It’s Never Too Early To Make A Move

VIDEO: Jameer Nelson talks about sharing the backcourt with Victor Oladipo

The season isn’t even a month old, but there are some places where things are clearly not working and it’s already time for a change. Here are a handful of names that could or should be on the move:

Omer Asik, Rockets — At this point, he should have a moving van at the front door and his luggage packed. It’s only a matter of time before last year’s flavor of the season gets his wish and a ticket out of Houston. Despite his workmanlike double-double consistency in 2012-13, there’s no faulting the Rockets for leaping at the chance to upgrade to Dwight Howard. The twin towers experiment didn’t work. Asik is unlikely to be happy playing just the spare minutes available as a backup and it only makes sense to get the kind of piece missing — rugged, bruising big man or stretch 4 — that can be a more comfortable fit at both ends of the floor. It also wouldn’t hurt to unload that $15 million due next season to Asik. There are any number of places that Asik could help right away. New York and New Orleans immediately come to mind. GM Daryl Morey is in no rush and will pull the trigger when he’s ready on the right deal.

Jameer Nelson, Magic — The handwriting has been on the wall since the Magic made Victor Oladipo the No. 2 pick in the 2013 draft and promptly announced going into summer league play that he would get a run at point guard. That message might as well have been spray-painted in Day-Glo orange on Saturday night when coach Jacque Vaughn removed the veteran Nelson from a winnable game against Dallas and let the rookie run the offense all the way to the end of a 108-100 loss. Oladipo, as uncomfortable as he may often look at the point, is the future of the franchise along with all of the other young parts. In a season when the Magic don’t really expect to win many games, it only makes sense to move Nelson and make the full-time commitment to the rookie. The fact that the $8 million on Nelson’s contract next season is a team option will only make him easier to move for another future asset.

Danny Granger, Pacers — The fact that Granger has not yet come back from a calf injury more than three weeks into the season hasn’t stopped the Pacers from running out to their league-best 10-1 record, which matches the Spurs. In fact, it could mean that coach Frank Vogel will have to disrupt the humming of a well-oiled machine when he eventually has to find the minutes and shots that Granger will surely want when he’s back in the lineup. Can he really afford to give up a single possession by MVP candidate Paul George? Lance Stephenson has fit quite well into the starting lineup. The Pacers pushed the Heat to Game 7 of the Eastern Conference finals without Granger last spring. By moving his desirable expiring contract they could add another valuable piece to the bench.

Thaddeus Young, 76ers — The long, versatile forward does not shoot well from behind the 3-point line, but does so many other things that make him desirable and valuable on the court. Considering the fact that the Sixers are still several years away under GM Sam Hinkie’s total reconstruction program, it doesn’t make sense to keep Young around for another $19 million over the next two seasons. Hinkie would probably like to get rid of Evan Turner first, but Young is the player that other clubs are most interested in and could bring in return the kind of asset that Philly wants and needs for the future.

Anybody But DeMarcus Cousins, Ben McLemore, Kings — It might be time to set up the folding tables and the hand drawn price tags in the parking lot at Sleep Train Arena and hold a flea market to clean out the locker room. As Scott Howard-Cooper pointed out, the Kings have already benched Marcus Thornton, John Salmons and Patrick Patterson and are ready to make a full-time commitment to the future by sweeping the locker room clean. Cousins may have his own baggage, but he is putting up solid numbers of 21.5 points and 9.9 rebounds per game. Despite all of the optimism that the “saved in Sacramento” Kings brought into this season under new coach Michael Malone, losing seven of their first nine games delivered a heavy dose of reality.

Danny Granger speaks on Nov. 13 about progress with injury


  1. Superman-4 says:

    First off is the Pelicans…Ryan Anderson to Houston…not gonna happen he played with Dwight in Orlando…the Magic didnt really work although RA did have his best shooting % and if they trade for Asik the Pelicans would have the same problem way too many big men and no real place for them; Davis, Asik, Stiemsma, Withey, and Smith. I could see the Pelicans maybe making a run for Young who is a good rebounder and would fit well in the fast pace and young system the Pelicans are going for.

    Second the Kings. I would not mind to see the Kings make some small trades here and there Jimmer to the Lakers would be nice and would help but for who? The Lakers are in need of a strong 3 who can carry the team on offense and defense until Kobe retuns…so maybe a three team trade between the Kings, Lakers, and Pacers? Lakers-Jimmer, and Granger,Patterson,Vasquez Kings-Blake,X-Henry,Mahinmi,Copeland,Sloan Pacers-Nash,Thompson,Kamen,Williams,Salmons

    Third is the Magic. I could see them trying to move Nelson soon because VO is the new face of the magic…i just don’t know who would want him with his mediocre play and his contract…Maybe a move to bigger market like Dallas or maybe even a back up role somewhere like Portland or Toronto where he can give good mins and some” leadership ”

    And just a little shout out to all you Heat fans…The fact that Beasley is just sitting the bench not really doing anything….is because the Heat have seen the writing on the wall and are preparing for LBJ to go back to Cleveland

  2. Da King says:

    Omer Asik to the Pelicans for Ryan Andreson
    Danny Granger to the Celtics for Keith Bogans & Kris Humphries
    Jameer Nelson to the Heat for Udonis Haslem & Norris Cole
    Thaddeus Young to the Suns for Goran Dragic

    Every team ( expect Pacers ) benefit from these trades

  3. reggie says:

    Ive always been a pacer fan, and it would be kinda hard to see Granger go, but i would look to maybe disrupt some teams if i could… say Granger for Ryan Anderson? the Pelicans need a small forward and we would just keep everyone else from getting Anderson

  4. JoJO says:

    Kendrick Perkins for Omer Asik.

  5. Akeem The Dream says:

    A lot of people gonna hat eme for saying this but, I’ll trade Chris Bosh for Omer Asik and a conditional 1st round pick. Miami Lacks the defense they had last year and Omer Asik gives them thr rim protection that they were looking for in Greg Oden, They Can put Haslem back in the starting lineup and Give Beasely a shot off the bench and Houston gets a stretch four that can give Dwight space to dominate in the paint

  6. okc - rockets says:


    Asik to OKC??? Perk is done and Ibaka with Asik could be scary

    that is a perfect fit!!!

  7. Rob says:

    1. T. Young to Houston will not happen. Young and Parsons are both “tweaner” 3-4’s and while their skill sets are a bit different they still likely overlap too much for Houston too want to make that trade.
    2. Idiana won’t even consider trading Granger until they know what he can contribute and I disagree with the author in that I do not think he will be moved at all unless he truly becomes a locker room problem (and from what I have read about him that likely won’t happen). Reasons..
    a. There are 96 minutes available in an NBA game for SG/SF, Indiana is all in on a title chase, Granger is better than Orlando Johnson and I am not certain who else Indiana can get from another team that would to help their roster. Basically George and Stephenson are playing the most minutes on the team right now which in my view means SG/SF is the only spot Vogel doesn’t think he has a true quality backup. Granger for 30+ minutes would be a big help.
    b. If they do try and trade him, the only teams that will be interested are teams also all in on a championship, or teams looking to get out of a couple of longer term contracts. In either way instance teams would want Indian to take back salaray and Indiana is better served for next year getting the $$$ off the books for reasons already mentioned by others (George extension kicking in and having to pay Stephenson)
    c. So bottom line, if Indiana does trade Granger I think they would look at getting a solid SG/SF type back in the deal, Not certain who’s available now that would fit. Maybe someone like Trevor Ariza? I don’t think a trade for him specfically would work as there are not enough pieces that fit, but that type of player..experienced and solid without an issue coming off the bench. Maybe one of those SAC players like Salmons or Thorton? Actually the more I think about it the more I bet SAC would do that in a heartbeat. Dump a couple of longer term contracts for 4 months of Granger mentoring Mclemore and then their books are cleener heading into next season. Question is would Indiana want what SAC offered? (Scoring off the bench)

  8. h-town fan says:

    i want rondo im not sending asik to okc to make them better or any other playoff contender

  9. Brian says:

    am i the only one who wants jimmer in chicago? jimmer for teague and snell chicago cant give teague development minutes on the court and frankly i dont see snell doing anything. we’ve needed a good sg for a LONG time with jimmers 3pt shooting chicago would improve one of thier weaknesses.

  10. LOLakers says:

    Rondo to Miami for Mario Chalmers. Boston is rebuilding anyway so let a good team have him!!!

  11. GreenTeam says:

    Ok so this roughly works as far as I can tell with contracts…

    Granger to the Cavs for Jarret Jack….Pacers need someone better than CJ watson to run the show, and Jack could even start. Cavs still need a SF cause Bennet is just….just no

    Asik for Thad Young could be beneficial…76ers need a more dominant center, Young could grow to be the stretch 4 the Rockets need, various draft picks could also be included with this

    Nelson for Grevis Vasquez, Vasquez has a qualifying offer on his contract for next year so they could elect not to match and let the contract expire, while the Kings get a little veteran leadership from Nelson

  12. bensath says:

    If Granger can cope with being the 6th man, then he is exactly what the Pacers need – someone outside of George who can create his own shot off the dribble. If he can’t stay healthy then they be best to find someone who is an outside offensive threat.

    Ball movement has been an issue in the past and I can understand someone like Rondo being involved in rumours to go to the Pacers, except he lacks a solid outside jump shot and Indy can’t pay his salary if they hope to keep George and Stephenson. If the Pacers won’t pay the luxury tax, then someone like Iman Shumpert might be a option

  13. bensath says:

    If Granger can cope with being the 6th man, then he is exactly what the Pacers need – someone outside of George who can create his own shot off the dribble. If he can’t stay healthy then they be best to find someone who is an outside offensive threat.

    Ball movement has been an issue in the past and I can understand someone like Rondo being involved in rumours to go to the Pacers, except he lacks a solid outside jump shot and Indy can’t pay his salary if they hope to keep George and Stephenson. If the Pacers won’t pay the luxury tax, then someone like Iman Shumpert might be a option

  14. Corey says:

    For a team like the pacers its to early in the season to give up on Granger even tho he is injury prone. Even tho they went to the conference finals last year without him they should wait for Granger to come back and if he can stay healthy then he will be that missing piece from last season but if Granger stays injury prone throughout this season then at da deadline they should trade him for a role player that can come off the bench and provide a spark

  15. jb says:

    I would give Granger a chance to come back and see what the he can add healthy. For Nelson he can be a solid backup anywhere and for asik to okc for perkins would be a solid trade. Kings are 4-7 now but do need to trade thorton Patterson salmons and freddete.

    • Akeem The Dream says:

      Perkins for Asik would be a good trade but then Houston would be in the same predicament if Perkins doesn’t want to come off the bench .. they honestly need a stretch four to play with Dwight

  16. JH13 says:

    osik and ronnie brewer for young and orton or granger for osik and a pick and start granger at PF

  17. ReggieMillerfor2k14 says:

    send danny granger to the bulls for taj gibson and teague

    asik for anderson is a nice trade for the league

    jameer nelson to the knicks

  18. biggggggsmokeeeee says:

    Asik for Barganni?

  19. Gerald says:

    Danny Granger for Jeff Green

    Jameer Nelson for Tyreke Evans

    Omer Asik for Pau Gasol

  20. bluecollargoldswagger says:

    People act like Granger’s contract is a problem.
    Yes he is due a lot of money this year.
    But he is an expiring contract on a team that has no interest in resigning for that much money next year, with George’s extension taking effect and Stephenson becoming a restricted free agent.
    The guy has’nt been healthy in over a year and the Pacers came within one game of the finals. (i am referring to game one ovetime)
    They don’t need him. If he can still produce at the level of play pre-All Star George If would only be his campaign for a nice contract from a team needing a secondary scorer

    The guy is good no doubt but it is obvious he can not be the guy that a team builds around.

    The Pacers should trade him for a couple of second round picks or another expiring contract because they don’t have much money to spend in the near future.

  21. Ray says:

    Spurs could try and land Granger or Young. But, they are the Spurs so they’ll be involved but in the end won’t pull the trigger.

  22. BreakfastorFastbreak says:

    Asik at 5..Young at 4.. Granger at 3.. Nate Robinson at 2..Rajon at 1 ! All to the Kings for DCousins! Am I a genius or what?

  23. AB says:

    Granger will fit well in Hawks (C-Horford, PF-Milsap, SF-Granger, SG-Korver, PG-Teague) , but don’t know if hawks have anything to offer that would interest Indiana.

  24. AgL3n0c says:

    asik to OKC

  25. Paolo says:

    They should try to trade Granger for Melo

  26. Delonte West says:

    I like Granger to the Clippers
    T. Young to the Rockets
    Asik to OKC

  27. okc2014 says:

    Asik to the D League.

  28. J says:

    1 Trade for Young
    2 Why would you trade him? Oladipo is a SG not PG, start him and have Afflalo come off the bench with scoring
    3 Trade for a scoring bench player like Kyle Korver or even better Lou Williams quickly before Granger returns and messes everything up
    4 Trade for Asik
    5 Who are you talking about Cousins or Mclemore?

  29. Gillsy says:

    What about Asik to the Magic, Nelson to Indiana and Granger to Houston.

  30. I'm A Carmelo Fan says:

    The Pacers will not be able to trade Granger because of the fact that he is on the last year of his contract and they need to be able to pay PG24 (Paul George) and Lance Stephenston.

    The Magic will end up keeping Jameer Nelson because he has a team option and they won’t have to worry about any long term stuff with him.

    Asik is a player who has a whole lot of trade value but he wont get moved because of his HUGE $15 Million dollars in the second year of his deal and no team wants to take that on, not even the 76ers and Pelicans who are both in rebuilding modes, and when teams rebuild, they also need money to rebuild. I really do feel bad for Asik because he is a very good starting center but DH12 (Dwight Howard) sort of stole his staring Center spot.

    The Kings actually have the most flexibility based on the teams in this article. Marcus Thornton actually has some trade potential because of his high powered offensive game, Patrick Patterson is a good trade piece due to his low contract and he is at the most a Mid-Level-Exception type of money and he has good potential for a team who needs a stretch Four. & not to forget Jimmer Fredette, Jimmer has real good potential too and he still has 2 years on his contract and teams who need a good scoring PG could afford him for a small price because Sacramento would be more than willing to unload him with their large Guard depth. And with guys like Salmons, Chuck Hayes, and Travis Outlaw, unfortunately, teams don’t want guys who are overpaid.

    With Thaddeus Young, the 76ers should keep him because he is a stretch 4, and the NBA is transitioning to the Stretch 4 position (Melo & LeBron). But Evan Turner is a good trade option but the way he is playing right now, the 76ers will probably keep him.

  31. Dre says:

    Houston needs Thaddus Young but Philly don’t need Asik contract…..I see a 3 team trade n the making where Philly would be looking for draft picks

  32. Jiro says:

    For Asik i think they could make a trade for Boston’s Humphries. Since those two big men aren’t content with their current situation anyways.

  33. Boston fan says:

    Granger should go to denver…They need a guy like that.and Denver give Wilson Chandler for indiana…a good trade

  34. Ben says:

    This is terrible commentary regarding Danny Granger’s position. Why would a team trade “low” on Granger? The Pacers will get absolutely nothing for him– certainly no pieces that would help this year. Granger isn’t stupid. He knows that this is a contract year and he’s on his way out of town. Once he gets healthy, you can expect him to hustle and do all the right things to make sure he ends up in an advantageous position elsewhere next year. That means the Pacers can expect much needed firepower off the bench whenever he finally does get healthy. (And by the way, he’ll be subbing in for Lance Stephenson, not Paul George)

    While Granger’s contract is a burden considering the lack of production the Pacers have received from him, the only thing to do in this situation is to bite the bullet and wait for next year.

  35. Asik to OKC??? Perk is done and Ibaka with Asik could be scary :)Nelson->Raptors.

  36. prietokilla says:

    michael beasley is available aswell heat fans y’all dont wanna talk bout it…. they aint paying this young man a penny…. send him to the lakers we will you..Shawne Williams,Elias Harris…sounds good right

  37. prietokilla says:

    lakers trash.. dumb a$$ when was the last time lakers had a STEADY small foward…send Danny Granger to lakers we will give you bench players like u needed pacers:Wesley Johnson,
    Robert Sacre

  38. allen says:

    rondo for granger straight up

    • dq says:

      haha yup how about Chris Paul for jeff green then?

      • allen says:

        huh? rondo is good, but he’s no chris paul. rondo and granger both coming off injuries anyway so you don’t know how good either will be. pacers could use rondo more at PG than Granger at SF. Boston ends up better off too imo.

  39. Daz says:

    Any more guards looking for a change of scene? Bulls still need offense, with Rose slow on the come-back and not much else other than the versatile Jimmy buckets, scoring for the backcourt

  40. lee says:

    granger is to slow to play the sf anymore so id like to see what he can do at sg for a team bt waits to get because he basically just waits to get the ball and shoot it he really doesnt do anything else a team that i think could benefit from granger and asik would be alanta their a perfect fit for both players and that would give them a good enough team to actually win games granger to toronto wouldnt hurt my feelings any either and asik to no for ryan anderson shouldve happend the 2nd the signed dwight asik would also be a good fit in portland i dont really see nelson being wanted for his play anywhere just cap reasons so maybe the lakers just to unload someone else are the celtiics but nothing really other then that i could see the celtics making the twin tower thing work because the guy the have at center the rookie can shoot from anywhere really so i could see him play some powerforward so i wouldnt complain if the got asik either

  41. Daniel says:

    To say that Danny Granger has to be moved for bolstering our bench is stupid.

    1. Salary Cap issues. We move Danny, we get some extra pieces with possibly longer than this year contracts. This will affect the teams ability to sign Lance Stephenson to a long term contract. Granger’s Money is being moved to Paul George for next years salary cap so there is no room to just take on contracts.

    2. There is no guarantee what kind of player Danny Granger will be now. He could fit or he could not fit. There is no reason that any parts that we would get for Danny would fit any better.

  42. Ron says:

    Danny Granger might be traded before the trade deadline

  43. Claude says:

    Perkins & Sefolosha for Granger.

  44. Requiem says:

    Nets should trade D-Will and Lopez for Lebron

    • allen says:

      yeah just as soon as Miami is dumb enough to hire you as their GM you can agree to that trade for them

  45. juan vazquez says:

    I agree that the Kendrick Perkins trade threw you off a little bit but harden choked in the finals and on top of that lance Stephenson has been playing well and probably doesn’t want to come off of the bench any time soon… Danny Granger may have averages 18.2 ppg for his career and should have been be a 2 time all star by now but now he is at a solid 5. Since I am a LAKERS fan I would enjoy a Wesley Johnson/Danny Granger trade

  46. Romeo Aguirre says:

    The pacers can’t afford to lose Danny they need a 6th man Asik I think is a good player a double double machine granger will stay put tho

  47. Another Heat Fan says:

    dealing granger because “they have paul georgie” is the same logic as saying miami should deal wade because “we have lebron james”…

    No…Teams have to stop doing this, breaking up cores…
    OKC dealing harden…Boston dealing kendrick perkins before that…All these last minute changes they have to stop!

    You don’t subtract in order to win a championship, you have to add.
    Its not easy to win a championship, and the pacers are gonna need granger for any shot whatsoever.

    • J Bigs says:

      Yea, but Granger hasn’t played in the true Paul George era and he might not fit into the new system. The Pacers need another spark off the bench, so trading Granger would be a good idea

    • Arvin (LakerFan4Life) says:

      I understand where you’re coming from and that WOULD be great for franchises, but money starts to get involve. You look at these guys’ salary and a lot of things come to mind: how much have I paid him and how much will I still have to pay him? Has he been productive? Prone injury? Will he be healthy? What will he bring to the table? Etc. Remember, NBA isn’t just entertainment and winning. It’s pretty much a business too (obviously). Heat fans just got lucky because, Lebron, D-wade, and Bosh were willing to give up a lot of money to win and play with each other. I don’t think all players are like them. It’s not just fun and games and winning. Money is involved too.

    • Another Heat Fan says:

      Money? If we’re talking championships money should not be an issue.
      You don’t lower your chances of winning to save a few bucks, not if you’re in it to win it.

      And as for where to fit granger, you guys act like this is a problem.
      It’s a blessing, a coach’s dream if you will.
      If granger isnt playing too hot you can bring him off the bench. If he’s in all star shape bring stephenson off the bench.

      If you are in a tough playoff game where george isn’t getting much going, it would be great if you could rest him and play granger and stephenson together.

      Right now we are in the season guys. In the season, yeah it may not look like the pacers need granger. They might even finish the whole season top seed but so what? You have to think ahead…

      Back when KG was with the wolves, there was one year the wolves came out on top in the season but they still lost to the lower seeded Lakers because no one had KGs back when push came to shove…

      The playoffs are hard. All teams play better in the playoffs. Some play 10% better than they did in the season (spurs), others play 100% better (golden state last year).

      You need EVERY BIG GUN in your arsenal come playoff time. You can’t spare anything.

      You don’t want to throw granger away for the role player you think you need. You don’t trade a star for a role player, even if you think you have enough stars.
      You keep your stars, and it’s up to your coach to make the roles work. But you keep the stars…

      • R-Lo says:

        Have you ever heard of a salary cap my friend? Not all owners want to be penalized millions. Teams can still win championships without going over the salary cap. The whole point of the salary cap was to even out teams so the rich teams don’t just buy championships.

        As far as Granger, do you think he will want to come of the bench or have a reduced role if he starts? If he gets reduced playing time he will demand a trade. The team is stacked already and doesn’t need him. It would be smart to get his salary off the books for next year. You obviously know nothing about basketball or business.

      • JBR says:


        Actaully, he seems to know quite a bit about basketball and business, especially the business of WINNING!

        If you think he’s so wrong, debunk him. Name a time when trading a star for a role player or ‘missing piece’ has actually worked. Name a team that has won a championship through their sheer determination not to pay too much in luxury tax.
        You said teams win championships without going over the salary cap. So name one. ONE is all I ask for.

        Teams with stars win championships. Teams willing to spend win championships.

        I don’t like that it’s how things are in the NBA, but it IS how things are.

        As for Granger, if he is determined to WIN, he will do what it takes, even if that means coming off the bench, playing a ‘reduced role’ or whatever. If he’s not, he’ll spend his career simply being the best player on mediorce teams.

      • Akeem The Dream says:

        JBR and AnotherHeatFan , what you’ve said is true. However there is no point in keeping his contract on the books and paying him if he hasn’t contributed to the team. You both mentioned keeping the core of the team together and right now Danny Granger is apart of that core that has gone 10-1. If you’re saying they should pay Danny Granger to be hurt, then Houston should’ve kept T-mac, or Grant hill should’ve stayed with the Pistons. I say you have a valid point only if Granger stays healthy.

    • PetrGSW says:

      You can add the 2011 Mavs to the mix too when mentioning braking the core.
      But to the main toppic of conversation,I thing, it goes down to whether the players themselves are willing to play less minutes, or different roles in order to help their team win it ALL, I doubt Indy would want to trade Danny, but he may not like coming off the bench after he’s been their best player for last couple of years. And the money, unfortunately is an issue, thats just a fact.
      Not every team has owners like the Lakers,Heat, Nets or Mavs…

  48. TTKIN says:

    2-7 is a surprise for the Kings? That’s pretty much exactly where I expected them to be at.

  49. big ben says:

    Asik to Boston, Nelson and granger to Kings, Young stays put

  50. Christian "NORWAY" Bodin says:

    Danny Granger on the Rockets could be DANGEROUS..

  51. Grievous56 says:

    I really think NO would benefit greatly from Asik, not to mention HOU needs a stretch 4 like Ryan Anderson for Dwight Howard to fully work in H-Town.

  52. Romeo Aguirre says:

    Omer Asik and Danny Granger and Nelson to the Lakers

    • EnglishFan says:

      And how would they make that work?!

    • anthony says:

      lakers will still be trash haha

    • jeff says:

      I can understand the Lakers wanting Asik and Granger but they would have to give up a couple (or draft picks) to get them, or to even make the trade attractive with what they have to spare, Can’t see them wanting Jameer unless they trade him for Nash. Even then I don’t think the Lakers would be interested. They are saving up for LeBron