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Golden State is looking … suspect. Is something missing (besides Iggy)?

Steve Aschburner, NBA.comHome games. Only eight of their 22 games have been played in Oakland and they’re 6-2 there. Otherwise, the Warriors have been living out of suitcases and not living all that well. Their stats are worse almost across the board on the road, including a scoring differential that plummets from 8.1 per game at home to just 0.3. The reward, of course, is a schedule imbalance in the other direction going forward. Golden State fans should remain calm and enjoy the fireworks.

Fran Blinebury, We all probably expected to see a drop-off in the Warriors defense with Andre Iguodala out of the lineup.  But they might actually be missing him more on offense.  Harrison Barnes is scoring 14 points a game since he moved into the starting lineup, but has not fit as comfortably or effectively with Stephen Curry.  The Golden State offense is down roughly 18 points a game from the Iggy-Curry combo.  In short, yes, they miss Iggy.

Andre Iguodala

Andre Iguodala may miss another 2-4 weeks with a strained hamstring (Rocky Widner/NBAE)

Jeff Caplan, Well, defense, and that goes back to Iguodala. The Warriors allowed the Bobcats to score 115 points the other night. That’s utterly ridiculous. Let them get Iggy back, and some other players, too, get a rotation set and see how things go. This team will be dangerous.

Scott Howard-Cooper, NBA.comThe 2012-13 bench is missing. Taking care of the ball is missing. The absence of Andre Iguodala is big because it impacts the depth that was already a question mark going into the season, because he was being counted on to play more than one position and because Curry was missing part of the time as well. The Warriors overcame early injury adversity last season and then again in the playoffs largely because of Jarrett Jack, Carl Landry and Festus Ezeli. They don’t have any of them now, with Ezeli sidelined by a knee injury that is expected to cost him the first half of 2013-14, Jack in Cleveland and Landry in Sacramento. Marreese Speights was signed to replace Landry and (for a while) Ezeli, but he has not played well. Toney Douglas and Iguodala were supposed to play backup point guard, but they have been hurt. Meanwhile, the Warriors are still challenging for most turnovers in the league. That’s a problem even for a team with so many offensive threats.

John Schuhmann, First, yeah, they’re missing Iguodala. And they were missing Curry for a few games before Iguodala got hurt. But they’re also missing additional depth beyond their big six. Their on-off-court numbers show that they’re pretty awful whenever Curry or Klay Thompson step off the floor. I understand the idea of using Iguodala as the back-up point guard, but they still need another guard to help the second-unit offense.

Sekou Smith, NBA.comThey lose one game to a Charlotte team I predicted in the preseason would an upstart and now my Western Conference pick is all of a sudden “suspect.” Seriously? Does every supposed contender get whacked like this after a surprising stumble a mere 22 games into the season? I would remind you all that if my Warriors (yes, my Warriors … it worked with the Hang Time Grizzlies and it’s going to work again here) were in the Eastern Conference they’d be a top-three seed in the playoff chase right now. Sure, they’ve stumbled a bit here early but they are fine. They are in good shape right now and we all know that they have the potential to do so much more once the injuries subside. Suspect, huh?

Lang Whitaker, All Ball blogThey’re missing the element of surprise. Last season the Warriors found their groove when injuries struck and they went small/uptempo and started running people out of the gym. This season, they have targets on their backs, and opponents not only know what they’re in for, but they want to make a statement against the up-and-coming team. Also, we can’t discount the absence of Iguodala. Adding Andre was supposed to add versatility and make the Warriors even more potent. Not having him the lineup, to me at least, makes it still to early to pass any judgments on the Warriors this season.

Karan Madhok, NBA India: The Warriors aren’t that bad, their expectations are just higher. Iggy is missed, of course, and losing Curry for a few games didn’t help matters either. They are a team that lives and dies on the jump shot, and thus suffer when the magical shooting touch abandons them. Golden State needs a backup weapon to strengthen their identity, toughen up on the defensive end, and turn some of those closer losses into wins before they can start living up to their high expectations again.

XiBin Yang, NBA China: The Warriors shoot too many jumpers. Their offense relies on 3-pointers, which means they get to the free-throw line too infrequently (14 a game). Secondly, if you want to play a fast-paced brand of basketball, you have to grab more rebounds.

Davide Chinellato, NBA Italia: There’s definitely something wrong with the Warriors. They’re 12-10, the’ve lost 2 of their last 3 and they’re struggling defensively, having allowed more than 100 points in 9 of their last 10 games. It’s early in the season and coach Mark Jackson will eventually figure out. Injuries to Iguodala and Steph Curry have definitely been a problem, but the team is not responding the way everybody was expecting. Probably because they’re not a surprise anymore, as they were last season, and teams have found a better way to stop them. Since their offense is still there (103 points per game, 46.9 percent from the field and a league-best 41.7 percent from 3) they need to improve defensively.


  1. Joshua Greenfarb says:

    I don’t say his pick that the Warriors will get to the WCF is “suspect.” No, it’s just ridiculous. Obviously, they’ll be better when Iggy comes back, but not THAT much better. They can’t keep relying on game-winning shots at ends of games or coming back from huge deficits.

    I saw the end of that Raptor/Warrior game where Toronto blew a 20-point lead or whatever. It was so pathetic that Golden State kept running the same play over and over with a screen-and-roll with Curry going to his left. Or maybe that was the Maverick/Warrior game. Irregardless, that Raptor game may have sparked that big trade with Sacramento. Rudy Gay seemed so pathetic on defense … Toronto decided to deal him away.

  2. Karlo Garcia says:

    Iggy is missing! nothing to panic about. They are 8th in the Western Conference with a 13-10 record.

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      Sorry, chief. They’re 9th right now. Even after beating Dallas, Dallas is still currently in the 8th slot. 🙂

  3. J says:

    Once Iguodala comes back they will be fine.

  4. dustydreamnz says:

    I think the guys have good points, Bogut fouls too easily, defence has been poor.

  5. Houston says:

    They definetley lost the element of surprise. Teams are always ready for them, but I think the main points are turnovers and free throw shooting. Iggy is a big imrovmenet

  6. Unkle Daddy says:

    I think as a whole you all hit the nail on the head. Tough schedule, key reserves out, but the biggest thing in my opinion is they let Jack walk. He was their clean up crew. Now they don’t have him, and he’s in a place that needs more clean up than he can provide.

  7. slider821 says:

    of course my comment doesn get posted, its has actual stats to back up my claims. We on the HT blog prefer to stay away from stat-based arguements.

  8. Someone says:

    right now the Warriors are basically last year’s Warriors without their bench… they’ll be fine when Iggy returns and make a lot of noise come playoff time