Report: Gay Traded To Kings In 7-Player Deal

VIDEO: Raptors deal Rudy Gay as part of a seven-player swap

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – The Kings made a risky reach for immediate credibility and agreed to acquire Rudy Gay, his bloated contract and his ever-declining shooting from the Raptors in a seven-player deal Sunday that is mostly a salary dump for Toronto.

The Raptors will get Greivis Vasquez, Patrick Patterson, John Salmons and Chuck Hayes, with only Hayes ($5.9 million) and Salmons (a $1-million buyout on his $7 million guaranteed) on the books next season. Aaron Gray and Quincy Acy are also headed to Sacramento as the new management team continues to follow through on plans to aggressively pursue deals, so aggressive that the Kings just countered two moves made in the five months since Pete D’Alessandro was hired as general manager.

The Kings got Vasquez from New Orleans as part of the three-team deal that sent Tyreke Evans to the Pelicans in a sign-and-trade, started him at point guard, and now traded him 18 games into the season, returning Isaiah Thomas to the opening lineup. And, the Kings traded for Derrick Williams on Nov. 26, said they were committed to him as the starter at small forward, and now bring in Gay four games later, unless they have another immediate deal in place for Gay.

Gay is a name, has an active run of six consecutive full seasons of averaging at least 18 points a game and, whether with Williams or in place of Williams, addresses what had been the biggest position need for the Kings. But it says something that he has been traded twice in 10 1/2 months, including when the Grizzlies were willing to break up a lineup with a proven history of long playoff runs and now by a Toronto team trying to build something.

Gay will make $17.8 million this season and has a player option worth $19.3 million for 2104-15 that he almost certainly will exercise. After mostly shooting between 45 percent and 47 percent earlier in his career, though, the 6-foot-9, 220-pounder dropped to 41.6 percent last season with the Grizzlies and Raptors and is all the way down to 38.8 the first 18 games of 2013-14.

The deal will not become official until a trade call with the league on Monday, but Gay, Acy and Gray were all out of uniform Sunday night as the Raptors played the Lakers in Los Angeles, indicating the terms of the move that could save Toronto some $12 million next season were set.


  1. Rudy gay was a ball hog that had no handles and was uneffecient from the floor. No way he is worth 17 or 19 million dollars. You might as well have Drake on the court then Rudy. Now the Raptors should tank and draft one of the many top prospects coming up (Wiggins, Parker, Randle, Smart, Exum or Gordan). With a really good draft pick and superstar free agent matched with rising star Demar Derozan, the raptors have a shot at actually getting some where.


  2. GC says:

    Lowry is most definitely next to go in my opinion. I don’t like him that much as a player, I think he is rather selfish like Gay and can’t shoot unless uncontested. This was a great deal. Hope they can get something good for Lowry, although I feel like it will be another Lowry for picks and prospects type of deal. If your interested in more on the trade and what it means for there raptors consider this read;

  3. Ike says:

    This guy went from a good team, to a bad team, and now to a horrendous team. I don’t like to see this guy get the shaft every two years. He’s a great talent, a sub tier star if you will. It’s not his fault Memphis overpaid him. No one here would turn down that kind of money. Welcome to the lottery Rudy.

  4. Jorge Millan says:

    This is one of those potentially perfect trades, the winners (Toronto) are elated for getting rid of an overpriced player. On the other hand, it seems like Sacramento is actually happy with the trade so, in their eyes, they won.

    Win-Win eh?

    PS. It is hard for me to root for Sacramento given how awful they have played these last few years, but who knows, maybe Williams and Gay will be what Cousins needed to take it to the next level. Cousins is still the best player on that team but hasn’t had enough talent around to have space made for himself inside. Now with a bit more talented players surrounding him, he may be a bigger threat, as long as Gay does not monopolize the ball and makes smarter shots.

  5. I don’t understand why the Raptors would do this….are they trying to tank in order to get Wiggins in the draft?

  6. Poba says:

    Isn’t it funny how everyone is celebrating on how Toronto did such a great move by clearing cap space, when they filled that cap space not more than a couple of months ago by signing Gay? At best, they’re covering a recent mistake.
    And I bet that the same people a couple of months ago were cheering for the great move of signing the future franchise player Rudy Gay.

  7. Jamal says:

    Right Trade for the RAPS, R. Gay was an overpaid Deroze, same player. Am glad Masaji is starting the clean up this early.
    Bad contract after bad contract by Colangleo killed this team.

    I rather have a mediocre team this year and know there will be chance to recruit next year , than having a mediocre team this year and next year….

    way to go Masaji.

  8. LA Baby says:

    Raps are going to hate Salmons when he’s in the corner wide open and miss 5 shots in a role. He’s a black hole, meaning he’s a ball hog. He’s driving to the basket, JV is open…WTF he pulls up for a jump shot. He’ll be guarding the opponents best wing player, don’t matter because they’re still going to drop 30 points. Salmons is a mini version of Gay.

  9. QueensBridge says:

    Lets give the Raps team a round of applause for clearing salary cap space…TOO BAD players don’t want to go there even if they offered a 10 year $200 million contract. Just ask Vince and Bosh.

  10. Mike says:

    Fantastic trade for Toronto, 19.7 million for Gay next year? 17 for this year?, Bah, save 12 million dollars next year, thats how you attract free agents, $$$. Rudy is good but not getting better and way overpaid, and he is not performing. Salmons and Hayes are chum for salary cap.

  11. Shawn Kemp No. 1 says:

    The Kings should now get JR Smith and Russel Westbrook and they’re all set!

  12. Osamabin says:

    I was one who thought Rudy gay would be a great additions to the raps.i know he didn’t stay long but in his short stay with them it was evident that it was not a fit in t.o…on to the next one!

  13. Garfield says:

    The funny thing is (Chuck Swirsky has already mentioned this on his twitter) … is that the Raptors tried to sign John Salmons years ago … but he rejected the offer (only he knows the real reason) … and now he is here … guess what will happen now … its a complicated world

  14. Jerol says:

    Gay, Cousins and Thomas in the same team? Good luck Kings

  15. Richard says:

    Good move for the Raptors. gay was nothing special, refused to play off the bench.I think the roster overhaul in Toronto is in full swing

  16. tim says:

    people are saying it doesn’t make sense for both teams ?.. it makes a lot of sense for Toronto, they free up about 13 mill in cap space and word is their trying to get a top 5 pick And a top 15 pick in the draft. lowry is also in the final year of his contract so toronto has cap space and if the get 2 first round picks their in business. sac town on the other hand better pray rudy guy doesn’t play as bad as he did in toronto or else their screwed with his monster contract.

  17. win for kings & Shaq says:

    great pick up, all kings are now missing are pg and pf.
    even john walls said this team has potential….> PG
    Kevin love is from california …..> PF

    rudy is someone who can get his shot up in iso…see buzzer beater on lebron james

  18. trst says:

    So, last year the scapegoat was Bargnani (who hasn’t been able to play consistently up to his standards in the past two seasons due to injuries, but who cares). Bargnani to NYK, all of Toronto celebrates, now that we got rid of him we’re going to be great! (What Toronto had in return was, well… nothing, but nevermind that).
    Wrong. Nothing changed, Toronto is as bad as ever, while Bargnani is one of the few positive things of this year’s Knicks (he’s always been blamed for his defense, but this year it doesn’t look bad at all).
    So, time to find a new scapegoat… Time to get rid of Rudy Gay. Now that he’s gone everything will be fine. Believe that! If the reason of the move is tanking, that may work… but seriously, clearing cap space? What free agents do they believe to attract there, with the way the team is being managed?
    Who will be the next scapegoat, when things go on this way? My buck is on Demarr.

  19. shurik_muff says:

    thanks santa with his early presents…. gay is gone.
    rudy might look like a star player… or what ever. in reality, rudy is the worst team player I saw. I would hate playing with any one like him…. as a person or a player. and you could tell by body language of his teammates, who were constantly rolling their eyes, hand movements and etc.

    Kings are in a panic mode…. Gay will eventually clash with Cousins, who is also fighting with himself, and who also has un-curable STAR disease. how will they share the ball? no way that rudy will give it to anyone. and no way that cousins will keep quite.

    good luck kings.

  20. Roy says:

    What kings were trying to do is a line up that will perfectly fit Demarcus Cousins.. Just like what orlando did to dwight.. Derrick williams will be moved to PF and gay will be thier SF.. Its called a small ball and its a trending line-up nowadays. DW can open more space than thompson.. And obviously that SF postion is dry.. John Salmons wasn’t as effective as before. I can see what they are trying to do.. And the raptors are trying to open some cap space for a less price with equal value.. Remember Ross last season was filling the position quite well.. And they need to develop Jonas as they think he is their franchise player in a couple of years.. They want to give their young guns opportunities to grow so freeing a guy like gay who takes 18 shots a game will be distributed to their young ones.

  21. theaandthea says:

    gay is maybe a nice guy but he is not attracting players, he is a good player but not a superstar like you told.
    nobody wants to play hard for a guy who will take a forced shot (missed) almost everyt times.
    Same thing for carmelo despite he is a (hype) star, but nobody wants to play with him, a REAL player with “team an title only” in mind, a real playoff heavy presence will not play with that type of ballhog who take a stupid shot avery time they are in difficulty

  22. Kesehatan says:

    It is hard to have a player with big salary but doesn’t have a big impact on the team, especially the impact to making the playoff.

  23. Christoph says:

    The Toronto Raptors are TANKING so they try to get rid of every player that could help them win and costs money.

  24. Baller says:

    I cant believe that Rudy Gay left the Raptors!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Bob M says:

    It’s good to dump players sometimes, like this time. This is the old “change of scenery” trade. If Rudy starts playing more efficiently and displays some leadership, he will get his option. If not, he becomes a free agent. They get a back up center for DMC and Quincy Acy is a tough physical player.
    The Raptors get Vasquez and a bunch of marginal players (I’m not that high on Patterson). This allows DeRozan, Johnson, and Ross to get more playing time, a good PG to back up Lowry, and cap relief. The Raptors are heading for lottery city and will get a young franchise player next year.
    This isn’t an earth shattering trade, but it solidifies both rosters.

  26. okc2014 says:

    I agree. This was a good move for the Raptors. I never liked the move from Memphis for Gay, and he just never seemed to build chemistry. I saw Rudy Gay play against the Hawks. He seemed discouraged and didn’t play with much energy. Maybe he already knew then he was on the chopping block. He didn’t make the Raptors better. And I REALLY thought he would. But I also have to agree that Sacramento AND Raptors are career graveyards. Rudy Gay, even in free agency, will have a ping pong career. Just like Nate Robinson. But somehow, Nate Robinson leaves a good impression wherever he goes……..I won’t be following the Raptors anymore. Now they are totally boring. To me. Go Thunder! Go Hawks!

  27. J says:

    Doesn’t make much sense for either team. Because Toronto is getting a tad worse by losing gay, and the Kings are acquiring an inconsistent player for some good quality players.

  28. DaveB says:

    When it comes to rebuilding first Toronto has to find players that want to be here for the long run.. Demar DeRozan is a keeper because he wants to be here and keeps getting better a real good pro. I think the Raps would love Wiggens as he is a future home grown star that they know would love to be on Toronto. And yes we have to attract at least one bonafide star that’s been very hard to do . I will never know why Toronto gets a bad rap as we are the fourth largest market. All I can say I hope we get something soon losing is so tough year after year of rebuilds.

  29. C'mon Team! says:

    If it was possible I would take a team of Amir ‘s over many of the superstars. This trade is about the team not any single player and it is not a salary dump. The best thing about this trade is the GM and coach are on the same page. We have had some great player over the years but in most circumstance it was right place but the wrong time . The coaches system is defensive in nature first and offence is to push the ball with ball movement to create open looks. The defensive side of game has suffered this year and the ball movement offense is lacking. this trade provides some ball movement with Vasques which should improve the teams 3 point shooting and some able bodies to balance out the second unit. No blame or shame on anyone and I am excited to see how quickly the transition will take. Two units playing strong defence at an up- tempo pace can win a lot of games because player are better rested. Go Raptors PS I do not think the trades are done

  30. FR says:

    for anyone who thinks this is not a good trade for the raptors, here’s the deal. Rudy was not an efficient player for raps, shooting was awful, took way too many shots. Raptors have good cap space now, now that Bargnani and Gay have been traded. Raptors weren’t gonna make the playoffs anyways with Rudy, so it was pretty clear he was gonna go. Raptors still probably won’t make the playoffs, but they can now move on with their rebuild now that Rudy’s been traded.

  31. gronk says:

    dang the raptors looked good tonight..
    ujiri is a lord! rudy can go kill the kings offence

  32. Markraptors says:

    Great trade for the raptors Patterson and vasquez are high quality players and the they gain more cap for next year is a plus. also we are going for Wiggins!! LET THE TANKING BEGIN

  33. Macavity says:

    This is an interesting trade for the Kings.

    Gay is definitely an upgrade over Salmons and Williams at SF, but the question is how he’s going to function with Cousins and Thomas who both need the ball in their hands a lot.

    I’m glad our PF position is settled with Thompson in the SL. Also, with Vasquez gone, Jimmer and McCallum should see some PT at PG.

    If Cousins turns out to be a good franchise player, supported by Thomas, McLemore and Gay (if he stays, I hope so), that could be a respectful, playoff team in the future.

  34. Kristin says:

    This is a great trade for the raptors. He was just not working. I really wanted it to work with him and DeMar but Rudy has yet to give us a single game out of 18 to show us that this could potentially work. Without Rudy on the floor the ball moves, as soon as he comes on the ball starts sticking, and I don’t know if anyone else noticed, but demar plays sooo much better when Rudy is on the bench. His shot selection has been horrible which relates to his inefficiencies, he is constantly turning the ball over, and it seems like he can’t even hit an open lay up. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone miss this many easy baskets over an 18 game span. Now, Masai has more flexibility to build this team with players that work. As a raptors fan, its been extremely frustrating watching Rudy play this season miss after miss. This does come at a surprise, Masai gave these guys 45 days to show that they can play together. But with the way Rudy has been, it was only a matter of time that they moved him.

    On the bright side, at least Demarcus cousins now has an opportunity to improve his offensive rebounding now that he will have a chance to clean up all of Rudy’s many misses, especially since rudy can easily go 11/37 in one night.

    Thank you Mr. Ujiri

  35. Romney says:

    Win for the Raptors in my book.

  36. I love this trade.

    Low risk (none of the players we traded were going to be here in 2-3 years) and high reward (Gay has all-star potential and could be the face of the franchise. AND most importantly we give the point guard keys to the man who deserves it: Isaiah . The future looks brighter with Isaiah, McLemore, Gay, Williams, Cousins. Landry and Thompson are there to fill the PF/C spots and we have plenty of depth at guard.

    We trade our trash for potential all star talent without giving up a pick or Isaiah/Cousins? This is a steal in my eyes.

    Only downfall to the trade is Gay’s high contract, and I love the fact that our new owners are willing to bite that bullet financially to give this team a boost talent wise.

    Thank you Vivek and Co. for making the first blockbuster trade this organization has had in over seven years. And even that trade (Peja for Artest) pales in comparison to this.

  37. BasketFan says:

    Finally Raptors started thinking with their head. This is the best move possible. Hoever I feel sorry for the Kings…

  38. Mack says:

    Raptors fans should be ELATED that we got rid of Rudy’s horrible contract. I initially thought Rudy was going to be a fantastic player in a lead role but he has really struggled this season. Anyone saying he is a superstar or star/ marquee player is clearly not watching him play; I’ve never seen a player take and miss so many 15-20 footers in my life, not to mention his poor effort on many different nights. He was NOT fun to watch play so far this year and is easily one of the top 5 most overpaid players in the NBA. Whether we can keep Vasquez or Patterson remains to be seen but at least we don’t have a black hole as our franchise player anymore. This trade gives Toronto tremendous flexibility; Masai Ujiri is already my favorite Raptor GM ever.

  39. Tom says:

    terribad trade for the kings, rudy does not improve a team

  40. WhereAmazingHappens says:

    Aside from freeing cap room, this is a terrible move for the Toronto Raptors as they can forget about making the Playoffs this season. I don’t see them attracting good free agents either. Both franchises are messed up,

  41. hm says:

    sacramento is a career graveyard

  42. freal says:

    Thank the heavens FOR REAL…I think just a couple weeks ago Rudy had his best scoring night of the season. He scored 29 points…..on 39 SHOTSSS!!!! He jacks up shots faster than lil jon can say the word on that LMFAO song. He’s basically a wannabe Carmello Anthony–holds the ball for 20 out of 24 seconds on each possession, has horrible shot selection, and his style doesn’t fit a team game unless he’s the only one playing offense and everyone else just plays defense–except not close to half as good as Melo. Good luck SAC!

  43. RapsLyfe says:

    The move is excellect step forward to the raptors who have yet again helped another team get worse first the knicks now Sac-Town! Its addition by subtraction Derozan is developing into a STUD and Jonas is only getting better! LOve MAsiah Ujiri’s Move

  44. jim says:

    Tank! Tank! Tank! ANDREW WIGGINS

  45. Gillsy says:

    The most interesting part is what they are going to do. Are they going to play Cousins, Gay and Williams as a front court.

  46. P0T7000x says:

    Being a canadian AND watching everygame this year. ill tell you yanks something. rudy gay was the enigma not kyle lowry. and yes the raptors will be rebuilding and hopefully we will learn from our mistakes by drafting the likes of a “superstar” whatever you call 1t

  47. P0T7000x says:

    being a canadian AND watching everygame this year. ill tell you yanks something. rudy gay was the enigma not kyle lowry. and yes the raptors will be rebuilding and hopefully we will learn from our mistakes by drafting the likes of a “superstar” whatever you call it.

  48. mee(a)t says:

    I’m trying to see how this trade makes sense but I can’t…

  49. Yes!! Yeeesss!!!!! YEEESSSS!!!! Finally!!

    Salmons was a lifeless Zombie that constantly blew rotations. Chuck Hayes is too fat and slow, and Patterson is too soft for the paint.

    Say what you want about Rudy Gay’s FG%, but he’s still an upgrade from Salmons.

    Now the Kings can finally play Defense with Ben Mac/ Rudy gay on the wings. add Derrick William’s and this team may just start hustling on defense.

    And, there’s a backup Center ( Gray) that won’t make the same bonehead plays as Thompson.

    Who know’s? With Vasquez gone, Jimmer might just get some PT ( FREE JIMMER!!!!)

  50. Kings4Life says:

    I hate this trade for the Kings

  51. joanneemery says:

    I don’t think the Toronto Raptors know how to build a basketball franchise. It’s like they’re always taking one step forward and two steps back! How do you attract a marquee player when you don’t have a super star or star player?

    They had Rudy Gay what they should have done was surrounded him with talent instead they surround him with average players and when he doesn’t produce in a few month’s they start the rebuilding process all over again?

    If it’s one thing you learn about the Lakers and Boston is they do EVERYTHING in their power to attract a star player and then they surround him with talent because at that point it becomes easier because he’s already there! Now the raptors have NO ONE to attract good players to their franchise and they’ll have to do the same thing all over again which is to over pay for a star player who will be surrounded by average players and then once he doesn’t produce right away they’ll do it over again.

    I’m from Toronto and the reason why we can’t win championships is because our management approaches professional sports with a flawed philosophy!

    • KarimThaBallplayer says:

      Everything that u say I agree with. How you going to trade your star player who was a big help to derozan now you have nobody to help him smh. They shouldve kept Rudy and traded lowry for Vasquez.

      • I agree…now lowry and vasquez will be sharing time on the PG position…they should’ve traded lowry for vasquez…bad trade for the raptors

      • Bobby Seagle says:

        Raptors in my opinion are cheap. If you want talented and star quality players obviously they will cost money and with the Raptors there not willing to fork out the many times will the Raptors rebuild and what do they expect to be getting back if there not willing to invest in star players. There’s only so much you can do with young talent. It’s a give or take. Right now I don’t get the Raptors and there priorities.

    • Joanneemery – You’re missing the point of the trade.

      Although Rudy was a big game, he does not fit into the plan of building a good team. His stats are career lows and his style conflicts with everything that is team basketball. His shot selection is atrocious and Derozan has been a more consistent scorer. With Rudy’s contract off the books, the Raptors should have room to make a run at players that fit their system.
      If you look at every team in the league this year that is built around a “franchise player”, they’re struggling. The team-game adopted by Indiana, San Antonio and Portland is what is winning basketball games.
      Rudy was fun to watch as a Raptor, but I found myself cringing at his misses more than I was celebrating his makes.

      • LongtimeRapsSSH says:

        Avid Raptor Fan – you took the words right out of my mouth, Well said. Gay may have a “marquee name” but his play suggests otherwise. I was surprised another team would even take him given his huge remaining salary and declining stats. Great trade for the Raps going forward. Magic Masai.

    • Yoel says:

      You must consider that the “management” in Toronto dramatically changed with the hiring of Masaji Ujiri as GM this year.
      Ujiri made himself famous in finding extremely talented players rejected by other teams, and for the famous “Carmelo trade” in 2011 when he was with the Nuggets.

      I’m sure this move is built up for two main reasons: the first is that Gay is EXPENSIVE for the Raptors nowadays. He won’t bring them to the next level, he’s not an all star (so your argument about talent to put together has no valid foundation) and honestly he’s getting worse. His salary is huge compared to other players of his level and Toronto is a rebuilding team. So there’s no point in having him.
      Second, Vasquez is probably the most underrated PG in the league right now (behind Lawson, another “find” by Ujiri..) and Toronto desperately need game now and in the next future.

      They won’t go to the playoffs, they’ll set to get good picks in 2014 draft and rebuild in 2-3 years, i’m pretty sure of that.

    • Kamote says:

      Gay ain’t worth the money. That’s the point of the whole trade, to give away an overpaid player. They’ll get rid of Vasquez and Patterson next year (if they haven’t proven to be good pieces on the team). They already see that they’ll never make it out the first round, that is if they even make the playoffs. And overpaying a player would further hurt their chances of rebuilding.

      Sad to say, but the only success Toronto had since they started was when they got to draft Vince Carter (Bosh and Bargnani aren’t franchise players, and so is DeRozan). I have nothing against Toronto, but elite caliber players would rather go to big franchises. That’s the sad truth in the NBA, big franchises can really take the competition out of the small ones. The only thing they can do is to save money and draft smart.

    • Denholm says:

      they arent trying to go for instant gratification, it will be a while but they are hoping they lose enough to get wiggins.. (as many teams are trying to do.) this is good though, loads more cap space, infinite depth at the point, now there is room on the wings for terrence ross to break out, they now have some rebounding and front court depth as well…. Masai Ujiri turned denver from a fringe team after melo left, to the number 3 seed in the west, I think he will do the same for toronto.