Blogtable: Your Advice For The Bulls?

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Any advice for the Bulls? What do they do short-term and long-term?

VIDEO: The Beat crew reacts to Derrick Rose’s season-ending knee surgery

Steve Aschburner, Short-term, I’d encourage the Bulls to play mind games or whatever else it takes to minimize the debilitating mental effect of losing Rose for a second consecutive season. As in: Go one game at a time. Divide it in two (Rose’s impact really won’t be missed defensively). Then divvy up his FGAs and pretend he’s only out that night. Lather, rinse, repeat. It’s the only way to survive another plugger season of smaller ambitions. Long term? Don’t give up on a former MVP who will be, after all, returning from a meniscus repair, not another ACL. Rose might need to dial down his explosiveness and cuts, adding more floor-bound game, but he still is likely to be an All-Star worth building around.

Fran Blinebury, Short term, suck it up, get over the shock and get back to being the gritty bunch from last season. Going into next year, I’d commit to Luol Deng, move Carlos Boozer and try to find some offensive punch to put in the backcourt next to Rose when he returns. And, oh yes, settle whatever differences exist in the front office and make sure that Tom Thibodeau is content to continue coaching in Chicago for a long time.

Jeff Caplan, Unless you can find a miracle and get a taker for Carlos Boozer‘s massive salary, buckle up and get ready to scrap, scrap, scrap. I just don’t know if this team can go through that mental grind again for an entire season. It’s so much to ask. This summer, Boozer can be amnestied and other moves made. I wouldn’t overreact right now and potentially make a regrettable move.

Scott Howard-Cooper, Keep doing what they’re doing. They have a star coach, some good players and very bad luck. It’s not like the Bulls are going to make a trade to replace Derrick Rose, by moving him (obviously) or bringing in a years-long replacement, so push on. Don’t tank. Don’t dump players they would not have otherwise. They will still defend at a very high level and they will still make the playoffs.

John Schuhmann, Remain flexible. If the right opportunity (one where you can gather assets) comes along, they should trade anybody on their roster not named Rose, Butler or Noah. But they also should be content with keeping their core intact and even bringing Luol Deng back next summer (at the right price). Deng, Joakim Noah and Taj Gibson will all still be on the right side of 30 at the start of next season, while Rose, Jimmy Butler and Nikola Mirotic (who remains in Europe at the time) will be just 26, 25 and 23, respectively. Even if the Heat keep their Big Three together, their supporting cast is getting older, and the right pieces around the Bulls’ core would be enough to keep pace with Miami and Indiana.

Sekou Smith, Take the Thanksgiving holiday to step back and breathe a little bit before diving into anything. When the Bulls’ brain trust reconvenes, it’s time to seriously consider moving up the timetable on the roster reshuffling that was coming this summer anyway. They have the cloak of the Rose injury to help cover them in the event of a mistake. Whatever they do will be covered by that fact. Now is the time to explore all trade options for Luol Deng, who I’d shop to Oklahoma City for a package deal that includes Reggie Jackson, an ideal young point guard who can get Chicago through whatever rough patches lies ahead as D-Rose recovers. My short-term plan would be to tweak the supporting cast with more dynamic talent than what’s on hand at several positions. Long-term, you pray to Naismith and the rest of the basketball gods that Rose returns as at least some semblance of the MVP Bulls fans came to adore. There’s no sugar-coating the fact that there is tons of work to be done.

Lang Whitaker,’s All Ball blog: What do they do now? They keep playing defense, defense, defense, and Thibs keeps screaming until his voice sounds like sandpaper, and more than anything else, they keep playing harder than their opponent is playing. We saw how far the Bulls can get on grit and hustle last season in the playoffs. In the Eastern Conference, a team with Noah, Deng, Butler, Boozer, Hinrich, Dunleavy and Gibson is at the very least a playoff team. Of course, Rose is that catalyst that makes them a title contender, and without him the expectations change. But that doesn’t mean this Bulls team can’t at least make some noise both in the regular and postseason. And as for long term, they wait for Rose to get back and get healthy. Not much else you can do.

Davide Chinellato, NBA Italia: Short term: tanking is not an option, so keep what you have and try to make the playoffs like you did last year. Nate Robinson and Marco Belinelli, two key players for the Bulls who went to the second round last year, are gone, but the core is still intact. Luol Deng, Carlos Boozer and Joakim Noah are great players. Long term: give Rose another chance, let Deng go and amnesty Boozer. You can rebuild with Rose, Noah, Taj Gibson and Jimmy Butler while going after a top free agent. The Bulls can have a bright future.

Aldo Aviñante, NBA Philippines: If they can buy low, in terms of the contracts of their impending free agents, I think they should, because if (a big if) they are healthy they’re a legitimate contender for the throne. Their core has had only one crack. That complete lineup took them all the way to the East finals, and if they just rebuild again it might bite them in the future. But if they can get a little younger without yielding too much talent, they should also stay open to the possibility of retooling instead of overhauling the whole roster.


  1. Dave says:

    I think rite now they should really make a decision if they’re going to extend Deng or not. It was a decision before that hindered on how deep the team went. Now that’s not an issue. So do you now move him to get a legit SG to put with Rose and move Jimmy to the 3 or keep the team as is and keep Deng at the 3 & Jimmy at the 2, amnesty Boozer, start Taj & bring over Mirotic and use the money free’d by Boozers amnesty to solidify the bench. DECISIONS DECISIONS

  2. josey says:

    Hasnt anyone been reading this aticle? The bulls even without rose! Theee still a playoof team! The would have to have a fire sale to get into the next draft lottery!

  3. norbert says:

    retain deng. trade boozer for a guard who can shoot outside and can also penetrate. start taj gibson because he can play.

  4. Murphy fan says:

    I think that Finnish boy mugshot Murphy will be a monster. Kenny Love 2.0. Chicago will be fine.

  5. Nam Chio says:

    My short term
    They continue play defence and defence!

    My long term
    The Bull can believe Rose again,
    Because he was a brilliant player before he got injuries, then they should find a very good powerful forward to replace someone , if someone does not enough play every game hard.
    They still a young and good defence team, so they will win a champion with a faster and healthy Rose in 5 years.

  6. spursfan says:

    trade rose and hinrich. get asik and turner.

  7. ALBERT says:

    Tanking shouldn’t be an option, not if the Bulls have any pride left. Everyone knows this team, even without D-Rose is a playoff team. Management won’t allow it and neither will Thibs. He is a great coach and his stock will certainly dip if he takes any part in tanking this season. Best option is still to wait for Rose. He is what makes this playoff team a championship contender.

  8. ALBERT says:

    Tanking shouldn’t be an option, not if the Bulls have any pride left. Everyone knows this team, even without D-Rose is a playoff team. Management won’t allow it and neither will Thibs. He is a great coach and his stock will certainly dip if he takes any part in tanking this season. Best options is still to wait for Rose. He is what makes this playoff team a championship contender.

  9. Kelly Valdez says:

    Rocket fan… Trade Amir Asik , jermery Lin to bulls for Carlos boozer and joakim Noah … Both teams will have a win win situation

  10. luckyfri says:

    the bulls still are a Playoff Team. the Problem is they dont want to spénd Money for a Team which is not a contender. whatever they do, they should Keep tibs happy because he is with Pops the leagues best coach

  11. J says:

    Rebuild! Or trade for a star to team with Rose or trade Rose himself. Otherwise its over! No championships for the Derrick Rose era bulls, sorry.

  12. takum says:

    As a bulls FAN. don’t go following other teams and recruiting all stars or super stars. its better to give a chance to those who wants to an all star. I say shine bright like a diamond and go bulls. trading isn’t the problem its having faith. if yall bulls fan then stick it and just do it. I’m disappointed rose is injured but its way to early to give up. Season just started and players still h ave a chance to step up their game

  13. dl says:

    I always thought Melo should have went to Chicago instead off N.Y.

  14. Lionheart says:

    Coach thibs is a good defensive coach, he should get rid of Boozer.. i know he can score and rebound, but he can’t defend.. i agree for getting asik.. trade boozer to asik and Noah for a better guard.. Guard like Reggie jackson, patrick beverly, jameer nelson or andre miller

    This will be a good fit for them

    any guard i mention
    Beverly and jackson is a young and have a potentail.. just helping!

  15. Mitch says:

    It’s all lebron’s fault! Lol.

  16. Chissel says:

    Listen, anyone who has paid attention to what is coming down the road for free agency would not be talking about losing Luol Deng. Let’s not forget he is an all star two years in a row and probably a third if he keeps playing the way he is. The ONLY small forward who is comparable to Deng in free agency this summer is Rudy Gay or Lebron, if the heat lose and he doesn’t take his player option. But, the chances of that happening and Lebron coming to the Bulls are astronomically low considering there are teams out there with much more cap space and supporting casts that don’t all rub him the wrong way. Shooting guard free agency is worse with Evan Turner being the only notable name there. We’ve got hard working rookies who seem to be adapting to the system who will be ready to step up their roles this next season. We need to move Boozer now for whatever we can get, give Taj a year of experience playing starting minutes, he is ready and will play very well as long as he focuses on not committing fouls. Tank the playoffs potentially and focus on getting a young healthy center in the first round, and bring Derrick back to the best starting lineup he will have ever played with, have a second team that has had a year to cement itself, with a very good shooting power forward as their main option, and cruise through the regular season next year with a youthful core group of proven talent.

  17. A45Kleys says:

    Shut up with THE WIGGINS AND PARKER, they’re not even close talent to MJ’s and Lebrons, cmon getting them is not a million dollar win. They are hyped, which is talked alot, and with the internet they are all over. so please stop with Wiggins and Parker convos, it’s making me sick.

  18. Herson says:

    Retain Deng, Noah, Boozer, Hinrich, Gibson.. Give enough playing time for Teague. Get a new PG or SG while D-Rose is in recovery. you can trade other bench player and get some better player. Getting Melo in the team is really a Miracle because as what ive heard he wanted to play in LA

  19. Carlos says:

    Just tank the season. Then try to get rid of Deng and Boozer and then try to get Melo in free agency

  20. Lee says:

    I think they should trade Deng for a SG, Evan Turner will be a restricted free agent and Aaron Affalo is not the Magic’s. future SG, Oladipo is their future, and can be trade options at SG. Boozer will finish the year as a Bulls player, and be either amnesty or traded next summer. The Bulls should get ready for next year’s free agency, Carmelo Anthony can be persuaded to leave the Knicks, and the Bulls can’t forget that they have talent overseas in PF Nikola Mirotic, Boozer’s possible replacement. One last thing the Bobcats can helps us be better with the pick we got from them for the Tyrus Thomas trade. There is more than meets the eye with the Bulls. PATIENCE is the key word for Bulls fans because the future is bright.

  21. Young Veteran says:

    get rid of noah he is not a fast player bring nate, and beleneli, and look for good free agents!

  22. Jumppong says:

    The best option is to TANK this year. it’s hard to see Deng, Boozer to leave. but it’s time to move on. yes they can compete with this current roster and what? end up outcast by the Heat or the Pacers even the Sixers. and yes they can wait for D. Rose to heal next season. and what if he injured again next season? so better Tank now for the future for all the people in the world knows bulls can compete today’s season but for sure can’t Win a Championship.


    trade Boozer to Amare… then waived Amare… 🙂

  24. Tolits says:

    Get rid of Hinrich and Teague. We need PGs who can shoot. Hinrich has only 4.7 apg and 7.8 ppg. Below average for a good point guard. Seems afraid to take a shot. Thibs should use his bench. Too many DNPs specially the rookies. And why keep Mike James and not use him? I think James has a higher shot percentage. Why not use him if the point guards are not playing well? And please try to use Murphy and see if he can help. The Bulls need all the scoring they can get. Thibs, please shuffle your bench and dont overplay your starters. You dont need additional injured players at this point. You need fresh bodies every game.

  25. ryan says:

    the bulls need to meet with kings and get and get back salams and get thomason and trade for osik back

  26. steppx says:

    Dont trade deng…certainly not for reggie jackson…WHY?…rj is a good back up…deng is special and has help shape the identity of the bulls. Id lookaround for someone in europe…the way the spurs do. Find a pistons did with dantone…try to get teletovic…trade boozer for mirza…

  27. manny says:

    we keep pretending that the bulls are a bad team without rose and Chicago bulls are contenders with rose on the line up Last year record in November is very similar to this year record with Rose playing Rose is very good and so was Danny granger.
    Chicago bulls will meke it to the second round just as the did when rose had an MVP season

  28. jay says:

    Noah trade for LA.. Rebuild. Rose, Butler, Carmelo, LA, Asik starting 5.. Let deng be sixth man off the bench since coach thibs likes letting him play with the second unit(the man needs a rest) Hinrich, Dunleavy, Deng, Taj gibson, and a rookie center for the second unit. BeastMode!!!

  29. fabrice says:


  30. c man says:

    my trade idea dang to clips for Crawford and mullins – gets sg they need dand a good shooter in both Crawford and mullins and gives dang a shot at a title bulls sorely need a 2 that can score

  31. Patrick says:

    I know Rose was a great player, but that is the past. He will never be even close to something like a superstar. Just because adidas and the media hyped his return doesn’t mean he actualy played that good. It took him more than one year to get back from his torn acl and now another knee injury , I just believe he will never get his (unbelievable) quickness and scoring drive back + he will have a mental issue going as hard as he used to into the pain. Without all of that he’s not more than an average NBA PG. It’s not easy but trade Rose and get some young talent + draftpicks.

  32. bullsfan says:

    get rid of dengs contract, sign melo free agency and tank and draft jabari parker

  33. Calvin Mangmoun says:

    andrewwwww goudelockkkkkkkk!

  34. tom says:

    people serious undervalue the contributions that deng and boozer make, you wont realise until they’re gone, and I feel butler and noah are both overrated, being a big luol deng fan though I do like the idea of him being traded to the thunder, so he gets a shot at a title which he deserves. hes good enough defensively he could probably play some sg at okc

  35. timo says:

    play hard but try to be in a good draft position play the young player and trade the vets

  36. jennmouse32 says:

    Nothing.. they did fine without him last year.. they will do fine without him this year.. one big difference between last year and this year though… Noah wasnt healthy last year.. he is this year….

  37. dustydreamnz says:

    They will make the Playoffs ok but no.3 in the East at best. Get rid of Boozer, he’s good but doesn’t justify salary. Hope Rose comes back well. Judge Deng on what he does this season.

  38. Mike says:

    Go out and get someone who can create their own shot, someone, anyone, even someone who is on the wrong side of 30 or even the wrong side of 35 to try to get this thing going. If they can’t do that, then plan B is they’ll just have to rely all season long on what they have. Its going to be a long season I think because Bulls management doesn’t want to do anything.

  39. richard says:

    For me bulls need a strong point guard like jarrette jack of cavalier, steve adams of OKC as center man and reggie jakson as point guard.. i think this 3 players can help the team better, because as of now for me this team has no potential.

  40. danks says:

    i agree tank the season. and get wiggins. or try bring in another superstar

  41. BIll Wijse says:

    Joakim Noah is severely overrated and thus overpriced. Get rid of him in exchange for someone who can actually score the basketball. Thibs can get anyone to play decent defense so don’t be afraid of losing that. Trade Noah for Amer Asik. The bulls will be so much better off.

    • jay says:

      I agree, Noah’s awkwardness gets under my skin as a bulls fan. He makes the game hard to watch with his silly mistakes. I will change my opinion if Noah stops shooting jumpshots and starts dunking the ball more than he does layups. If they traded for Asik that would be awesome. If they got a new GM that would be awesome also. If they tanked the season and let everyone go (via trades, end of contract, amnesty)at the end of the season except Butler, deng, Gibson, Dunleavy, Hinrich, and Rose would also be OK. I’m just saying.

  42. Jackie Moon says:

    Poor roster, from my point of view. Early playoff exit again as soon as the will meet Miami or Indiana it’s over. Everyone exept Rose and Hoah should be available for a trade, Boozer must be waived.

  43. Jason says:

    Boozer is playing great basketball this season, it would be a shame to let him go! Not to mention Deng…

  44. Sad Bulls fan says:

    Bulls please tank for a good draft pick and future, this season will be sad for us with a first or second-round exit anyway, might as well get rewarded for it…

  45. spguide says:

    I’d go for Evan Turner , but i like the trade of Deng and Reggie Jackson for both teams as well

  46. PinoyHooper says:

    I’m not sure about Jameer Nelson’s contract, but I think it’s a move worth making so they could still make the playoffs. And they could also bring John Salmons from Sacrameto or sign Captain Stephen Jackson since Jimmy Butler is down. And after Jimmy and Mike Dunlevey, they have no wing player who could spread the floor and make those 3’s. Which those 2 that I have mentioned, could bring to their team, plus their great on defense as well.

  47. raigan says:

    tank and try to get parker or wiggins, waive boozer, get an all star or a stretch-4, k love is the best choice, plus rose returning, combine with noah and bulter(1 of the best wing defender). thats is 1 of hell of a starting 5.

    • Usaf says:

      they are not going to get love, and it will be hard finding a player that give u 16-9 if they let go of boozer.
      They should let go of deng tank this year.


    Amnesty Boozer….

  49. lol says:

    its sad but they gotta fully rebuild, even with D-rose healthy they cant compete for a championship with this roster, the competition is too good, they need more SCORERS!!