Derrick Williams Era Ends In Minnesota

VIDEO: Derrick Williams arrives in Sacramento

HANG TIME WEST – The Timberwolves’ patience with Derrick Williams officially ran out Tuesday as the No. 2 pick in the 2011 draft was traded to the Kings for Luc Mbah a Moute in a move Minnesota hopes will also stabilize the defense and strengthen its playoff chances.

The highest selection in team history left town without ever coming close to paying off, a classic tweener who didn’t develop at small forward alongside Kevin Love or power forward when Love was hurt and averaged 22.6 minutes in two-plus seasons. Williams was at 14.7 minutes this season while appearing in 11 of 16 games.

Sacramento provides more than just a change of scenery. The original starter at small forward, John Salmons, lost the job and his replacement, Mbah a Moute, was just traded, creating a clear path for Williams if he is able to capitalize. Based on work to date, though, that’s obviously a big if.

Similarly, the Timberwolves are getting a player blanketed in the caution sign that the Kings moved him so soon after acquiring Mbah a Moute from the Bucks in the offseason for a pair of second-round picks and wanting him to be at the forefront of the latest new emphasis on defense. Minnesota takes him with the same hopes while 23rd in the league in shooting defense.

Swapping a veteran for a prospect is exactly the kind of move the Kings had in mind when reported last week Sacramento was aggressively pursuing trade possibilities in hopes of adding young talent and/or draft picks. Williams was available, and has been for some time, because he was not producing, but the new Kings management sent word around the league that most every veteran was available in exchange for pieces that would accelerate the rebuilding process.

VIDEO: Wolves GM on dealing Williams, acquiring Luck Mbah a Moute


  1. Nate says:

    They want defense and they got it. Luc can defend multiple positions, hes hard at it and can actually score when given the chance, i think its a good trade both ways. Good luck Luc.

  2. kellogs says:

    that’s pretty nice of Flip.. Hope derrick williams gets more time in sacramento!

  3. luckyfri says:

    normally the trade would have been williáms for mbah a moute for and two secound round draft picks. there aint falue for the wolves. howeerver i think moute can help the wolves more to reach teh Playoffs this season.

  4. Jumppong says:

    Bad Trade for the wolves. who in the wolves management execute that trade? a top 2 pick for a second rounder? they should have traded him for a much more talented player. LMAO

  5. lakers needed DW says:

    for an up and down game he is actually great. He would of been perfect in Mike D’antonio system. after all he is the 2nd pick, great pick up by the kings!

  6. PalmOil Preference says:

    The Draft is about timing. Marcus Smart staying an extra year was move he thought maybe had to do with timing. If you get selected in the lottery that means they are looking for a franchise player. These kids sometimes aren’t talented enough to take these team out of the black hole that is mediocrity. For instance what if Kawhi Leonard was drafted to take on responsibility to lead the Cavs, Kings, Pistons, or BOBCATS how would we view him. Staying in college is advantageous in a sense you get to develop your game and mature as a man while quiet possibly avoiding a horrible franchise. This is what happened to Mr. Williams very talented, athletic, and streaky shooter who is a good player but not a put a franchise on my back lottery player. Imagine if he waited a year or two.

    STAY IN SCHOOL is a phrase that shouldn’t be taking lightly by possible lottery picks. Ask Gerald Green who is finally looks like he’s settling into his own with the Suns. In today’s media hype is the gift and the curse.

  7. J says:

    Lets see how this goes now…

  8. Tucker says:

    When he came to the Wolves I thought he’d be a Carmelo type SF. Not as good but still good. Well he never learned to stop leaning backwards on his jump shots, isn’t a good defender and just overall seems to be lacking a lot of basketball IQ. That’s probably why Robbie Hummel gets to play while former #2 overall pick rides the pine. Robbie Hummel isn’t ever going to be a standout player, but he doesnt really hurt the team. He’s smart enough to know how to pick his spots and play with the team. Derrick Williams seems to be a gifted athlete with a not so gifted brain. If they let him play a lot of minutes I think he’ll be an alright PF alongside Demarcus Cousins if they decide to do it that way. He’s fast enough to take PF’s off the dribble but probably not strong enough to play defense on them. I think at best he can become a solid starting PF and maybe make the all star team in the style David Lee has.

    • qq says:

      David Lee made his allstar teams because he is an exstremely skilled player, he`s a great finisher has a good midrange game, and rebounds very well, If this guy gets anywhere near Lee`s level Sacramento should be delighted with this trade.
      Minnesota wasnt a good fit for him so now we will see that this guy can actually do, I dont think he will be any special player, but I think he will develop into a solid nba pro.

  9. BBALL7 says:

    Derrick Williams seems like he can develop into a strong, consistent player. I almost dare to say he can evolve into a Paul Millsap sort of player who can take mid range jump shots and rebound well. However, Williams is a much more athletic player than Millsap. I do believe that he has a shot at growing into an almost all star at best. He has the talent definitely, however his game just has too many question marks. He is not strong enough yet to bang in the post with the likes of Lamarcus Aldridge nor does he have the shoot capabilities of former teammate Kevin Love. He needs to establish his own unique game and hope its effective in order to get those minutes. He has the skill, now he just needs to organize it.

  10. Mark says:

    Williams famously proclaimed in an interview before the 2011 Draft that he was hands-down the best player in the draft. I’m cure Cleveland is glad they chose Irving over Williams at this stage.

    While I hear the argument that he was in a bad position behind Love, “best players” don’t use that as an excuse.

  11. el macho muchacho says:

    I think he was in a bad place at the wrong time, being benched and behind behind Kevin Love.
    Hopefully he’ll turn out to be a decent power forward.

    • I agree…he has shown a flash of brilliance…given the minutes he has been able to play…a very underrated player…hope he gets more playing time in sacramento…ohh and btw there was never a “derrick williams era” in minnesota lol

      • PalmOil Preference says:

        I agree with the last sentence. Sekou is my man like reading his articles but you could of chose any title for this article and you had to put “Derrick Williams era” come on my bro. So where was the article on the Johnny Flynn era coming to an end and not to mention the Luke Ridnour era.