Countdown To Asik Shopping Days

Omer Asik has not been happy in Houston since Dwight Howard came along. (Bill Baptist/NBAE via Getty Images)

Omer Asik has not been happy in Houston since Dwight Howard came along. (Bill Baptist/NBAE via Getty Images)

The frenzy of Black Friday has already faded into memory at your local mall, but the shopping days for Omer Asik are likely about to come to a full boil.

Just don’t expect the Rockets to be offering one of those “door-buster” specials for the 7-footer center. Houston is still hoping to land a pair of first-round draft picks or a rising young talent at power forward and a pick.

It’s been the league’s worst-kept secret that the Turkish big man would be moved ever since Asik told coach Kevin McHale he was not up to playing on Nov. 14 in New York the night after he got just four minutes of playing time at Philadelphia.

According to ESPN’s Mark Stein, the Rockets have spread the word that they intend to make a deal in the period between Dec. 15-19.

The significance of such a specific window is two-fold. Dec. 15 is the first day players who signed new contracts in the offseason can be plugged into trades, and Dec. 19 is the last day any player acquired by Houston in an Asik deal can be repackaged with other players before the league’s Feb. 20 trade deadline.

The calls made by the Rockets on Friday are reminiscent of their approach with Thomas Robinson during the draft in June.

It was an open secret that the Rockets would trade Robinson to help clear salary-cap space for their pursuit of Dwight Howard. Taking this step with Asik is in essence an attempt to persuade potential suitors to put their best offer on the table quickly now that the Rockets have established such an exact time frame for trying to complete a trade.

The Rockets signed Asik away from the Bulls as a free agent in the summer of 2012 to a three-year, $25 million deal and he started all 82 games last season in Houston, averaging a double-double of 10.1 points and 11.7 rebounds per game.

While his offensive range is quite limited, Asik is a solid low post defender, protects the basket well and can gobble up his share of rebounds. He is the kind of big man that could shore up the middle on any number of would-be playoff teams and contenders.

Because of those abilities, the Rockets have insisted all along that they get top level compensation in any deal, but the fact that he wants out of Houston has reduced their leveage.

Asik’s discontent began on the same day the jubilant Rockets announced they had won the Howard derby last summer. With the arrival of the All-Star center in Houston, the 27-year-old Asik knew that his days as the anchor in the middle of the lineup were over. It was reported that Asik immediately asked to be traded.

McHale insisted that there was a way for the two big men to play side-by-side and the Rockets opened the season with Asik at center and Howard at power forward for the first eight games. The combination struggled to generate consistent offense and was not nearly as effective on defense as was expected.

Though he has not commented publicly for fear of being fined by the NBA, Asik and his agent Andy Miller have repeated their request for the Rockets to trade the big man.

So the countdown to the Asik shopping days begins.


  1. jonny jon says:

    To everyone “saying come to the heat” what NBA league do you follow ? Where the hell are Miami going to get 22 mil they used their amnesty on Mike Miller and Houston aren’t idiots they won’t take Joel Anthony who contributes nothing or an awful draft pick considering Miami will always finish atop the league its not like the NFL once lottery picks are done not too much is left .

  2. 3 time champ says:

    Asik for Beasley and another bench guy.

  3. 3 time champ says:

    Asik for Michael Beasley and a shooter

  4. Bodjee says:

    Very good!

  5. ko0kiE says:

    rising power forward? terrence jones certainly looked like one in the last couple games

  6. theaandthea says:

    or go to the lakers, do what howard failed to do. that would be nice

  7. Brain32 says:

    All the best to Asik but I think the kid is overrated, backup center in a good team, or starter in never-gonna-see-playoff team…that’s it

  8. Patrick says:

    Asik for Paul Milsap & some cash

  9. KarimThaBallplayer says:

    I only have 4 places Asik can play for. 1) the pelicans- they young and really need another big man that can help Anthony out defending the rim. 2) the Lakers- as we all can see the Lakers is looking to rebuild their team, I think they already have a S.G for the future in nick young so if they get another big men like Asik they’ll be. But if they get Asik they gotta trade Pau for a good PF or let him go and draft a PF that they can develop. 3) Dallas Maverick- they Dallas maverick already got a decent back court and a good 1, 2 in Ellis and dirk so adding Asik just going make them stronger and better. All they have to do is trade Marion. 4) the Suns- omer should go to the suns because he will fit perfectly in their line up, even though the suns is a good team on the break but once u slow them down and actually make them play 1-one 1 ball they not all that good. They really not a team that will hurt you in the paint so if asik goes to the suns. They’ll have a big men that can protect and score in the paint, he might have to get his speed up but shot that shouldn’t be a problem. Plus they can have a nice little big 3 in Bledsoe, Dragic and Asik as the line up. Well that’s the team i think Asik should go to

  10. qadrir says:

    OKC fans don’t get your silly hopes high. Rockets will never trade him for a dud like Perkins plus in the same division. Asik will end up in the East coast unless Pelicans agree to trade for Paterson. As a Rockets fans I see Asik most likely to 76’ers for Thadeus Young plus a first round pick or to Heat which will include most likely a package deal Aaron Brooks, Omar Asik for Chris Bosh. Toronto is a long shot may be in a three way deal where Asisk ends up with Knicks, Iman ends up with Toronto and Rockets get first round pick and De Rozan.

    • Han says:

      As much as ppl saying bad thing about Bosh, I still wouldn’t trade him with Asik. He’s not a better player than Bosh. He’s a good player, but nowhere near superstar. He’s big, yes, but Heat most effective is playing small ball, if you ever watch them play, so ‘slow’ Asik, will be an obstacle, not a plus. There’s no ‘never’ in the NBA, but it’s just dumb to trade Bosh with Asik.
      Dallas/OKC will be a good fit, but they don’t have player to trade with (stop talking about your fantasy team pls, nobody wants to trade Asik for Perkins, or Joel Anthony, lol :). Only smaller teams like Pellicans, Bucks or Sixers may be a good option for Houston

  11. Definitely thinks Asik asking to be traded has it positives and negatives for this big man. I would say the one of the positives is that he has a big possibility to land on a team that can compete and jump into a starting role right away. He definitely cannot play along side Howard as they are two post players who are strictly post players and neither one has range to their offensive game. On the other hand, this also benefits the rockets to bring some extra talent in that they need, but I do not feel as if Asik is worth any lottery picks or a high first round pick.

    The negative to this whole situation is that Asik has been on edge since Howard agreed to sign with the Rockets. He was not open to this option as he felt he would lose his spot. His attention should have shifted on how he can develop himself into a player to be able play along side Howard. The rockets have a solid team and if they can get clicking on all cylinders have a good chance to compete in the post season although it will be tough. Asik is now giving himself the reputation where if he isnt playing big minutes, he does not want to be part of the organization. It is understandable when you love the game but you have to give it time to see how things will play through and if there is an actual chance to develop your game to the point where you can actually play with someone of Howard’s caliber.

    Another way Asik could have responded to this whole situation was to simply take this year and use it to get better as a player by competing against Howard every day in practice. Going against a superstar is one of the best ways to elevate your game to another level.

    However this will turn out to be a win-win situation because Asik will get traded to a team where he will definitely get more minutes at and the Rockets will receive someone who can benefit their line up.

    • dq says:

      Double thumbs up I think Omer definitely could have handled himself better in this year’s situation. I saw one of his more recent interviews and when the reporters asked him about why he apologized to his teammates for his behavior he would look away guiltily and say “I don’t want to talk about it.” He didn’t handle this like a professional for sure.

  12. justsayin says:

    Asik (plus pick?) for Horford. Gives HOU an impact PF, and ATL gets a true center – a position Horford doesn’t want to play in the first place. Win-win.

    Would also love to see Asik in Dallas to further the rivalry with Howard and the Rockets. But I don’t know what they could afford to give for him, certainly not two 1st rounders for a one year poison-pill contract. Really don’t know who will want to pay Asik 15 million in a year that’s going to be rich in free agents.

  13. Ike says:

    The Rockets should trade Asik to the Milwaukee Bucks for stretch 4 Ersan Ilyasova and Joel Przbyla. They would get a PF who can shoot 3’s and a decent backup center. Asik would be on a team where he will start and he’d be out of the west. You’re welcome Houston.

  14. LAKERforLIFE says:

    I think if dallas could find a way to get him they could really make noise come playoff time… Asik, Dirk, marion, ellis, Calderon perfect fit…

  15. OKC says:

    Sure Asik would be great for the Thunder, but seriously lets not even pretend its a possibility for so many reasons. First and foremost, we cannot afford another player of that caliber. We are like a few thousand dollars under the cap, and considering the Thunder’s forward thinking and wanting to remain a good team in the long run (see spurs franchise), we won’t be going over. Secondly, what could we even offer Houston? The 27th-30th pick and Perkins? That’s never going to happen unless they are returning the favor for us dropping Harden in their laps lol.

  16. Gillsy says:

    The trade with OKC would be good but a third team would need to be required to provide picks for the Rockets. and who are you going to get that will give picks and take Perkins contract. you may have to give picks to get rid of him.

  17. BOJI says:

    First things the Rockets should consider are these, and I’m pretty sure they already know it:
    1. Asik is a well rounded player with a medium contract. Not exactly allstar caliber, but is a starter. What the team needs is someone to back up their bigs, not necessarily a center.
    2. Terrence Jones has been playing very well as of late. Although small for his position, he has proven to be a legit forward. Hence, the Rockets doesn’t necessarily need a PF. Motiejunas, although less frequently used, is still a dependable back up player.
    3. They have too many PG and that is essential… and enough. Lin is out for just another week, and he has been shooting lights out prior his knee contusion. Brooks has been a solid 1 of the bench, and Beverly has proven his a starter. And that’s that.
    4. Houston moves the ball swiftly on offense, either via cuts or picks. They need someone who can move the ball well. They also could use more gun power at the arc because they are good in finding the open man.
    5. Finally, any team that would get Asik should be willing to make him a starter (or is really looking for a starting center), or they would just end up having the same drama like what he’s having with Houston.

    • BOJI says:

      And lastly…
      5. Carlos Boozer (CHI) – This may be the most surprising of all the hypothetical scenarios I picture in my brain but I really think that it is possible. Boozer could help the Rockets with his veteran wisdom, superb Duncan-grade* fundamental skills, play-off experience, and underestimated low post presence. His defense, or lack thereof, would be Howard’s task to fill in though. Chicago would get out of trouble financially and finally make Gibson the starting 4, in addition to their reunion with Asik. This is less likely due to Boozer’s big contract, but they could make it work by having a multi team deal. Hell, Asik can land a starting job some place else and Chicago could get someone to fill in Rose’s shoes and everyone would be happy. And I bet Chicago would be willing to sacrifice some picks to get rid of Boozer’s golden contract.

      Other options would be Kris Humphries (BOS), Jordan Hill (LAL), Anderson Varejao (CLE), Kenneth Faried (DEN)

      *I have a grading system of fundamental skills – Lowest being Shawn Bradley, Highest being Abdul-Jabbar, Duncan-grade is more like a 9 in a scale of 1-10.
      **I based my predictions with what I think Houston and the other teams interests are (Except the contracts and other factual stuff that I googled) So basically, it’s just my opinion. Give yourself a break and don’t throw a tantrum if you don’t like it.
      ***These post have gone way far too long than I expected, But hey, I live in a free country, so like it or not, lemme give my 2 cents (or in this case, a dollar).

      • sports fan says:

        I agree that if Chicago got rid of Boozer it would help the Bulls financially BUT their starting center is Noah & Asik wants to be a starter. He’s good enough to be a starting center on many teams but I don’t think it’d work out for him going back to Chicago and the Bulls won’t pursue this.

      • 0_o? says:

        Houston just signed Dwight this year with a lot of money. i don’t think they’ll get boozer’s big contract. they also have harden on a five year 80mil contract. but who knows? this is NBA…

      • Imagination says:

        I totally agree T.Jones is a great player, so they need a back up player more than starter. Hence, will you use a big contract to sign a back up? Therefore, I think Anderson Varejao (CLE) is the most fit trade on now. I think center is the most important position in Rocket, so they need a reliable back up.
        If I am Rockets. I will considers this
        1) (CLE) Varejao + Walters
        2) (ATL) P. Millsap
        3) (PHI) Hawes
        4) (Raptors) Amir johnson
        5) (ORL) Big baby

        Actually, I think trade with new york is the greatest choice. I like Chandler to be Rockets, and Asik will be a great starter for New York.
        * Chandler + Shumpert trade Asik + Garcia +Brewer *

  18. Rex Banner says:

    The Heat could certainly use Asik as their starting center. However, they won’t get him for two reasons. #1 the Rockets are looking for a PF – something that the Heat doesn’t have to offer. #2 contenders don’t want to make the reigning champs any stronger than they already are.

    • meno says:

      #1 Chris Bosh – and don’t tell me the Heat would never trade him, they will do that eventually. Heat need to get ready to beat only one team in the East and that is Pacers. They need a quality big man, not a 3pt shooting PF aka Bosh
      #2 Houston is far from being in the finals, so before thinking about making their opponents from East stronger or weaker, they need to first win West. And Chris Bosh along side of Howard could be a very nice combo. let’s see what happens

  19. kabatak says:

    100% going miami plus ASIK another 3 rings === 5 years straight

  20. okc2014 says:

    Take Asik out of his misery and trade him ASAP! I love the OKC for Perkins trade, but why would Houston do that? And someone has already said Perkins doesn’t want to be a bench player.

  21. Poppa shot says:

    I wish the Raptors were smart enough to sign him We don’t have a reliable center and the stupid management behind raptors don’t understand why teams are driving to the basketball with reckless abandon! The raptors have like 20 small forwards and three bigs Rudy Gay is not a big and he raptors are running him to the ground playing him like a big.

    If you don’t have LBJ on your team you have no business playing small ball! Sorry just had to let that out! If i were the raptors I would give up Laundry Fields, Arron gray maybe even one of their developing point guards to get him or Augustine. This guy could be a game changer for the Raptors! Because we need a center!

    • Banks says:

      I agree with poppa shot 100% as a real nba fan but as a lakers fan I would want him to come L.A. bcuz that would be a good pickup and that could.possibly keep L.A. for having to search this free agency…but at a Rudy Gay fan he is taking a toll over in Toronto with that horrible management…he is a small forward at best not power forward and a switch shooting guard he is just tall and so is durant and you see how oklahoma uses him like a guard forward and he is taler than rudy

  22. Too Good says:

    Omer Asik COME TO THE HEAT !
    We need a CENTER !

  23. Peter says:

    I agree with Max. ASIK will suit to LAKERS game plan. He can play well with Pau. Since, Pau can dish big man and flexible to adjust his game according to the player he stars with. We saw that both with Bynum and Howard.

  24. theaandthea says:

    mister asik go to the spurs and you will be :

    -1 respected
    -2 champion

  25. cameron says:

    wade for asik picks and cash miami need need a big man that can rebound

  26. max says:

    Lakers need Akik to play with Pau. I noticed how Akik played before Howard built up a GREAT name. Harden will next be asking for a trade and yes, he will make a great point Guard. I think after Howard flunks out at Houston, he will be one RICH DUD, Must have a great agent or lot of goof balls as Owners. For sure he will be one of the Richest DUD’s to ever play the game of basketball. He will probably become someone bench warmer before long. But a Rich one!

    • Alex Verkley says:

      Asik at his best still wasn’t near the production of Howard. Howard is raw and has absolutely no offensive arsenal at all but he’s still one of the top big men in the league. I’m not sure why you would think Harden would ever ask for a trade…. he loves it there and the team is his even with Howard around.

      • j money says:

        Howard is the best big man in the league by default there’s a man Indiana named Roy Hibbert who is coming up and has the complete package

    • Bert says:


      Geez … you have no idea about nothing. Everything you write is complete nonsense. If you wanna have an opinion, please at least read some of the reports and blogs, so you at least have a basis for an argument. Your comment is an endorsement for abortions.

    • Mike says:

      Max you are an imbecile

    • dq says:

      hahahahaha. “Harden will next be asking for a trade…he will make a great point Guard.” What????

  27. mark says:

    I’d take Hawes and a lottery protected 1st round pick from Philadelphia for him. There is no way the Rockets will get lottery picks for him, though I wish I was wrong. Hawes is a free agent next year, so it is unlikely the 76ers will be able to keep him and they have the cap space for Asik for next year. I think the 76ers will be cautious with Noel, because they don’t want him to be another “Oden”.

  28. Dock says:

    Please, please please please come to OKC. I don’t want Perkins anymore. Abicim ben de Türküm. Oklahoma’ya gel çok iyi oynuyorsun ve aynı zamanda burada bir Türkün olmasını çok isterim.

    • I agree man…Asik on OKC will definitely make OKC a way better team…perkins is a useless arrogant @$$…then replace westbrook with rondo…they you have a dynasty OKC team with Durant, Ibaka, Asik and Rondo

      • j money says:

        What the heck are you talking about Rondo for Westbrook that would be the dumbest trade I’m not a fan of either but u dont trade one of the most atheletic most explosive point guards for a guy who is coming off acl surgery its a good thing u not a GM

      • dq says:

        ummmmm I don’t think you thought this one through…the Thunder are doing just fine with Westbrook right now.