Hang Time Podcast (Episode 139) Featuring Dr. Derek Ochiai And Trail Blazers’ Radio Voice Brian Wheeler

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — One superstar (Derrick Rose) is lost for yet another season while another (Kobe Bryant) is eyeing his return, after signing a robust contract extension that has set off a mini-controversy about how these things should be done.

Even in the midst of the San Antonio Spurs and Portland Trail Blazers putting on an absolute show during their respective win streaks, it’s hard to ignore the bigger issues facing both the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers on Thanksgiving Eve (yeah, we know it’s not an actual day but we make our own rules around here).

That’s why we didn’t on Episode 139 of The Hang Time Podcast, where we delve into the Rose drama with leading sports medicine doctor and surgeon Dr. Derek Ochiai and Brian Wheeler, the radio voice of the Portland Trail Blazers. We took care of the Kobe debate, of course, with a spirited conversation about the merits of paying an aging superstar like he’s in the prime of his Hall of Fame career.

We also delve into the long road ahead for Rose with Dr. Ochiai, the Arlington, Va, – based specialist whose insights into exactly what a torn medial meniscus injury means for an elite athlete like Rose as opposed to someone who is not of that ilk, you have to hear. And few people have a better perspective on the Trail Blazers and the rise of LaMarcus Aldridge, Damian Lillard and the crew than Wheeler, who chronicles their every move on the air night after night.

You get all of that, plus Sounds of the Game, our this week’s installment of Braggin’ Rights (the champ is back on top this week) and Rick Fox‘s twisted Turkey Dynasty Call on Episode 139 of The Hang Time Podcast featuring Dr. Derek Ochiai and Trail Blazers’ radio voice Brian Wheeler:


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  1. zulu says:

    Just when I think the Pc-Three can’t get any better ! They step up another gobble. Great show leading into the first Holiday of the Winter Season. The NBA continues to provide enough material for for the men to showcase their varying experiences and points of view in a most entertaining/informative manner. Keep it going ………