MVP Ladder: The Evolution Of LeBron

VIDEO: LeBron James is making the race for the KIA MVP trophy more interesting by the day

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — ย His fingerprints are all over the trophies from the past two years, just the way LeBron James planned it all those years ago in Akron, Ohio when he was dreaming of being the global superstar he has become.

His connection to Northeast Ohio, damaged after “The Decision,” is stronger than ever (hence the “Come Home LeBron” campaign). For the folks who have watched LeBron’s evolution from the start, it makes perfect sense even if it doesn’t for the rest of us.

They are the same people who can’t make sense of his placement anywhere other than the very top of the KIA Race to the MVP Ladder, never mind that we’re just a month into the marathon.

Chris Paul still owns the No. 1 spot this week but there isn’t much separation between the Los Angeles Clippers’ point guard and the pack of Kevin Durant, James, Paul George, andย Tony Parker in the top five.

Dive in here for more of this week’s KIA Race To The MVP Ladder!


  1. Lil' JJ says:

    LeBron is clearly the best player in the league, lets get that out of the way. But, the MVP award should go to the player who is literally the most valued player on the team. How can LeBron be considered the most valuable player on the Heat when without him in the line-up, they still have a championship caliber team. In case everyone forgot, Dwayne Wade and the Heat won a championship before LeBron got there. Chris Bosh is a phenomenal player who is greatly under-rated because he has to share the spotlight with Bron and Wade. They also have snipers all over the court; Allen, Chalmers, Lewis. And now they have a #1 pick at center who unfortunately hasnt been able to start his career really.
    The MVP award should go to the player who carries his team on his back. For example, last year Carmelo and Kobe put their respective teams on their backs. They may not have made it to the finals and won, but these guys carried their teams to their records. Theyre not better than LeBron, but thats not the point.
    Think about when DRose won the MVP award. No one ever said he was better than LeBron, but he was the focal point to the Bulls squad.

    MVP = Most Valuable Player… Not Best Player!

  2. Venjo says:

    To all Lebron Haters — which right now they still exists though LBJ already got 4-season-MVP, and as a proof of being a CHAMP he got 2-finals MVP already, and more MVP’s to come…you know what? Nah, you don’t need to keep on hating LBJ as he proves a lot to your “millions of words of criticism”. Nothing more to proof with — except one thing: IF he can be better than MJ later, later? But while he’s still playing, no bias — that’s a good test to wait & see how good he is in the future. Let’s see later:-)

    But for now: let’s accept the fact, and don’t be bias: coz right now, INDEED…HE IS THE BEST “BASKETBALL PLAYER” among anybody that is playing in PLANET EARTH.

  3. L-BJ says:

    Lebron James is at his peak of his career…but MVP trophies/award are being limit to an nba player. remember jordan eventhough he is the greatest of all in his career he shared mvp awards to karl malone, charles barkley this season i think we will have a new MVP. i hope Kevi Durant or CP3 make it because they deserve to win it also with their amazing talent this season.

  4. James says:

    From a completely unbiased standpoint, I have only been spectating the NBA for a year now, and Kevin Durant is by far and away the most talented player in the world. His personality is also far richer than LJ’s.

  5. James says:

    At this point, it is way too early to be talking about MVP, and if it were to be decided today it wouldn’t be LeBron. He most likely will end up MVP, but there are other worthy candidates like Aldridge, George, Durant . .. . CP3 is just as good of a pick as any of those. Typically, the MVP comes from a team that, if not having the best record in the league, at least has the best record in their conference. Miami’s record is good, but they have had one of the easiest schedules, and they still don’t have the best record. I like LeBron a lot, but his fans get way too bent out of shape when any other player gets credit for their skills. LeBron is unselfish, and i’m sure he wouldn’t be upset if CP3 was considered MVP. Calling CP3 the MVP doesn’t diminish LeBron’s value at all, nor any other player. It is just an award to recognize excellent play. CP3 has played as well as anybody, especially considering the Clips have had the toughest schedule thus far in the season. All things considered, CP3 is a fine pick at this point.

  6. Zac says:

    East is so weak this year, Miami and Indiana just feast on the east. No fair MVP comparison between east and west teams.

    Miamis schedule is so easy till end of december, when they have 4 straight games in the west. second west trip is in februar with 6 games. Until then, miami is to blame for losing to lowly boston, washington and philly.

  7. celtic says:

    MVP is suppose to go to the player with the most value to his team lebron is the best player bt would argue me tht the heat would still be a good team without him exactly they would be so after yu take tht into account where would the clippers be without CP3 the thunder with no Durant the Pacers with no George they wouldn’t be tht good if good at all

    • Pakyaw says:

      Yes, the heat will be a good team w/o Lebron, but they won’t be a title contender.. U put Lebron on any .500 team, automatic title contender.. ,put him on below .500 team ,guarantee playoffs(4th or 5th seed maybe)…that’s what his value on any team…correct me if I’m wrong when Jordan retires from bulls, the bulls still manage to win 50+ win but not a contender..

  8. Tom says:

    Lamarcus Aldridge deserves more credit on the MVP list at least higher then anothony Davis… Lamarcus already had a 30 point 21 rebound game this year against goldenrod state give him credit.. After Brandon Roy left he stepped up big time with 11 game win streak already this year that needs to mean something

  9. Al Halk says:

    I am with Jim on this one. Contradiction Plus .

    One sentence says We are going to use PIE then it’s ignored. I guess that is what you are paid to do, stir it up a bit. Other wise Boring. The King is at the top again.
    Does not create page views. Whose going to be number two ?
    The only thing stopping Lebron is Injury. Or Greg Oden and Beasly stepping up and coming back and taking over the team( joke )

  10. Mark Young says:

    its only right they don’t give it to James. MJ should have won ten mvps, but they gave it to karl malone, barkley etc.. The reason they gave was that Jordan winning the MVP every year was getting boring, so they should do the same to Lebron in fairness to MJ.

  11. Brent says:

    I get CP3 and Kevin Love being in the conversation. But it will take an act of God, or a nasty case of 2011-esque voter fatigue, for LeBron to not win his 5th MVP award this season.

    • mee(a)t says:

      Lol an act of God..that made me laugh way too much

      And to the guy who said Lebron can’t post up…are you crazy?

  12. DEJ says:

    Kobe Bryant when he gets back.

  13. Bill Kovacs says:

    For those of you who haven’t figured it out yet, Lebron is way over hyped !!! The ” DICISION ” shows just how self -absorbed he really is.

  14. EDTLake says:

    Chris paul or paul george deserve to be 1 right now the MVP isn’t about shooting % if that were the case why didn’t Durant win who was 50/40/90 last year plus avged more points and reb than LBJ if it was about being the best player in the league then Kobe should have won it from 02 through 09 give or take 1 year, and shaq should have more and so should mj and others there isn’t a real formula to the MVP and ppl come up with all these fake saber metrics and adv stats that mean less than nothing watching tape and games should give you the complete story

  15. Gene says:

    Who could be seriously considered as MVP other than Lebron. who leads his team (a championship team) in every major offensive and defensive categories? An accomplishment that was not achieved by MJ, and probably no one in the history of the game.

  16. Jim says:

    I find it beyond amusing, that a so-called expert, utilizes and emphasizes a new measure of basketball effectiveness (PIE) as indicative of MVP status. Not only is this new metric applied, it is done so to demonstrate rankings and differences in players rankings as the MVP. And yet, it is abandoned when it doesn’t meet his own subjective reasoning.

    If James PIE is the highest and this is the measure of greatness per your own logic, why not identify him as such? Because, although he is performing beyond all other players, he isn’t doing so to what we have seen him do in the past. Ludicrous. The measure of MVP isn’t whether the player is playing to the best of their abilities, it is that they play beyond the game of everyone else in the league.

    My suggestion… if you are going to emphasize your rankings as demonstrative of a statistical metric, then do so. Otherwise, simply acknowledge its a subjective process in which opinion is what is informing your perspective of each players value to the league and/or team.

    • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

      The measure of MVP is actually if the player is playing to their best of their abilities. It’s known as ‘efficiency’. LeBron James is the most efficient, most valuable and is also playing “playing beyond the game of everyone else in the league”. Therefore LeBron James meets both of these criteria of which you have described. LeBron James will win his 5th MVP this year ๐Ÿ˜‰

  17. okc2014 says:

    I don’t think MVP should ever go to a player who hasn’t elevated his team to a championship. I am obviously an OKC fan. But Lebron James is the best player in the galaxy. And his excellence has helped to make all of his teammates better. This is a true MVP to me. However, if the Heat doesn’t win this year, which I don’t think they will, he does not deserve the title. I believe the MVP title will go this year to either Paul George of Kevin Durant. I see both the Pacers and Thunder working together as a team, under a great leader/player/coach (like the Heat). Cliff Paul is underrated. I have always felt that. Clippers aren’t going anywhere this year or even next. Their team as a whole is just not ready for the Finals. Not yet. One day, though. You heard this first from me.

    • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

      I respect your opinion because you are trying to be unbiased, but the truth is that LeBron will most likely get the MVP again, and if the Heat stay healthy then the Heat will also 3PEAT…
      Paul George has improved, and the Pacers have taken their game to another level this year .. but I don’t think he’s MVP worthy yet…
      Kevin Durant is not that far off from LeBron, I think it will be a close decision of either LeBron or Durant for MVP this year, but next year is most likely Durant’s.

  18. josh says:

    as doc rivers said they should just give it to lebron every year,,, hes that good

  19. Ray says:

    No question lebron should be number 1 and I’m not even a fan of his. Take a look at that shooting percentage. All others shooting what he is, is a center/power forward and attemting have the shots from close distances only. Improved his one weakness (free throws), lowest shot attempts of career and lowest minutes. Efficiency at its best. Clear MVP so far. Also, has played without his allstar guard at time this year. Usually I agree with this MVP ladder but come on.

  20. Roy says:

    Paul George should be #1 without a doubt. He came into this season saying he was going to be the man and he’s proven it. He’s the second best 2 way Small Forward behind Lebron. Sorry Kevin but you’re not as good on defense as George.

    Oh yeah, and leading his team to an NBA best record 14-1.

  21. John Wall says:

    John Wall Because This Year He Shows That He Is Having a Break Out Year & Making a Great Run For The Playoffs & Don’t Forget He’s The Best #Wall

  22. J-Short37 says:

    Way to early to start this talk but I would say its out of LBJ and CP3. Both players are playing at a high level. I don’t get into the notion that some other pro is going to make another grown mans game better, its just a matter of when that person decides to want to play. With that said though both guys would be the pick this season. A test I like to do is if you take the player off of both teams how well will both teams do, to see which player is truly valuable to their team.

    Laker fan since 87′

  23. Zoot says:

    I would go for Paul George or Aldridge of Portland for MVP right now, but that could change.

  24. Eric says:

    Demarcus Cousins

  25. Francis says:

    I dont have anything against CP3 but lebron should be the # 1 in the MVP list

  26. Chris says:

    Seriously, as good as Paul is he is not MVP caliber. So everyone in the NBA basically says they would select Chris Paul over LBJ right now for their team? I guess MVP means that you are a great player, but if you are too great, you get excluded.

  27. lacolem1 says:

    Yeah, I’m with everyone else here in that I don’t understand the methodology here. Clearly Lebron’s numbers are better than CP3’s and his impact is at least equal to KD’s, while his PIE is better. How can someone shooting 60/48/80 with 26 ppg not the CLEAR lead in every MVP poll? The only way LBJ not winning the MVP would make any sense is if the Clippers finish with around 65 wins or KD completely blows up and improves his shooting (which seems down this year).

  28. Kome the Black Dumba says:

    The only thing I like about his skills is he seldom forced things and make the right play. He`s a more Magic type of player. I remembered my University coach told us to watch how Lebron play and that`s the only one NBA player he ever mentioned to us.

  29. Omar Kmail says:

    Ok, I really don’t understand how durant and cp3 are above lebron on the mvp ladder. It’s quite obvious that Lebron is playing the best basketball out of the three and especially in the past week, durant isn’t even putting up his average numbers compared to last season. CP3, well, it’s exactly what I expected from him and I’m pretty impressed, I’d put him over durant for now, but not over Lebron. It’s clear the nba has gotten “bored” of Lebron being MVP every year, and so far, he still deserves to be the mvp but it’s clearly obvious the NBA doesn’t wanna give it to him for some real stupid reasons. Same thing happened to Michael Jordan in 93 when Chuck it.

    • Stinger says:

      RIGHT… Even according to their own new MADE UP, MVP judging criteria “PIE” hes has the highest with 21.6 and they still refuse to put him at the top..

    • chalice says:

      I feel there is voter fatigue for MVP. People are people and they want to see someone new win the MVP. The fact that LBJ has won 3 times (2 back to back) is remarkable. I dont know if he will win MVP this year, but the way it looks now, he deserves it. Someone else may win MVP this year simply because they have a great year, on a mediocre or good team and the voters just want to see someone new. MVP doesn’t mean best player, it means most valuable for their team (at least I think it does). A lot goes into voting for MVP, and not just basketball. Im not a Kobe fan but I do think that Kobe should have more MVPs than 1 and I think it is due to the fact Kobe has horrible public relations.

  30. Neil Young says:

    Oh yea everything he does is great. He also is an MVP dad. Just the best. No one can stop him, ever, in the world. Best thing that happened to sports. Every paid media position loves him. They can’t be wrong!

  31. Ajc says:

    Got to go with Lebron James for MVP no matter where u r from the guy is Michael Jordan and magic Johnson mixed in one. He truly is unstoppable the king can score anytime he wants to no matter who is guarding him…………………

  32. Amazed Again says:

    So, even though Lebron has the best numbers and is obviously (listen to ALL game announcers and commentators when they are doing a Miami game) the MVP again this week, if he is not consistently better than himself every day in ALL categories (in case you hadn’t noticed, he has really improved this year – no player, including MJ, ever played like he is playing right now) he is not the MVP. Nice rationalization.
    Do you ever consider basketball IQ, impact on all of every game, almost ALWAYS making the right play, respecting his teammates and getting them all involved, leading the team in terms of training, hustle, and general work ethic as well as creating a climate of brotherhood on and off the court, in the locker room, in the community, etc., bringing people like Michael Beasley and Chris Anderson along – in fact improving virtually every player on his team, quietly helping to coach without creating friction, shooting knock down every night, defending knock down every night, and getting the job done when no one else is able to do it that night (e.g. carrying the entire team on his back through the first three rounds of the playoffs last year). If you had your choice, which NBA player would you start your team with? Paul? Durant? George? I don’t think so. By the way, PIE??????????? Incidentally, having the highest PIE every week is like Tiger Woods winning EVERY tournament he plays in, and not skipping any. Do you see why I am amazed – again?
    So why don’t you just respect the game and enjoy a player the likes of which you may never see again, appreciate the complete package of who and what he is and put him where he belongs.

    • pierre pierre says:

      if LeBron played when mike , miller, ewing, barkley,pippen stocton,mail man, the glove, willkins bird, McHale cief,thomas rodman, the list go on and on the N.B.A. IS WEAK IF BRON PLATED WIYH MIKE HE BE A GOOD PLAYER THATS ALL HE NO MIKE JUST SOME GUY THAT BETTER IN A WEAK LEAGUE PLAIN AND SIMPLE..

      • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

        oh pierre pierre .. I didnt know there still LeBron haters .. LOL .. U sound pathetic, get some friends

      • sick says:

        @pierre lebron played with mike miller and his only their 6th man.. don’t cry with this comment hahaha

      • JB says:

        @ sick: I can’t tell if you’re trolling, or if you’re really that stupid. Pierre is obviously talking about REGGIE Miller. Maybe having Mike (obv referring to MJ) and Miller so close to eachother confused you? That little thing between Mike and Miller? That’s called a comma.

        Honestly, I like LeBron, and I’ve been a Heat fan since before he joined the team. But I can’t stand some of his fans.

        Also, this doesn’t make Pierre’s reply any more correct… Dennis Rodman was a solid player, nothing more. Excellent rebounder and a good defender. But how the hell are you going to put him in the same list as the GOAT?

      • JB says:

        Pierre… we’re talking about the MVP. That’s an award given every year. They don’t compare you against every NBA player EVER. LeBron is definitely the MVP. The whole argument of who is greater this current star or a star from previous years is played out. And out of all the players you listed, only MJ, Bird and Thomas are worth mentioning as great all-around players and just flatout competitors. And I would never put Isiah Thomas on but leave off Magic. what are you thinking?

      • ko0kiE says:

        haha.. just look at LeBron.. he would be feared even then with his freak-of-nature-body. I don’t think he would have had any problems get to the rim.. there’s a reason they call him freight train.. and that’s certainly not because he’s weak.

  33. LabMonkey says:

    Lebron is the complete package, if you love basketball, LBJ is the player you would dream of being, because he can do it all and is unselfish. So much talent in one guy is almost unfair! Not a Heat fan, not a Lebron fan, but as a basketball fan I love Lebron James.

    • pierre pierre says:

      LeBron cant post up that his only weaknest when he starts getting older he will not be a factor….

      • sick says:

        really?? you’re just jealous coz your idol can’t win mvp.. Lol

      • yeah lebron is a complete package…but he can’t win without 2 other franchise caliber players beside him + a team full of lottery picks…and yes he is the most all around player on the game right now…but he isn’t number 1 in any of those categories

      • JB says:

        @ Don’t ever CLICK … who HAS ever done it alone? and who is right now? Pacers are loaded with talent (just not as big in name), Boston was, Lakers always are except for right now (and you see how well that’s going for them). Rockets have Harden and Howard, Clippers have CP3 and Blake… Who’s the other franchise player you’re talking about for the Heat? Bosh? He’s a good player no-doubt, but not a franchise player. He scored a lot (somebody had to) and pulled down boards for a BAD Toronto team. and you’re talking about lottery picks. Ray is great, but he’s far from his prime. Greg Oden? we’ll see if he EVER gets up to full speed, but even then he’ll be a shadow of his former self.

      • Game Time says:

        @ Don’t Ever Click, the team wasn’t full of lottery picks in the past two wins, but thanks for acknowledging the 3peat to come.