Barking Without Bite Still Pricey For Boozer, Copeland

The feisty Carlos Boozer received his first technical and ejection of the season in last night's romp of the Pacers.

Carlos Boozer received his first ejection of the season last night against the Pacers (Ned Dishman/NBAE/Getty Images).

CHICAGO – Near the end of the Indiana-Chicago game Saturday night at United Center, Carlos Boozer and Chris Copeland exchanged some shoves and some words. Wham! Bam! Referee Marc Davis got them T’d up, ejected and off the floor quickly, and upheld it all after a replay review.

Many in attendance, especially some former players now in the employ of the two teams, and in the locker rooms were a little startled at the severity of the penalties.

“Honestly, I have never been ejected from anything a day in my life,” Copeland said afterward, welcoming the chance to give his interpretation. “It’s not who I am, it’s not what I’m about. But I felt like at the end of the game, I felt him push me in my back after the play was over. I felt it was unnecessary. I’m not here for that.

“I didn’t think it was an ejection-type situation. I thought it was just, you push me, I push you back.”

It was woofing, all bark, no bite. From the refs’ standpoint, it might have made sense to douse things before a fuse could get lit, given the history of orneriness and vague dislike between the two teams, as well as a game that already was decided if not quite over.

Problem is, the technical fouls will cost Boozer and Copeland $2,000 each, the ejections cost another $2,000 and both count toward their season totals, which can lead to escalating fines, unless something gets rescinded from the league office Monday. Some longtime observers in the arena thought dueling technicals, one each, might have been more appropriate.

“I respect [the decision],” Copeland said. “I just hope it’s not anything serious.

“I just wanted to defend myself as a human, blindsided, cheap-shot pushed in the back. I felt that’s not cool, I’m not going to let you do that.”

The technicals and the ejections were the first each this season for both players. Already this season, the NBA has rescinded technical fouls called in the moment against Carmelo Anthony (Oct. 30 vs. Milwaukee) and Isaiah Thomas (Nov. 1 vs. the Clippers).


  1. lucky fri says:

    copeland said that he is a sissy, what a standpoint. sometimes you get pushed on the floor. then you push back if you need to. but not immedeatily , maybe next possesion. i know good old 90`s are over. however to every player in the league. it just needs one little soft pusch to get into copelands head.15 years ago it took rodman up to game 2 or 3 of the serious to get into the head of his oppenent. that are about 100 pushes. nobody complained that time, because they knew is what loosers. all players who ever complained about a little thoughness never are real franchise players. a guy like nash size could complain, but he dont.

  2. PC3 @SwHTown20 says:

    This rival is turning into 2 teams that dont like each other/city because of the Hard Nose Defense they put on each other & other teams….Plus dont think the Bulls forgot the Pacers got to the West Conference finals last year & without DRose (MVP) playing…Statement game for the Bulls…Bulls were letting the Pacers know were are the team to beat in the east & I LOVE IT EAST IS BACK RT

  3. HezBula says:

    The technicals and ejections are WAY over the top! It’s a shame the slightest emotion can’t be vented. They might be professionals but at the end of the day, they’re human…

  4. Fred says:

    Game was over (just over 24 seconds left!) and players were just, as you said, barking with very soft pushes. They are both nice men, things were not escalating. If the ref gave ’em two technical, that woulda been a little exaggerated but fair. The ejection is just nuts.