Consistency Puts Korver Atop List

VIDEO: Kyle Korver nails the record-breaking 3-pointer

Seems easy for a great shooter, right?

Make a single 3-pointer in game. Do it in every game over the course of a season.

Dale Ellis couldn’t. Peja Stojakovic couldn’t. Ray Allen, who has made more 3-point shots than any player in NBA history, hasn’t. Rashard Lewis got to 62 before his string ended. Stephen Curry reached 53 and then drew a blank last season.

Dana Barros held the record since 1996 at 89 consecutive games with a shot made from behind the arc until Kyle Korver hit No. 90 on Friday night.

Chris Vivlamore of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution described the scene Friday night at Philips Arena:

“It feels good,” Korver said. “I’m glad it’s done. My naps the last couple of games haven’t been very solid. I try not to think about getting this close and not getting it. That would not have been fun. I’m proud of it for sure.”

At the timeout following Korver’s record breaker, the team showed a video tribute celebrating the achievement. Korver was greeted by teammates as he came off the floor. Korver addressed his teammates in the locker room following the game to express his thanks for their role in the accomplishment. His teammates thanked him for earned a day off Saturday.

Korver had family in town – but not for the occasion of an NBA record.

“Yeah, they came for my daughter’s birthday, not for me,” Korver said. “She turned one yesterday and they happened to be in town and got to enjoy it.”

The record breaker came with 5:29 left in the first quarter of the Hawks’ 108-89 thumping of the Cavs. Korver finished the game hitting 2-for-3 from long range and he’s been making them at a clip of more than 46 percent since the streak began on Dec. 4 of last year at Oklahoma City.

Since he began his streak of long range consistency, Korver has been producing volume as well as accuracy. In fact, he shot 6-for-9 on treys when he tied the record in the previous game against the Clippers. During his 90-game run only Curry, Klay Thompson and Ryan Anderson have made more 3-pointers.

VIDEO: Korver talks about setting the new NBA record


  1. rrski says:

    @lakers guru first of all there are only 82 games in 1 season so no matter what path you choose hitting 90 three’s in 90 consecutive games will definitely span for 2 seasons second just be happy for the man that he got record not to mention it is an incredible feat

  2. jimmy the #1 atlanta hawks fan says:

    I agree in part with what LakersGuru is saying. But it sounds like you’re trying to bash on Kyle Korver for getting the attention for setting an NBA record. I am a die-hard Atlanta Hawks fan and I watch most of their games. Its not like Korver went out there every game, took 1 three point shot, made it, and didn’t produce the rest of the game. He helped his team out a lot during the streak. Yes, some games he did only hit 1 three pointer. But others, he made 5,6, and sometimes 7 threes in one game. He made nearly 250 threes in the streak, which is around 3 a game. This dude is a beast from beyond the arc and is extremely consistent. And before you go around saying how easy it was to get that record, why don’t you go out there and shows the world yourself how easy it is. Cause as far as I know, you’re not the one in the NBA making a three in 90 straight games.

  3. VisitingCanadian says:

    Sigh, reading comprehension has really gone down hill.

    What LakersGuru is questioning, is not the feat by Korver itself, but rather how the author chose to present the feat. The feat is 90 consecutive games with a 3, yet the author phrased it as: “Do it in every game over the course of a season.”

    Therefore, LakersGuru is in fact correct, as the author is wrong about what Korver did. How the author phrased it, makes the feat seem more impressive than it really is. Korver did NOT hit a 3 for every game in a season, because the 90 games were spread out across 2 seasons. Therefore, Korver actually had the off-season to rest up in between the 90 games.

    LakersGuru is saying, hitting a three for every game in a SINGLE season is MORE impressive because of the natural wear and tear the body goes thru, within the span of a SINGLE season. That is not to say what Korver did isn’t impressive – it’s just not as impressive as the author phrased it.

    • Han says:

      Other players failed to do it across 2 season. Barros did it across 2 season. And he’s still saying it’s an easy feat?
      Yes, although SINGLE season will be more impressive but Korver did what other great shooters couldn’t. So, he’s still missing the point as the author did compare apples to apples. Give the credit where it’s due, don’t take it away from Korver who did just that.
      Next time, a guy breaking NBA record by scoring 150 points, and he would still say, it’d be more impressive if he can do it as AVG for the gruelling season?

      • Hoidiho says:

        talking about how to put it correctly:

        its 90 consecutive REGULAR SEASON games, man!

        bc in the playoffs 2013, kyle missed hitting a single three in game 6 against indy where he went 0-7. so that is BETWEEN those 2 seasons his record spans, and it botters me a bit. KK is a great shooter, dont get me wrong, the problem I have is more with the wrong terminology everybody seems to use.
        Does anybody know if Dana missed a three in a playoff game within his record period?

  4. okc2014 says:

    We love Kyle Korver! Lets Go Hawks!!!

  5. Walt says:

    I guess the lakers fan is just so depressed with Kobe still hurt that he has to deprive others of acknowledgement for their records.

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      The grapevine stats Bryant “returns” Sunday against Toronto. What a joke! Returns? He’s probably just going to sit on the bench the entire game. It’s an underhanded marketing ploy to try to sell more tickets. He’s not even going to play. Too risky. He may re-injure. He won’t play unless he can play 40 minutes-per-game, so he can pad his “per game” stats. Don’t fall for the lies!

  6. Number 13 says:

    Did you even read the article? What the heck are you talking about?

    This is about Kyle Korver making at least one 3 pointer in the last 90 consecutive games he played in (which is now the NBA record), not whatever the hell you are talking about.

  7. Kome the Black Dumba says:

    What?? Wait, Lakers fans? Nevermind.

  8. LakersGuru says:

    Not so F A S T… “Make a single 3-pointer in game. Do it in every game over the course of a season.”

    What Kyle has done is not the same thing you are describing here!!!!!
    90 threes in 90 consecutive games is not nearly as spectacular as 90 threes over the course of an entire season is….

    What Kyle has done would be easy to accomplish by any number of todays present players, if they decided to take this same easy path toward self–perceived STARDOM…

    This easy feat that Korver patched together, included in it what can best be described as a “lunch-break”… In as much as he accomplished (a great majority of them), as a good season of shooting, was coming to an end, as many other players have also ended their seasons…. He then used his whole summer vacation to practice & prepare for a extension of his consecutive game streak at the beginning of the next season while he was still fresh, completely healthy & at ease with this summer long preparation….

    This, in no way, is anything like a long, hard, grueling basketball season… It’s like 2 mini – seasons, sewn together with stitches hidden underneath so as to fool the average reader…

    Many of the keen readers are not asleep… So lets let Korver re-do this in real man fashion, please… Something like being the principle player on a team that has won 3 “Larry O’Briens” in a row once, or maybe twice….

    Just saying….

    • KareemOftheCrop says:

      Um…90 3s in 90 consecutive games is far more impressive than 90 total 3s in a season lol!

    • Kamote says:

      yes, an easy feat. I hope you’ll be drafted by the NBA next season as things like these are just too easy for you. You would’ve been one of the best basketball players we will ever witness. wow.