last laugh come May with or without Oden..

  52. Danny says:

    Careful what you ask for.

    Cant wait for Oden man. I thought hes ready. Why he play preseason then not appear in a season game.

  53. J says:

    Play him every second game for the last month of the season, then every game in the playoffs, play him.

  54. jake s. says:

    Pacers-Heat again. I don’t think this will change in the eastern conference finals. It will be close again but ultimately it will be Heat-Thunder. Speaking beyond that is nearly impossible at this point.

  55. micelo says:

    Grab Marcin Gortat

  56. Mike says:

    Miami Heat will step up in time, just like they did in the past no matter what. Today Miami lost because they missed their shots: 3PM-A 19%, FGM-A 42,9% and not because of Roy Hibber or David West game

    • Game Time says:

      Not only that, but it’s like Miami didn’t even care the 2nd half. After forcing the turnovers and dominated for the 1st half they came out pretty much knowing what to expect from the Pacers now and later so it wasn’t a game they wanted to win as bad as the Pacers.

      • HeatFansDon'tExist says:

        Oh so the Heat let the Pacers win then?

      • Game Time says:

        No, but they sure didn’t care about wasting energy to prove that they could beat them when they’ve already done it when it matters. It just didn’t matter to Miami. Anyhow enjoy the win if you’re a fan or hater. Really means nothing.

  57. Oden is obviosly being saved for playoffs and hopefully start getting minutes 10 or so games out from playoffs. heat need him this year as pacers have solved there bench weakness. the bench will get stronger as the season develops and get granger back. this was learning experience 4 pacers! they need less turn overs to beat heat in 7 game series! and the person who said top seed in east isnt important as heat only need 1 road win. well your wrong because Indiana is strong enuff to get road win back and finish off with home advantage. I think home advantage is going to be crucial in playoffs for these 2 teams! and is needed for pacers to get edge in playoffs, as 2 teams are so close

    • herpaderp says:

      I don’t think granger makes a difference, the pacers are probably better without him and he cant stay healthy. trade bait all the way. This Pacers team is stacked, they are much better than Miami overall but Dwade, Lebron, and Paul George will decide what happens come playoff time

  58. LeBrandz says:


  59. sanjay says:

    god only knows how long Mr oden will continue to sit on the bench. I hope he is practicing to strengthen those knees. The pacers had way too much size in this game. And miami are themselves to blame with their atrocious 3 point shooting.

    Battier missed the radar completely, chalmers had air ball, lebron had only one, veteran ray has not hit the mark yet( not sure why he did not leave himself open), even rashard did not make any.

    you cant win without 3 pointers against pacers team who do not allow you to get inn! heat should have at least hit 10, 3 pointers and they blew it! this game was heats to lose and they did just that!

    Heat have not won even one match so far against top teams( I can only recall chicago)

  60. Loki says:

    Even though I’m not a fan of the heat I hope Oden works out for them. Oden’s story was tragic like so many before him and I’m just hoping he doesn’t go down like Brandon Roy.

    As for Indiana good showing. All those turnovers and they still managed to win that one against a team that specializes in turning turnovers into scoring runs. Paul George is evolving and learning to read the heat’s defense during those little spurts of high intensity, and guys like Stephenson and hill are doing the little things that impact the big picture. How about Watson in this one? Definitely a good pickup, Scola too obviously

    • herpaderp says:

      I feel really bad for greg oden(and the blazers, they missed out on kd for him), I really hope he is successful and manages to stay healthy whether or not he stays in the nba

  61. T says:

    It’s too early. Miami will step it up when the playoffs start. The champion Lakers teams did the same. Oden will probably play and have knee problems. It is obvious that Miami’s acquisition of him is more symbolic than serious.

  62. Ray says:

    Coach Spo is loving this. Adjustments will be made and the Heat will adjust. I’m still a Heat Hater but know the Heat are too smart a team to let this one game define their season. They’ll adjust and the Pacers are looking at making their own adjustments too. That first half was tough for them.

  63. solaya says:

    What about Omer Asik ? can be a good fit for this lack of rebounding the ball

    • Thomas says:

      1) Trade Joel Anthony and a future draft pick to the Houston Rockets for Omer Asik.

      2) Be patient…. Greg Oden can be a difference maker if he is in top form. Winning the top seed in the east doesn’t mean much. Even if the Heat go in as the second seed… they just need to win 1 away game. Not a bad trade off if it means they all go in healthy into the playoffs.

    • Miami's small ball says:

      Asik would be a great fit because he is a good defender and rebound-er but Houston likely wants a Ryan Andersen stretch 4 type piece. Unless the Heat could offer up a solid 3 point shooter. How about Rashard Lewis (from the magics title run) and James Jones? that could be fair and mutually benefitial

      • PetrGSW says:

        Yap, only Lewis is no longer a player he was in Orlando, and Houston will most likely trade Asik to Philly.
        Please all you Heat fans stop talking about trades that would bring another good players to your team,
        Whenever there is a trade rumor around anyone good, here you come – trade him for Jones or Anthony.
        This is not how it works, the Heat allready are a superteam, and have won two in the row, what more do
        you want? They need to work with what they have, and they know it, so you bandwagonners grow up!
        Ps: I bet there are sensible Heat fans, but lately it seemslike all the Lakers fans of last couple years jumped
        to another bandwagon, because its the same annoying comments, so my apologies to the real Heat fans!

      • Peteski says:

        Well, these trade rumors do not really involve the heat. Just because the Heat (And I admit I never was a diehard Heat fan, but since I followed LeBron from day one, I want him to win even more now that he is in a good situation with the Heat) would GREATLY benefit from the like of an ASIK, there is a reason why the Heat didn’t go after a huge player, but decided to try for a rebuild of Greg Oden. they are VERY LIKELY NOT going to go after any trades involving Asik, if they do…they would have to get rid of all the possible players that might need to help Wade out during his games off due to his knees. Therefore this is NOT gonna happen. Greg is a work in progress, and the fact we are 16-6 shows that we are not in PANIC mode. We got through Detriot…they are probably the BIGGEST team in the east with Drummond/Monroe/Smith but Pacers just play amazing ball now. I am not worried, the season is looooong and FAAAR from over. Just look back a few years…Heat lost to the bulls 3-1 in the regular season WITH Rose, then we turned around to win in the playoffs I believe 4-1 or 4-2. Then Celtics gave us a scare in the regular season I think with 3-1…then we got through them in the Playoffs at 4-2 or even 4-3. In a 7 game series…vs THE SAME TEAM…its a totally different story. #LETSGOHEAT #RoadToThePlayoffs

    • mee(a)t says:

      Stop it. They are not gonna get Asik.

    • miami 4 life says:

      The trade has already been done. Asik will be joining the heat in two weeks time. My uncle who works as the strength trainer at heat hq gave me the insider info. Unfortunately Miami will have to trade Joel Anthony, Rashard Lewis and Roger Mason Jr BUT they will be getting Asik and Lin in return. New lineup:

      PG Lin/Rio
      SG Wade/Allen
      SF The King/Beasley
      PF Bosh/Birdman
      C Asik/Oden

      • herpaderp says:

        lol, theres no way they would take lins contract. plus Norris cole is probably better anyway, especially for the heat bc he plays good d and can shoot well.

        im pretty sure the only way Miami gets a big name player is if they give up bosh, which is unlikely given that they’ve won the past 2 years

      • HeatFansDon'tExist says:

        You’re funny. You’ve been a Heat fan for a lttle over 3 years now right?

  64. RafaelMercedes says:

    we need a big men urgently, Greg Oden will be the perfect men for that Job, today the different was Hibbert and West, nobody could stop them, if Miami Heat get a good Center, a Natural Center, we can make the different this Year

  65. freal says:

    If it wasn’t for Indiana the Western Conference would have to trade some teams with the East to give even the slightest impression of balance existent in the NBA as a league.

    • herpaderp says:

      the east will win the championship for the third time in a row this season whether its the pacers or heat, so there’s that

  66. TheAll-Star136 says:

    EXACTLY! Greg Oden is the answer to the rebounding problems.
    When will he play?

    I think when Greg Oden plays, he will provide a spark to the Heat winning attitude. Notice how the Heat bench react when he made his first two points against the Pelicans in the preseason. He is a huge factor to take back the number 1 seed of the East.

    • scott says:

      Greg Oden is the answer? Shirley, you can’t be serious!

      How can you trust a player who has not played a single game in 4 years and has a broken body to enter the playoffs to slow down the best big man in the league?