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VIDEO: Anthony Davis on the All-Star Game in New Orleans

Pick an up-and-comer you’d like to see in New Orleans as a first-time All-Star.

Steve Aschburner, I cannot say Pelicans big man Anthony Davis, despite the host-city benefits, because what he does best – defend, block shots, rebound – are of marginal value in the offensively tilted All-Star Game. With that in mind, I’m going with Ricky Rubio. His slick passing would be perfect setting up West stars when Chris Paul sits down, and the Timberwolves guard would be content to go scoreless if he could rack up assists. He also puts his quick hands to use for steals, one defensive skill that doesn’t draw frowns from All-Star peers.

Fran Blinebury, NBA.comHow about the up-and-coming hometown kid from NOLA? It took Anthony Davis a season to really feel comfortable in the NBA, but now he’s taking off and it would be great for him to flap his big bird wings as the first Pelican in the big game.

Jeff Caplan, This is too easy, it has to be the hometown kid Anthony Davis. Behind Davis I’ve got a face-off between the Suns’ Eric Bledsoe and Portland’s Damian Lillard.

Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry (Rocky Widner/NBAE)

Scott Howard-Cooper, NBA.comStephen Curry. I’m not sure if qualifies as “up-and-comer” or “already there” after what he did in the playoffs and the level of respect from USA Basketball in being told he didn’t need to play at the mini-camp with other hopefuls. But Curry has not been an All-Star. That changes this season.

John Schuhmann, NBA.comThe answer should be Anthony Davis, though the Pelicans’ record and the depth of All-Star-caliber big men in the West could be an issue. But that he plays for the All-Star hosts shouldn’t matter. He ranks in the top 20 in scoring and the top 10 in rebounds, steals and blocks. His combination of skills, athleticism and length is unmatched and he’s taken a big step forward this season. His defense can get better (and that’s what — via his team’s record — might hurt his candidacy), but he’s certainly the best player in the league that’s never been an All-Star.

Sekou Smith, NBA.comThis is a set-up question, right? I mean, Anthony Davis wouldn’t even have to pack a bag to make his first All-Star Game. The New Orleans Pelicans star has had a breakout start to this season and other than a playoff appearance, the high-water mark for him would have to be playing host during All-Star Weekend in his city. And based on the work he’s put in thus far, this wouldn’t be a hometown pick. Davis is presenting a compelling case for entry into the conversation about the best big man in the game, even if the word “big” doesn’t always apply. Make no mistake, Davis is in the process of earning his first All-Star bid if he keeps it up. As my friends from New Orleans like to say, “Laissez les bons temps rouler!”

Lang Whitaker,’s All Ball blogWhy not Bradley Beal? The Wizards may be underperforming expectations thus far, but Beal’s been terrific. In just his second NBA season, Beal’s averaging 20.2 points per game, leading the Wiz in scoring. I’d like to see him get to the free-throw line a little more, but he’s a dynamic offensive player who has shown visceral improvement from his rookie season.

Davide Chinellato, NBA ItaliaI’ve already picked my All-Stars, and I included Lance Stephenson in my East starting five. Why? 13.7 points, 5.2 boards and 5.0 assists in the first 10 games. Do you remember when Larry Bird said Danny Granger should be a starter for the Pacers? Lance Stephenson was the one who was supposed to move to the bench. Instead he’s making the difference on both ends of the floor, shooting a career-best 45 percent from downtown and improving game after game.

Karan Madhok, NBA IndiaConsidering his newfound worldwide popularity, it’s weird to remember that Stephen Curry isn’t that All Star yet. Expect that aberration to end this season. Curry is sure to be in New Orleans shooting the lights out for the Western Conference come All Star Weekend. He’s the NBA’s best shooter, en route to becoming one of the best shooters in league history, and is one of the handful of players that make you wanna put everything else in life on pause to watch him catch fire.


  1. Wolfgang Geiger says:

    Guys, you know that it’s not the best players who get into the all star game, it’s the most popular ones, the ones people feel deserve to be there because of what they have given to the game and many times those players happen to be the best as well. It’s the players, people want to see at this exhibition and that’s the way it should be, at least in my opinion

  2. Ashanti says:

    Why is no one saying Jeff Teague? Is he not young enough?

  3. Scott says:

    No question…DAME! Have you seen Portland’s record? Lillard for President!

  4. D'Andre Barksdale says:

    John wall and bradley beal

  5. willie says:

    curry, and monta ellis, JR smith and josh smith are long overdue allstars.

  6. J says:

    Stephen Curry…

  7. Celtics says:

    anybody notice how nearly all of the peoples picks were from the western conference?

  8. Karlo Garcia says:

    My up-and-comer would be Ty Lawson. Numbers never lie. Or either Andre Miller(should have been an All Star long time ago)

  9. Bruce Wayne says:

    DeMarcus Cousins currently leads all centers in points per game (21.5 ), ranks 2nd in steals per game (1.9) and 7th in rebounds per game (9.9). VOTE FOR DEMARCUS COUSINS

  10. Spoil$ says:

    Steph Curry all the way baby, and maybe like they so rightly said Anthony Davis, but certainly Curry 1st on my list!

  11. B-Baller says:

    How is Lillard not even mentioned in this post?

  12. waltwilliams55 says:

    no demarcus cousins huh?

  13. bball says:

    Lance Stephenson in the east starting 5 he reckons hahaha!! funniest thing ive read in while…. what the hells that guy been smoking!
    definitely Curry should be in if healthy no question about it, even last year he was robbed. And Anthony Davis is more than just a defender and rebounder look at how hes been playing, hes extremely athletic and can easily dunk/alleyoop which is what the all-star games about isnt it…
    geez where does the nba find their writers do they even bother watch the games or just look at stats!?!

  14. wooderson says:

    this is disgusting. Anthony davis? please. what has he done? nothing. all star game has gone beyond being a joke

  15. Jerjes6 says:

    Ricky Rubio! He may not be the best in the loaded PG position, but he is definitely the most entertaining one.

  16. tobeey says:

    anthony davis, steph curry (hands down) and lawson should get in aswell. i just hope dwayne wade doesn’t get in.

    Andre Drummond as backup center in the east!… if it wasn’t for the dumb rule of 3 frontcourt players

    • asdf says:

      Wade is gonna get voted in no matter how bad he is this year, same will kobe. Garnett was an allstar last season, cant say that he played like one tho.

      Allstar game is not about who is the best, its about who is the most popular. They should get rid of public voting and just let coaches vote.

  17. Mike says:

    Serge Ibaka?

  18. sissy123 says:

    definatelly steph curry and anthony davis. theyy are amaziing this yearr.

  19. Tryler says:

    Look at Ty Lawson’s numbers and tell me he isn’t an All Star.

  20. Brent says:

    Andre Drummond anybody?