Rose’s Latest Knee Injury Reverberates Through Career, Team, League

VIDEO: Recently returned from a long layoff from a torn ACL, Derrick Rose now faces a meniscus tear

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS Derrick Rose grimaced, the Chicago Bulls winced, the NBA as a whole sagged and the Eastern Conference postseason projections shifted considerably.

Too soon to think of Rose’s second serious knee injury in 19 months strictly in competitive basketball terms? Maybe for Rose, the Bulls and the fans who love them. Maybe for folks who don’t define sports as a zero-sum game in which one team wins and everyone else loses. Certainly for lovers of the game and the controlled chaos that Rose, at his best across his first four NBA seasons and at times through his return last month and this, brought to the court.

But one team’s loss is another team’s gain. And given the Groundhog Day elements of yet another knee issue – a torn medial meniscus in his right knee, as opposed to the torn anterior cruciate ligament in his left in April 2012 – the tactics and coping mechanisms people deployed to deal with Rose’s first absence are fresh and handy enough to help with the second.

Rose’s ACL repair, originally projected as a process requiring eight to 12 months, sidelined him through the 2012-13 season side of caution. This latest injury offers a surgical choice: reattaching the torn tissue that cushions the knee or removing it (and making do with less for the rest of his career).

The former is a more thorough fix, the latter quicker. Noted sports trainer Tim Grover, who has worked with Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade and others, provided a glimpse of the different approaches on Twitter shortly after the results of Rose’s MRI exam were released by the Bulls Saturday afternoon:

In April, Oklahoma City guard Russell Westbrook suffered a lateral meniscus tear in his right knee in the playoffs, had it reattached and only returned to the Thunder’s lineup on Nov. 3. Minnesota forward Chase Budinger had surgery to repair a meniscus tear in his left knee early last season, missed four months and returned to play 17 games down the stretch. But Budinger re-injured the same knee this summer and, this time, had the damaged portion of cartilage removed rather than repaired. He has yet to suit up for the Timberwolves this season.

The ramifications for all constituencies, assuming Rose is done for most or all of the season, are immense. Here is a look at some of them:

What It Means For Rose

Psychologically, only Rose knows at the moment how this setback has and will continue to hit him. The youngest player in NBA history to be named Most Valuable Player when he won it in 2011, Rose already has missed 116 of Chicago’s 405 regular-season games since he was drafted in 2008. It will be 187 of 476 if he doesn’t return until next October.

Physically, Rose faces a darned-if-he-does, darned-if-he-doesn’t dilemma. His marvelous gifts – his explosiveness, cutting ability and lift – have separated him from most of his peers and laid the foundation for his specialness. But they also appear to be enemies to his own body. When Rose came up lame in Portland Friday, he again did it without contact, the tear generated by his velocity, torque and angles.

So, if Rose comes back with skills approximating those he had before, he might be at risk of hurting himself again. And if he doesn’t, he’ll need to adapt and improvise, like a fastball thrower learning to be a control pitcher. Would Rose still be MVP timber, or even an All-Star, if he has to play below the rim — relying more on a jump shot and his wiles?

Let’s be clear, too: That wouldn’t even qualify as the worst-case scenario. The worst-case scenario would be strewn with names such as Brandon Roy, Penny Hardaway, Greg Oden and others in NBA history whose careers were curtailed by chronic injuries.

What It Means For The Bulls

Ugh. Picture your remote control conking out just as you flipped mistakenly to C-Span. That’s what Rose’s team and its fans would face if 2013-14 plays out like a rerun of 2012-13. One season of overachieving and getting by on effort and pluck is more than enough. Doing it again under grinding coach Tom Thibodeau might put hair on their chests once more, but it doesn’t make for the most entertaining games. Especially since Nate Robinson already is otherwise occupied.

Finding reinforcements on the fly could be tough. At least with Rose’s ACL injury, the Bulls had a whole offseason to prep for Plan B. Not so now. And even with a medical exception, the Bulls’ salary-cap constraints and the dearth of talent on the street could limit what sort of cavalry rides over the hill.

Then there’s the future: Does Chicago push toward the playoffs regardless or does it assess its chances without Rose and join those teams already more focused on the 2014 Draft than the current season? And if it’s the latter, how might that affect decisions on forwards Luol Deng, who is heading toward free agency (if he isn’t dealt by the February trading deadline), and Carlos Boozer, still an amnesty candidate?

What It Means For The Field

Removing a top contender from an already muddy East standings surely would dilute the drama and suspense of someone crashing the conference finals. Brooklyn might work its way out of its early funk, but with the Bulls banging around for the next five months, it’s hard to imagine anyone other than Miami and Indiana going at it again through Memorial Day weekend.

Chicago looked a little thin (in terms of depth) a little short (in terms of length) and a little erratic (in terms of perimeter shooting) to be anyone’s Finals favorite. But thinning the herd this way, while shifting the workload to Rose’s remaining teammates, was nothing anyone wanted to see.

Least of all in Chicagoland.


  1. jdub4551 says:

    just sad. i have the feeling that he would be a penny hardaway, t mac, arenas, oden, type of story… although the youngest mvp would certainly put him in HoF.. bulls were solid last yr even without him. i think releasing bellinelli and nate was bad since significant addition is only dunleavy. sad really… its just his style of play… a lot of banging will take a toll in anyones body even the big guys…

  2. TTKIN says:

    He could do serious rehab and come back in like 2 weeks like Metta World Peace…..but MWP just had that same knee drained and it’s been like 6 months so I doubt he’ll rush through this one.

  3. justsaying# says:

    NBA don’t bet on rose for ratings, he will be like t-mac, g hill, and all the other who cant get healthy. Small Yao MIngs of the league…

  4. justsaying# says:

    the bulls should just waive rose or trade him for average players who can score. bulls needs offense. nobody will trade a superstar for rose as he can play when injured and cant play won’t play when not. Should consider retirement so bulls can get a better player. If only he does not only think of the money he gets from the bulls but contributing none. MVP. Most Vulnerable Player. Best Player in the NBA according to ADIDAS.. and fastest career to end… most explosive knees… D-ROSE. D for damaged…D amaged -R ose is O verrated,S mall and E xpensive.

  5. LOLakers says:

    LOL!!! What a looooser!!!! Can’t even keep on his feet!!! And this is supposed to be the MVP?!? Only more proof that he stole the title in 2011!!! What good is a player who can’t even play?!? I hope he NEVER comes back!!!

  6. dico smith says:

    Does D.Rose have any trade value? If I were in the position of the Bulls management I would say enough is enough. I would trade deng and heinrech, get rid of boozer and get ready for the draft. Deng and Heinrech would be used to target bench players. At the draft I trade D.Rose for a draft pick and salary fillers. A bulls team with Smart, Wiggins/Exum, Mirotic, Butler and Noah backed up by a bench would go a far way. Yes they wouldn’t contend for a title immediately but they sure would in 2-3 years. This would be the OKC model on rapid. You cannot build your team around one player and expect to go anywhere, the bulls as presently constructed with a healthy rose are playoff ready but no more. Who would I trade rose to? easy the bucks. Will the Bulls do this? No they are not risk takers and will forever ride the bench of mediocrity.

  7. Erlo says:

    Rose is a sub-par player. Not sure why everyone is all over this dude. He averages well below 50fg%, turns the ball over like crazy and can’t play defense.

  8. Da Beast says:

    Everyone is acting like Rose tore his ACL. It’s a meniscus injury, not that bad. On a serious note, Rose needs to get stem cell procedures done on his knees. He should think about travelling to Germany during this time.

  9. nick says:

    Without question the NBA needs to extend the season as far as calendar days go. The back to back games are killing these kids!!!!

  10. Jason says:

    Gilbert Arenas 2.0…..

  11. Romeo says:

    Anybody else tired of this story? He comes back after being gone a whole season, now hes out again!!?? He played like 10 games LMAO. Chicago fans, im sorry but LET HIM GO! Paying the man to stay home and relax LOL. He had the audacity to say he was the best player in the league…LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!! Yeah, he is the best player in the league, at not playing haha. Should of kept Nate, man could play. IDK why he keeps getting injured, worst luck ever, or those damn Adidas…light as a feather,,,with the consequences of ending your career. Ill stick with wearing Wal-Mart shoes…at least ill be able to play LOL.

  12. Ed G says:

    Okay, so here is a speculation. I want to question all that knee protection DRose wears out there on the court. Is it just padding or is it meant to protect him structurally? Maybe that is causing the weakness if it is structural protection. His knees need to be exposed so they can be stronger. Just a speculation, I’m no MD., but I do know you need to let the body do it’s thing in protecting itself

  13. Joshua says:

    Hmm, so maybe a diet of constant Skittles is not so good for the body? I wouldn’t have figured.

  14. Bulls for 2015 says:

    My thoughts and sympathies go to Rose, gutted for him. I think we need to build for near future, ship Boozer and Deng (will bolt in FA I think anyway) for LeMarcus Aldridge and Wesley Matthews add whatever sweetners needed to get deal done like snell or picks, then Mattews can play SG, and Aldridge can play post and has midrange shot like Boozer. Remember Boozer wont play this good for next 3-4 years, Aldridge will be consistent. Leaves roster in good shape and who knows Jimmy B might turn into Paul George 2.0?

    PG – Rose
    SG – Mattews
    SF – Butler
    PF- Aldridge
    C- Noah

  15. justsaying# says:

    MVPs are poised and knows how get guys involve and will not force the issue. Hurting yourself for unnecessary movements, when you can simply play smart basketball. Grow up D-Rose or hurt yourself again and again. You need not to be the fastest and most explosive to score and win. Even a Ferrari uses the neutral and 1st gear.

  16. aLien says:

    D.Rose to slow down lol thats like saying to a kid never be the best you can be >_> so yeah he will will “slow down” but he MUST adapt, anyway make the nba season longer to slow down injuries and help recovery and warn players to take care of each other and not act like: you fouled me hard 1st next time out im gonna knock you out !

    • justsaying# says:

      He is fast and high leaper but he is far from playing at best. Cannot shoot outside shots consistently. Playing point guard but rarely creates consistently. Will shoot more than anybody else in the team. cannot adjust to the game. Not smart like Paul and Parker. MVP numbers due to team defense him leaking out for easy shots.

  17. Bigtawly says:

    If trying to preserve Drose’s career is important to anyone, watching an athlete of his caliber go down with his own velocity is very sad, wanting them to come back with the same amount of speed and confidence that an athlete at this level needs to compete – that needs to be paramount. Drose is a real good person, injuries like this should put guys down for good and should end up playing beer league never to get that level of play back, but Drose is a serious athlete with a great franchise backing him and a great surgical team / rehab team ready for him . All injuries take time to heal , motion back in the joint and laxity and tension need and will come back. His rehab, as he well knows is the most important – and looking at Kobe Bryant taking shots and getting off the ground with his squad at practice is amazing, although not at a NBA speed, but still spectacular!!! Drose NEEDS TO TAKE THE YEAR OFF IN ORDER TO “ATHLETIC MOULT” HIS GAME! The only way Drose will be effective again , playing the same way, cause that’s how he knows how to play. He has great skills but his athleticism outweighs his fundamentals, and if you have athletes that have “lost their step” but have kept their minds (Steve Nash, Andre Miller, Billups). Those aforementioned point guards are cerebral players and not above the rim athletes, but Drose could be one of the first of his kind (freak athlete) change and revamp his game (doesn’t have to slow down, but needs to rethink how he is to play, what hes effective on and what he needs to be better to be effective for any team that may want him, cause hes not staying in Chicago too much longer – the franchise wont be able to afford for him to stay.) Let me reiterate this term cause my best friend and I MADE THIS TERM, KENNY, SEIKO ARE YOU LISTENING ..( “ATHLETIC MOULT”) . This means to adapt, to get better. Almost shedding of your current style and adding to it to become better, non extinct , to survive, to MOULT!!!!
    understand this statement- Drose can be better than what he is now, he moves very weird and is very violent on his joints and his game does suffer. He can be a better jump shooter but needs a shooting coach to adjust his release, mechanics, and even the way he gets into “triple threat” (which he should make his best friend, less movement- first step, efficiency, one dribble pull up, two dribble pull up, pull ups, pull ups , pull ups, hesitations… and just proper lock down d, hell still be fast , just a lowered version of Drose – more ground game than high flying acrobatics, still fast on the break, still hard layups, still a dunk once in a while, but crazy crossovers and change of directions should be a thing of the past, pick and rolls should be your friend like cp3, Nash, Stockton,) . Drose has to start looking at games of Mark Price( yup i said it !!!!), Terrell Brandon, and John Stockton, and a little bit of AI, and TMAC, KOBE, and MJ ( ALL are very talented in having very little wasted motion, good footwork, good mechanics, great angles using the floor and sidelines as another teammate)
    Thanks Steve –
    I can explain “Athletic Moult” in another email!!!! Kenny -Sekou – holla

  18. Jt says:

    Its bad enough there are so many negative and evil people just on my block alone but wow some of the things you guys write about a man who has a child just like many of us and has so many thoughts running through his head about his future is simply wrong and inhumane I am sure if it was you that was going through this you wouldnt want anyone to talk about you as if you were just yesterdays trash but I guess the evil and ignorance is not just limited to one particular neighborhood. Get well Derrick regardless of what man just want you to feel better.

  19. Bob says:

    Bring back AI!!!

  20. jake s. says:

    Something needs to be done with the schedule. More games promotes younger teams. Younger teams promote trades and early retirement. Jordans, Magic Johnsons, Lebrons, and KDs will always be exceptions… but it hurts the fans which are the leagues “focus”.

  21. MemphisTruth11 says:

    If D Rose wants it D Rose will Rise. I have full faith in him, I am aware of Penny, T-Mac, B Roy, also Westbrook, CP3’s injuries name it. Rose will be Rose. I respect Rose. I pray for Derrick Rose. I wont stop. This player changed Chicago. Changed the NBA. Griffin had a meniscus injury as did Russel Westbrook, D Rose looks solid with the ACL in the Right Knee, I’m not saying he has to change anything. I do feel the lack of calls has been pathetic, Thib’s after the previous game asked how a player averaging 12 tfs is avering 2.3 FTs when his style did not change. It was a freak occurrence. ROSE will Rise. Love Rose always- even if he calls it after this, Rose is a inspiration at whatever size to take whoever to the Rim. I pray we see him again. Rose, keep your head up, be yourself, I don’t mind if you sit out all year. Your fans don’t- we love Rose. A

    For the anti Adidas fans, you know nothing. For the amateur doctors, leave it to the doctors, Obviously no one posting here knows, but you know the mans heart and game and have to respect that, no matter how you feel about Chicago or Rose. I love the man’s game, heart. Ability to make any team’s defense fall apart. No handchecking may of lead to different injuries, Hard Hits don’t cause these kind of injuries he has taken. I hope to see Derrick back, attacking the Rim as soon as he is ready. Until then I am patient, I love what Rose did. I hope Derrick has no recruits. You are Achilles among men (being that your favorite movie is Troy) Take the NBA back. The true MVP #RoseWillRiseAgain

  22. nickolas657 says:

    I am shocked that so many people claim that Rose needs to change his explosive style to avoid possible future injuries. Do all these people actually know anything about basketball and sports? If an athlete like Derrick would ever want to slow down then he would simply be just another average point guard, You can never go against an athlete’s nature. You can’t ask from Westbrook, Iverson or MJ to slow down. Lets not try to seek solutions to inevitable situations. If D Rose body is sensitive to injuries then neither he or anyone else can change his destiny, as much as unfortunate this sounds…

  23. MemphisTruth11 says:

    WOW SO MANY NBA DOCTORS- SO MANY WHO UNDERSTAND THE BODY OF A 6’3-6’4 PG who saw this coming. So many of you are smarter than the Bulls doctors, lets be real- D Rose is the best player of the century seconded to Lebron James, possibly Kevin Durant who have not only huge size advantages, but his counterparts have teammates with similar trophies, ect. Rose may be the Penny Hardaway of the decade, possibly on a list with Brandon Roy, Rose’s favorite T-Mac.

    Lets be optimistic for a while, he’s going to come back. He is strong, if you think Chris Paul can play this style you have no idea what chris paul can do. I am a 6’4 guard at 207 in my college days, ive ranged to 216 and have gotten down to 202- I play a slower style, that’s been my game- I played Point Forward in men’s league, have played college, highschool, AAU, Mid School, Elementary, let me tell you like D Rose I suffered from Tendonitis at a young age in both knees. I don’t know how that connects, I had this injury and had it repaired, it took my a year of what would of been college ball at the UoMemphis that got away from me- I am not as explosive, I can dunk. I’ve had many triple doubles, I’ve slowed down. I like that Rose went hard game in and game out. I do not think Westbrook has the same future ahead of ahead, nor Damien Lilliard, nor John Wall. Guards go hard, in the NBA no hand check, no contact has added to more of these injuries. Derrick went from 11+ free throws a game to 2.4 Free Throws this year. I know it was a non contact call- I had called a local radio station perturbed by the lack of calls before the Portland game. Rose has a future. He did not tear another ACL, he’s not to Grant Hill Status. He is a amazing pro. I respect and love as a player. D Rose, prayers to you. You who judge- well try reading about being judgmental. I’ve seen Derrick play, every game this year- I do not feel this is the end, If he wants to take the whole year, so be it- it has nothing to do with waiting last year, he worked out hard- harder- improved his three. He was returning to MVP form, so this is a crushing blow to the gentlemen Derrick Rose- I have nothing but respect for every choice he makes. If you have negative comments, you are a hater. Hate the man who takes MVP from Durant and Lebron- Rose is above all. Saying his plays style is the reason is foolish- Anthony Davis, Lillard, Westbrook, Wall also Kyrie, would be joining him in the next two years Don’t hate this player- he Is fabulous. A great man, a great father, a great ball player. I do not think His name will join Penny and T-Mac and Roy, Grant Hill, but he will remain competitive with Lebron, Wade, This is D Rose. I believe in him. I follow him daily. My prayers to Rose, my heart goes out to how he must be feeling. I went down my Junior year of college with the same injury. I play consistently now, never was I on that NBA level, keep going Derrick. No one can hold you down.

    • Witness says:

      We ALL stopped reading at “D rose is the 2nd best player of this century after LBJ”. BAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  24. Ron says:

    People do have a meniscus for a reason. lots of pressure per square inch on those knees. Without the padding he will be done.
    Basketball is hard on the knees. Ah well, he made some good money playing ball for a few years.
    Many people in the US have these injuries and no isurance to pay for surgeries, and have to go back to work, building homes, standing the whole day on the job, or whatever it is they do.

  25. Tony Theodore says:

    Derrick Rose I’m sad to say is “Brandon Roy 2.0”

  26. its in the shoes... says:

    tmac… agent zero… now, drose… all top endorsers for………………………………

  27. Sinastac says:

    go lakers!

  28. European says:

    Some kids in this thread said Derrick Rose has had no career yet… Well yes he has, he is a world champion 2010, Turkey.

  29. Maayan Lev says:

    Wade got his meniscus taken out years ago and it came back to haunt him. He has terrible knees now. He even said he regretted the decision to have it taken out.

  30. thejerr says:

    its sad, anyone else feel like more and more athletes get injured alot lately. the way he plays def plays apart of it, think if he cut the weights down in the gym hed have a lighter frame to fly around in. might reduce the chance of injuries. and if youre gonan argue he wouldnt be strong enough to bang with guys, i say tell that to allen iverson

  31. Chris says:

    Perhaps DRose should change his shoe line.

  32. Freida says:

    For anyone to say they wish it was LeBron, Wade or Bosh is a bad person. It is too bad for DRose but I believe he should have been back during the playoffs but it appeared that his ego prevented him from coming back. Maybe it is Karma. Instead of helping his team mates last year and it appeared that he was being selfish in wanting to come back as an MVP type player, this happened to him. I don’t wish any injury to any player. I am a LeBron fan so I hope nothing happens to any of the Miami Heat players. Karma is a b*tch. When DRose comes back, he needs to play smarter, not harder.

  33. Erick says:

    D rose, Kobe, Rondo, Iggy, Westbrook, Gasol, Curry, and the list goes ooon and on. I think the season should be reduced to at least 62 games a year with pre season… Its just too much damage for the body, and even if players like Lebron never get injured, after they retire they’re gonna have severe pain around the body… health over profit, just shorten the NBA season… too much games

  34. J says:

    Mr Silva.

    Please take into consideration the NBA schedules. Balance it out a little, A lot of teams played back to back games in the past 8 to 10 days and we have 3 injuries due to fatigue.

  35. Jet says:

    B2b kill players in a long run. stop b2b league & owner won’t make enough profit. So what can players do?
    Option1: Deal with it, either b2b or 5 night 4 games, to earn a nice fat 7 figures pay check.
    Option 2: protest to reduce # of games in one season to make less $ and live healthier.

  36. X says:

    He’s one of those players that rely on their athleticism. After this injury, I guess he will never be back to his MVP form. He should concentrate now on his jumpers. Sad to see him down.. again.

  37. jb says:

    Damn I feel bad for him and pyscologically this will be a true test of if he can be confidant upon return and get his career to what it was. For the bulls team the window of opportunity been closed to get out of the east they trade all there bench.players to over pay Deng and boozer and as a team rely to much on rose and the starters. This bulls team will break up after this season Deng boozer and hinrich will be gone

  38. fasdfsd says:

    i hope rose can adjust and develop his game so he doesn’t have to depend on his athleticism… Doing so will probably hinder his chances of becoming an all star again, but if he wants to prolong his career he needs to. at least he got his pay cheque

  39. Jumppong says:

    He recover on his ACL and Rose only average 15.9 ppg now Rose injured again.. never be the same again. i will miss his moves. always humble. at the age of 24. he already got this Vintage D.rose.. scenario

  40. Tolits says:

    I agree with some of you guys. Rose should change his playing style just like what MJ did after his injury. MJ perfected his long range shots including his fadeaway shots and seldom goes above the rim Rose should imitate what his hero did.

  41. L. says:

    we need carmelo…bulls need another scorer to get over the hump rose is doing to much and getting enough credit..

  42. g says:

    Don’t want to say it but it’s over for him. So Sad.

  43. EastCoastviewer says:

    Wow thats so unfortunate for Rose. Hope all goes well and a speedy recovery is accomplished.
    The other terrible thing about this is that it devestates any competativeness in the East Coast, other than Indiana and Miami, which is great and all but its kind of sad when you have a conference of two teams and only two of them seem like they’ll have a record above 500….
    Guess i’ll be looking forward to Raptors, Piston semi finals…….. and Boston and Orlando series……….
    The East coast nba teams now are just such a joke.

  44. benjie says:

    Derrick Roses agressive and inpatient attitude gave him another injury. He should have taken it slowly when returning from a recovery but his delusional and ambition of becoming the best player in the NBA gave him another knee injury. watching him played his first comeback game I told my friends his a ticking time bomb.the coach of chicago bulls should have put him on conservative mode 20 minutes a game and skip back to back game like wade. But we all know he liked to be better than lebron so here you are ACL on one knee and meniscus ligament on the other knee.Now if ever he returned it would not be the same as physically it will not be looking good -very beaten up and damaged goods.Mentally he wouldn’t force it next time when he return.If he return?????

  45. John says:

    I hope this means the end of the “let me tell you sumthin” addidas commercials…

  46. Agudo says:

    So damn frustrating, as any fan of the game would agree, D-Rose is a pleasure to watch on the court and the NBA is literally a weaker competition without him in it. Here’s to a speedy recovery!

  47. twich says:

    bring back ben gordon! after all before rose was drafted he was the part of the “baby bulls” that was pretty awesome since going to the pistons he wasnt the best player when he was in chicago so hopefully when he goes back to the bulls he will gain again hes confidence back and lead the bulls again

  48. James says:

    Basketball players make too much money. So I dont care if he gets injured. He still make 20 million a year. Next man up.

  49. Posterized says:

    He will be back, but he will need to slow it down

  50. Unkle Daddy says:

    I say get the tendon cut off, shorten your time of rehab and get back to work. Wasted too much time as is, this franchise isn’t winning a championship with Rose healthy and the courant roster anyway (acting like it’s the second coming of Jordan, there is one, he’s in Miami). Sorry, Bulls fans I only speak the truth. My team doesn’t have (a) “Jordan” either, but they do have the best coach in the league.

  51. Michael G says:

    Well well well…… a big Bulls fan ofcourse I feel sorry for his injury. But………………you could’ve seen this coming. Already we have seen it with Westbrook who had a similar injury and also now Rose suffers from the same injury. Both players have a very reckless style of playing basketball, which ofcourse is fun to watch but not at all professional if you look at the risks that they take every time they set foot on the court.

    Another year without Rose? Sigh………….SIGH!

    • Wanda says:

      I am so heartbroken at the adactity of some folks who don;g understand that the heart of a champion is how hard they play. Just because a player plays hard they are risks in life and in sports a player get injured does not mean their career is over. Get real! In life anthing can happen and when a player is on the court of hard down right playing sports it is like a fight for your life to win. I commend Derrick in his efforts to play hard and you well wishers and not so well wishers think before you comment on what a player is going through to get out there and play hard every night and give it their all. I wish all the best for Derrick and his recovery and thank him for his hard plays. The sport industry is just like a prize fight you play to win. And play hard to achieve to win is what they do. So get overr the blame game on Derrick for his style of play. Look at Russell Westbrook they criticized him and his style of play and that didn’t stop him from being agressive. You can not change a person style of play that is who they are. If anyone tried to tell Lebron James not to be agressive you think that he would listen. Let the men be men not boys and stop criticizing their style of play. If anyone understands sports is a competition and let the players play and gain their competiveness and confidence. Stop putting them down and keep supporting them. Love /Peace.

  52. derrik says:

    guys its not over till its over so stop saying he is done

  53. dave says:

    athletes get injured everyday. this isn’t such an uncommon scenario.

    if you have nothing good to say about him, then shut up.

  54. Drew B says:

    Derrick Rose,

    I know you won’t see this but I’m sincerely sorry for this situation. I don’t even care about the Bulls’ chances at this moment, I am disappointed that you have to go through this so early in your career. I hope you get well soon and can continue to play the sport you love.

  55. orlando ramos says:

    too bad for the bulls, knowing derick rose, he wont return until he feels 100% ok, that means one year from now, he dont mind , he stil getting paid the same

  56. cz says:

    People may not agree with this response but the bulls need to begin all over from scratch. Get rid of deng, boozer and trade away noah for draft picks. The bulls need to get rid of rose also.

  57. AFADSGFA says:

    Not happy. Angry in fact. Wanted to see rose full force in playoffs. More great players better playoffs 😦

  58. fluke says:

    its the portland curse man!! sam bowe, greg oden, brandon roy, steve nash and now rose! cmon! its the curse team man!! XD

  59. hammer238 says:

    Just proves that Rose is damaged goods ,like I predicted pre-season with friends of mine.When he gets healthy,and proves it ,chicago should trade him immediately,somewhere out west,for draft picks ,and a lower priced ,relatively unknown,3 pt shooting point guard.Don’t worry,he will just break down again,a month or two after he is “healthy”again.He is like buying a “lemon” used car.

  60. mike says:

    When rehabbing an injury to leg, you cannot neglect rehabbing the uninjured leg. Thankfully, Rose’s latest injury is not as serious, but it will take some time to rehab.

  61. JustTheStr8Facts says:

    Hope he comes back stronger than ever. Was really looking forward to the Pacers, Bulls, and Heat going at it this year.

  62. Things I shouldn’t say about D.Rose’s injury…but I WILL
    1- At least he never lost his touch with the crutches
    2- D.Rose sneakers now come with training wheels and a frequent emergency room punch card
    3- D.Wade called to wish him well, he counted three rings before he left a voicemail
    4- Chicago PD plans on installing D.Rose Basketball courts at all high crime areas, this way the criminals will be easier to catch as they limp down the street.
    5- Click Click Shuffle, the new DWTS D.Rose dance move
    6- Chicago Bulls will save money on replacement sneakers
    7- Playoffs, PLAYOFFS???
    8- Someone get Mr. Miyagi, Derek-san had his knee swept again
    9- At least D.Rose can now spend as much time as needed signing up on
    10- All D.Rose has to do now is marry a Kardashian to complete the trifecta!!!

  63. Arthur says:

    Come on, it’s only gonna be 4-5 months or so. He knows how to handle it, don’t worry too much about it.

  64. pja says:

    Please ROSE you can beat the pain. you are the best!!!!!!!!!!!
    Nba miss you

  65. BNMNDZ says:

    D.Rose should go to the phoenix suns cause they have a good medical staff.

  66. DroseBullsTillTheEnd says:

    And stop with the heat fans are bandwagons Wow they like Lebron or the heat team itself so what People should be fans of all teams and the good or great players that play on them. Im a bulls fan but enjoy watching lebron kobe curry durant melo wade but oh since i like a team that meke me a bandwagon. Freakin Stereotypes. And to be honest i wasnt a bulls fan until my favorit player rose got drafted by them. And that goes for a lot of bulls fans to be honest most didnt have hope or talk about the bulls the way they do between end of jordanera to until they seen rose and what he can do. Be a NBA FAN As a bulls fans i say GO BULLS -HEAT – KNICKS – PACERS – LAKERS – JAZZ – PORTLAND – BOBCATS – WARRIORS – TWOLVES – GRIZZLIES – NETS – BUCKS – DALLAS – SPURS – PELICANS – WIZARDS – MAGIC – 76ERS – THUNDER – HAWKS – RAPTORS – ROCKETS – CLIPPERS – KINGS – NUGGETS – SUNS – 2ALL Enjoy the GAME PLAYERS AND TEAMS

  67. DroseBullsTillTheEnd says:

    AllI In4DRose. Hes my favorite player and i feel down about his injury but i think he should return in march a meniscus tear isnt bad really lots of players got them and come back the same. I feel rose is to soft he look like he didnt have any confidence he needs to get MAD REVENGIE TO BE THEMVP HE WAS. And so called fans of basketball the jokes are old at the end of the day he has more money better job while u sit behind a keyboard bein a low life making jokes about another mans injury. Im 16 youll grown men or whatever age GROW – UP

  68. Da Beast says:

    Rose needs to go to Germany and get stem cell surgery done in his knees. It’ll help him a lot.

  69. Mandragura (lakers 4 life) says:

    tooo bad i guess early retirement for d rose too much agressive ; no rings 4 u men damn…

  70. Casper says:

    well, maybe it will look like this: Bulls are a team, they managed to play without Rose. And this year they are trying to play with him. Sometimes it is tough to connect fast, when someone was out for number of months. Righ now I am predicting. Pause till All Star break. Retrun and give them needed push to go to PO. And then play well. Next year they will reach for their rings. I really hope that it will go that way !! All the best to D ROSE !

  71. freal says:

    Rose just needs to keep in mind that this doesn’t mean the end of the world. Stay focused, do what’s necessary, and find a way to block out all the noise that’s inevitably going to rise. Easier said than done, but a guy that put his mind to winning an MVP and went out and achieved it, obviously isn’t no punk.

  72. J says:

    His career would be over if it was another ACL tear but its not so good news there but this is very very very bad for everyone.

  73. mojo says:

    although I’m a Rose fan in terms of personality and what he brings to the game…but I’m glad that chi fans now have to swawollow it hard and keep their mouth shot for another several months

  74. Matt says:

    I’m not a fan of Derrick Rose in the least bit, but I have empathy for the guy. To go down again with another knee injury after he was just getting back into stride must be devastating mentally. Hopefully he chooses wisely and has the torn meniscus repaired instead of removed. I think it’ll allow him a full recovery down the road and expand his career.

    Derrick also needs to work on his skills as a “pure” PG. He needs to become more of a facilitator than slasher and scorer. This will allow him to become more team oriented as a player and also lengthen his career. He puts too much stress on himself mentally and physically and this kind of injury is the result. Trying to do too much all the time.

    I wish him the best of luck and a quick recovery. May he have lots of success in his future whether it be in the NBA or in another field of work.

  75. cesar says:

    Dont cry steve aschburner 🙂

  76. berdugo says:

    Where’s Nate Robinson when you need him

  77. Kevin R. Murrell says:

    I hope u will get better soon I’m ur huge fan I miss u MR. MVP DERRICK ROSE!!!

  78. Jeremiah Probodanu says:

    chicago runs in a play where everything is on drose. chicago need that 2nd option or even that 1st option on the offensive end. if chicago still runs on the same play when drose is done, it could end his career no doubt.

  79. Mario says:

    Penny, then Brandon Roy and now Rose… so sad we never saw them reach their peak ..Some knees just aren’t able to take the punishment of an 82 game season..

  80. Bảo Hồ ( Vietnamse Rose's fan ) says:

    Dear Rose ! i know it’s unfair for you when you did everything you can for coming back on court, to take Bulls to champion. But don’t worry about that now, i think you should focus on your injury, take anytime you need. just promise me, when you come back , you will be complete healthy and be ready. And at that time we will beside, build up everything again : MVP, All-star, go to PlayOffs, Final and i always belive you can take our Bulls to champion, that’s not a dream because we have you, a superstar who never give up. Best whises for you, and remember We-your fan ALL IN FOR D.ROSE

  81. Luke says:

    Derrick Rose needs to play very smart, he has proven that he is an excellent player, he become MVP, he needs championship but please D-Rose play smart you don’t need to make hangtime plays all the time, easy baskets will have same 2 count of points. Please don’t abuse your body. Hope you will recover fast and be very carefull and smart on your moves. Get well prayers yours….

  82. LA!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    Grant hill 2.0, its so sad.

  83. JPa says:

    while making his left knee stronger, he forgot his left. =(
    this also a result of back2back or 5games in 7days. no time to rest. no time to heal.

    • JPa says:

      while making his left knee stronger, he forgot his right. =(
      this also a result of back2back or 5games in 7days. no time to rest. no time to heal.

  84. ckaar says:

    better change is style of play if he wants to extend his career and win titles.

  85. Darryl says:

    like i said to everyone rose was all buildups he isnt strong enough he gets injured too much might as well retire all your dreams of tryna beat the heat took a toll on your knee.

    bad luck rose

    try golf you wont get hurt

  86. MIAMI HEAT WINS says:

    Retire now ROSE! HEAT THREE PEAT! LBJ THE BEST EVER TOP1 player of all time. Jordan isn’t top one, it’s LBJ!!! Chicago you will not win again! Goodbye, better close the Bulls franchise. Rose retire and cook for your mum.

    • Sadness says:

      It’s too bad that there are people like you walking the earth…please don’t reproduce! Thank you in the name of the humanity…

    • Kobe Fan says:

      I swear if I know you personall and I konw where are you aty this very moment, I’ll kill you. Believe me I’ll do everything just to kill you.

    • Witness says:

      Yo why u gota make LBJ fans look bad. You’re an idiot. LBJ is favorite til the end of time but aint no reason to make fun of D Rose man u gota feel for someone that puts so much hard work into something and then have the game you love taken away again. Forget u man

  87. Michael N. says:

    This is Not just someone “spouting-off” and ‘self, back-patting’. If you could read my comments 4/5 years ago, on, I stated that I would not take him. He seemed too frail, unexperienced ( REAL-WORLD ) and would/may be a short Flash-Pan ! There have been MANY excellent guards come along. Hell, Timberwolves gave two away, 2/3 years ago….. for nothing ! They’re both team leaders, heavy contributors. D. Rose has earned far, FAR, more $$$, than he’s is worth. Maybe a nice, well behaved, young man….. But, cut the ties…… As another suggested, convince A.I. to reenter, for this year, THEN GO AFTER SOMEONE WORTH THE JOB ! PS, they really blew it too, when they DUMPED Nate Robinson !

  88. Rosefan#1 says:

    Rose will be foaming at the mouth to return, he’s gonna return ready to prove everyone wrong because by then I’m sure he will.have grown tired of listening to the haters , the media,and the doubters tell him how he should change his game. If this is what people are saying now I can only imagine in a few months. Rose is a tough competitor, basketball is everything to him and I know with the drive he has , he’s gonna be a legend when its all said and done.

  89. miller says:

    why cant it be james wade or bosh?

    • Heat_Fan says:

      What a lowlife thing to say, YOU are a disgusting human being, and the “human” part is very doubtful.

    • Yxnarbo says:

      You’re a terrible person for saying this. Very few would ever wish this on anyone, even on an opposing team. You should probably seek counseling.

      I wish this wasn’t happening to DRose, and although he for sure does not read here, I would like to wish him a speedy recovery.

    • ALBERT says:

      I don’t believe this guy! Does he have a mother?! Geeez

  90. Raghu says:

    Perhaps it is time for the NBA to consider a shortened regular season (in terms of games, but spread out over the usual duration to allow bodies recover better) in general. I know that commercial interests need a certain amount of games to fill stadiums and to fill TV time. But isn’t it better to have high quality games, with these amazing athletes at their peak physical health, than a war of attrition? The added bonus of an abridged season for these sportsmen is that this also affords them to lead healthier post-NBA-career lives. Best wishes DRose for a full recovery; you are an amazing athlete.

  91. Vinícius Manhães Andrade says:

    It’s been some tough times for our Bulls… I don’t know what’s worse, having to wait AGAIN, or having to see and read so much nonsense from other in comment sections and etc…

  92. Kim says:

    Derrick Rose, I am so sorry to hear about your injuries.Sadly you were out for almost an entire season due to an injury…… now this. Yes, basketball is your dream but your health is just as important. Sorry again D Rose, I feel your pain.

  93. toneydougherty says:

    that’s why i don’t what to buy ADIDAS SHOES!!!

  94. Medevenx says:

    #TheReturn to Injury

  95. kumag says:

    its over

  96. okc2014 says:

    The unthinkable has happened. And you don’t even have to be a Bulls fan to feel this one. Best wishes to Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls.

  97. Ike says:

    I pray Rose has a speedy recovery. I’d hate to see a repeat of T Mac, Greg Oden, etc. The Bulls organization needs to do some soul searching. Luol Deng should be traded. He is not a viable #2 option. Boozer is overpaid and should be amnestied. We need another STAR to help this man. Go after Melo or continue to waste the best years of Rose and Noah’s career. Smh #Bulls4Life

  98. Game Time says:

    The thing that worries me most about his this injury is it was another non collision like his last two. Seems like his body just isn’t made for the type of performance he’s putting it too. I’m suspecting he may have taken some PEDs that caused a breakdown of fibers or tissues in his body. Sounds crazy and I’m not physical therapist, but what I personally was plagued with some leg injuries around the time I tried out some untested sport supplements.

  99. Lakers Fan says:

    I hope everything will be okay for Rose and come back stronger, and this time injury free. NBA should start looking how to spread out their 82 games to the teams evenly to help ease the pressure.

  100. What is left ? says:

    When the question is posed in the commercial, the answer is “everything”.

    Now, when the game is gone, the question itself is gut-wrenching.

    If Rose was a personal friend, I wouldn’t know what to say to him … I wouldn’t have the heart to look him in the eye.

    But he is not. So I can this; “So sorry brother. Best of luck”.

    • Heat_Fan says:

      Amen to that.

      I’m no Bulls fan but this is really heartbreaking, would never wish this on anyone.

      Speedy recovery D Rose, BB Fans are pulling for you!!!

  101. boshdy says:

    I am sorry for Rose. The coach should’ve limited his playing time. On top of that, he should play with less aggressiveness and jumping because that might lead to injuries. Now Lebron understood that so that’s why he is careful. Rose should avoid banging his body all the time with defenders, otherwise he is not gonna stay longer on the NBA unless he has the same strength as Lebron.

  102. cp10 says:

    Causes of the tear IMHO: 1) Immense pressure and expectations 2) Possibly landing primarily on his right leg during dunks and his right knee absorbs all the shock, weakening the medial meniscus over time 3) He has done well in recovering obviously but what were his adjustments to preserve his remaining joints? 4) D Wade often tumbles to the ground on jumpers and such because that technique distributes the forces more evenly throughout 5) I hate to say this but maybe it’s the shoes, they’re so light the shock isn’t being absorbed properly given the player’s heel-first gait GET WELL DRose

    • Joshua Nored says:

      I like and understand you comment to the fullest and I agree with everything you said me personally not a Drose fan but I feel for him and hope he makes a speedy recovery and have a long great career

    • 007 says:

      I agree 100% I have always ha this theory on Adidas and the company trying to make the lightest shoes or whatever. I understand injuries are apart of the game but the one that happen in Adidas are so devastating. For example Shumpert, Rose, Galinari all ACL just to name a few. The thing about most of these are minimal contact injuries just trying to cut or landing with know one around you. In college Kevin Ware you contest a shot to fall and have your whole leg just remove itself from you body. Adidas are making basketball shoes like track shoes or soccer boots our plays need more support.

      Let me end this by saying I KNOW INJURIES ARE APART OF THE GAME.

      • Game Time says:

        I never thought about the shoe being the issue, but judging from my personal experience I believe you guys are right. I wore thicker and usually heavier Nike or Jordan shoes and never had an injury in them, but recently I picked up some Adizero and while they have been great for speed, I never feel safe when I land from jumping. There’s also no real support around the ankles.

      • Shoot the Ball says:

        CP10 & 007, you bring up some very good points about the shoes Adidas are putting out. A retired pro football player brought this to my attention when Adidas first released the Air Zero shoes (I don’t think the Zero series were basketball shoes). I would love to see an in depth sports science study on the current lineup of Adidas shoes, the support they provide, and injuries they can prevent.

      • Nickoz says:

        @CP10, 007 and others- I like these theories, but was skeptical about some of it. I think lighter shoes over the thousands of strides taken in a game would benefit the athlete because it can reduce fatigue, at least marginally. Injuries more often occur when there is fatigue. Not only but more often. Case in point D Rose on both his recent major injuries.

        On the shoe theory itself, I did some quick investigations as to whether shoe brands make a difference. For the record I’ve owned Nike and more recently Adidas shoes and whilst it doesn’t make me an ultimate authority, I did an ACL injury 14 months ago in Nike Jordan P.I.T. High Flyer’s by the way. Anyways, I came across a recently published article that discusses the correlation between brands and athletes. Conclusions(?) no basic correlation found.

        I found more articles from orthopaedic professionals that support preparation and in game application of movement having far far more to do with performance and therefore what injuries occur, than hardware. As a personal trainer and science student my knowledge tells me same thing. For many, it’s the typical things that we can merely experience that leaves the uninformed to use as their sole basis for judgement.

        I would like to see more comprehensive studies done to show any support for shoe brand and make up that leads to injury. If anything the absence of a clinically prescribed insole from a podiatrist or orthopaedic professional or how loosely you tie your laces has more likelihood of highlighting reasons for injury.

  103. holyspectator says:

    dang sad for drose…took him over a year to get back to the nba, and not even a month yet of the regular season and hes out again…hope he gets better…

  104. mee(a)t says:

    If i was derrick rose, i’d change my play of style. Yeah his explosive style is fun to watch but look at what its doing to his legs. He’s gonna end up like Wade if he continues down this road.

    • Knowledge says:

      End up like Wade? At this point he would kill for D-Wade’s knees.

    • Jordanola says:

      End up like wade?? D rose will be lucky to end up like d wade! He’ll be lucky to NOT end up like Brandon Roy or penny hardaway.

    • ALBERT says:

      There’s no doubt in my mind that D-Rose would not think twice to trade his lone MVP for D-Wade’s 3 Rings and 1 Finals MVP.

  105. Jersey Fresh says:

    Derrick Rose’s injury is heartbreaking, for sure. That said, his breakdowns were inevitable, given the absurd wear-and-tear on his body over his first four seasons. His game knew no other alternative, and the Bulls probably didn’t consider the risk factors. Rose is a cautionary tale: a hyper-talented young player with little real-world experience before joining the NBA who becomes a marketing icon almost instantly. There was no escape from the grind for Rose, whose style of play required enormous effort, and yielded strong personal stats, but no great team triumphs.

    Rose’s absence from the 2012-2013 season showed that, frankly, his team was better without him. Rose is a dribble-first, shoot-first point guard with enormous talent, but not nearly the maturity or native intelligence to match his raw talent. One can only hope that his latest injury will force him to change his game and learn his craft in a way that does not jeopardize his body. And, if not, I would hope that experts look at his plight as a case study. The Bulls have some solid, smart team players. Sadly, Derrick Rose was never one of those players (I gag when I see “point guards” putting up 25+ shots in a game, as Rose frequently did in his early years).

    The Indiana Pacers have seen this movie before: Danny Grainger’s absence from the team last season only showed that he was not needed, and was probably better off being dealt to a lottery team that needed some marquee name value and some potential scoring talent. Young players who are hovered up by the NBA marketing machine as identifiers for the non-fan ultimately fall victim to the star machine, and the game is worse for this kind of old-school worship.

    • kobefanjay says:

      The Bulls were definitely not better without Rose last year. They made it to the eastern conference final only to lose to heat in 2011, and they had the best record in the league the year after(tied with the spurs) and then Rose went down in the playoffs.

  106. Arno says:

    Let me guess the doctors will give him the ok to play by playoff time but he will decide its better to wait another year. This summer: The Return Part 2. LMAO

  107. adsf says:

    Wish this never happened, really wanted him to play.

  108. Tyrone says:

    Only the good die young (or get injured young) – BRoy, DRose, etc

  109. NBA Fan says:

    This could be the end of a short career.

    • Name (required) says:

      Career? As a T-Shirt advertiser did you mean?, for having a basketball career you have to play first and I guess there are more minutes of D-Rose on advertisements than on the basketball court. I’m not happy with this, don’t misunderstand me but there is much more effort on fallen idols nowadays than in the players that make this sport shine. IMO, D-Rose is like Bynum or Oden, I know that Chicago is eager to go back to the Jordan years, but they first need a basketball player, not a T-Shirt advertiser that breaks down each2 steps. Either way, I hope D-Rose recovers good and thinks about a change in his life for the good of basketball and the Bulls.

      • Chi-Town-BullsFan says:

        You do understand that you compared him to guys with no MVP guys that didn’t help there team to the #1 seed two years straight and took them to the conference finals stop being a troll goofy

      • Name (required) says:

        I know he has a MVP Trophy, so waht?, Obama has a Peace Nobel and 90% of the people 3 centuries ago were convinced that the earth was plain. Maybe I am a troll goofy, but I’m not a kid without brain. The Bulls are a good team with or without Rose and honestly, Rose is doing more harm and damage to the bulls than any other thing right now. I saw how this “MVP” caliber person acted and reacted a year ago, I also see what he put into the court while he stayed healthy. Call me what you want, you are free to be blind if that is your like and call the rest “troll goofies” when they reject the idea to be a sheep and follow other ones opinions. D-Rose is a dissapointment, a GREAT ONE, but the league and the media insists in this as if it were the only thing interesting in the league, tomorrow everyone is going to excuse the Bulls if they don’t suceed and this is unfair, they have a great squad, a very talented one and all this story about Rose this or Rose that will do to them a very bad favor, just in the same way it did a year ago.

      • Jeet says:

        He’s not a disappointment… He means so much to Chicago and NBA. After doing horribly for about a decade, Thiboddeau and Rose turned the Bulls team around, making them a top team again. This is just some bad luck. And T-Shirt advertiser? Um, whatever he’s advertising, he gets paid millions of dollars doing so, more than what he gets from the NBA. Most NBA players make most of their money from advertising. You think players like Lebron, Kobe, CP3, D12 can all make over 100 million dollar a year just from the NBA? NO, most of their income is from advertising, and not eveyone gets to advertise. You need to be a real and great icon and great player in the NBA to get that advertising contract. Sit down man, you don’t know what you’re talking about at all.

  110. phat says:

    rose done in nba. his highlights will be there ..

  111. PGC25 says:

    He’s going to have to drastically change his playing style by the looks of things. Hopefully he can. It could even force him to become a better player. Best case scenario: He regains his athleticism, but brings his other skills to a level where he can use it sparingly and preserve his health. It seems pretty clear now that his game as it is will destroy his body. If he becomes the kind of player who will beat you with his skills and wits 90% of the time, but still has that explosiveness in his back pocket for when nothing else is working, he’ll be unstoppable.

  112. Kevin Ba says:

    For Rose, this is more than just missing another 3-5 months, it’s setback to his career, his reputation and contribution to the Bulls. Looking at replays of both injuries, one could clearly say that Rose plays too hard in the paint. For a 6’3″ point guard, Rose plays too hard, too fast and too aggressive in the “painted area” meant for giants. He just does not take good care of his body enough.

    • sleeplessbull says:

      fast plays are for small guys… what are you talking about… and its not like he is being tackled by the D-Line!!!

      • KOBE'S_A_BALLHOGGER says:


      • LBJKIN6JAMES says:


        I agree. Also Tony Parker …

      • Vikstar says:

        @KOBE’S_A_BALLHOGGER Chris Paul had the exact same knee injury in 2010

      • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

        That’s true, Chris Paul did have the same meniscus injury in 2010, but Chris Paul never tore his ACL. The point was that Rose’s style of play doesn’t equate to a long and prosperous career. Same thing applies to Westbrook, that style of play will not be good in the long-term.

      • qq says:

        KOBE’S_A_BALLHOGGER Like Little chris paul could play above the rim, if paul could throw down like these other pgs, like westbrook, lillard, and rose, he would

  113. Noit says:

    Definitely don’t remove the meniscus. Take 6 months but get it fully fixed.

  114. BearSeacrest says:

    A few Options:

    1) Andre Miller – Denver
    2) Jeremy Lin – Houston
    3) Jameer Nelson – Orlando
    4) Goran Dragic – Phoenix
    5) Allen Iverson – Bring him out of retirement

  115. The Wise says:

    Waste of talent

    • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

      I wouldn’t say that so fast.. Rose is still young and has a lot of years ahead of him. MJ broke his foot in his 2nd season and came back better than ever. Some players get their injuries out of the way at a young age. and some have injuries when they are older and its not as easy to bounce back.
      This is sad news even if your not a Bulls / Rose fan… I think Rose should come back this year if possible, I don’t think he should take the full year off again, that will only be worse for him psychologically.

      • NewYorker says:

        This is totally different than what happened with MJ. Maybe it’s time to think about extending the schedule. So there are not as many back-to-backs. A lot of players are going down.

      • LBJKIN6JAMES says:

        its not just Rose, there have been ALOT of injuries lately

      • BullsFan4Life says:

        man its sad….just when he was beginning to get back into form…i think he should get it stiched up instead of cutting it due to his playing style…i would rather see rose playing 15 years instead of 8….I BLAME ADIDAS

      • casper says:

        It is good they lost today ver Clippers. It is only one game, and sometimes a lost is needed for a team as some kind of reset button. That will set them up in new (old) configuration without DRose. Next game they will win by double figures

      • ALBERT says:

        Agree, Rose is still quite young and should still be able to come back. But MJ’s case is a little different. For all of Jordan’s athleticism, his style of play is less prone to injury. He has a more reliable perimeter game, a deadly jumpshot and when he does take it to the rim, he covers less ground. The impact of his fall is not as great owing to his larger size compared to Rose. I think Rose should start changing his game a bit, not totally. He was an MVP and no one wins this award if he’s not intelligent enough to expand or alter his game his game. This guy is an intelligent player, he just has to believe it.

    • Another Heat Fan says:

      this is so sad…I feel for bulls’ fans everywhere…

      When i saw the injury i was hoping it was not a tear and was just a sprain this time (didn’t look that grave)
      It’s not easy to tear the medial meniscus (usually the lateral one is more prone to tearing)

      On the bright side atleast it’s not another ACL injury which is much harder to recover from…
      He SHOULD be back for the playoffs this time.

      What I don’t understand is why are Rose’s knees so bad…I mean he was just taking a few steps…And this is his good leg.,,
      What I fear is that Rose’s body simply can’t handle his athletic gifts…So when he comes back, perhaps he should consider changing the tempo of his game to minimize the risk of this happening again,,,

      • beans says:

        On the question of why his knees are so bad…

        True it was his good leg but when you think about it his good leg had just taken about 2 years off from consistent game speed action. After all that time it was probably weaker than the other leg because of the rehab. He was even mentioning he had some soreness early in the season.

        I wouldn’t dare say its the coaches fault to play the star player but maybe it was too much too soon. He hasn’t been able to use his explosiveness at game speed for nearly 2 years and all of a sudden you play 20+ games (preseason included) in 40 days would be a lot especially with his play style.

      • Julio says:

        Dr, chorrogordo,CRY ME A RIVER!!!!!!!!!!!.