Kings Pushing Hard For Trades

VIDEO: Suns vs. Kings recap, Nov. 19

HANG TIME WEST – The Kings are aggressively pursuing trade possibilities in hopes of accelerating the rebuilding process, has learned, with one executive saying the team is looking to swap veterans for prospects and picks.

While it is believed some conversations have advanced beyond preliminary talks, it is not immediately clear whether any deals are imminent. One league source rated Sacramento’s interest level in making a move soon as “very high,” and said the new front office led by owner Vivek Ranadive and general manager Pete D’Alessandro has had discussions with several clubs in hopes of generating activity long before the Feb. 20 trade deadline.

The Kings (3-7) have several veterans that could be of interest to playoff-bound teams looking for depth, although some of those players have sizable guaranteed contracts. John Salmons just lost his starting job at small forward, as did shooting guard Marcus Thornton and power forward Patrick Patterson.

The Kings are looking for young players or draft picks in return as additional pieces of the reconstruction that centers on DeMarcus Cousins, Ben McLemore and their own pick, destined for the lottery, in the loaded 2014 draft.

News of a potential roster shakeup comes amid the poor start that has included a five-game losing streak, a series of large deficits, lineup changes and an obvious lack of effort in stretches that would ordinarily come late in a disappointing season, not at the beginning of one surrounded by positive energy from the offseason. As coach Michael Malone said Sunday, after a loss to the Grizzlies: “We’ve changed the lineup twice now. The first was Marcus and Patrick, and then tonight we’re starting Luc (Mbah a Moute, for Salmons). When you’re 2-7, I guess sometimes I find myself constantly searching for a group that’ll go out there and play the right way. We made those subs pretty quickly in that third quarter because the group that was out there, as a group, was not playing the way that we need to play, and it’s unacceptable to me.”

Tuesday night, the Kings improved to 3-7 by rallying from 14 points down in the third quarter to beat the Suns with reserves Patterson, Isaiah Thomas, Travis Outlaw and Jimmer Fredette playing large roles, along with Cousins, in the final period. The teams meet again tonight in Phoenix before heading into a very difficult stretch in which four of the next five games are against the Clippers, Thunder and Warriors.

Fredette is widely known to be available after the decision in October to decline his option for next season. But the third-year guard, mostly out of the rotation, would bring little in return. One executive was asked if Fredette could bring as much as a pick late in the 2014 first round and said, “Not this year.” The Kings could try to package him as part of another deal, but they won’t take on a bad contract or another player unable to make an impact with a longer contract. Letting him walk as a free agent in the summer could turn out to be the best plan.


  1. Wizards Fan says:

    keep cousins thomas and mclemore. cut everybody and sign cmelo or
    lebron and finals in no time

  2. kenny says:

    meglore for perkins

  3. KingKaash94 says:

    Trade Jimmer Fredette, Jason Thompson, and Luc Mbah a Moute to Toronto Raptors for DeMar DeRozan, Aaron Gray, and Quincy Acy. Put DeMar at SF for Kings. Works on ESPN trade machine! It would help both teams.

  4. Earl says:

    The Kings should waive everyone they don’t like and then go to the NBA store and purchase a starting 3&4 with backups and a backup 5.

    Makes as much sense as these other commentors.

  5. Jack Mehoff says:

    Keep Cousins, Thomas, and Maclemore. The rest can be traded for whatever they will get in return. Chuck Hayes should just be waived. Salmons for whatever draft pick can be gotten. Thorton has become a cancerous problem and needs to be traded asap. The Kings are a team with an upward trajectory but they have so many anchors that it is dragging them downward. This ownership group inherited a team of 10 years worth of bad drafts, bad free agents, and bad coaching. It is going to take time to flush out the manure that has accumulated and build anything even close to a competitive team.

  6. watcher says:

    Have to wonder why they waived J.J hickson and stuck with thompson. They should probably keep fredette, guy can shoot and had a decent pre season. Salmons and thornton should be on their way out.

  7. Liz says:

    I think the coaches should stop babying Cousins and tell him he is a big man and needs to act like one. I am so tired of the tantrums it makes it very hard to watch the Kings games.

    I don’t see the greatness of Cousins he just looks like a spoiled brat, lacking in BB skills, and moody.

    Sorry to blow everyone’s bubble he will never be Tim Duncan, George Mikan or Kareem Abdul Jabbar!!!!

  8. Marcus says:

    They should have kept hold of Robinson – Cousins, Robinson, McLemore & I.Thomas would have been a good young core to build around. Trading the rest for a quality 24-28 yo SF & a older, bigger bodied PF to rotate w& mentor Robinson would have been a good outcome. Wouldn’t be enough to make them a playoff team this year, but with Cousins on a long term contract, they would have had the basis of a future one to get excited about

  9. Lakersfan says:

    I Don’t think Portland will trade LaMarcus Aldrich, Cousins and Aldrich both are Power forwards, Unless cousins play Center. Thorton is a very good player but when he is starter, john salmons Can be a player that the kings won’t have a hard time to trade just depends what the kings want in return for him plus i believe he has a heptic contract. I wouldnt mind Fredette to come to Lakers for Elias Harris.

    • KingsFan says:

      Cousins is not a power forward, he’s a center. pairing him with Lamarcus Alridge, it would be one of the best front court big men. Lamarcus wants to be traded but portland just don’t want to lose him. he’s too good to let go.

  10. Mejiafoam says:

    I say get rid of Thompson he doesn’t rebound he doesn’t have any moves and get rid of Thorton and Solomons they do not look happy on this team never see them smile and you’re right they are lazy on defense

  11. KingsFan says:

    get rid off Jason thompson, salmons, and thornton. Anything in return would be better. trade anyone, everyone (except DMC and Ben) for LaMarcus Alridge of Portland Trail Blazer. Playoff birth right away!

  12. Squatch says:

    Bill Simmons called it weeks ago… owner will be impatient and pull the trigger on some panic trades. Although I agree with some of the other posters in that they HAVE to do something to change the culture.

    As a Sonics fan it sure is hard to see the same ol’ Kings with tons of empty seats. So much for that much-touted fan support.

    I guess all we can do is get out arena ducks in a row and wait till Stern retires.

    • Symosky says:

      Should’ve done that when you actually had a team. I wouldn’t complain about not having a team when your city blew it with the one it had. I’m glad they took them to OKC, that’s one of the hardest places to play now. Seattle looks stupid, they didn’t want to pony up for an arena then the team did what they said they would do if they didn’t get a new arena, and now Seattle is whining they can’t get a team? Give me a break.

  13. QueensBridge says:

    Get rid of Salmons, Thorton, Fredette and Thompson, they’re not Coach Malone type players. They’re good but don’t fit and needs a new start on a new team. The only safe players are DMC, Ben, Thomas, Luc, Vasquez and Landry. These are guys they picked, signed and speak highly of. Change the culture by getting rid of some bad habit players from the previous management. They want to build a NBA team and play a proper NBA offense/defense. Not run up and down the floor trying outscore teams and win 25 games. Thorton and Salmons are lazy players and never run if the ball is not in their hands. Thorton wants to shoot 18 times a game, but can’t so he don’t give any effort. Salmons can’t shoot and but wants to shoot 14 times a game. DMC is the 1st option, 2nd option and 3rd option, he’s that good and a special big man with skills. There’s only about 10 skill big man in the NBA, the Kings have one. Coach Malone and GM Pete are the owner’s hand picked guys, they will not get fired, time to get rid of some BAD HABIT players.

  14. NBA TRADE FINDER says:

    Jordan Hamilton, Evan Fournier, Darell Arthur, Anthony Randolph For Greivis Vasquez, Jason Thompson

  15. Smiley says:

    Bulls trade Deng and Teague for Thornton, Luc, Fredette

  16. Smiley says:

    Bulls trade Deng SF for Salmons, Thornton, Fredette. Way too many SG/SF on this team and Deng plays close to the most minutes the past few years, hardly ever rests on the bench in Thib’s rotations (starts and stays on with bench mob).

  17. Nate says:

    I am glad to see management and coaching identifying a problem early and attempting to make changes. I know playoffs are a long way away but you have to get there somehow and this is the first step. I mean letting Jimmer walk could turn out to be a huge mistake because I think that he has some serious potential and hasn’t really had the opportunity to show it, but other than that, this is exactly what the Kings need in order to accelerate a rebuilding process that has had the pace of a snail to it so far.

    • Basketball Executive says:

      I wonder why people keep saying Jimmer hasn’t had a chance. People who know basketball can plainly see that he’s decent and may develop into a Steve Kerr kind of player, but he’s definitely not close to that yet. It appears that he’s getting the playing time he deserves. Makes me wonder if he’s the great white hope.

  18. U can't handle the lies says:

    keep cousins, I. Thomas and thornton. get rid of the rest of those bums.

    • Guy says:

      Get rid of McLemore huh, I don’t think so. Thornton has not played well and for 8 mil a year who wants him. McLemore will get better by the week and he Cousins and Thomas are the future.

  19. John says:

    This team needs a good coach. BADLY. Too bad Cousins isn’t a Spur because Popovich would set him straight. They need defense, and they need a better group of players. Now that the arena fiasco is over, they should reapply their focus to making this team good again. With a name like the Kings, they shouldn’t be so terrible.

    • Calvin says:

      The coach isn’t the problem at all. He’s doing a good job with a bad team that doesn’t play hard all the time. Changing the coach isn’t going to fix the problem – they need shooters and other big guy. Lets hope Landry is better soon.

  20. Roy says:

    This team has been consistently bad for the past 5 years. They’ve gotten a new coach every single year im sure and the only good thing they’ve done is sign Cousins to a long term contract. They need to keep Isiah Thomas and Cousins but use every other player as a potential trade piece for picks and scoring forward. Anything really to help this team.