Rose’s Season Done After Knee Surgery

Derrick Rose

The Bulls will be without Derrick Rose for the rest of the 2013-14 season.

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — That torn medial meniscus in Derrick Rose‘s right knee has been repaired.

He’ll have plenty of time to heal, because after the procedure was finished this morning the Chicago Bulls announced that their prized point guard was done for the 2013-14 season after just 11 games in. Rose missed the entire 2012-13 season recovering from a torn ACL in his left knee in May of 2012.

That’s back-to-back seasons in what should be the physical prime of his career wiped out. But at 25, Rose has a much better long-term prognosis for a full recovery than he did if he’d simply had meniscus shaved and replaced than if it was repaired. The only downside for Rose, the Bulls and their fans is that his season was over Friday night when he was injured in a loss to Portland.

The Bulls, 6-6 thus far, will have to survive another campaign without their homegrown star. But at least there will be no lingering speculation this time about if and when he will return, as there was throughout all of last season.

Rose is done for the season. The Bulls have to carry on without him.

Chicago Tribune Bulls beat writer K.C. Johnson offers some perspective on the matter:

That means Rose will have played in just 50 games over three NBA seasons. He missed all of last season after left knee surgery to repair a torn ACL. He battled through four separate injuries during the shortened lockout season in 2011-12.

“Sometimes with athletes in sports, luck has a lot to do with it,” Luol Deng said. “It’s just bad luck. It’s not going to change anything. He’s still going to be Derrick. He still is going to work hard and come back even better. I really believe that he was better coming back from that ACL. It’s unfortunate that it happened. I have no doubt he’s going to come back and play great.”

Also, here is the recovering Rose looking relatively peppy after a successful surgery:

VIDEO: The Bulls lose star guard Derrick Rose for the season


  1. Saravana says:

    Wish you speedy recovery and best wishes for next game. Miss you until then. Wishes from India.

  2. sanjay says:

    these surgeries are useless if they take same time to heal as natural time. Muscles tear and recoup all the time in the human body. He should have just chilled out for 6 months and let it heal naturally! Unless by some miracle he can come back after 3 months of rest. That is wishful thinking considering his state of mind even doctors clearance.

    He should focus on stretches and a bit of yoga to help add some flexibility. Drink lot of water, green vegetables to have some flexibility on those rigid leg muscles of his!

  3. Tommy says:

    I’m a het fan and I feel bad for the guy man… To see such a talented player have 2 season ending injuries is tough man… I hope he comes back next year and plays smarter rather than harder. God bless D. Rose and please come back well rested not only for the city of Chicago but for the NBA family as a whole! Don’t let these injuries ruin your career. God gives the toughest battles to his strongest warriors. You got it bro!!

  4. john says:

    it looks like Derrick Rose will become another Penny Hardaway

  5. pokie says:

    I think Derrick will have to take a page out of Baron Davis’ book and change his game. People forget how wildly athletic Baron was coming into the league. Then, after suffering some major knee related setbacks, Baron pulled his game back down to Earth and played some brilliant hoops.

  6. Dirk41Nowitzki says:

    Rose is now very prone to leg injuries(both legs), wont be surprise if the bulls let him go, and other teams wont gamble with him..

  7. wak9 says:

    Rose is gonna come back and have a very solid NBA career and this is coming from somebody who really really does NOT like him………..

  8. wak9 says:

    Glad Im a Heat fan……

  9. Erlo says:

    D rose = sub par player. Why does this clown get all this coverage? Stats don’t lie, and his stats are HORRID. There are plenty of other players that put up better numbers that have been injured and you never hear about them.

  10. Robert Corsey says:

    I love basketball mr. Rose, yet I also enjoy the smell of roses. Which most are never patience enough to stop and smell.
    Patience is a virtue bro. Even a ball has to stop bouncing. I pray your recovery is 100 mental next time. Focus on the internal injury. And all fans watching…………………there human, just children playing to make everyone happy. Smile Rose, Los Angeles loves ya.

  11. ben d man says:

    i feel bad for drose he is one of my favorite players aside frpm kobe 😦

  12. D'C says:

    next season… The Return Part 2, Rose had a good start during pre-season games and some few games during this regular season… but he got plagued again by injuries…

  13. NEL says:

    hoping for your fast revovery. please visit us here in Philippines you need to eat balot for your knees

  14. samcwkin says:

    leave adidas

  15. Eaglos says:

    He has to readjust his style of play as his body obviously cannot cope
    with what his mind commands it to do. He will never be the player
    that he wanted to be, meaning an explosive, high jumping guard.

  16. J says:

    He is done…

  17. Ry says:

    Man I feel for u D Rose get better soon I’m just a fan of real athletes

  18. Johnnie says:

    This is such devastating news, not only for the bulls, but for the entire league. He is such a great player when he’s fit that it’s just bad not seeing him take to the court. Hopefully the bulls can solider on without him for another season.

  19. Goforit! says:

    Those who are badmouthing Derek please shut up, politely speaking. Y’all have never apparently failed and than got back up and succeeded, so your taking it out on a guy who clearly has a drive in his spirit and wants to be something great, and you fault him for that, shame on y’all. Drose, if you are reading these comments, get well soon and come back to the NBA on fire, after you are rested and strengthened if for no other reason to show these losers who have nothing better to do than talk negative about someone who is so positive. Now aint that an oxymoron. Get well soon Drose. Prayers go out to you.

  20. skrulewi says:

    Brandon Roy powered through meniscus injuries, came back 2 weeks after surgery. Because he felt like he needed to. All the fans were happy, at the time. Then he retired before he turned 30. I’m glad Rose took the long path. It’s sad when beloved athletes think they have to prove something at the expense of their bodies and careers.

  21. Frank says:

    Why is it “after 11 games in” instead of “after 11 games”?

  22. graff says:


  23. Dimas says:

    so sad..another career shattered by injury. in hindsight, i think we all saw it coming, with rose putting up a lot of minutes right away, and the bulls again desperately depends on him again. So, yes its the coach and the bulls’s fault, they have successfully destroyed rose future.

  24. Mato says:

    If I were the Bulls I would trade and get the best deal possible for Rose. 1) he’s done for another season and has been for the past 2, so he’ll probably go down after 5 games next season too. 2) There’s nothing stoping him from signing with a new team when he recovers and his contract is over…

  25. Special D says:

    Man, I can’t believe it! This is like a bad dream… Keep your head up D Rose! Your fans are with you, always!

  26. just running aroung says:

    well DRose did the surgery that is not the same with BRoy, BRoy took his meniscus out that’s why he healed fast and got back in the game quickly, but still, having both knee injured can take DRose to TMac’s path, and what bad it did to TMac’s career, i like DRose but the Bulls should let him go and bring in some good players coz, DRose can rest at home and rehabilitate his knees the way he wanted it w/o getting any pay coz the team needs his performance for the salary he has right now, IMO :/ get well soon DRose, Godbless

  27. Obz says:

    GO BOBCATS, they wear Air Jordans…

  28. Lisa says:

    To all the haters and negative nancys out there, you need to shut the hell up and produce a brain!! Its not drose’s fault he got injured twice, its just faith. Just imagine what the poor guy is probably going through right now! He puts his heart and soul into every game he plays, just for the fans and now he unintentionally is disappointing his fans! Im just praying and hoping he has a quick recovery and doesnt let the haters get to him! He is not only an amazing player but an amazing person and i will be waiting till the day he comes back and help his team win a title for this city!

  29. I M My Own Fan says:

    After Jordan-Pippen era, the Bulls are NOT going to get another championship with or without Rose. It doesn’t matter the Rose jumped higher after his first return, even if he knows how to fly on his second return, the BULLS are done!!! Time to blow up the team. After Miami, the Pacers will rule the East.

  30. funkypiston says:

    Poor dude. Hope you recover fast. One thing though, even with a healthy Rose Chicago was a 3rd best team in the east.

  31. cris says:

    when derrick rose become the rookies of the year and MVP their loving him….when his acl torn their hating him…now an injury again their throwing him….give the person a break….he didn’t want to be injured….so stop talking trash just pray for his fast recovery

  32. mahki sahn says:

    Its in plain view for all to see as to why Derrick is suffering and its called The Adidas Sneaker: The Smoking Gun.

    Those shoes are not built for his type of play. He would be better suited to play in the old school Adidas Pro Model. It would provide him with better stability all the way around. I know, many of you clown this post. But Adidas must take a look at their shoe gear.

  33. Savion giles says:


  34. RoseToLakers says:

    Send Derrick Rose to lakers. I’m sure he will not get injured there and he can get his first championship ring.

  35. Rob Roy PLA says:

    2 years without Rose. Or maybe he’ll wait out another year just cause “he doesnt feel ready.” What a waste, & shame. Injury prone Rose is just not worth it. Trade him. Or keep on with the injury prone Rose.

  36. Said It says:

    I wish this young fellow the best and hope that he gets better and things work out for him. But when D. Rose was at Memphis, I read how his teammate would joke that Rose did not eat healthy and ate things for breakfast like gummy bears. Everyone thought that was funny but I didn’t because I know the consequences of an athlete not having proper nutrition in his body’s formative years. I mean no offense to D. Rose or anybody but athletes that do not eat right in their formative years I call them what my high school coach use to call them, “Kool Aid babies”. I said it as I observed it when I watched him at Memphis and found out he did not eat right. I said that he would have a lot of injuries when he turned pro. Kids, eat right! It will catch up with you.

  37. Magumbos! says:

    This does for an already putrid and boring eastern conference.

  38. Rony Kurnia says:

    D. Rose had to remove the bad Adidas shoes. D. Rose should be aware wear Nike shoes can bring the same championship Bulls team.

  39. D Rose will be back in the nba says:

    D rose will have a solid nba career even if he dont come back and be an all star player he will be a winner because he always have been a winner and basketball is his talent, to all you nba banwagoners hatred is some of you all best talent and you guys never got ur talent from God because God is love and he will bless D Rose and heal him so derrick can countinue to do what he love and do it to the best of his abilty GOD BLESS DERRICK ROSE AND HELP HIM TO BE A WARRIOR AND OVER COME HIS OBSTICLES SO HE WILL BE A LIGHT TO THOSE WHO THINK THEY CANT OVER COME THERES. SELAH

  40. ED says:

    Is better dont put too much burden to Rose. he still gonna be legend after got MVP before.

  41. Vladan says:

    Scream once with whole strength. Then Be strong, like you are.
    Good luck from now. Greetings from Belgrade, Serbia

  42. okc2014 says:

    There are some really mean comments here. The guy has been through enough. What if he is reading these. Great support from his so called fans. I am not a Bulls or Derrick Rose fan. But I looked forward to his return, loved the competition he brought and so far this season, I was impressed by his style of play. I didn’t think he held back at all and I saw a hard working guy out there. I am wishing him the best, a speedy recovery. And because of his work ethic, it will go by so fast and before you know it, he will be back on the court. I do believe, however, that the Bulls will not be as patient as me.. They will make major trades and so forth to ensure the Bulls stay in the playoffs this season. I don’t blame them. This makes it even more promising for Indiana, and other up and coming rising stars in the East like Wizards, Pistons and Raptors. Go East! Get well Derrick Rose!

  43. mike23jordan says:

    i wish it was lebron!

  44. Red says:

    Oh It is really bad news. I still hope that he will come back. Please. NBA and many people are waiting for you to see your amazing game.

  45. aarib says:

    cool but odd

  46. Jim says:

    Man, you aren’t an NBA fan if you don’t feel bad for this guy right now. Can’t even begin to imagine how mad he is.

  47. brian says:

    i feel sorry for DRose wish him a speedy recovery both physically and mentaly

  48. jc says:

    hate to see this….penny, g.hill, webber, arenas, rubio, wade. only some are fortunate to continue an nba career. I wish drose the best and just hope he can get healthy enough to stay in the league and have a long career. hes a humble enough person like hill to consider and should consider a roll player role and still impact the game a good deal. the bulls should blow it up and keep noah/butler/rose if possible as they wont be contending for a finals or even conference finals spot for another 2-3 years maybe longer rose is super young the bulls should try to find 2 new all-stars or 1 new super star in this time span even if they need to trade noah to do it if the comp fits anyway.. rose should consider a “health retirement” i believe there’s a 10 day window and he cant resign with the bulls for 1 whole year so if he does take the year off he can again tweak his game and it works out with his huge contract coming off the bulls payroll and can resign for a minimum deal when he decides to return. he will then have a whole new stacked bulls team as a 3-6th option as to give his career longevity and reduce his need to carry a team and keeps his body healthier over-all. this is the most ideal scenario i can think of for bulls fans/organization/rose gl and speedy recovery! #heatfan

  49. Wiseman says:

    My advice, and don’t get me wrong cuz I’m not a hater, Chicago needs to move on an amnesty or trade Rose if possible to a team that can take the gamble. Rose will not be the same and Chicago still have a descent team that can be improved with a couple of good players. They can get something now but if they wait and he falls again to injury might be to late.

  50. ChicagoDieHard23 says:

    This is just so sad. I have no words to explain how empty it feels to be a Bulls fan. Get well Rose, I really hope we haven’t seen the best you had to offer already. So sad that this happened to the youngest MVP in league history…. man this is a tough pill to swallow.

  51. Phoenix Truth says:

    You’re a great model Derrick Rose. It’s too bad NBA is going to miss you’re amazing abilities.

  52. time to go says:

    Ok, this hasnt played out yet, but if he’s injury prone, the best move for his long-term longevity, would be to go to the Phoenix Suns. Medical team is top notch. Nash and amar’e, both injured and struggling with them, when they played for phoenix, nash rarely got hurt and amar’e was healthy. Jermaine O’neal, played a full season with them, grant hill, injury riddled, played about a full season with them. phoenix keeps players healthy.

    This is coming from a Thunder fan

  53. Johnny Utah says:

    What is this guy doing? a torn Meniscus is only a 6 week injury, You can actually come back earlier! Also torn ACL is a 6-8 month injury; not the 2 years he took. He should be back by Christmas but instead he is wasting his career needlessly, he has now missed 3 years needlessly when he should have been out for 1 at the most. He should traded. Btw I have done both these injuries, I know what I’m talking about.

  54. lol says:

    a joke that what he is. He was “humble” the first two seasons. now he is arrogant, and out of touch with reality. He missed last season, came back this year playing like a tool. Now this, another year missed. Worst team-mate and star for the fans possible. A joke

  55. NBA Fan says:

    D Rose career will be finished if he continues his style of play. Those explosive days are over for him, he needs to play at a slower pace because now both his knees are surgically repaired. I know if might be tough for him and Chicago fans to accept it, but he will never be the MVP D Rose we once knew. His knees won’t allow it.

  56. Jman says:

    Rose is a cry baby, he is a showman who like the get attention and cracks under pressure,

    look a kobe, a true professional, get more ink rose, you hack!

  57. Jman says:

    dont feel sorry for him

  58. Matt says:

    His style of play help cause the injury. If he changed his style after his first knee operation this could of been avoided.

  59. lol says:

    The only bball game he will be able to play now is Nba2K14…and the worst part is that he wont be able to play himself cause he will be on the injured list, lol way to go Rose(aka B.Roy no2)…

  60. Elvis says:

    Last comment (for a while), just keep wearing Adidas D-Rose you fool, I don’t see the guys wearing Nikes going down with these injuries, GO ADIDAS!!!! Wosrt b-ball shoes even, matter of fact I’ve never owned a pair!!

  61. Unkle Daddy says:

    This version of the Bulls are done, unfortunately. They need to just start making trades everybody goes, but Noah and maybe Butler…

  62. nichole says:

    Time to join nike my boy… adidas are terrible

  63. anthony says:

    this is crazy,sad,sad,sad

  64. ehrad05 pilipinas says:

    we will wait for your come back Derrick rose … don’t lose hope we still support you and your team .
    from Philippines……

  65. squala96 says:

    I had high hopes that Rose’s comeback will send the Bulls right up there with the Heat and Pacers, but alas, another form of long-term injury. It’s disappointing to see awesome players like him sit out yet another season. He is so talented and humble he doesn’t deserve to be in this state. Fingers crossed he recovers completely and come back next year without any more niggles.

  66. Lametria Smith says:

    We love you D. Rose! You have a supporting fan this way. Remember that its in gods hands. ❤

  67. jesse says:

    Adidas is killing you man

  68. jesse says:

    Greg oden now u come on but when he come back the heat will already 6 peat

  69. Christian says:

    Get better Rose. I’m with you till the end.You inspired me so much, you play so well it will be a shame to see you become the next Brandon Roy. Hopefully the bulls will make the playoffs.I aint no bandwagon. Derrick dont you never give up on basketball you are just to talented.

  70. This is Brandon Roy all over again…feel sorry for D.Rose, but this is pretty hilarious seeing as Taj gibson and Joakim Noah were running their mouths about beating the Heat this season. Even with Rose in, Heat annihilated them…..Bulls will be lucky to make the playoffs now

  71. Andylx says:

    A sad day for Bulls fans, basketball and the Eastern Conference. Rose’s needs to re evaluate his entire game. Key mistakes. To put on 10 pounds of muscle at the start of the season. Rose trained his legs and game extremely hard pre season and rehab time. Training muscle memory was the focus. Very difficult to train muscle memory when your body is 10 pounds heavier. The Bulls not having a low post presences to play more of a half court game. The up tempo play and the Bulls rely on his explosive style of play. Rose is a superstar, would have liked him to play a little low post, a lot like Gary Payton did in his career. Not signing another point guard who could penetrate/ or design plays to allow him to become more of a shooter. This season his objective was to win a championship and to be a better player. It is impossible to come back stronger. He and his team, need to come back smarter.

  72. Kamron Ludwig says:

    Yo Derrick your my inspiration with my basketball game and it hurts to see you go down
    You being out for the whole season again is painful for all Bulls fans I cant believe this happened again
    Derrick when you come back next year show the nba why you are the best point guard in the league

  73. JFK says:

    It has to be the shoes.

  74. Luk.malin says:

    Pitty 😦 if he is lucky he will end up like Grant Hill ( as a good player, but not a star he was)
    Or if he is unlucky he is done….

  75. pacers fan says:


  76. Heatfan84 says:

    Such a horrible thing to happen to DRose. I wish him the best and I hope he comes back even stronger! I like watching my team win but this is a loss for the whole basketball world.

  77. dustydreamnz says:

    Derrick is a positive guy. For all the cheap shot comments it’s not like he chooses to be injured, imagine how YOU would be feeling in his position. It was sad Bynum gets so much stick for missing a season too.

  78. Richard says:

    The bulls HAVE TO DRAFT A TOP FLITE PG THIS SPRING. they have no other choice, they cannot depend on D-ROSE with two bad knees. even if he comes back 100% they should cut his minutes.

  79. Obz says:

    DROSE sign with Air Jordan brand…

  80. Seriously, Derrick Rose was the Reason I started Watching NBA, but this guy has some bad luck, though I really believe when he gets full recovery, even if he makes 1 whole bad season afterwards, I am telling you this dude will become one of the best players to have ever played in NBA. Why? Because he has the right attitude, the attitude of a champion, of a great player!

  81. babygeebus says:

    Sad…dissapointing…but also expected this. Rose seems shaken and fragile. Former MVP down by injury woes, he out again for season instead of rushing return to worsen injury. Thinking ahead not present..but Rose/Bulls fans been patient enough now another season!? Imagine the PRESSURE Rose has on him, damn.

  82. Father says:

    The Bulls need to break it all up and tank the season. trade Joakim Noah away, package Luol deng and Carlos Boozer together, trade Kirk Hinrich, keep Gibson.
    I don’t feel sorry for D Rose. This is karma coming back to get him. He sat and watched his own team mates decimated by injuries and illness all through last year and at critical points of the season and kept playing with his return and he was healthy and cleared by doctors all that while.
    You thought you could sit out a season? well here, karma makes you sit out another one for good measure

  83. curtis says:

    Something has to be wrong with the NBA teams approach to strength and conditining. Are these players taking some kind of supplements thats weakening and breaking down muscles? We werent having these types of injuries in the Jordan/Iverson era (go hard player’s) Just way to many knee injuries in past 3 years. (Rose/JR Smith/Rondo/Rubio/Roy/Westbrook/Shumpert)

  84. drumlock says:

    I’m really glad i have the opportunity to see you playing amazing basketball in my life, you are special,your plays are special and i look forward to see you again on United Center,wish you luck! wishes from Poland

  85. Yendry says:

    I ove Derrick Rose and i hate it when his on bench.
    DRose come back soon…..

  86. waltwilliams55 says:

    He is not still the MVP, he should not have won it in the first place, and this is coming from a KINGs fan not a Heat or Laker fan. I do not want to see this guy go down because it compromises the competitiveness of the sport, but Rose needs to learn from the games of all those guys Sherlan John mentioned prior. Leaving the ground to make a quick judgement call and all out sprint is not a great game for longevity. Work on balance like John Wall is flourishing on.

    • waltwilliam42 says:

      First of all you are not a KINGS fan. Walt Williams aka “the Magician” number is 42. Jason williams aka “the white chocolate” number is 55. You are definitely a Lakers fan boy and we don’t forget how you all cheated in the playoffs. And seriously you are using John Wall’s for an example? He was out for the first few month last season because of an injury! If you want longevity for example, use John stockton!

  87. NBALogics says:

    I hope Chicago decides to improve the team around him before he comes back a second time o.e

  88. Heatles says:

    I don’t know why everyone is saying he needs to change his game. On this injury he wasn’t doing anything crazy. Even on the ACL injury he was making a move Point Gaurds make all the time. I think there is another underlying problem we are not aware of.

  89. theflowsson says:

    It may be even more difficult to bounce back from this injury than his ACL injury. Although he looked good from a physical standpoint from his first few games from an athletic standpoint he struggled mightily shooting the ball and putting the ball in the hole. He probably just needed to be more comfortable playing in an NBA game and not force things so much.

    But because he injured himself again before becoming comfortable on the court, this may really effect him mentally coming back next season, perhaps casting on doubts on whether he can go back to playing like the MVP Derrick Rose ever again. Not including the high possibility that physically he will never be the way he was before.

    People say Derrick Rose is unlucky, but if you look at how he got injured it wasn’t a freak accident at all. He didn’t step on somebody’s foot, get pushed while in flight, etc. He injured himself through an awkward planting of his leg. People also say that being injured frequently is unlucky, while that may be true, there is a reason why players like Derrick Rose and Greg Oden get injured very often.

    Derrick Rose has extreme athleticism nobody can doubt that, but the amount of strain he puts on his legs when he changes speed and direction is tremendous, almost like how a pitcher contorts their whole arm to throw a fastball. It is just too much for his legs and his body. The culmination of all the strain he has put on his legs has led to this injury. While changing your game can signify that you lack confidence in being able to return back to the way he was, but I think he has no choice but to.

    Derrick needs to be a better jump shooter, if not a 3-pt shooter. Coming off picks, using the crossover to pull up, etc. But telling a player basically to not be aggressive and not go 100% physically is difficult to do, especially for somebody like Rose. But there is no doubt he needs to diversify his scoring ability.

  90. bob says:

    Not a fan of the bulls, but i feel really sad for Rose. What an athletic player. Got the speed, the strength and everything. I do hope for the best for this fella.

  91. Akeem Asante says:

    nate robinson??

    On Mon, Nov 25, 2013 at 11:46 AM, Hang Time Blog with Sekou Smith |

  92. Trapp Star says:

    Man if we get Mirotic, Rose, and Parker next year we good. We still got that pic from Charlotte to get a 2nd superstar with Deng and boozer gone. Maybe a blessing in disguise. #possible

  93. laker says:

    feel bad for rose and bulls..his career is sad

  94. Jason says:

    Gilbert Arenas 2.0…will come back a shadow of himself. So sad!

  95. jolysis says:

    im your # 1 fan d-rose….dont lose your hope and keep faith in god almighty.i know you will be back someday as a great mvp player..god bless my mvp d-rose.

  96. Jorge says:


  97. Mstthew says:

    The Next Grant Hill

  98. blazetheendlessblaze says:

    Indiana, San Antonio. Get well, Rose.

  99. kjasd says:

    Perhaps more fundamentals and less explosiveness is a good idea for Rose. His insane agility and explosiveness is what makes him D. Rose, but if his body can’t take it (and it is an enormous pressure for any body to take) he should evolve his game… For his own health’s sake as well as his career.

  100. Josh says:

    The acl I understand not coming back for the season for that, but missing a whole season with a meniscus tear? 0_o

  101. sidebones says:

    I hope this dude doesn’t gamble. One unlucky guy. Or poorly constructed limbs.

  102. He’ll have plenty of time to heal, because after the procedure was finished this morning the Chicago Bulls announced that their prized point guard was done for the 2013-14 season after just 11 games in. Rose missed the entire 2012-13 season recovering from a torn ACL in his left knee in May of 2012.
    That’s back-to-back seasons in what should be the physical prime of his career wiped out. But at 25, Rose has a much better long-term prognosis for a full recovery than he did if he’d simply had meniscus shaved and replaced than if it was repaired. The only downside for Rose, the Bulls and their fans is that his season was over Friday night when he was injured in a loss to Portland.
    The Bulls, 6-6 thus far, will have to survive another campaign without their homegrown star. But at least there will be no lingering speculation this time about if and when he will return, as there was throughout all of last season.
    Rose is done for the season. The Bulls have to carry on without him.
    Chicago Tribune Bulls beat writer K.C. Johnson offers some perspective on the matter:
    That means Rose will have played in just 50 games over three NBA seasons. He missed all of last season after left knee surgery to repair a torn ACL. He battled through four separate injuries during the shortened lockout season in 2011-12.
    “Sometimes with athletes in sports, luck has a lot to do with it,” Luol Deng said. “It’s just bad luck. It’s not going to change anything. He’s still going to be Derrick. He still is going to work hard and come back even better. I really believe that he was better coming back from that ACL. It’s unfortunate that it happened. I have no doubt he’s going to come back and play great.”
    Thought Deng eloquently captured human element to this. Beyond being great player, Rose is beloved teammate. Told he’s been cheering up team—
    K.C. Johnson (@KCJHoop) November 25, 2013
    Also, here is the recovering Rose looking relatively peppy after a successful surgery:

  103. michael says:

    God be with u @DROSE

  104. Derrick, take your time and know that every Chicago fan has your back! We can’t wait to see you come back and play and whoop the butts of my friend kades favorite team the Heat! 2015 Champs!

  105. Marcus says:

    Chicago Red South division (high school/Carver) we got cha’ back D. Weeez. Take as much time as you need. Come back killing like you did after acl. The real Chi’ fans will NEVER give up on you dude.YOU ARE STILL THE MVP, DETHRONED ONLY BY INJURY. Keep your head up boy’.

    • someonewithabrain says:

      Except that he was given the MVP due to voter fatigue/the decision with Lebron. Lebron was the best then, and he’s the best now, though he will likely miss out on it this year – probably to Paul George…

  106. Clint says:

    Keep your head up D Rose the mental part of the rehab will be the hardest stay focus and you will be fine .

  107. john choi says:

    Dont worry chicago, knicks will offer him max contract in 7 years

  108. Michael says:

    Get well soon. The league wont be the same.

  109. ghaith says:

    Derrick rose AKA Greg Oden

  110. Bryan says:

    Rose will be back, WATCH. with a whole season to prepare,

  111. emmanuel says:

    The Return#2 Starring the best point guard in the league Derrick rose…
    we will rise again

  112. Eshwar Dookran says:

    he’s too wild…. time to stop leaping and then looking! literally

  113. Herb says:

    Take your time DR,;you can do it D. Don’t become an A Iverson.

  114. RipCity says:

    Reminds me of Brandon Roy. Tough luck guys

  115. Webber says:

    why did they traded nate robinson?

    • ankit says:

      they didnt trade him. he chose to leave because he probably wouldnt have gotten a fair contract. why that happened is the real question. Either way it doesnt matter

    • Oliver says:

      they didn’t trade him its just they didn’t resign him cuz the coach didn’t get along with him

  116. Rubber Ducky says:

    Too sad too bad rubber ducky!

  117. Brandon says:

    Rose really needs to change his game when he comes back
    His knees cant handle his athletic style of play

  118. SkY says:

    #TheReturn to the bench!!

  119. Esteban Morales says:

    Thats sad, this can ruin his career, he wont be able to play like he first started. When he comes back, his mental status wont be the same. Lets just hope he doesn’t end up like T-Mac, had good runs but injuries ruined him

  120. james@dubai says:

    take your time d.rose, we will rise again…stay strong

  121. PSY says:

    Lebron James would be laughing his head off. Third title just made easier. One less hurdle for him.

  122. Igor says:

    This is very sad. I wonder if there is a chance he will be back for the playoffs.

    • Bullsfan says:

      I am a bulls fan and yes there is a big chance d.rose can play for the playoffs but very little chance that bulls will make the playoffs this year. They are just tired of playing hard without winning.

  123. Jeezuz says:

    I am in no way a Bulls fan. But bless you guys for what you keep having to go through, tough for the basketball world, heartbreaking for the city. Get well D-Rose, keep your head up Chi-Town.

  124. Sherlan John says:

    If trying to preserve Drose’s career is important to anyone, watching an athlete of his caliber go down with his own velocity is very sad, wanting them to come back with the same amount of speed and confidence that an athlete at this level needs to compete – that needs to be paramount. Drose is a real good person, injuries like this should put guys down for good and should end up playing beer league never to get that level of play back, but Drose is a serious athlete with a great franchise backing him and a great surgical team / rehab team ready for him . All injuries take time to heal , motion back in the joint and laxity and tension need and will come back. His rehab, as he well knows is the most important – and looking at Kobe Bryant taking shots and getting off the ground with his squad at practice is amazing, although not at a NBA speed, but still spectacular!!! Drose NEEDS TO TAKE THE YEAR OFF IN ORDER TO “ATHLETIC MOULT” HIS GAME! The only way Drose will be effective again , playing the same way, cause that’s how he knows how to play. He has great skills but his athleticism outweighs his fundamentals, and if you have athletes that have “lost their step” but have kept their minds (Steve Nash, Andre Miller, Billups). Those aforementioned point guards are cerebral players and not above the rim athletes, but Drose could be one of the first of his kind (freak athlete) change and revamp his game (doesn’t have to slow down, but needs to rethink how he is to play, what hes effective on and what he needs to be better to be effective for any team that may want him, cause hes not staying in Chicago too much longer – the franchise wont be able to afford for him to stay.) Let me reiterate this term cause my best friend and I MADE THIS TERM, KENNY, SEIKO ARE YOU LISTENING ..( “ATHLETIC MOULT”) . This means to adapt, to get better. Almost shedding of your current style and adding to it to become better, non extinct , to survive, to MOULT!!!! understand this statement- Drose can be better than what he is now, he moves very weird and is very violent on his joints and his game does suffer. He can be a better jump shooter but needs a shooting coach to adjust his release, mechanics, and even the way he gets into “triple threat” (which he should make his best friend, less movement- first step, efficiency, one dribble pull up, two dribble pull up, pull ups, pull ups , pull ups, hesitations… and just proper lock down d, hell still be fast , just a lowered version of Drose – more ground game than high flying acrobatics, still fast on the break, still hard layups, still a dunk once in a while, but crazy crossovers and change of directions should be a thing of the past, pick and rolls should be your friend like cp3, Nash, Stockton,) . Drose has to start looking at games of Mark Price( yup i said it !!!!), Terrell Brandon, and John Stockton, and a little bit of AI, and TMAC, KOBE, and MJ ( ALL are very talented in having very little wasted motion, good footwork, good mechanics, great angles using the floor and sidelines as another teammate) Thanks – Bigtawly I can explain “Athletic Moult” in another email!!!! Kenny -Sekou – holla

    Sent by Sherlan John


    • DigDug says:

      Sekou and Kenny just hit me up wanting more info on the “Athletic Moult” concept. I’m setting up a time to be on NBA TV this weekend to explain it in more detail, and your comment was a HUGE help to me in this, so thank you! I’ll be sure to shout you out on TV; gotta give credit where credit is due my bro!

  125. Leo says:

    This guy is the most unlucky player I’ve ever seen including other players like Grant Hill and Anfernee Hardaway

    • bill says:

      Len Bias was kind of unlucky. Hank Gathers…also unlucky. As for the living, Greg Oden… More so than your list.

      • Kome the Black Dumba says:

        @Bill Well, Len Bias died of cocaine overdose. I wouldn’t say it’s unlucky and you cannot compare him to either Greg or Rose. Totally different situation.

    • Average Joe says:

      In terms of players who had a great start to their career and expecting more of the same later, I would say the most unfortunate would be Ralph Sampson. Anybody remember him? 7’4″ guy, plays like a guard? Like a longer, lankier Hakeem Olajuwon, which he played with when he was in Houston. They were the original Twin Towers.

  126. Boston Fan says:


  127. paul says:

    He”ll miss all of next season too, even though he’ll be cleared to play in April. He is a mental midget that doesn’t care because he is still collecting a paycheck. Seriously, a hangnail would sideline this guy for a month. Nothing but a baby back

    • ogtrice says:

      apparently you have never torn your ACL or medial meniscus

      • Elvis says:

        Dude he was ready to go with 20 games to go in last season, but he wanted to be 110% so as fans we all gave him that, then he came back this year at 50% the player he was and reinjures himself again! What is his problem, his 2 deadly injuries he did to himself. Just DISAPPOINTED!!!

      • Oliver says:

        exactly, I agree

    • TKP says:

      so Paul^^ here is tryna tell errybody that D.Rose, a kid born and raise in the streets a Chicago is a baby back? Tryna say that he aint tough or didn’t work hard for what he has?? All this playa does is play his heart out and keep it real and y”all brothas are always hating for no reason. Like damn..

      • Elvis says:

        What are you on about bro, he shoulda came back last year but he’s too much of a woofter! Remember when Jordan came back from his injury, the Bulls only wanted him to play 8 minutes a game but he said f**k that man, Derrick on the other hand wanted to be 110% ready to go, then when he came back he stunk the court up with his terrible play, then injured HIMSELF, AGAIN!!! Hatin for no reason, I think I have reason enough!!

    • chris says:

      you must be a republican

    • Elvis says:

      Couldn’t agree with you more. He’s finished and he also quit on his teammates and fans that are all hoping and praying for him to return. Just sit on the sidelines in your $5000 suits and keep counting your money. What a disappointment, I don’t want his jerseys anymore!

    • mortished says:

      you guys probably never been injured in pain … and probably never been sportsmen, try to make just 3 baskets without heavy breathing and try to learn the meaning of sportmanship

  128. Nuggets Nation says:

    Sad to see him go down again so soon.

  129. LetItREIGN says:

    God bless you kid! Just be thankful with what you still have!

  130. Brian, California says:


  131. Murray says:

    Three seasons now ruined by this guy…

  132. mee(a)t says:

    Deja Vu…

  133. GK says:

    I just hope he won’t become the next Brandon Roy.

    • xavier says:

      Yo D rose work hard get the senth back im 13 and u the person that made me the person today u inspired me to get better with basketball, just like what Luol Deng said “He still going to be Derrick,” and i belive that.

    • Jim says:

      Sekou, you need to take an English writing course before you write cus i don’t understand what you’re saying, homie! “Because at 25, Rose has a much better long-term prognosis…THAN… shaved and replaced…THAN..repaired..” Make up your mind, dawg!! which is better, repair or replaced?

    • Elvis says:

      He is simply put, FINISHED!! I reckon he’ll never play again! Anyone wanna buy a couple D-Rose jerseys? Another season of misery for Bulls fans, thanks Derrick!

      • Oliver says:

        dude u have to give him a chance. give him some motivation

      • ttee says:

        A guy like Derrick doesn’t deserve (swear word) fans like yourself.

      • mortished says:

        come on ! how can you blame any player for being badly injured ??? he is the guy in pain … are you nut or what ??? You probably never heard about Djibril Cissé in the US : this guy is a french pro footballer whose story is even worse than Derrick’s one : it was the same story, he badly torn his acl and after surgery and a long layoff he came back as good as ever if not better, he played for a few weeks and then the story is even worse cause he torn his other acl as he was recall to the french national team ! and still he came back strong and he’s still playing today being 36 ! DRose will be back hopefully

    • Armani says:

      I am very very heartbroken and lost for words. I feel like someone in my family died or something. I ‘ve waited for almost a year or my brother D Rose to come back now he has to leave again because of another injury. When he came back this year I felt like I won the lottery. He”s gone again??? I am just lost for words now I come back home from school not happy because I am not looking forward to watching a Bulls game with D Rose in it. All I have to say is I love u D Rose and I will pray for u everyday so you can come back and win a not1 ring but a lot. KEEP YOUR HEAD UP AND SMILE. 🙂