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Knicks seeking Rondo deal? | Humphries frustrated with lack of minutes | Report: Asik certain to be traded | Old habits plaguing Kings | Warriors smarting over O’Neal’s injury

No. 1: Knicks trying to swing deal for Rondo? — Last week, trade rumors surrounding Knicks guard Iman Shumpert began to stir with the prominent deal being floated about was a Shumpert-for-Kenneth Faried swap with Denver. According to our own David Aldridge, that deal is unlikely to happen, but that hasn’t stopped the Knicks from keeping Shumpert in the trade rumor talks.’s Ian Bagley reports that the Knicks are interested in trying to send Shumpert and forward Amar’e Stoudemire to Boston in an effort to land injured All-Star point guard Rajon Rondo. The chances of that deal coming to pass aren’t likely, though:

UPDATE — Celtics boss Danny Ainge tells the Boston Herald‘s Steve Bulpett there’s ‘nothing to’ the Rondo rumors:

The recent spate of rumors regarding the possible trade of Rajon Rondo are not based in any Celtic reality.

“I haven’t talked to any teams about Rajon Rondo,” Celts’ president of basketball operation Danny Ainge told the Herald this morning.

He has, however, fielded a number of calls wanting to now if the rumors are true.

“It’s frustrating,” Ainge said.

He went on to reiterate that Rondo, still rehabbing from ACL surgery, is a major part of the Celtics’ plans going forward.

The reports in the last two days have focused more on opposing teams being interested in Rondo, but the packages of lesser players being floated as a return make no sense for the Celts.

Here’s Bagley’s report on the trade talks:

The New York Knicks continue to dangle Iman Shumpert in trade talks, including a recent proposal to the Celtics that would send the third-year guard and Amar’e Stoudemire to Boston in an effort to obtain star point guard Rajon Rondo, league sources confirmed Sunday.

The Celtics, though, have yet to show interest in the deal, instead preferring to unload forward Gerald Wallace in a trade, sources said.

The Knicks have inquired about Rondo in trade talks before, but both times the Celtics made it clear they were not interested in trading him.

Sources did say the Celtics would be willing to take on Stoudemire’s contract if they could unload some of their longer deals, namely those of Wallace and Courtney Lee.

The Knicks may be reluctant to take Wallace back because they’re hesitant to take on salary beyond the 2014-15 season.

The Knicks have three large contracts (Stoudemire, Tyson Chandler and Andrea Bargnani) coming off their books at the end the 2014-15 season and would like to be in position to acquire a top-flight free agent.

A trade including Wallace and Stoudemire would seem to benefit the Celtics financially. Boston is in rebuilding mode, and Stoudemire’s contract expires a year before Wallace’s.

One factor that could complicate trade talks involving Shumpert is that the 2011 first-round pick had a second surgery on his left knee this summer, league sources confirmed on Sunday.

The Knicks and Nuggets discussed a Shumpert-for-Kenneth Faried swap last week. New York believed it had a deal completed on Tuesday morning, a league source told But the trade fell through when Denver asked the Knicks to include at least one draft pick.

And then there are these tweets from’s Chris Broussard on a possible Rondo-Shumpert/Stoudemire swap:


No. 2: Humphries frustrated with minutes in Boston — Not since the 2008-09 season, when he averaged 9.1 mpg, has Kris Humphries seen his playing time dwindle as much as it has this season. Humphries is playing 11.2 mpg with Boston and has appeared in just six of the team’s 11 games. The veteran power forward is growing frustrated with his lesser role and future on the team, writes A. Sherrod Blakely of

Humphries wants to play somewhere, even if it means leaving Boston.

He’s not quite ready to demand a trade, but it’s clear that the lack of playing time and erratic minutes he has played is weighing on him.

The 6-foot-9 veteran did not play (coaches decision) in Boston’s 109-96 loss to Portland on Friday, his fifth DNP-CD this season.

“I’m just waiting for a break or an opportunity to get in there more consistently,” Humphries told “It would have been great to have played better (Wednesday) night and us win. That would help. But as a guy playing inconsistent minutes, it’s not going to happen every night for you. You have to try and make it happen and do whatever you can to help your team win.”

The 28-year-old veteran has appeared in five games this season, averaging four points and 2.8 rebounds while playing 11 minutes per game.

But in the rebuilding process that the Celtics are currently in, there’s always some form of collateral damage along the way.

While he has often thought about what he has to do in order to get more minutes in Boston, he hasn’t asked for a trade.

“That’s why players have agents,” Humphries said. “We just have to as players, focus on what we can control. If you sit there and say, ‘hey I want a trade,’ it’s going to take away from the team and what you’re trying do to.”

Celtics head coach Brad Stevens has praised Humphries often for his professionalism and work ethic throughout training camp and into the regular season.

And while it’s clear that Humphries doesn’t fit into the regular rotation now, the parity of so many players on this roster makes it such that everyone has to be ready to play every night.

“It’s been tough. I’m here so that’s what I’m focused on,” Humphries said. “I’m playing some 4 (power forward) now, which I think will help out a little bit. But nothing has ever been easy for me. I’e always had shorter-term deals, always had to prove myself.”


No. 3: Report: Asik certain to be dealt — Late last week, news broke courtesy of the Houston Chronicle that Rockets center Omer Asik had asked the team to trade him.’s Marc Stein confirms that Asik is a near-lock to be dealt, but the questions remain about not just where Asik will land, but what Houston does with him until it can find a trade partner:

The mystery here, apart from the obvious question about where he ultimately winds up, is what Houston does with Asik until it can locate that appealing deal.

The center was scratched from Saturday’s home game against Denver essentially because he’s so unhappy with his new role that he’s in no state to play. Word is Asik has been asking the Rockets pretty much once a week, since Dwight Howard‘s arrival in July, to please trade him elsewhere. And now losing his starting spot, on top of what was already a reduced role, has clearly knocked the 27-year-old back.

Sources with knowledge of the situation told that Asik was challenged by coaches and teammates this week for not being “engaged” in the wake of the lineup change, which took effect when Asik was moved to the bench for Wednesday’s game in Philadelphia. And he hasn’t played since the challenge, logging zero minutes Thursday night in New York while in uniform and not even dressing against the Nuggets.

The new challenge for the Rockets, then, is getting Asik’s mind right and getting him back on the floor as soon as possible, given the very real chance that a workable trade won’t materialize until after Dec. 15, when dozens of players who signed new contracts in July become eligible to be moved.

Dec. 15, for those not inclined to count it up, is still 28 days away.

“I understand it’s tough for him,” Howard told reporters after Houston’s morning shootaround. “The only thing I can do is be his friend off the floor and help him any way I can. I understand it’s a tough situation for him, but we are all family and we have to learn to fight through frustrations.”

Rest assured, though, that eager suitors for Asik will materialize eventually, no matter how mopey he seems right now and even with Houston hoping for a front-line player in return. The rebounding ability and rim presence Asik can provide makes him a starting-caliber center for numerous teams in this league.


No. 4: Old habits keep holding Kings back — With a new arena in the works, new ownership leading the team and a contract extension for talented big man DeMarcus Cousins, excitement for the Kings was at a fever pitch as the 2013-14 season opened. Yet, nine games into the season, Sacramento finds itself in a familiar position: with a losing record and among the worst teams in the conference (they only have one more win than the NBA’s worst team, the 1-10 Utah Jazz). Jason Jones of The Sacramento Bee talks about how the culture of the Kings and, perhaps, some of the players are keeping Sacramento from where it wants to go:

How the Kings continue to play with a lack of urgency is befuddling. They did so again this afternoon in losing to the Memphis Grizzlies, 97-86, at Sleep Train Arena.
Perhaps it’s a case of old habits dying slow. Or maybe this is just who the Kings are – a team with unpredictable levels of effort and focus – and that won’t change unless players change.

There was talk of changing the culture postgame, and how much work that takes.

The work will begin to take hold when the Kings realize they have to hold themselves accountable and not accept subpar effort from themselves and teammates.

“As a group, as a unit, as a team, we’ve just got to get tired of losing,” said forward John Salmons. “If you’re tired of losing when we’re down in the third quarter like that you wouldn’t come out with the lack of energy like we did. I think guys are used to it and it shows on the court. When you have that mentality it’s hard to break those habits.”

A lot of these players have been around in past seasons when players have admitted to being overconfident for games when most night the Kings had a losing record entering those games.


No. 5: Warriors hurting over O’Neal’s injury — For a squad led by youngsters Klay Thompson and Steph Curry, the stability a veteran voice like Jermaine O’Neal can provide to an up-and-coming squad is invaluable. O’Neal hasn’t just provided sagely words for the Warriors, though, as he’s proven to be a key cog in the team’s bench unit and had been hitting his stride. All of those factors made O’Neal’s injury in Golden State’s 102-88 win over Utah on Saturday all the more costly to the team’s chemistry, writes Rusty Simmons of the San Francisco Chronicle:

It’s not that the Warriors don’t have options to take the backup center’s place. It’s just that it’s nearly impossible for a single player to do everything the 35-year-old was doing for the team.

O’Neal, who was initially diagnosed with a sprained right knee and strained right groin before additional tests late Sunday afternoon, has been a steady defensive anchor on the second unit and the team’s most proven scorer from the low post. More importantly, since signing a free-agent deal in the summer and arriving in Oakland before his 18th NBA season, the six-time All-Star’s voice and experience have provided his younger teammates with a different focus level, toughness and mind-set than they’ve ever known.

…Though the Warriors could sign NBA Development Leaguer Dewayne Dedmon, who was with the team during training camp, they can’t issue 10-day contracts until Jan. 6. It was fitting that Draymond Green and Ognjen Kuzmic acted as O’Neal’s crutches as he was helped to the locker room, because those two probably will receive an increase in minutes.

Starting power forward David Lee will play some backup-center minutes, and backup power forward Marreese Speights can bump up a position. Still, the Warriors will need Green and/or Kuzmic to play more depending on matchups.

“I know he’ll bounce back,” shooting guard Klay Thompson said of O’Neal. “He’s one of the toughest guys I’ve ever met.”

In the meantime, the Warriors will need to find someone to match O’Neal’s production. Having found a comfort zone, he averaged nine points (on 75 percent shooting), four rebounds, one blocked shot and one steal over the past three games.

O’Neal said last week that his mind was going “100 miles per hour” because he was pressing to meet the team’s expectations, but after talking with his wife, brother and high school coach, and praying, he found a place of calm.

“I’ve been playing this thing called basketball for 20-something years,” O’Neal said Wednesday. “Nothing really changes. The same shots I could make in the past, I can still make now. There’s no difference from when I’m working out in practice and knocking a shot down than when I’m in a game, but I had to tell myself that.”


SOME RANDOM HEADLINES: Nuggets coach Brian Shaw is still mad at himself for using the Hack-A-Howard strategy … Detroit is taking a cautious approach with Chauncey Billups’ return from tendinitis in his knees … Is it time for the Raptors to consider gunning for a top pick in the 2014 Draft? …

ICYMI Of The Night: You’ve got to watch this alley-oop from Brandon Jennings to Andre Drummond a couple of times, first because it looks like it is a missed shot and, second, because once you realize it’s a great pass, you’ve got to see it again and again …

VIDEO: Brandon Jennings’ off-the-glass alley-oop to Andre Drummond


  1. willie says:

    at about 19 seconds…. double dribble….. refs are blind.

  2. justsayin says:

    jon, are you dreaming? Does no one understand that Asik’s problem in the first place is THAT HE DOES NOT WANT TO BE A BACKUP CENTER? So for crissakes NY fans quit pitching for Asik unless you want Chandler coming off the bench.

  3. AngryBill says:

    The Knicks are dreaming if they think they can get Rondo(or anyone good) for Amare and Shumpert. No one will take Amare’s contract ($21mil/year, this year and next year total $40+mil). Is ridicules to even think about that. Even if he’s not injured, he’s not worth that much..

  4. kinh JON says:

    gerald wallace or kris humphries nd courtney lee for omer asik….

  5. none says:

    It’s daydreaming time in NY… This trade talk makes no sense at all. Shumpert might have some potential. But Rondo, is an elite player regardless his injury and attitude. Shumpert is just another fish in the pond. Amare’s game is way gone… New York signed death sentence by signing Amare. They are lucky if they can get anything at all

  6. jon says:

    how bout Shump for Asik staight up we need a very good backup Center thats the knicks problem

    • mark says:

      That will never will happen, because the Rockets want a healthy power forward/ center in return (they need someone to backup Dwight).

  7. Prietokillah says:

    Micheal Beasley to lakers next year….

  8. okc2014 says:

    I have no suggestions about who should go where. Asik is being a poor sport if you ask me. If I was a power that be on any NBA team, I wouldn’t be going for him. He’s a cry baby. Who has time for that? I do think however, that Rondo will be traded before he plays. The Celtics are just being hush hush and waiting for that great offer. And I don’t blame them for holding out. They have to get something really big in return, something that will help them win games, like yesterday. The New York Knicks are like a highrise imploding.

  9. KOSOVAR says:

    Raps need to get the garbage out of T.O …………Casey, gray , stone, steve……..



  12. Elliott Singleton says:

    no one wants amare be how much he is owed on his contract why would they even sign him to such a big deal he’s no superstar… or all star at that

  13. Ah ah yeah they’re tanking their season… or might do it… to be able to rebuild around Rondo… and the knicks think Boston will give up on one of the best point guards in the league for Shumpert and 2-3 season of an healthy Stoudemire !!! whaaaaaat ??? And D Howard what is he talking about ???

  14. Gillsy says:

    Maybe the Knocks could trade Shumpert to the Cavs for Waiters if he is getting into fights with team members. I agree Boston needs to play Green 35 minutes a night at the 3. But he will continue to play less at the three and more at the two, or play less minutes cause they are trying to be competitive without winning games to get a good pick.

  15. Prietokillah says:

    Rondo and iman tolakers…..celtics take kaman and sacre y’all nedd big…and NY take Nash and farmar

  16. DINDOT says:

    rondo to clippers

  17. Haters says:

    We’ll trade James Dolan for Kris Humphries. Ai Boston?

  18. humus says:

    There is no way Rajon is leaving Beantown, Not before 18, I am quit sure…

  19. Maorinash says:

    Four Team Trade: (In memory of NBA Trade Machine) 😀
    Suns: Humphries & S. Adams (Get a better prospect than Len, and save heaps in cap space)
    Thunder: Asik, Kravtsov, Tucker (Get a more polished Center in Asik)
    Rockets: Frye, A. Len (Get perimeter shooting, whilst getting a solid backup for Howard)
    Celtics: Perkins (Get experience, and a solid post defender).
    Picks may be discussed.

  20. Lionel Qualo says:

    Carmelo is the biggest problem.. Not enough team work, more concerned about scoring instead of moving the ball and hitting the open man It takes the air out of the four guys playing next to him. My starting five: Prigioni at the point, J R at the shooting guard position, Melo at the three, K M at PF and Bargnani at the center position. Prigioni would stabilize the offense and help a lot in keeping the ball moving. Of the bench, Shumpert, Stoudemire, Tourre Murry World Peace and Hardaway as the second unit. Get rid of Raymond Felton. He’ll never be able to lead us to the promised land. He is not an elite point guard and never will be. And Guys, play some defense until Tyson Chandler comes back to save the season. And last but not least, please do not trade Shumpert. The future looks bright with him: our best defender along with Chandler.

    • Alex says:

      this^^^^^ THIS is the best solution anyone ehre can come up with, exactly what I would do. Knicks have got to stop forcing wins cause they have to, it’s still EARLY AS in the season, play intense d until Chandler is back. Melo’s got to get his mindset out of the “shoot to win” strategy he has going. Won’t do us or his efficiency stats any good hahaha Apart from that, Knicks still have a huge fighting chance. They’ve got to relax and focus on defense now, come on guys! We won the Atlantic division last year what happened?! ):

  21. Ben C says:

    Rondo is staying in Boston without a doubt. Can’t see the team dropping one of the key core pieces we have from the Championship era. Rondo is the man in Boston, there’s no better distributing PG in the league if you ask me.

  22. knicksbe says:

    Lin + Asik VS Stoudemire and Shumpert

  23. JOEL says:

    asik & picks to portland for aldridge

    shump & stat & pick for rondo & gerard

  24. Someone says:

    Drafting Patrick Ewing was probably the final smart thing this organization did.

  25. #1heatfan says:

    it doesnt matter were u go there is only one team to be c hapion once again…..MIAMI HEAT 3 PEAT…….

  26. TheCeltic says:

    What about asik to boston o.o

  27. Alex Verkley says:

    I think the raptors can get in on a few of these trades. I know they are interested in getting Asik, unfortunatly that would mean probably sending amir johnson or tyler hansborough to houston which I don’t think they should do. I think they could get shumpert though. Rudy Gay for Shumpert and Amare. Might not work, but the Raptors need to trade Gay and get a defensive stud in the back court.

  28. Enrico says:

    Bring back Jeremy lin..need the big heart on the game!

  29. OKOK says:

    The Knicks don’t need any point guard. Knicks need to trade Stoudamire (over paid), does not fit with the Knicks.
    Probably no teams would want him.
    What the Knicks need is to learn how to play as a team (NO TEAM WORK), depend on Carmelo too much.
    Carmelo, too selfish, is not a one man sport. Knicks have the players, but lack of team work.
    Another PF probably would help

    • StepbackSniper says:

      Carmelo has to be selfish, He left Denver because he wanted more help but Amar’e declined once he got there

  30. lee says:

    if the celtics trade rondo their crazy the have 3 shooting gaurds who are just as good as shumpert plus the dont need stoudamire he is just injured all the time anyways the need to get rid of gerald wallace but i thin green rondo and their young center is going to be a good team the do need other peaces but i would give players away

  31. Yeah says:

    Give Shumpert for Dudley 🙂

  32. irfan says:

    knicks better try to get shved, derick williams and cunningham for amare and schumpert, but i guess wolves dont want amare in a deal

  33. kenny says:

    Perkins for Ashick

  34. Chaton says:

    Ah ah yeah they’re tanking their season… or might do it… to be able to rebuild around Rondo… and the knicks think Boston will give up on one of the best point guards in the league for Shumpert and 2-3 season of an healthy Stoudemire !!! whaaaaaat ???

  35. brandon says:

    LAKERS LOB CITY VIDEO was better a dunk!

  36. dwightisdumb says:

    wow dwight talking we are family and becoming his friend to asik!
    let me tell you coward you are like asik when you are with the lakers!! XD

    • Kome the Black Dumba says:

      Yea! I know right! I remember Kobe being his good friend and tell d12 to pull his big boy pants on while D12’s injured. Such a great role model and friend. isn’t he?

  37. lucky fri says:

    i am not a big k humphries fan, but he can be a good role player ore puzzle of an succesful team. he big strong and good rebounder and can shoot if he is too open. he proberbly is on the peak of his game. this season he earns too much but when his contract is over , he can be really important. – i think he could fit with the rockets. asik and ? for humphries. the problem is that the celts make a rebuilt and so they decide to give young guys minutes what is a good decission. if noone takes kris he will maybe play for 1.6 mil for the spurs next year and everbody asked themselves how silly they have been. good backup guy and not an old veteran.

  38. Hoop says:

    Come to the bulls shumpert

    • Denholm says:

      for who?? and he would take minutes from jimmy butler, who is having a sick run as a starter, get real, shump is only going somewhere he would see consistent minutes

  39. Dolphin says:

    The Knicks don’t need a point guard for they have one sitting on their bench that is better than Felton and his name is Toure’ Murry. The problen is this coach does not play rookies, Copeland comes to mind. This coach is enarmored with verterans even when they are on the down side. If Woodson is to play Murry for two quarters my bet is he won’t be pleased with Felton running down and throw up wild shots. Felton is not a starting point guard, he is a back up at best, and is not a good shooter but he throws up shots at the end of the game that only the stars should take.
    The Knicks will continue to lose if Woodson don’t start playing Murry and Pagioni instead of having Felton playing so many minutes..

  40. what about Asik to the Knicks? I guess he might be of some use in New York…

  41. …and what about Asik to the Knicks? I guess another big and solid can be of some use.

    • mark says:

      Asik and Lin to the Knicks for Carmelo Anthony will work for me, because there isn’t any other player the Knicks have that the Rockets would want.

  42. KINGMAN 34 says:


    • Denholm says:

      boston will not let go of rondo for just starters, they would need a star… besides, amare is broken, his contract doesnt reflect his impact at all, and boston would have trouble moving him, afterwards. the only reason they would pull the trigger on that, is if boston starts winning too much with rondo at the helm and they still want that top pick.

  43. Rondo to NY for Shumpert & Amare…..this ain’t gonna happen. No way!! Celtics are not benefitial at all if they agree to this deal.

    I suggest the Knicks call the Kings and try to get Isaiah Thomas for Shumpert & Amare if they want a PG & give some scoring power & a large contract in return.

    But NO NO NO NO! Rondo stays!! Just hang up the phone if NY calls.

  44. lakerslakerslakers says:

    maybe in 20 years the Knicks can sign Lebron, Wade and Bosh for Max contracts

  45. don't reach youngblood says:

    I think the knicks are dreaming if they think they can get Rondo for Shumpert AND get rid of amare at the same time…
    what the celtics need to do is get rid of Wallace and play Jeff Green no less than 35 minutes per game, he has to be the starting SF every single game until his contract is up, he is the future of the Celtics, he has great potential and has shown he can make big-time plays, celtics need to build around Rondo and Green, and they need to get a good defensive big man cause Ollynyk has to be one of the worst defenders I’ve ever seen, with his T-Rex arms and zero athleticism…he can score but he has to play with a defensive big next to him or he becomes a foul machine.
    If Gortat is available C’s should try to get him.
    Knicks need to get a point guard Felton is not playing well at all, they should target Reggie Jackson, great potential played in the playoffs for Westbrook and was really good, he is a much better defender than Felton, crazy long arms(7’1) wingspan, can take it to the basket finishes at the rim, good playmaker and still very young(23) Shumpert for Jackson and big likeThabeet or Perry could work

    • KINGMAN 34 says:


      • Jacob says:

        So the rockets give up bev and asik and receive humphries and a sg to be named later? Fat chance lol Paul milsap baby!!!!

      • Denholm says:

        any deal for asik would be for an immediate impact player, pref for houston an athletic stretch 4 if they were to deal with boston, they would request green, or sully and a pick, I seriously dont see it happening, boston has a love affair with green he isnt going anywhere unless it is for a star player, the same way that boston loves rondo, shumpert could be included in a deal for one of the 1st round picks lee, humphries for shump, stoudemire, but the knicks wont get rondo, unless they offer anthony, or something big.