Doc, CP3 Praise Hawks’ Teague

VIDEO: Hawks point guard Jeff Teague is off to a fantastic start this season

ATLANTA — Chris Paul is used to showing up at arenas on the road and dealing with the challenge of being the measuring stick for opposing point guards. It’s been that way for some time for the Los Angeles Clippers’ star.

That said, it’s always a special challenge facing his good friend, protegé and fellow Wake Forest alum, Jeff Teague. Teague’s splendid work this season has helped propel the Atlanta Hawks into the top half of the playoff chase in the Eastern Conference up to this point at least.

Tonight’s Clippers-Hawks matchup at Philips Arena (7:30 p.m. ET, League Pass) provides one of two regular-season opportunities for Teague to see where he stands.

Paul has always been in a different point-guard stratosphere, but might Teague be closing that gap, albeit slightly, this season? Both Paul and Clippers coach Doc Rivers , who acknowledged the challenge both players will face tonight after the Clippers’ Wednesday morning shootaround, believe so.

“Guarding Chris Paul every night is going to be very hard, as is guarding Jeff Teague every night,” Rivers said. “They’re a little bit different in what they do and the way they play. And Teague, over the last two years, I don’t know of any guard that has improved more. I mean, he’s really become a heck of a basketball player.”

Teague is shattering his career numbers of 9.5 points and 4.3 assists this season with career-bests in points (17.4), assists (8.1) and rebounds (2.8). He is also a legitimate contender for one of the guard spots on the Eastern Conference All-Star team this season, thanks to a door being opened by injuries to other stars along with his improved play.

“Man, [he has improved] a lot,” Paul said. “I think JT is so much more aggressive now than he ever was. And that comes with confidence, which he should have. The team made some moves and freed him up to play with the freedom so he knows he’s the guy. And he’s been hooping all season long.”

We’ll see if he can keep it up tonight, at Paul’s expense.


  1. unknown says:

    I was one of the biggest Jeff Teague doubters out there. I questioned his consistency and the talent but this season he has really proved me wrong. really a bright surprise and is probably up there for most Improved Player of the year if he continues his success. The Hawks (despite being in the east) have been a real surprise this year

  2. dustydreamnz says:

    Is it any coincidence the Hawks are going better now Josh Smith has left? Less distractions perhaps.

    • PM says:

      And better shot selection although I think Millsap is starting to get the same problems of shooting 3s as Smith, he might make some here and there but he better not start launching them

  3. PalmOil Preference says:

    His fellow Demon Decans giving him well deserved props I like to see. Teague’s worth to Hawks was on full display during the offseason with Danny Ferry unwillingness to part ways with this young talent. JT had been vocal about leaving but they still new he was a key part to Hawks franchise going forward having a PG is comparable to a QB on NFL so when you have one build around that.

  4. Keith Scott says:

    Ya, my boy Jeff Teague is finally receiving the recognization he has been deserving for a while. Oh yeah tonight is the night . I can’t wait to see who will prevail victorous JT or cp3. My Hawks should’ve beat the breaks of the san antonio spurs, man I’m really bent over that drastic lost but ay that was one heck of a basketball game. Hopefully we will put our ”bigboy pants on” and handle business against the la clippers. LET’S GO ATLANTA HAWKS! WIN THE GAME HAWKS! What took place the other day has me so angry words can’t describe. I’m so hurt as a FAN of the Atlanta Hawks, well I can’t reallybe mad, that was just one hell of a shot by tim duncan. But my Hawks are actually one of the good teams in the eastern conference and it feels so good. Atlanta will be a force to recogning with in the east. One of the beast in the east. Jeff Teague has come up as one of the better guards in the game, which has me esticated with excitement. My HAWKS are actually good after years of agonizing! We got Paul Milsapp and Al Horford . Al is a beast. Hopefully he will step up tonight.