Kobe Signs Two-Year Extension

VIDEO: Kobe Bryant talks to Rick Fox about all things Lakers

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Whatever the Los Angeles Lakers’ future plans are, they included Kobe Bryant front and center. The longtime Lakers’ star signed a two-year contract extension Monday, making sure the face of the franchise for most of the past two decades remains the same.

The business became official earlier this morning in Los Angeles, when Bryant signed the extension, worth a reported $48 million (per ESPN’s Chris Broussard) at Lakers headquarters.

ESPNLosAngeles.com’s Ramona Shelbourne has more on Kobe’s new deal:

The Lakers did not announce financial terms, but a source told ESPNLosAngeles.com’s Ramona Shelburne that the deal is worth $48.5 million.

Bryant will remain the NBA’s highest-paid player over the course of the extension, the source told Shelburne. The former league MVP will receive $23.5 million in the first year and $25 million in the second year of the extension, according to the source.

Bryant, who is recovering from a torn Achilles tendon, will make over $30.4 million this season, the final year of his current contract with the Lakers.

Bryant is back on the practice court, but the Lakers are still awaiting word on when he will be able to return to action. He missed the end of last season and the start of this one with a torn Achilles, plus the rehabilitation and recovery process needed after his April surgery to repair the Achilles.

“This is a very happy day for Lakers fans and for the Lakers organization,” Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak said in a statement released by the team. “We’ve said all along that our priority and hope was to have Kobe finish his career as a Laker, and this should ensure that happens. To play 20 years in the NBA, and to do so with the same team, is unprecedented, and quite an accomplishment. Most importantly however, it assures us that one of the best players in the world will remain a Laker, bringing us excellent play and excitement for years to come.”

That ends any speculation about the Lakers’ offseason plans, now that Kobe is in the fold for at least two more seasons. With a robust crop of potential free agents expected to populate the market in the summer of 2014 (most notably New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony). With a healthy Kobe as their lead recruiter, the Lakers figure to be a major player in those sweepstakes.

Now that the extension business is done, we can all get back to Kobe Watch 2013-14 … he’s already been ruled out of Tuesday night’s game against Washington. But there’s always Wednesday’s game in Brooklyn to use as the next target date.


  1. vincent says:

    with that salary, just buy another ring lol

  2. J-Short says:

    With all said and done, the Lakers management didn’t have to make the offer, and yes Kobe did not have to take it. But whats done is done, everyone is trying to play look into my crystal ball and let me tell you the future. I say lets wait and see. Its amazing that so many people who are not Laker fans seem to have an opinion. Laker marketing is always good with Kobe becuase everyone has an opinion. Hince the nice deal.

    Laker fan since 87′

  3. dunkmycat7 says:

    Proving once again that the Lakers are just too stupid to live resigning this washed up self obsessed worst team mate ever…..Kobe has become a total a$$hole and I cannot imagine anyone wanting to play with him after the DH debacle last year….Melo or LBJ ?- dream on laker nation.

  4. crumbelievable says:

    Anyone who says Kobe should have taken less should promptly go to their manager and request that their company decrease their salary so that the company can surround them with more talent. Take it while you can still make it Kobe.

  5. mwbeatles says:

    Why is everyone blaming Kobe….blame the Lakers. They are the one that offered the money.

  6. fluke says:

    heat bandwagons are UP!! WOW! so you think that miami can be a better franchise than the lakers!! cmon! miami will never be a champion after LBJ leaves!..hahahaha

    kobe deserves the extension and the money he got 5 rings and give lakers sold out tickets!! XD

  7. MiLo from Germany says:

    @Joshua, i totally agree on the Kobe stuff u r talking, but why on earth would kevin durant play with melo??? so he take´s all the shots away from him?? on the same position?? why do you think they lost Harden? cause they could´nt afford him, how would they be able to pay melo?? with westbrook and ibaka??

  8. Dan says:

    One thing about Kobe that all you superstar experts tend to forget…..Kobe may have an off night but he NEVER takes a night off…..like some of the overpaid so called superstars do and you know who I am speaking of. Kobe is worth every cent he earns and he should be the highest paid player. Next year there will be other players that will want to play with Kobe who has been one of the best for 17 years………..

  9. cw says:

    That’s like buying an extended warranty on your 1972 Chevy Impala stationwagon

  10. Barles Charkley says:

    I”m not forgetting the amount of dollars generated by kobe in your team, and i’m not forgetting how good he is, top 4 at his position no at 34 or 35 i dont remember. can be the number 1 sometimes in a crucial game.
    if i’m thinking basketball and salary cap, i don’t feel that good and that’s my humble opinion. keeping kobe yes definitly. 24M year ? wow. kobe you derserve it, but i would hope u step up and ask less yourself, if you want that title.
    no disrespect but i thought the same about ginobili or duncan, legendary veterans take to much money and potentially hurt the team on the court. the business is good but the results could be a lot better with only a few millions less for them (i’m not talking about trash them or direspecting paycheck!)

  11. Lau_Lau says:

    Hey, Kobe still recovering himself from a serious injury over this past months, why don’t we see and later comment after he come play again… if you comment harshly and comment that doesn’t really matters just sit tight and watch him play…. I don’t choose sides so I want the lakers to just make the right decision to what will happen next (FA2014) than rather think what did they made it wrong so they would be a better team but for now, I think the lakers still can make to the playoffs but maximum drop out at the western conference final (MAX)

  12. Dan says:

    The Lakers have 2 players signed for next year….Kobe & Nash….they will have plenty of money to sign players. All you stupid Heat bandwagoners just better pray your boy Lequeen stays with the team and hope they win a 3peat…….not.

  13. Joshua Greenfarb says:

    Wow, Kobe Bryant can sign his name on a piece of paper. Hahahahaha! He’s getting paid millions because he can sign his name. All five guys in that picture are all fools. The Lakers should be rebuilding. This is hilarious! Look at those five dweebs smiling at the camera like they accomplished something. All they did was sign the Lakers’ death warrant for the next decade!

  14. Joshua Greenfarb says:

    For example, Carmelo Anthony would NEVER join the Lakers. Why? He’ll be in the same situation that he is in now with the injury-ridden Knicks! Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on you. Or … however that saying goes. Ha! Plus, New York (biggest market) can pay Carmelo more than probably any other NBA team. However, if Melo is willing to sacrifice, he can still get around $15 million a year and win the next 10 NBA Championships with the ELITE OKC Thunder. He would love to play with Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook — they would then have 3 of the NBA’s best scorers. Not to mention, guys like Serge Ibaka are future NBA All Stars.

  15. Joshua Greenfarb says:

    Plus, the Lakers’ current payroll is well over the salary cap. They’re like at around $80 million with their current team payroll. They can’t really afford to go much higher than that. In order to do so, the Lakers will have to release certain players (like Pau Gasol and Steve Nash). Even then, no one wants to play for the Lakers, ever. It’s a ship that has already sunk to the bottom rung of the NBA. The Lakers will never be close to being an elite team ever again. Thus, FAs like Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Love (I think he’s still a FA) would rather join a team like the OKC Thunder — an ELITE team that is young and healthy AND currently under the $58 million salary cap. UNDER! They have tons of cap space to sign Carmelo Anthony and, hopefully, someone like Kevin Love! Thunder sells out all their home games, right? They’re going to have tons of cap space or cap flexibility.

  16. Joshua Greenfarb says:

    Lakers are fools. Bryant may never recover from injury; he may miss this whole season. He’s going to rip the Lakers’ payroll for all he can before he retires. He’s probably already retired. He’s getting paid 25 – 32 million a year to do nothing. Bryant duped the Laker franchise to overpay him. And for what? So he can go on a 2-year vacation? Lakers should have let him go and start rebuilding (like the Celtics are doing). Now, the Laker franchise is doomed for the next decade.

  17. Diddy says:

    The lakers organization has shown gratitude by making him end his career has a laker after all he is one of d best in d game. Kobe cant win any title anymore without the help of a super star or the introduction of fresh young legs stars. lets all get something straight its lebrons time and NO ONE will take that away.

  18. luckyfri says:

    kobe could have accepted a smaller 1 year Extension. then the lakers signed two maxi contracts. after that the cap space is full the lakers could give kobe whatever menoy . its just they wasted their chances in the free agency.
    ore kobe knows he never could win a title again and so he wants just the most Money possible. i like to see the lakers winning but they really gave up the Chance to surround kobe with a bunch of new guys. and if 35 year old kobe really Needs 24 mil after his worst career injury to stay a laker for life then he is just so overpaid to cant do different. he could say, i stay a laker for life whatever they gibe me. he already earned that much, that 20 mil for two years make no difference to his bank accound amount

  19. J says:

    $25 Million?!?!?!?!? That is way to much at this stage of his career. $9 million to $11 million is reasonable.

  20. Banks says:

    its all good kobe makin 24 mil nxt year new contract fresh off recovery and that only means a more aggressive kobe, kobe with chip on his shoulder. plus there is only two players on roster for nxt season that only means money for another star and a couple of support pieces. yeah they will keep a couple of young players from this roster and add on this is actually the rebuilding process. yeah people say kobe bryant is old but he was averaging 26+ points last year 3rd in league before injury lets not forget that so its a difference between being a seasoned vet and an old player…..Lakers will be ok everyone will have to rebuild at one point its just part of the game.

  21. Lakers Fan says:

    This is a big mistake from the management. As a fan I’m extremely disappointed with Kobe, opting for cash instead of taking a major pay cut to afford a top free agent. I don’t see Kupchak’s logic here (other than marketing strategy) on how to build a championship team. To Mitch and Jim please, this is not NBA 2K14. You’ve already got a good, decent bench why take this suicide how can you clear the cap space with this contract?

  22. ryelpango says:

    Nice gesture Lakers. Respect. It’s not always about winning or money. Lakers are showing Kobe that they appreciate.

  23. criseeda says:

    big ups to ma cuz kobe, go get us that trophy.

  24. michael says:

    kobe haters Eat UR HEARTS OUT!! kobe LAKERS for LIFe

  25. Kobe_Legend says:

    Kobe is a laker legend. He will never wore any uniform than a laker uniform. if anyone thinks that the lakers are crazy for signing kobe for a 2 year extension deal you have a point because of his age and injury but lets talk about what he did playing as laker for 18 years. May be the lakers franchise is have a point of doing that and i think KOBE will still be KOBE for the rest of his career. and adding another nba star like Carmelo or even Lebron next season Lakers would be contender once more.

  26. jake s. says:

    Bad move for both parties. If Lakers expect another ring out of Kobe, WRONG. If Kobe Expects another ring out of the Lakers, WRONG. Kobe needs to take a pay cut and become a catch-and-shoot for a real championship contender.

  27. TheBlackGuimba says:

    Lakers and Kobe haters dont read this blog go to heat blog LOL!

  28. chris says:


    ahah at 1:44 there is 50cent looking at Kobe like what’s up boy

  29. julius j. says:

    Kobe just want to ensure he still gets his money while his time lasts.

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      Exactly. He just got a HUGE retirement bonus. And for what? So he can sit around doing nothing????

  30. Mike24 says:

    Good decision Lakers, Kobe is one of the best players even his 35yrs old and i believe he will prove that his still worth it to paid $48M… to all Kobe haters i feel sorry for you guys, but Kobe still the highest paid player more than your players. Accept it…!!!

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      I feel sorry for you and the Laker fans.

      Once again, you Laker fans think Bryant is still a good player. Didn’t learn anything from last season? He is the reason Dwight Howard left. Period.

      He is not a team player and is only in it for the money.

      Real Champions are willing to sacrifice and don’t care if they are paid more than someone else.

      Accept it. Bryant is done. This Achilles injury ended his career. Lakers are done.

      • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

        Its about time these stubborn, delusional Laker fans realize the truth, and sometimes the truth hurts!

  31. Celtic4life says:

    LOL they say they dont know how he will be. ofc all laker organisation knows that he can still ball and the injury doesn’t Affect him. even though the contract is a bit exaggerated he is a laker4life so i think he deserves everything for what he has done for the organisation.

  32. funkypiston says:

    And that is why Tim Duncan is supposed to be the role model young athletes should look up to. Kobe could have still attracted the same free agents and marketing value for the Lakers by taking about 10 million less. Can understand from the Lakers management perspective thinking Kobe is worth the value but Kobe and only Kobe could/ should have left some money on the table to help beef the roster up.

  33. MiniMe says:

    LOL! And then Kobe and the Lakers expects to get a Championship with this “DUMB” move? Jim Buss is really STUPID!! I wish Dr. Jerry Buss was still around.

  34. Jinelson8 says:

    Not worth it! He will not get another ring anymore.

  35. mr net breaker says:

    if kobe really want to help the lakers
    he would have taken less money
    so they have more money to hire some good player
    but really it doesn’t matter if kobe play for free
    because at the end of the day
    no good player with self estime want to play with kobe
    all kobe wants is to shoot the ball for his own glory

  36. mr net breaker says:

    you people are blind to the truth
    just like last year that the league help the lakers get to the playoffs
    eventually all that for nothing they got swept in the fisrt round
    oh course they didn’t have you beloved kobe
    everything in L.A is foul that how they get their points
    and that how they steals games

  37. Dan says:

    Lakers will be fine and they made the right decision……Laker for life…..Kobe.

  38. kobe9 says:

    thank’s Kobe because you gave hope to my country unlike the vice president. senator. mayor. governors. all of the government of the republic philippines is corrupt countries

  39. noonepacmanfan says:

    people people….no wonder you guys are nothing compared to KB24, Melo, LBJ because they are smart, so stop quarreling about how kobe make or what…maybe kobe is just laughing at you right now…lol

  40. Jimwel Escoreal says:

    LAL also need to develop young talent for their future..

  41. Weedmoker says:

    Then go to Miami in 2016 for another ring with King James!

  42. Ry says:

    I’d take Kobe any day his appearance is enough an he can make free throws so people who sign guys who can’t make free throws are idiots

  43. Prince Denis says:

    Kobe Bryant deserves the to be paid hihger than all the players in the league, Because he is the best player in NBA League, therefore, he must be also the most expensive one in NBA. apart from MJ, who else you will compare to Kobe? The answer is none. The Man has no egual in NBA League, We know the angry people will always foam in the mouth. Specificly in the States. I said specificly in my beloved country United states of America because some fans don’t think with thier head, therefore they will never tell the trith or accept it. In the World of Scccer we actually have Leonel Messy who earns 41.3 million EU a year, and Cristiano Ronaldo with 21 million a year does not angry against Lionel Messi. But, in America we learn to to hate others for their talent. Though they work sacrificially to earn what they have, but people still angry at them because they are the best. So, you guys who hate Kobe Bryant, let me tell you the good news, Kobe Bryant Loves you and wishes the best for you, asks you to have a better attitude.

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      You fail to realize Kobe Bryant is way past his prime. Even if he recovers from injury, he is mediocre at best. To pay him that much for nothing is a joke.

  44. NBAfan says:

    This is the Lakers showing loyalty and this is a marketing move for them as well. The Lakers aren’t looking like a playoff team even so they want to make sure he doesn’t pull a Lebron and take his talents to wherever else.

    Haters gonna hate, and they probably don’t even like basketball…

  45. standard says:

    the thanking shaq is the same as lebron thanking wade and ray allen
    come on dude!


    all the haters can do just that…hate. because you’re holding your breath waiting on your star to announce which bandwagon or shortcut to jump on in free agency when lakers fans have a history of players….legends…. who stick by their team.

    • Heat_Fan says:

      Even if it brings them down, NOBODY would pay Kobe that but the Lakers, and his greed kills the teams hope

      • Mike24 says:

        Your really think that nobody will pay kobe a big salary? you must be kindding dude, maybe you should say nobody can take Kobe from the Lakers… Loyalty is priceless dude … why all Heat fans hate Kobe? maybe you can’t accept that kobe still high more than your players, just accept it Kobe is Kobe his one of the great player ever….

      • Joshua Greenfarb says:

        ONLY the foolish Lakers will pay Bryant that much. Only their foolish management that doesn’t understand that Father Time is, basically, undefeated.

        AND, Kobe Bryant will miss this ENTIRE season.

        If he tries to play this season, he will likely re-injure himself.

  47. VEIVA@ says:

    OMG,KB24,2016,GO LA,KOBE GOING FOR 6 and 7 ringssssssssss ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  48. PrinceCharming says:

    wow.. congrats…I’ve been a fan since I first saw you…unquestionably top 5 all time.. your .5 titles gave me 5 seasons I will never forget, 5 seasons I was filled with excessive jubilation.(( $48 million???? tell you what Kobe… i’ll let my wife have your baby if you make me a millionaire #J/k)))

  49. Kobe&Lebron@LA says:

    Nice one LA.. Next is Lebron.. Watch out.. It’s a GO GO!!
    LA will be the 2015, 2016 Champs ones again..

  50. Salva says:

    If kobe wanted to win another ring or two he had to take less money and let the organization have more flexibility, 30m for 2 years its sounds great amount of money and he stills win a lot with sponsors, but it seems that his ego worked against him and its not the first time, thats why he cant be my favourite player but i respect him like one of the best ever.

  51. wgtfedfdf says:

    ok.. wow

  52. sleepingod says:

    You guys are arguing over this AS IF there was any doubt about it. Seriously i don’t see the point in the debate, it’s beyond absurd. You have an ORGaNIZATION as huge as the Lakers built around Kobe Bryant, and that’s it! Numbers are obvious and everything was calculated since the early 2000’s . Some of you must be grown ups but still have a childish ”my superhero is better than your superhero” mentality. SMH

  53. Ben says:

    The Lakers need to make a move on someone from the Bulls now that Rose is out for the year. Noah, Deng, Gibson, Butler would all be good pick-ups.

  54. Kobe says:

    KOBE FOR 3!!!! Yes its Good.

  55. Gen.Ty says:

    you people are kobe HATERS. let’s see if ur idolized player will be more greater than what kobe does in his career even though in his age today. Just let the LA do their thing!

  56. Antonio Perez says:

    the lakers will never win another championship with kobe
    kobe sacrifice his team and team mates for his own benefit
    kobe play for his numbers not for his team
    keep dreaming lakers fans
    call me a hater
    just because I call it how it is

  57. sophie1150 says:

    He will always be a rapist for life who got away with it. He has been playing in the NBA since he got out of highschool. Factor this in with his age and injuries, he is an old man. What is wrong with the Lakers. They will never be great till he retires and they sign some young talent. Bryant can thank Shaq for 2-3 of those rings.

    • Romeo Aguirre says:

      Shaquille can thank him to

      • Mike24 says:

        i Agree… every one think that kobe get his 3 rings because of Shaq… maybe thats true, but they should also think that Shaq get his 3 rings because of Kobe… yeah shaq proven that he can get ring without Kobe but they should remember that Kobe prove it that he can get also ring without shaq not only once but twice. Go Lakers… Go Kobe… We Believe…

    • justin says:

      get some friends

    • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

      Truth hurts!
      good points sophie!

  58. lol says:

    and the worst management of the year award goes toooooooo…. THE LAKERS!!! wow Kobe so overpaid, i guess the lakers dont care about rebuilding.

  59. adam says:

    Here we see the difference between Bryant and Tim Duncan. Lakers arent winning anytime soon

    • MIAMI HEAT WINS says:

      Kobe > Duncan anytime. Please don’t pretend that Duncan and Spurs are better than the Lakers and Kobe since the last decade. They may have the best record, but they also got blown by lower seeds during playoffs, unlike the Lakers, during Kobe’s time. Besides, Duncan’s Spurs only won titles when either the Lakers are rebuilding or they are tired getting back to back trips on finals, which sadly, Spurs never did. Since when did Duncan defend his title???? And his record of 3 and half championship will forever remain on his resume. One of Duncan’s title came out on a lockout season, to compare it on a full season will be a disrespectful act for those who won on an 82-game season. So what if Kobe missed a playoffs, at least Kobe played with only him a star during those years after Shaq left. Duncan never played a season without a future Hall of Famer on his roster. So shut it, KOBE > TIMMYBOY anytime.

  60. lamar says:

    Kobe držím palec,a kupte teho mladýho Davisa z New Orleans

  61. apondonet says:

    Never doubt the heart of a champion . Kobe has earned the money he’s making and then some.

    Kobe won 5 championships for the lakers — bringing in billions of dollars in profit sfor the laker owners. “Mandingo” Kobe is being paid for making his “master” outrageously rich!

    Don’t hate, congratulate and God may let you participate. Remember winning is more than rings. Kobe is one of the greatest players in the history of the game. He’s transends time, in an age where atheletes become bigger, faster and stronger. If any of us would do the same in any field we would expect proper compensation.

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      The problem is: he may never recover from major injury. Some people think he’ll come back by Christmas. No. He will re-injure himself if comes back that early. 9 – 12 months MINIMUM is required for full recovery from Achilles injury. Just ask Dominique Wilkins.

      His best attempt is to come back after the All Star break, but I don’t think he will be at 100% even then. He has no work ethic (like he used to) and takes summers off.

      Lakers are fools to pay him that much money when it is extremely likely he will miss the entire season. He’s past his prime. You don’t pay an NBA player that much when he’s already virtually retired.

      Thus, during all this time, Lakers will continue to struggle to sell max tickets.

      • Joshua Greenfarb says:

        Loyalty is one thing. But that doesn’t mean you overpay an athlete that is on the verge of retirement AND is still severely injured.

        They should’ve waited until Bryant was at 100%. This is way too risky. To make him the highest paid NBA player is a JOKE. Bad business.

      • LBJKIN6JAMES says:


  62. Zaid says:

    Kobe is the best player ever , wish you good luck and see you always that the super player in the nba and the Olympic Games

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      He stunk in the 2012 Olympics. He won’t play in summer international play anymore. Too risky. He may get injured.

  63. Finally some Loyalty says:

    No one knows what they’re talking about here. Kobe just replied to haters on instagram stating that the Lakers have ensured that they still have enough cap space to sign a MAX free player in free agency.
    Therefore if Kobe is still a superstar when he comes back then this is a good signing. This is a great display of loyalty by both the Lakers and Kobe that has been lost in sports for many years.

  64. Marco says:

    Kobe Bryant is paid $79 in 3 seasons. I think it’s rediculus. He’s still one of the NBA’s elite players and I respect him for what he’s accomplished but he’s not worth it. No player in the world is worth that much money. And that includes LBJ.

  65. Kobe8 says:

    I just hope Kobe stays healthy once he comes back, not like badluckDrose.. Haters still gonna hate, but it’s gonna feel good rubbing their noses.. 🙂

  66. LoL@Kobe says:

    I agree with Craig… he is still here for the money. He “says” he wants to get more rings… but he shows it by signing another max while he is hurt…? Why not tell them, I make enough money, give me something small I will stick around and lets do work this off season to win us another one with some new faces. But nope…

  67. TTKIN says:

    Melo wants to stay in NY….does he really want to stay while they play like this? And it’s not like all these contracts the Knicks have are expiring. Melo and Kobe are friends. It’s not far out to think, just maybe…….

    • Unkle Daddy says:

      They can’t afford Melo now, and why would you want two of the same players on your team… It’d be Melo and A’mare all over again.

  68. Costnerity says:

    The Lakers right now don’t look that bad, maybe if Kobe comes back healthy and able to play they will bang around in the Playoffs. To the people who say that the Lakers screwed themselves over, it’s only 2 years. Teams like Memphis and Chicago should be the ones worrying about lost playoff hopes, with their stars getting “injured”. Personally, I would rather have an expensive star coming back from an injury and playing mediocre than having a star getting injured after I signed them.

  69. Jacie Moon says:

    Lakers will earn, but they won’t win anything

  70. Craig says:

    Two max FA’s wont even get you past the first round.
    Some teams have 3-5 players that could get max contracts, players are signing to win, not for money.
    Kobe just took away LAL chances.

  71. Von says:

    This is a bad decision by the Lakers they should be focusing on rebuilding the team and getting new talent.

  72. dustydreamnz says:

    I don’t think his injury will be an issue but I also don’t think any player is worth $30 million a year. Ok, maybe a superstar at their peak like LBJ.

  73. thomas says:

    typical Kobe selfishness

  74. FrankL2010 says:

    Too many KOBE haters… but STILL reading articles regarding Kobe. Everything has a purpose guys and neither one of us is sure what it is. Just enjoy the game called Basketball 🙂

  75. Father says:

    Basically, what the Lakers are doing is taking some of the money from what Gasol would have been earning and using to compensate Kobe. Pau’s offers will come in at about $8m or $9m per year on a 2 year deal with the Lakers. If he doesn’t sign it, the Lakers will let him walk. And Steve Nash will get his Laker deal waived and stretched

  76. Eric Li says:

    They really signed their championship away this time. Kobe doesn’t worth much for a player anymore. His best time is over forever. Lakers management may think he is a marketing tool for that market but the fans are looking for winner instead of symbol for loose.
    Lakers put themselves on the looser position for next couple years for sure.

  77. Paul says:

    R.I.P Lakers. 48 millions for 2 years is way too much. I understand his huge marketing value, but I still think that he should be paid according to his production, and not just to make him “the highest paid player in the NBA”. Lakers ain’t seeing no more rings this decade. #sadtruth

  78. jditty22 says:

    Kobe isn’t playing for titles now, he’s playing for indivdual records. The Lakers can only afford 1 FA now, and Gasol isn’t signed for next year, if Gasol resigns with LA, the money is gone…they have no other money for any more FA’s. Thanks Kobe

  79. Fred says:

    Apparently, Kobe seems healthy enough for them to bank on. What you-know-who never figured out was what loyalty really means. The Laker organization is obviously 100% behind Mr. Bryant. They back up their words with action. This has got to be attractive to free agents in general because they know that they will be treated right–with respect, and not just tossed aside. Sometimes it is to the team and the player’s best interest for the organization to deal them–say, for future prospects, to build, or to repair a damaged image. Remember the Portland Jail-blazers? This organization is rock solid. And, there really is not way to tell what this season can bring. If the Lakes get hot–and this has happened before in the NBA–a team that barely makes the playoffs can win it all. Kupchak is not finished wheeling and dealing this year. The more promising the team looks when Kobe’s back in the lineup, the more likely Kupchak will pull another rabbit out of the hat. Who knows what teams like the Nets will do if their season is a bust, or the Knicks. We’ve already seen what they can do when they get rolling and racking up those fast-break points. Besides, that’s really what sports are about–that element of chance. Love it.

  80. dmh says:

    This is the biggest “we’ll see” moment in NBA history. We’ll see if he is still the same or close as the 2 years goes on. The talk is there. Now is the bite still there that always made Kobe great? We’ll see.

  81. robert says:

    Good move by my lakers, see Boston trashing Pierce and Garnett AWAY, that is not fair, you have to respect history. Ok Kobe is injured but is better than 90 % of the NBA LIKE THIS, .

  82. Eddy says:

    Look guys we will get another superstar I dont think melo is gonna stay in New York they are 3 and 7 we will probably let pau walk but if we get k love next offseason think about that

    • skrutz says:

      How the hell would the team function with Kobe and Melo? One would HAVE to be a bench player, because neither would share the ball, and neither can do much defending.

  83. Truth teller says:

    The Lakers are one of a few teams that can afford two big contracts, and can have a few medium ones. By signing an extension instead of a new contract they can still sign a max contract player, a large contract player, and a couple medium ones. (Like the kind that Pau is going to step down to take. This signing and this current team is genius! Tons of signing options, and a roster full of hungry young high old draft pics that require only small contracts. They can play it big next summer and keep the most profitable player to have in the league, and create the best bench in the nba! Which they might have now! I like it. A lot.

  84. jthug99 says:

    yup, he is very worth. if not on the basketball side then its on the marketing side. think before you comment

    • Moppy says:

      Further evidence this team will spiral without Dr. Buss

      As a personal observation: Too bad spell check doesn’t correct grammar, and keep dreaming Laker fans…There are no big stars who are going to sacrifice their career and stats for an aging super star ball hog coming off an injury. The Lakers have just committed themselves to two more years of mediocre.

      • Drip says:

        you mean two more years of mediocrity

      • R-Lo says:

        Well said!!! Amen!!

      • Regi says:

        For all you haters out there, Sit on it!!! Kobe is the best 2 guard in the league! Lebron is just bigger, younger and stronger but Kobe is better@ crunch time, is a better shooter, and has more of the killer instinct. If you followed the game closely you will see that Kobe tried things that Michael never did on the court!! If Michael is the #1 player ever, then Kobe is # 1a

  85. P0T7000x says:


    • Heatles says:

      As good as Kobe is for marketing I think they could have kept him for less that max contract. I really doubt any other team would have paid this amount to take him. Well maybe the hawks , but I think they learned their lesson with Joe Johnson. So as I do agree that the lakers will make their money back on him it still leaves them with a salary cap strangle hold and more years of bad draft picks. All in all this was a mistake.

      • chad says:

        Thats very true. He may be worth the money for marketing but could have paid him less. I don’t think any other time would pay more than 10 million for him at this stage in his career and with the injury he has and also the style of his game – no team play. He is only a good marketing tool as the face of the lakers, anywhere else he will be starting from scratch in his twilight ain’t not much marketing value.

  86. P0T7000x says:


    • Heat_Fan says:

      Not a question of paying off his contract, the Lakers now have NO money to get any really good talent, all because Kobe was too selfish and greedy. There is no honor or love of team when it comes to kobe…. sorry Laker nation, his greed has sealed your doom for at least two years.

      • Uwa says:

        Keep all these things in mind, at the end of the season when Lebron leaves Heat you will be reminded of how you felt about Kobe. Plus Lakers can still sign another superstar. they have noone else in their roster. only kobe and nash who is soon to be retire.

  87. skrutz says:

    They just signed away all their hopes!

    • go lakers says:

      Keep hatin n mast abating Lil shawty if no ring this year we dominating once again next year sure to pick up at least two more huge players.

      • Heat_Fan says:

        No they won’t, cap space shrinks, this was totally selfish of Kobe, totally only cares about himself, ball hog and now $$ hog. He is NOT a Team Player, NOT AT ALL, greed rules his nest.

        Look at the Heat, they all took less for the sake of the Team, never see Kobe do that, again….. GREED!!!!!!!!!!

      • LBJKIN6JAMES says:


        Exactly! People want to hate on the way the Heat came together, but at the end of the day they all took less money to WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS! Kobe is just in it for the money and the stats

      • Richard says:

        @Heat_Fan. Im not a Kobe fan infact im a huge heat and Lebron fan, but I dont see a point of taking less money with absolutely no guarantee that they will sign a BIG free agent. People are hating, NO one likes to take a pay cut. This is business… The lakers aren’t doing him any favours. If they thought for a second that he couldnt produce or earn them back the money they spent on him do you think they would pay him that much? Answer is NO, in fact they would probably be looking to trade him. Same as what they did for Pierce after years of being a Celtic… Its business and people gotta stop hating on him like he’s betraying his family or something.

    • Pakyaw says:

      They wanna keep Kobe in there for business market purposes.. I don’t think they’re aiming for another title run..I mean come on they don’t even know how Kobe gonna be , from the injury,. And they already sign big $ for him

      • Jim says:

        Hey, if you pay a guy $24 millions a year and he generates a $100 million income..why not? You’d be stupid if you don’t. Period. Besides, Kobe is at least 3rd best overall in the league right now and probably 2nd or 1st best guard in the league. You can’t dump a 3rd best and hope for a 1st or 2nd best especially the 1st and 2nd best are unlikely to leave their current team. SMART MOVE Lakers!! This is why they’re one of the best teams!! Kobe can help with recruiting too. If he’s not there, Lakers will have a hard time recruiting.

      • Jim says:

        one more thing..recruiting great FAs will help the Lakers continue to generate good money. The Lakers have experienced a drop of income during this time that Kobe is out. Their sold out arena was no longer sell out. But it’ll be sold out again once Kobe is back, regardless if they’re going far or make the playoffs.

      • skrutz says:

        Help with recruiting? Who? I can’t imagine there is a very big list of top-tier players who would want to play with him. Sure, they’ll say nice things… but they’d like to have the basketball too while they’re on the court. Could you imagine Carmelo playing with Kobe? Sounds cool, but that’d be a s**t show.

        I don’t hate on his abilities – he’s amazing, of course. It’s his personality and the decisions. But oh well, we’re all just commenters on the NBA blogs. Just talk!

      • Kodi says:

        Jim I totally agree with what you are saying. It makes business sense to sign Koby.. Not just that he posses a wealth of knowledge, so he can mentor young talent.. Also Koby very very knowledge about the game and he can work for lakers after his career..

    • Uwa says:

      I don’t get it, they still can sign one more max deal. I think they will sign Chris Bosh or wait for Love. The team who is in trouble is Heat. When Bosh is gone(he will leave at the end of this year) and Wade can play only half of the season do you think Lebron will stay a Heat? He proved he is not loyal, I am guessing he will leave for the Bulls.

      • Richard says:

        Bosh has the option to opt out at the end of this year but why would Bosh opt out of a contract knowing that he probably wont sign another one for as much as he will make next year. and if they win a championship why would he opt out of a chance at a 4peat… you’re comment makes no sense.

  88. Brandon says:

    How much money is he going to be paid?
    His production this coming season might not be worth 30million a year…
    Lakers need more cap space!!!!!

    • don’t worry….they’ll still get a second superstar next year

      • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

        your fantasy is over now! LOOOOOOOOOL

        Lakers are done son!!!

        *** if *** Kobe can stay healthy then he’s only playing for stats now & to retire with a sense of dignity… good luck affording all those superstars you were talking about ! HAHAHAHAHHAAH
        u $tupid?

      • CHINA MAN says:

        ^ no u stup!d n ur mom

      • dan'o says:

        Kobe still had 3x the number or rings as your hero. The Lakers have had several dynasty teams before #24, and have remained the most dominant franchise in basketball decade to decade. Since they will remain the biggest brand in the sport, they’ll also continue to attract and afford talent.
        Enjoy your run in Miami. You have plenty to feel good about, but remember that its fleeting…

      • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

        keep dreaming dan’o ! If you read the comments below, you’ll find that 90% of ppl agree with me.
        Nobody wants to team up with an aging ballhog coming off an injury. You think Melo can save the Lakers franchise? HAHA two ballhogs on one team? good luck with all that! HAHAHA

    • chooy says:

      seriously though….

      • chooy says:

        Lakers gotta come to reality and start planning for the future…….Kobe will never be forgotten but his era is coming to a close and is played out !

      • Kaare Weidling says:

        Dan’o learn to Count. 2 x 3 is 6 and as far as i know Kobe only has five. Maybe you were mistaken him with the g.o.a.t aka MJ
        who has 6. Kobe will not win another.. The last two C’s, he had Gasol, Odom , Bynum (when he was healthy) and great role players. I think people underestimates how good the other players on that team was. Remember how they won Game 7 in 2010 against the Celt’s. 23 offensive rebounds and 20 great points from MWP. Kobe went 6-24 shooting 25% from the field, and they would have lost that game if Perkins had been healthy for Boston.

    • Lakeshow says:

      Kobe Bryant just came off arguably his most efficient year. Kobe doesn’t need to take less money to team up with two other stars like Lebron did. Kobe has proven that he can win championships multiple times with only one other star in Pau, or 1 super star in Shaq. I don’t care how old they are. The spurs are old and still find ways to win. With all the fresh legs surrounding the experience and work ethic of kobe and pau or kobe and whoever, the lakers will be a force to be reckoned with. And nobody can say the lakers investing 18% less in kobe the next two years is a bad investment when he is responsible for sell out crowds every night. People travel from around the world to just see him play.

      • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

        The only way the Lakers win a championship before Kobe retires is if KING JAMES joins the Lakers ! HAHAHAHA