Blogtable: Best Point Guard In The East?

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With Derrick Rose out and Rajon Rondo still mending, who is the best point guard in the East?

VIDEO: Inside Stuff takes a closer look at John Wall’s play and growth

Steve Aschburner, George Hill and Mario Chalmers have helped steer their teams to the best records. John Wall has taken Rondo’s customary spot as East assists leader and tops his peer group in efficiency. Deron Williams has been hurt. Jeff Teague has been solid, has an experience edge over many of these guys, is durable and plays most like the point guards I prefer … but this comes down to a one-game, one-season, one-career test for me. If I were drafting an East point guard for any of those three situations, I’d still grab Kyrie Irving. He is far from a finished product but has the talent and potential to be best of the bunch.

Fran Blinebury, It should be Deron Williams. But he’s got recurring problems with his ankle and his head and until he gets the latter on straight, the Nets are going to be the biggest underperforming disappointment in the East. While it may certainly be tempting to pick the rookie Michael Carter-Williams — and the long haul could prove that to be a good choice — I’ve got to go with John Wall.

Jeff Caplan, Is LeBron an acceptable answer? As impressive as what the rookie in Philly is doing, Michael Carter-Williams is still a rookie. This has got to be John Wall. He’s really become the man of late as the East player of the week now has three consecutive 30-point games.

Scott Howard-Cooper, John WallKyrie Irving is a push at the moment. That could change on a season-long basis, and probably will. And it would be foolish to completely discount the possibility that Deron Williams finds his way and puts together a streak as a reminder of his talents too often tucked away. But it’s Wall and Irving for now. Neither is shooting well, but both have the ability to lead playoff clubs. Irving is an All-Star and look at the difference in the Wizards last season once Wall returned. Now if we could only get Wall and Bradley Beal on the floor at the same time. That would be a backcourt to watch.

John Schuhmann, Deron Williams on the shelf too, you’d think the easy answer would be Kyrie Irving. And he would have been my answer before the season started. But Irving and the Cavs are off to a disappointing start and his defense is still a major question. Meanwhile, a couple of guys who got paid this summer – Jeff Teague and John Wall – have taken big steps forward. Teague is the better defender, but Wall’s explosiveness offensively gives him the edge. Did I just say that Wall is better than Irving? I think I did.

Sekou Smith, This is an excellent tug of war between two surprise players and neither one of them is named Kyrie Irving. The Wizards’ John Wall and the Hawks’ Jeff Teague have both been pretty damn good this season. Teague is proving to be an improved decision-maker and floor general in the system of new Hawks coach Mike Budenholzer, who made it clear during the preseason that he felt Teague would improve this season. Wall and Teague’s numbers are nearly identical in all of the categories that translate to doing their job well. Wall has the edge in physical tools and ceiling, and he seems to be putting things together as a young leader on and off the court as well. Irving is still the young point guard in the East with the greatest upside, but if we’re talking about right now, as of this moment, I’m going with Wall in a photo finish over Teague.

Lang Whitaker,’s All Ball blog: Does LeBron count as a point guard? Jokes aside, there are only four point guards in the East averaging more assists per game than LeBron: John Wall, Jeff Teague, Brandon Jennings and Michael Carter-Williams. And to me the best all-around point guard in the East this season has been Wall. He’s averaging 18.6 ppg to go with 8.9 assists per, and he’s a true game-changer offensively — of the point guards I mentioned, to me Wall is the most dynamic of the bunch. With Bradley Beal out for at least a few weeks, it will be interesting to see if Wall can take on more of a scoring load for the Wizards as they try to turn things around. But so far Wall has made that big contract extension he inked this summer look like a good deal for the Wizards.

Karan Madhok, NBA India: The path is clear in the East for one of the young guns to ascend to the top. In recent form, John Wall has been the one making his stake as the best PG in the East, but over in Cleveland, Kyrie Irving has the talent to challenge him for the number one spot. But don’t forget about Deron Williams: a few years ago, he was in conversation amongst the top PGs in the league. If he can rediscover his form and health, he has the skillset to start dominating again.

Philipp Dornhegge, NBA Deutschland: John Wall, and in my mind it’s no contest. Jeff Teague is playing terrific and the Hawks are doing okay. But Wall is great, elite even with his combination of athleticism, speed and court vision. He can score, pass, is a respectable defender and helps his team win. Right now, it’s tough to make the same argument for Kyrie and the Cavaliers.

Adriano Albuquerque, NBA Brasil: Wow, that’s a tough one. Seems like all the great ones are out West, huh? Paul, Parker, Westbrook, Curry, Lawson, Rubio, Lillard. My favorite point guard in the East besides Rose and Rondo would be Kyrie Irving, but he does share some of the burden for Cleveland’s lousy start. Right now, John Wall has been playing like the best point guard in the East. He is the answer right now. Michael Carter-Williams has star potential, but is still raw.


  1. A'lisha Garraway says:

    I feel that The best In The east needs to come From The Indiana Pacers after all they have The best record In The east and overall if i’m not mistaken.

  2. Gross says:

    Wall has been underrated for way too long while Kyrie has been treated like the second coming of christ. Yea, Kyrie can shoot and has been clutch, but he is not an elite PG. An elite PG makes the plays and gets the WHOLE team involved. Wall definitely accomplishes this. Additionally, his athleticism is no match for Kyrie. If Kyrie can take a page from Wall’s book and get his team involved in the offense, then yes, he will be an elite PG, but as of now, he’s just a really good player with untapped talent.

  3. Kyrie Irving is the best point guard in the east

  4. Anand says:

    Yal are sleeping on Teague. Currently he’s better than Wall he shoots better, distributes better, and is more consistent. Wall is just on a hot streak he’ll burn off again

  5. Keith says:

    Without a second thought its John Wall ! Ppl are quick to say kyrie Irving because he’s the consensus pick but anybody who’s actually watched these guys play would kno that out of the 2 wall is the one who makes the TEAM better… That’s what a point guard is suppose to do … Also he might be top 3 defensive point guard as well behind Westbrook and rondo

  6. Nam Chio says:

    I think every expert agree Wall in the East.
    Wall just the best PG in the East,because Roso, Rondo have injuries!
    Wish every player get healthy again!

  7. Gillsy says:

    Rondo is the best point in the east. Other than him MCW is going to be good in a few years. The only other good point in the east plays the point from the small forward/ power forward position and plays for Miami.

  8. Alonso says:

    It’s not just the PG.
    Everytime I’m filling the All Star Ballot It’s like I wanna chose 3 west small men and 5 big men

    And just Lebron and George in the east

  9. J says:

    I would say Rondo but he is injured so I’ll say nobody until he is back cause Rondo is a BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Big Gee says:

    Wall. How is this even open for discussion? LOL hes been the best point guard in the East up until now this year, even when Rose was healthy.

  11. Old Bill Collins says:

    I vote for “None of the above.” We are talking floor general here and until a point guard has been the leader who won a war, he has shown only potential. I don’t mean a point guard who just happened to be there but one who led the team to a ring. Maybe Billups is the only contender in the East. Did Rondo win a ring?

    • D says:

      According to your logic, if they had this discussion in the 90s, you wouldn’t have even considered John Stockton. Ha..

      • Mr.Mike says:

        Exactly… There’s no logic whatsoever in that. Seeming as Stockton is the best PG to ever have played in the NBA.

    • Han says:

      And yes, Rondo won a ring Sir, with the Celtic’s big 3 on their first year together. But I’d agree, it’s unfair to rate a player by a ring. Stockton and Nash never won one, Payton won one when he’s already a has-been and no longer floor general. I believe most would agree, they’re no worse then Billups or Rondo.

    • Jo says:

      Yea in 2008 with paul pierce,ray alle n KG… get ur facts straight

    • baron bell says:

      Yes. Rondo has a ring!

  12. Unkle Daddy says:

    I don’t know what (it) is, but what ever it is I don’t think he has it (Wall). I’ve never been wrong once in being able to look at a player and tell what kind of future NBA player they will be, so I hope he proves me wrong. I will say I think if he stays healthy he will be a very good player, but for lack of a better word, as KG would say “he ain’t a killa”. He can’t be the best player on your team and win a championship, same with a guy like Melo. If you don’t see fire in their eyes then they can’t lead a team. Tim Duncan very quiet, eyes ablaze.

  13. The Worm 91 says:

    Finally this writers has realized that they have been underrating John WALL and overrating Kyrie IRVING. DRose is hurt but still, GO BULLS!

  14. sleeplessbull says:

    Wall is overrated,,,, he is the next Gilbert Arenas.. mark my words!!!

  15. antwan says:

    Rondo will return and take the crown no doubt but even while d. rose was playing i didn’t think he was the best, Irving, Wall, and Teague were playing much better

  16. Profectus says:

    I would pick LeBron, he’s not a PG but he plays like one



  18. Brent says:

    Are we talking right now or potential? I think the sky is the limit for Kyrie Irving.

    • Mr.Mike says:

      Talking right now, that’s Wall hands down. Potential probably Kyrie yeah, but don’t think he’s gonna find the motivation with the Cavs, especialy not under Mike Brown.

  19. jb says:

    I would say wall or teague although wizards did not start well they are coming together and he is starting to get back to where he was at the end of last season and that should lead the wizards to the playoffs in the weak east.

  20. allen says:

    i miss those days for my pistons

  21. allen says:


  22. dustydreamnz says:

    I’d go for John Wall at the moment but it’s too early. Rajon Rondo or MCW might be pushing hard by the time votes close.

  23. Mikel Jurdan says:

    Nice Kayl

  24. lookAtomix says:

    Lowrey !!

  25. joao says:

    Kemba Walker has been having a very quiet season but he has to be talked as well, i mean you bring MCW to the convo of the best PG in the east and no1 mentions Kemba Walker, who is actually leading a team that will qualify for the Poff’s whether they want it or not, still not sure. If they dont do forced tanking they get a Poff spot

  26. George commedo says:

    Kyrie has the best handle but he doesn’t make his team any better. I don’t think he knows what the word defense means. It’s too bad LeBron James could not be in the running as a rookie he turn Cleveland around 180°. But after all is said and done I would have to go with John wall right now his efficiency rating is second only to LeBron. So he can score and play Defense so I’m going to go with John wall

    • Isaiah Jones says:

      Lebron but up great numbers as a rookie 20 5 5 I believe or somewhere in the neighborhood but he didn’t turn them 180 cause they had so many pieces that had same game of getting to the rack but couldn’t do much from outside which why they didn’t go to the playoffs his first couple years

  27. Miki says:

    kemba nothing hm ?

  28. LordP says:

    Rondo…even if he didn’t play a minute..numb#2 Mario Chalmers is 1 of the most underrated PG in this league!!

  29. i say MCW…just for now…the kid can really do it all around…plus hes second in the league in SPG….not bad for a rookie

  30. spguide says:

    Soon Rondo will take the crown as the best point guard in the east .