No Contest: West Flexes Muscles Vs. East

VIDEO: The Spurs’ balanced attack proves too much for the Cavaliers

HANG TIME SOUTHWEST — If the Eastern Conference hoped to gain any credibility against the mighty Western Conference on Saturday night, it flew out the window about a minute into the second quarter in San Antonio.

One of the many disappointing teams in the East, the Cleveland Cavaliers had no chance keeping up with the Spurs, falling behind 37-23 with 10:18 to go in the first half. By the time the merciful halftime buzzer sounded, San Antonio had pasted the Cavs with a 35-11 period for a 65-32 lead.

Good night.

The West’s superiority over its Eastern brethren in the opening month of the season is astounding: 43-17. In the last eight days alone the West’s record stands at 19-1. A hearty congratulations goes out to the Washington Wizards for its 104-100 home win over the Minnesota Timberwolves last Tuesday. It’s the Wizards’ lone win against the West in four tries.

Before then, the last East victories came on Nov. 15 on what proved to be a banner night: Miami squeaked past Dallas, Brooklyn beat Phoenix on Joe Johnson’s buzzer-beater and Detroit motored past Sacramento. So nearly one-fifth of the East’s win total against the West came on one night.

The East’s only early West conquerors are their top two teams. The Pacers and Heat are both 2-0. Indiana beat New Orleans by five and thumped the slow-starting Grizzlies. Miami got by Dallas by six and the Clippers by five.

The Bobcats (0-3), Knicks (0-3) and Bucks (0-3) are all winless against the West and only the Raptors (2-2) and Magic (2-2) can boast .500 records. No East team can claim more than two wins against the West and 10 of the 15 can’t even claim that. Of course the East’s biggest — and most unexpected culprits — are New York’s expensive clunkers. The Knicks and Nets are both 3-9 overall and a combined 2-7 against the West.

More East-West perspective:

*The West has 11 teams with six or fewer losses; the East has 12 teams with six or more losses.

* The West has nine teams with seven or more wins; the East has four.

* The West has 12 teams that are .500 or better; The East has four, plus an entire division (the Atlantic) under .500

* The West’s top three teams — Spurs (5-0), Trail Blazers (6-0) and Thunder (3-0) — are a combined 14-0 against the East (The Warriors, Nuggets and Lakers are a combined 6-0)

* The West’s bottom seven teams are 14-11 against the East and that includes Utah’s 0-4 mark.

* The only West teams with a losing record against the East are the Clippers (1-2), Kings (1-2) and Jazz (0-4)

* The Mavericks are 5-1 against the East and 9-5 overall

* The Timberwolves are 5-2 against the East and 8-7 overall.

* The 76ers are 6-9 overall and 1-4 against the West

* The Pistons are 4-8 overall and 1-5 against the West


  1. kekekek says:

    In the East Jeremy Lin could be an allstar, Kinda gives you a picture of the talent difference in the east and west.

  2. Tony Moua says:

    Yaw stupid. Nba is nba professional is professional. Any given night a team like Charlotte bobcats can win any big team it doesn’t really matter. If you are a good team you can beat any good team given nights. Plus 7 game series don’t lie. The best always win. They get paid millions to run across court what makes each division different is players. What makes mia and indiana the best team in the league well mia has lbj no nba player can stack with lbj. I know yaw be like kevin durrant or kobe bryant but take away pau gasol or Russell Westbrook and they probably wont make the play offs. Lebron will with any weak team. Difference in grearness. Indiana well the got bruisers and all of them are bruisers. Defensive player of the year should be Hibbert no dwight or marc maybe lebron but hibbert is the real deal plus paul George.

    West got cp3 who has a good team but overall overrated. Okc whise not going to finals trust me twolves will beat them in 7. Spurs best chance of a champion will lose in 7 to mia or ind. Mark my words.

    • Tony Moua says:

      Got bad grammers because I am on my phone but anyone who thinks otherwise is just plain insane. Blake griffin is not a play off contender and for okc you need another player to step up besides westbrook or durant and they dont have that third scorer plus if Russell keeps taking more shots than durrant good luck with winning. Gsw is to young they will be beaten by cp3 or okc. If duncan slows down in playoffs than spurs will not get there but I dont see duncan slowing down. Which makes me predict the only way any team beats spurs is luck and no team with that luck will beat indiana or miami. Let me just tell you guys that mia has a switch light they turn it on only when they need to win and they also know how to turn it off when they aren’t In need.

      Alot of people are saying west got a harder route in playoffs but at the end of the day in that final 7 which ever team is the better team always win.

      • Marco29 says:

        Yeah, but having the home court advantage to win the final series helps and the top Eastern teams have a much higher chance to have it as they play against weaker teams.
        Concerning LBJ, he did not win by himself in Cleveland and he needed all the help he could get from Wade and Bosh to beat the Spurs last spring.

      • asdf says:

        @Marco29 Thunder had homevourt against Heat and they got destroyed, next excuse please:)

    • PetrGSW says:

      Man, your first coment makes no sense whatsoever, and the second one is a bit better, but still irelevant to the fact that the east only has two really good teams and the west at least six.

  3. Marty Heiman says:

    Pat Riley said it best afew years ago, “They may have a stronger Conference but we only have to beat one of them for the Championship.”

  4. Canada Pride says:


    • Tony Moua says:

      I like that to happen but either way indiana or miami will win the ring no western team going to beat either of the east. Are you silly?

  5. justsayin says:

    Maybe some big name free agents will soon go to the East for an easier path to the playoffs/finals, and to hook up with the many lottery picks the EC teams will be due. Some of the key players, like Rondo and Lopez and Chandler, for teams that are struggling in the Atlantic have also been injured – which isn’t doing their records any favors, either. Things could balance out somewhat in the long term. Don’t panic!

  6. justsayin says:

    People could be overestimating the top 2 teams in the East. Of course they have great records; they’re playing against inferior competition. No guarantee they would thrive in the West. Though it’s possible.

  7. David says:

    Heat & Pacers got the Easiest Road to the Finals!!! First two Rounds are a JOKE!! and then Eastern Finals only Challenge.
    Can’t Stand ignorant Heat Fan’s. Only Reason they win is Because WEST Gotta A WAY TOUGHER ROAD TO THE FINALS!! END OF STORY!

    • Tony Moua says:

      I am a bandwagon fan but who gives. I follow the players not the team. I been a lebron fan since he was in high school. I dont care what organization he play for I just want to see him play. I dont chase teams because I chase talent. If you cant stand heat fan thats because you are a hater. Enjoy talent because talent only comes once in a blue moon. Real recognize real and lebron and heat is as real as real can get. If you hate the fans you hate talent because the fan chases talent no one chases the Charlotte Bobcats.

      • PetrGSW says:

        Speak for yourself only buddy, not everyone is a bangwagoner…Im sure Its hard for you to understand, but even bad teams have their fanbases…

  8. Hoops says:

    Follow @HoopsReportCard

  9. NbaFan says:

    In the east playoffs are easy Until the ECF. West Struggle every round. Example Miami vs bucks.. Bucks werent even above .500.

  10. Tipi says:

    heat is weak like the rest of the east this season even last season Blazers beat miami without bench this season all top 5 west teams are better than miami and pacers

  11. Marco29 says:

    East conference is still a joke (despite the trades that shiffted most stards from West to East and despite the hopes of Chicago, Knicks and Nets who are all underperforming) and the whole regular season whose only purpose is to qualify teams for the playoffs and determine seeding and home court advantage is unbalanced. Pacers or Heat will certainly have the best record at the end of the year while playing in the weakest conference and even in the weakest division for the Heat and will therefore have the crucial home court advantage in the Finals against any western team who will have to struggle in a packed conference.
    Even the westeren teams between 9 and 11 will probably have a winning record or close to .500 while the seeds 8 and maybe 7 in the East will be way below .500.
    Even if the conferences make sense to limit travels in an already packed schedule (whose number of games could be revised anyway), the ligue should change the qualyfying process to the playoffs and change the attribution process of the home court in the Finals. It would be more important and increase fairness way more than changing the format of the Finals…

  12. kavika6 says:

    If the playoffs were done the fair way, by overall record instead of split by conferences, today 13 of the 16 playoff teams would come from the western conference. Even that isn’t fair because of the west’s tougher schedules, but better than the current playoff system.

    No way would Miami have finished with a better record than the Spurs last year if they had a western conference schedule. The Spurs should have had home court advantage for the finals, and the championship.

  13. JJ says:

    West teams have 43 total against the East teams this season. East teams have won 15 games against the West teams this season.

  14. jake s. says:

    East vs. West rivalry is silly. It matters not that the left side of the United States is doing better than the right side… GEOGRAPHY SLAM!

  15. Thinker says:

    What the point of WEST keep winning in the season when final they lost to the EAST?

    EAST have been champions! Play hard, Play smart. Season no need to keep winning.

    Season winning is just a record, i feel that winning championship is the most important dream.

  16. duvs says:

    PLEASE READ come playoffs time, east and west should be abolish, pick the top 16 of the conference and play the match according to their seeds. west dominates the east (its not fair)

  17. Edward says:

    Just part of the cycle. Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker and Julius Randle could easily be drafted into the eastern conference and the balance of power over the next decade could shift dramatically or at least level out. Even as bad as the east is now, either Indiana or Miami will take it out in June. I still don’t understand why everyone is surprised at how bad Brooklyn is.

  18. Andy says:

    the champions will be from the East #Miami #Allthatcounts

  19. sports fan says:

    This article needs to be posted again at the halfway point of the season and then again at season’s end. It’s way too early to take this “east vs west” thing seriously. Bottom line the east still won the last two championships.

    • Marco29 says:

      Just check the standings of last regular season: Eastern teams had a combined percentage of .470 while the West was at .530. Only 7 eastern teams had winning records while there were 10 in the West. If you read the power ranking, you will see that amlost every week, the West wins inter-conferences matchups.
      Still the Heat won the last 2 championships thanks to home court last year against SAS. West had won the pevious 3.

  20. jojo says:

    the east lost some of their good players howard,monta ellis, andre igudala

    • Marco29 says:

      Howard and AI changed conferences 2 years ago. this summer, the caliber players went rather in the opposite direction: Jefferson, Milsap, Scola, MWP, Kirilenko,etc…

  21. okc2014 says:

    The rules will never change. I think there should only be 20 teams in the NBA. The other ten should go to the D-League. We all know who those 10 teams are.

  22. Hacker says:

    Regardless, it will still be an eastern champ this year – Pacers if they stay healthy, or the Heat if the Pacers soften or get worn out in the playoffs because of a short bench.

    • 36yrfan says:

      ….”an eastern champ”….doesn’t mean much when the Only time you have really hard games is in the playoffs in the Semi’s and the Conference Finals….. but it Won’t matter this year….neither the Heat(who will be exhausted by the time the playoffs get here) or the Pacers will be able to beat either of the top 2 West seeds….

  23. cry says:

    no problem,so what? nba champs will be from the east again…

  24. 3ptdagger says:

    yeah, the Utah Jazz are really scary this season.

  25. Aussie Spur says:

    Yes MIA and IND are great teams out east but just being in the east means you dont have to play as hard for wins and you do in the West, Miami are basically guaranteed 16 wins a season playing in the South East not to mention more games against the terrible Atlantic Division. Miami and IND would have a much worse record if they had to play in the South or North West were your coming up against playoff teams every night. No contest west is much harder so any team in the east has a much easier schedule and run to the finals

  26. jb says:

    The west has had solid teams since the early 80s in between the east had a few dominant teams bulls in the 90 and now the heat but west has and it looks like will always have better teams from top to bottom.

  27. Diogo says:


  28. Nicolas says:

    I’ve seen many people talking about the regular season being irrelevant… Really???

    Let’s take the Spurs case during the regular season: right now, the worst team in their division is New Orleans, who are 6-6 at the moment.
    The Spurs will have to play 4 games against them, Dallas, Memphis and Houston during the regular season. Don’t you think that will affect them at the end of the regular season?
    They will have to play 4 times also against Golden State, OKC and Portland; 3 games against the Clippers…

    And do you think that’s the same that MiamI, who will have to play 4 games against teams like Atlanta, Charlotte, Washington, Orlando, Detroit; 3 games against the Bucks, Knicks, Boston, etc, etc…

    See the point there? Miami and Indiana will put 60 wins this season because they’re very good teams, and two of the best teams in the NBA, but the competition is a joke.

    And let’s not talk about the Playoffs please, because the West will be so stacked that even the 8th seed will be a good team, much better than Atlanta, Knicks or probably 80% of the Eastern Conference teams.

    • Jr says:

      Nicolas…I been saying that for years…The Spurs have to play the top team many more times then the east play each other…Miami won’t play the Spurs, Thunder , Golden Warrior , Grizzlies , La Clippers/Lakers “With Kobe” Rockets four times like these team will..In the West you can clearly lose to an 8 seed team because of how hard it up there…in the east it wont happen

    • Marco29 says:

      Fully agreed. If you combine their schedules with the current wining percentages, you will see that after 82 games, San Antonio will have faced opponents with an average record of .505 while the Heat will have played against teams with an average record of . 449. The Heat have to win more games than the Spurs and will probably have the home court advantage in case of a rematch in the Finals.

  29. Mike says:

    People say it’s the era of the Point Guard, but it’s the resurgence of the Bigs that are making the difference in this league, especially in the West. Power Forwards and Centers are back to putting up serious numbers. Scoring is up, and rebounding is back in fashion. Lamarcus Aldridge, David Lee, Blake Griffin, Kevin Love, Anthony Davis, Dwight Howard, Demarcus Cousins, Zac Randolph, Marc Gasol… the East is suffering from a drought of quality Big Men. Why do you think Indiana is dominating the conference?

    • derpunter says:

      There is some truth in it. But if you just go to the all star ballot and compare the candidates for the guard positions in the east and west, you will also see a huge difference. In my opinion, those are the two toughest choices on the ballot, so many awesome guards I cannot pick.

    • dustydreamnz says:

      Well said. A good center is crucial I reckon though not that many teams have one.

  30. Jaeezy says:

    Don’t forget East got Pacers and Heat!!!!!

  31. RipCityTy says:

    May be time for NBA to re-organize the divisions. I mean you have OKC in the Northwest Divison and NOP are considered a west team.. yeeeah maybe time to fix that.

  32. dustydreamnz says:

    Like anything it goes in cycles. Traditional East heavyweights Chicago, Boston, New York and Detroit aren’t going as well at the moment. It will come back around. Also Utah being 1 and 12 help the rest of the West rankings.

  33. Cool Cat says:

    The East leads 36-26 in All-Star Game, the winningest team is in the East as well and the Greatest Of All-Time is still in the East. West? Good in regular seasons — which means nothing in history lol.

    • RG says:

      since when do All-Star games matter? so you’re saying the West has no history when they have Magic’s Lakers, Hakeem’s Rockets, Duncan’s Spurs (currently), etc.? that last sentence of yours is full of lol.

  34. arnocom says:

    It’s like in europe…

    And if Miami is champion, it’s maybe it’s easiest to take the first conference place, it’s easiest to win the 1st playoff round, the 2nd and it’s only hard in conf final.
    For the west teams, all the season is a hard challenge, and the playoffs are horrible challenge. It’s unequal, because the best west team, with the hardest season, has less chance to get the home court advantage in Finals.

  35. Nick C says:

    The West has been far superior to the East for the last 20 years. The top teams in the East have always been lucky not to have to go through the nightly grind that is the Western Conference, where any team can beat any team on any given night.

    In fact, if it were about team’s records and not about conferences, the West would comprise at least 14 of the 18 playoff teams for the last 10 years.Also, teams that habitually miss the playoffs in the West would easily make it in the east. The entire eastern Conference has 2 good teams: Miami and Indiana. That is all.

  36. Arsalan says:

    @tomlogan, are you working for NBA to make more money ? they already get enough marketing and advertising for the amount of players they have involved, let’s not even start comparing salaries to other sports. I can smell a “more-money” scam, split the leagues.

    this has been one of the best seasons for the NBA in the last decade and you want to screw it up ?

  37. Tyrone says:

    The West is super stacked…. but IMO the 2 best teams are in the East (Heat and Pacers). Basically, the Heat and Pacers will skip into the East Finals, and in the West, everyone has to fight super hard to advance because of how many good teams there are. The East is too top heavy.

    • Floridian says:

      I totally agree with you.. They keep ignoring Pacers. As a long time Miami Heat fan, Pacers is the team to beat for Miami Heat. I will be honest and say We( Miami Heat) got Greg Oden to give us some minutes in that series to beat them, We need size

  38. TWizz says:

    Why do you think the Heat has been to the Finals the last 3 years in a row? The playoffs are the only time the Heat have real challenges. They just cruise through the regular season playing a majority Eastern conference teams.

    • Arsalan says:

      not cruising as they should be this season

    • Cool Cat says:

      The Heat had a much harder time beating Boston in 2012 than when they won the Finals against the mismatch OKC. Regular season wins won’t bring you anywhere.

  39. bud says:

    everyone forgets the championship team comes from the east for the last two years. So if the west really wants to be called the best someone better step up and beat Miami. I am saying this because I want someone to come out of the West and win it because I dislike Miami more than I like my favorite team.

  40. WESTCOAST is for REAL. Like The Game says”We gots the best in the WEst.” From the trees to the b’s.

  41. Blazed duck says:

    I wish fat boy Felton was playing against the Blazers. Sorry knick, Felton is a worthless piece of garbage

  42. Miki says:

    And the champs are from east haha

  43. Alex says:

    hahaha East is a Joke but the east have been champs the last 2 years!

    • MOONDOG88 says:

      East may be a Joke but the top 2 teams from the east are arguably better than every single team in the West, furthermore they are unquestionably better than 86.6 percent of the west. The only two teams worth a damn Are OKC and the San Antonio, if you look at the last 10 years east vs. west it’s 5-5.

  44. two says:

    east is a joke

  45. Tom Hogan says:

    The NBA should reform. Make the Eastern Conference something between D-League and the Western Conference, and allow the best from the East to promote to the West. The worst teams from the West can then relegate to the Eastern conference.

    • Amaury says:

      It seems like a good idea.
      We can not allow teams under.50 in the PO so only three east teams should be allowed right now.
      The NBA has to change the PO qualification and forget the Division system.
      The should take the to four of every conference + the best 8 others teams

    • Cool Cat says:

      The West has to catch up on titles won first before you suggest that, buddy.

      Boston 17 – East
      LA Lakers 16 – West
      Chicago 6 – East
      San Antonio 4 – West
      Detroit 3 – East
      Philadelphia 3 – East
      Miami 3 – East

      Any other teams have two or less.

      • gambino says:

        That doesn’t take into account the easier road to the finals the east faces. Imagine if Miami and spurs switch conference, and miami had to go through memphis, clippers, okc and THEN face the spurs. good luck with that

      • PetrGSW says:

        @Gambino- exactly
        And Cool Cat- why would you mention the titles 50 or 20 years ago, when we’re talking about the NBA situation today?

  46. fluke says:


  47. Grapefruit juice says:

    I think nobody saw THIS coming. The East is worse than last year and Brooklyn, Cleveland and Chicago were supposed to elevate,,,

  48. MarcusV53 says:

    West West y’all!

  49. mark says:

    The East is least and the West is Best. It has been that way for years and isn’t going to change.

    • Floridian says:

      I guess you have not been following NBA last a few years.. I personally think Miami Heat and Pacers are the two best team in NBA so far.

      • Imagination Station! says:

        how can you say this? agreed, the Pacers are going crazy and the Heat are tidy as always.. other than that the East has been a mockery.. the Hawks who are third in the conference would only just make the playoffs if they were in the West..

        once again the Spurs go under the radar although they have a league best 12-1 tied with the Pacers.. even Portland are playing just as crazy at the Pacers (12-2)

        at this stage the Lakers who are 6-7 (good enough for 13th in the West) would comfortably be in the 7th seed in the East..

      • Jr says:

        Floridian…You have so many team that can win a championship in the west….and in the east….there is only 1 and that Miami…Sorry but i can’t see the Pacers beating the mighy Spurs/Thunder.
        The West is far superior to the east..You can see the team that are 9-12 in the west should make the playoffs in the east for sure.

      • PetrGSW says:

        Also, look at the scheldue for the Heat and Pacers, and compare it to any west team. They are no doubt top ten teams in the league, but as far as their records go, imagine if they played the Spurs, OKC, Clips or GSW four times a season instead of Philly,Knicks, Cavs or Wizards… Its kind of strange that Its been this way for so long, I’d thing that it would sway back and forth more…Is it the weather, money or what?