Clippers Still Considering Lamar Odom

VIDEO: Can Lamar Odom still have an impact in the NBA?

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – The Clippers remain interested in signing Lamar Odom as part of searching for a roster move as an additional insurance policy for the playoffs, with Doc Rivers telling he is “hoping things work out” between the team and Odom.

Rivers, the coach and head of basketball operations, was impressed by Odom’s attitude and condition – “He was actually in pretty good shape, and that surprised me” – when they met Nov. 15 at Clippers headquarters. No further visits are planned, Rivers said, but he has moved the process forward by talking with Phil Jackson, Odom’s former coach with the Lakers, and Vinny Del Negro, Odom’s coach last season with the Clippers before Odom became a free agent.

“I’m hoping if things work out, yeah,” Rivers said Friday at Sleep Train Arena, where the Clippers beat the Kings 104-98. “But I just don’t know. I know there’s other teams involved, I think. I honestly haven’t focused on it a lot. But he’s somebody that I’ve always liked, and I like him more now after hearing from Phil Jackson to Vinny to all the players the type of guy he is in the locker room. When I hear that stuff, without saying exactly what I heard, you want him in your locker room.”

Odom, a popular teammate in previous stints with both Los Angeles teams, is coming off two bad seasons, with the Mavericks and Clippers, and since the end of 2013-14 has been the center of troubling reports about off-court issues. Still, the Clippers, and perhaps others, remain interested, without any timeline for a decision.

“There is not one bit of talk about time frame or anything like that,” Rivers said. “I’m just going to play it by ear and see how he’s doing and go from there.”

The Clippers are hoping to fill their vacant roster spot at some point, probably via free agency or waivers while not seeing any trade opportunities at the moment. Waiting until much later in the season to make a move is a possibility, one reason they don’t see the need for a quick decision on Odom.

“We’re looking, but it’s not a desperate look right now,” Rivers told “I do think we need one more player. It could be a big. It could be another point guard, just to have a third backup for the season. But I don’t tend to make moves that’ll make you stronger during the regular season, because then in the playoffs you shorten your rotation and that was a wasted move most of the time.”

The Clippers began the season with good depth, but forward Matt Barnes has missed nine of the 17 games with leg and eye injuries and now both starting guards could be out when the Pacers visit Staples Center on Sunday. Chris Paul missed Friday’s victory over the Kings, forcing Darren Collison into the opening lineup, and J.J. Redick hurt his right (shooting) wrist in the second quarter at Sleep Train Arena. X-rays were negative, ruling out a break, but an MRI is possible to confirm the sprain.


  1. John Robertson says:

    It don’t matter the Lakers are still the team in LA

  2. LB says:

    But is he worth anything if he is still on the kardashian show? He is on the phone begging to come back in the new K season previews.

  3. ajm says:

    sign shannon brown

  4. c man says:

    just watchedthe Indiana/clippers gme if the clips can add another player – get a backup point guard =sorry but collision hurts the team more than helps= he is out of control= why didn’t Crawford have the shots in the last 5 minutes? frankly he is the only one I think can produce

  5. Needs to get his act together. Could be good help off the bench. Think Lakers could use him more, though.

  6. luckyfri says:

    odom seen a lot of sytuff and has playoff experience. there is no reason not to pick him up for minimum. he can be a good locker room guy and a player who makes one or two important plays in postseason with short playing time. he is pf /c and maybe in postseason you dont want byron mullins to play second. can be an important role player – only three years ago he was a dream team starter

  7. okc2014 says:

    I think Lamar Odom is needed more for LA . And that is where he really wants to be. Lakers have the money to do it, they will probably only give him vets minimum anyway. Clippers will just have him on the bench until playoffs. Wherever he goes, I hope the Kardashian cameras stay far away. His personal dramas should be kept off the court. NBA fans want to see basketball..

  8. Fundamentalist says:

    To be honest folks, LO needs to sign with the lakers. It’s the team where LO wants to play anyway. The combination of Wesley j. & LO is very exciting to watch!!!!!

  9. Unkle Daddy says:

    I hope Odom the best, I was always forced to root against him as he was a Laker most of his career. This is what I have to say “You have a gift that many such as myself would give just about anything to have” don’t waste it. I personally think he owes Dallas one, but the only place he was ever happy was in L.A. as a Laker. I hope he can find that same happiness and productivity again as, a Clipper.

  10. John says:

    Hey i reject that comment. Lamar has never been successful at anything… Unless nailing some ugly fat chick is ur definition of greatness??

  11. J says:

    Odom will end up somewhere… I hope.

  12. Nam Chio says:

    I hope Paul recover this injury faster with health as the Clippers continue wins.

    If Odom have good behaviours, strong shape and aggression attitude,I think he can come back one of the 30 teams.

    The Clippers keep going with good luck!

  13. KEL says:

    JUST GIVE THE GUY A BREAK,EVERBODY MESSES UP SOMETIMES.Why do we support people only when they are succeeding?.A lot you leaving bad comments are real jerks who need to do a self check.We are all human.

  14. Bird33 says:

    Maybe he could run for Mayor of Toronto……..he’s got the resume for it LOL

  15. Game Time says:

    I think Clippers need to just work with what they have which is already more than other teams. If they keep stacking the team each year they’ll never have a tight chemistry for the 1st and 2nd string with all the combinations they are trying.

  16. Bird33 says:

    Well… least his new teammates will have a “hook up” if they need “to score” lol

  17. Somebody he’s going to get him soon