MVP Ladder: Pelicans’ Davis Moving Up!

VIDEO: Anthony Davis talks about what it would mean to him to be an All-Star

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Anthony Davis at 20 years old better than Dwight Howard at 20? 

As long as Davis keeps on doing what he’s doing, this simmering debate will rage on. But a better comparison for the New Orleans Pelicans’ young big man might be Kevin Garnett, whose size, versatility, length, skill, intensity and high-ceiling at his current age are reminiscent of a young KG.

You could even step into the deep water and present the case that Davis is even better right now than Garnett, a future Hall of Famer, was at the same stage of his career. Davis is already in the mix on KIA Race to the MVP Ladder, which explains where sits currently on the big man food chain in the NBA (at or near the top of most people’s lists).

Chris Paul retained the No. 1 spot this week but is being pushed by Paul George, LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Tony Parker in the top five. Kevin Love, James Harden, Davis, Stephen Curry and newcomer LaMarcus Aldridge round out the top 10.

Dive in here for more of this week’s KIA Race To The MVP Ladder!


  1. jdub4551 says:

    lebron is still mvp… cp3 is trying too hard. love is trying too hard. i’m worried that they get injured esp love. durant couldnt carry okc without westbrook. only paul george can kinda challenge lebron but is still kinda raw. he has a lot of help from hibbert and west. harden? cmon now… i would put duncan and westbrook ahead of him cause his just a volume shooter. its the ball movement of houston that makes them so effective offensively. parsons is just ridiculous. solid solid player.

  2. jdub4551 says:

    davis is definitely better that howard!! no questions asked. but he needs to beef up. his body is kinda thin for a center, just look at camby’s career….

  3. LeBrontourage says:

    Where is Carmelo on the MVP Ladder? Are you people blind?

  4. Maroko says:

    So LaMarcus Aldridge is playing for the Golden State Warriors ?

  5. Amazed says:

    You Who Must Be Kidding
    “…we are going…with PIE. We feel this is a more accurate depiction of a player’s value, stats-wise.” So Lebron continues to lead the league with his PIE, so you rank him number three. And his overall stats are superior to those of everyone else, including George and Paul, so you rank him number three. (By the way, his stats for at least two of these games were for three quarters of play, because he led the team to such a commanding lead that he could sit out the entire fourth.)
    And Miami is playing amazingly well even without Wade, because Lebron makes everyone better, and you rank him number three. As the announcer for the Magic said the other night, he controls EVERY aspect of the game while he is on the floor. And he always has and always does. EVERYTHING changes when he steps onto the floor, in a way no other player in the league can begin to match. So you rank him number three. What else does he have to do? Please reply and let me know. I would be interested.
    Let me remind you, Sekou: Sports s about fairness, or it’s just a joke. If Lebron is MVP ten times in a row, regardless of what your readers think or your bosses think or how boring it gets or how much pressure is on you to sell websites, Lebron is still MVP ten times in a row. It’s called fairness, honesty or, may I say, sportsmanship?
    Michael Jordan, whom I dislike for his arrogance, lack of off-court discipline, inability to understand basketball on the macro level, etc., remains, at this point, the GOAT. And he deserved the MVP essentially every year he played. But he didn’t get it because of people who felt that their ability to make arbitrary decisions was more important than his performance, people like the IDIOT who voted against Lebron last year. It’s not a popularity contest or a contest to increase Sekou Smith’s ratings or job security. It’s the fair and equitable choice of the most valuable player in the NBA. Don’t, for example, the vast majority of General Managers in the league agree with me when I say that there is no question who that is?

    • Caldron Pool says:

      A lot of players completely effect the game when they are in there, and most of these guys have played a comparable number of total minutes to LeBron and have sat when a win was sealed before time was up. Fairness? There are several players worthy of MVP at this point, and there are other factors at play. CP3 has completely effected the game every time he is on the court, and considering LAC have had the toughest schedule of any team so far, to be at 10-5, and having more victories vs. western conf. playoff teams than any other team in the league probably factors in to his ranking. Relax, LeBron probably doesn’t even care about this award, he is just looking for more titles.

  6. dandan says:

    just note that KG was the first player in 20 years to be drafted straight from high school and Davis had so much expectations to be ROTY because of his high draft pick

  7. Knowledge says:

    This dude deserves the All-Star nod no question, he’s been playing out of his mind this season. Even in his worst games he is incredibly valuable on every level he can possibly contribute on. It’s been a joy to watch.